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Pictures of anything involving both genders (including bi). No solo pictures. (unless it's /a/, /ah/ or /c/ material)

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[-] [+] No.18474
Need help ID artist 
File: 0c2d86b88a646a13cbf0407452d23865.jpg -(133352 B, 666x800)
133352 133352 No.18474 18474 1
Source: From my computer

I am sorting my pictures and I need some help ID the artist that did these 2 pictures. I appreciate the help and thank you.

File: 7808f78f2852e5c8130d25bbe1708f94.jpg -(141278 B, 666x800)
141278 141278 No.18475 - Link Reply Report 18475 2
Source: From my computer

Another picture need to ID. Thanks.

File: 8e72fb8968b0a80f9cf81ad743e22500.jpg -(112302 B, 618x800)
112302 112302 No.18476 - Link Reply Report 18476 2
File: 99695112ac44415561cae9afbd000958.jpg -(163355 B, 1000x762)
163355 163355 No.18477 - Link Reply Report 18477 2
File: f216d8ce19039a7f3dfca6864fda7c08.jpg -(147987 B, 800x565)
147987 147987 No.18478 - Link Reply Report 18478 2
File: 69a1f2a9ad0bfc0bba6fb58679670fc7.jpg -(93937 B, 800x651)
93937 93937 No.18479 - Link Reply Report 18479 2

I know I said 2 pictures but I had more to get help with. Please help me. Thanks.

File: 19.jpg -(519795 B, 1100x809)
519795 519795 No.18480 - Link Reply Report 18480 2
No.18487 - Link Reply Report 18487 2

I really need the help from the gods of FChan with this. Please help me.

No.18491 - Link Reply Report 18491 2

Well the lovely lady there is Flynx.
Her fa: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/flynx-flink/
Might check her gallery to find the rest of the answer.
Your friendly neighborhood kittywolf :3

No.18498 - Link Reply Report 18498 2

Which picture are you referring to?

No.18507 - Link Reply Report 18507 2

The first two images are by Vallhund. The third image is TheStory (FA name is OtherWords). Syrinoth did the fourth. Fifth image is Bittenhard. Sixth is Flynx-Flink. Not sure on last image.

No.18530 - Link Reply Report 18530 2

Well thank you for the help. I hope someone knows who did this picture >>18476

No.18531 - Link Reply Report 18531 2

For the life of me I cannot find it. It's about a royal tiger taur prince that finds a female thief hiding his bed from his guards (much to his unawareness). She distracts him from his questions with the sexual kind. Would anyone happen to have that comic?