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Nadia# Etoile at 6 Jul 2010: 21:02

/toon. Previously one of the most complicated boards to understand is now simplified.

Toon, root word Cartoon. Those things you use to watch Saturday morning while raiding the CoCo Puffs, or while you were waiting weekday mornings for the bus to come and take you to school. Mostly defined by exaggerated and non realistic styles. Not to be confused with Anime, but for the purposes of /toon, some anime overlap into /toon.

Some examples (sorted by studio) of popular Furry culture /toon material are:
Disney's The Lion King and Tale Spin
Don Bluth Studios All Dogs Go To Heaven, An American Tail and The Secret of Nimh
Warner Brothers, from Loony Tunes to Animaniacs, to Space Jam

Other well known examples, including video games and dubbed anime:
Balto, Chocobos, Digimon, Dinosaucers, Pokemon, Road Rovers, Samurai Pizza Cats, Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Fox, and Yoshi.

Kemonomimi and Nekomimi of generally realistic proportions are not /toon material, with one exception. If they are in fact characters from a cartoon, they belong in /toon.

In order to avoid confusion, and loopholes, with our cub rule clarifications, we have decided to encapsulate /toon. All material which belongs in /toon belongs only in /toon. The only exceptions are /c (Clean) which may, as usual, have anything that is clean and furry related posted and /h (Herm), which should be obvious.

This means, absolutely no /toon material is to be posted in /f, /m, /s, /a or /ah.

As usual, any content advertised as cub will be deleted without warning.

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at 12 Mar 2013: 02:20

i still dont understand why /ah is allowed, being a lot more harder material, yet /h isnt allowed even though its generally a lot more tame. You would figure /ah would be the exception since that is a lot more grotesque fetishes where as /h really isnt that bad and actually fits in with the rest.

Whatever, I guess. /Toon has always been treated as a really technical board for no reason.

SuperCatRosalina at 23 May 2014: 22:38

What about Cat Rosalina? Im not sure about.

TheWhiteRobedOne at 14 Aug 2016: 20:11

Ok, on took right now, and go a while is a land before time thread.  For those that haven't seen the series of animated movies, they revolve around a group of various juvenile dinosaurs going on adventures and ending up having to save something or someone.  My question is does that qualify it as cub, because if it does (And I think it should), it needs to be properly reported and removed.

TheWhiteRobedOne at 14 Aug 2016: 20:12

Toon* (I frigging hate autocorrect)

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