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[-] [+] No.129614
MLP Ballbusting & Cuntbusting /ah/ 
File: Zephyrbust.jpg -(307680 B, 1400x1073)
307680 307680 No.129614 129614 1

Thread 6
Old threads >>127480 / >>125903 / >>126436 / >>128325

Ideas welcome
New art coming soon

Marked for deletion (too big - automatic).
No.129618 - Link Reply Report 129618 2

So... an entire episode
About bucking

No.129620 - Link Reply Report 129620 2

Could we get Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy teaming up on Snails and teaching him that Buckball is "all about ball control"?

No.129621 - Link Reply Report 129621 2

Ok I went ahead and did a bit of a chop job on Simple10/MLPFMTORPG to make it simpler and quicker to use.

I can drop you lot a link if we're still interested in trying this out.

File: Ball_Impact.jpg -(39851 B, 727x359)
39851 39851 No.129622 - Link Reply Report 129622 2


Indeed! A fast and dangerous sport like this is practically made for this thread!

Not to mention how each match starts off with an incredibly dangerous to Braeburn kick. :)


I'm certainly interested!

No.129623 - Link Reply Report 129623 2

Link it, I'm curious.

The starting kickoff could also result in a mutual apple family cuntbusting.

No.129625 - Link Reply Report 129625 2


I like that Idea of both ponies trying to kick the ball at the same time and instead kicking each other in the crotch. Maybe Pinkie Pie manages to buck Braeburn in the nuts during the kickoff or they manage to kick each other in the crotch at the same time with different reactions; Braeburn in pain and Pinkie Pie laughing it off.

Another idea from the episode: when applejack tries to kick the first apple at the start of the episode, when she spins and lands on the ground, an apple lands on her crotch. Maybe she also was able to buck the first apple which manages to hit Dash in the crotch for double accidental crotch shot.

No.129626 - Link Reply Report 129626 2

I tried to keep it short and simple yet in line with the games it was based on. If this looks confusing let me know so I can try and fix it.

pastebin DOT com / cWcG5ypk

No.129627 - Link Reply Report 129627 2


Ok, now that I've read the rules I know what to ask next...

How combat-focused the game is going to be? Stallions are bound to have more potential for amusing failures, while mares are bound to have more fun with attacks. Is this world closer to Equestria or Spiketopia?

What kind of adventures are we likely to go on? There are skills for investigation, stealing, bluffing and research so it doesn't seem like just all-combat.

Are there any kinds of magic points/ability points, or can all the abilities be used whenever their recharge is over?

No.129628 - Link Reply Report 129628 2

Skills can be used whenever they are off cooldown
The world is probably a more "adventure-y" Equestria to justify combat and whatnot, I was thinking of having you infiltrate and take down a bandit league hideout, so a mix of combat and sneaking/bluffing your way past things. I'll modify things to suit whatever party we end up with.

File: toon_1473067921704.jpg -(99135 B, 600x900)
99135 99135 No.129633 - Link Reply Report 129633 2

Here's something from the 4chan's pony request thread. Quite a way from these threads usual quality, but it's still nice to see new artists giving it a shot.

No.129634 - Link Reply Report 129634 2

I've been mulling over my character for literally all night and morning...

An unicorn bard would seem outright overpowered, especially since picking a cutiemark that helps with bluffing would make it literally impossible to fail with any roll.

Or, would a more combat/action-oriented character be more entertaining here, especially considering the topic of the thread?

I tend to like clever plots and sneaky tricks, so I'm kind of interested in the rogue too. Does hiding and ambushing enemies grant some kind of combat bonuses?

How exactly do the hits vs wounds work? Are hits restored between fights?

I really know little about how these games work, so feel free to give any kind of advice if I'm about to do something game-breakingly misguided. :)

No.129635 - Link Reply Report 129635 2

-Hits are fully restored when getting up from Helplessness, or when battle ends
-No amount of modifiers will ever fix a Critical Fail
-Racial roll bonuses only apply outside combat
-There is no direct combat bonus for attacking while hidden
-The game is rules light and nearly freeform in motion so don't sweat the details

File: buckballs1.png -(219300 B, 1400x1226)
219300 219300 No.129636 - Link Reply Report 129636 2

Seemed like an obvious one.

Other ideas I'm considering
-Braeburn gets kicked in the nuts during a kick-off
-Applejack kicks an apple into Dash' cunt
-Dash eagerly bucks a random stallion in the jewels while Applejack tries to explain that isn't what she meant with 'buckball'

No.129641 - Link Reply Report 129641 2

Great image.

I like the mutual busting during kickoff, or the "this isn't what buckball means" idea.

No.129642 - Link Reply Report 129642 2

And of course if you indeed get this roleplay thing off the ground, I'll gladly draw your characters / scenes.

No.129643 - Link Reply Report 129643 2


Okay, without backstabbings and sneak attacks there's definitely less use for sneaking.

Do all attacks (except the ones that do double damage) have the same range of effects, from 5 damage to enemy to 5 damage to the player? Seems pretty extreme that every attack has an equal chance of hurting the attacker, but then again it does reduce some dice rolling from the NPC:s. Actually, do the NPC:s attack by same kind of dice rolls too?

What do critical successes/failures do?

Can the tracker's trap be set whenever or does it need to be set in a specific place and time to be available in combat? And does the Hunter's Mark work for everyone's attacks or just the tracker's own?

Does Heroism work on just attacks, or all dice rolls? And does Inspire end before the bard himself gets to use it on his next action?

I think either the tracker or the bard sounds like the best choice now. Superior bluffing skills along with generally useful abilities, versus abilities to avoid one failure with a trap and deal three guaranteed critical successes in a row with the Hunter's Mark.


Nice! I'm especially looking forward to the first and third ideas as well! Now I'm off to color this one...

No.129644 - Link Reply Report 129644 2

-Sneaking is more of an out-of-combat thing.
-NPCs never roll, hence the 50/50 counterattacks. This keeps the number of dice rolls down. Also your Cutie Mark helps make things more reliable.
-Critical rolls deal extra damage, or outside combat allow for more amazing results to even mundane actions. No amount of bonuses or penalties can alter a critical roll.
-Traps can be set even mid-combat, but only one at a time and the only take effect the next turn (failing the roll to set the trap obviously does not trigger the not yet set trap)
-Hunter's Mark work for everyone
-Heroism affects all rolls
-Bards do not benefit from their own inspires, they are too busy inspiring other to feel inspired themselves.

A lot of these were explained better in the original Simple10, but my cut down version is like three pages where that is about ten times longer.

File: Ball_Impact.jpg -(205528 B, 1400x1226)
205528 205528 No.129645 - Link Reply Report 129645 2


First interesting sports picture in ages! And with the following ideas it sounds like there's going to be a lot more athletic ball-bucking action to look forward to! :D

File: Ponyfighter.png -(43728 B, 613x518)
43728 43728 No.129646 - Link Reply Report 129646 2


Surprisingly, I just happened to find a plain Knight surprisingly appealing. I played around in the Pony Creator, and while coming up with an appearance I also happened to invent her a backstory and fall in love with her:

Pineblaze was a formidable fighter as a foal, and like everypony in her village, thought that she would have a great future in the royal guard when she grew up. Unfortunately, by the time she went to the guard's entrance examination, it turned out she hadn't been such a great fighter after all. She had merely fought with extremely unscrupulous methods, and now that she was supposed to demonstrate her skills in honorable combat there wasn't much she could use. She could still have joined as a rather mediocre guard, but instead she chose to make her own armor and join up with (whatever this adventuring group is) in order to seek glory and adventures on her own terms.

No.129647 - Link Reply Report 129647 2

I don't want to sound disrespectful, and I know I'm coming late to this party because I didn't check on this thread in quite a while, but if he whole version of simple10 had 30 pages, and we are already discussing the details of how specific skills work, then I think the whole system is a lot more complicated than we need.

I think that something like ponified version of simple D6, would be quite enough for our role-playing needs. Mostly because it encourages creating and playing characters based on their backstory, rather than by exploiting game mechanics to have the most powerful results.

If anyone's interested in considering a different system than simple 10, I can ponify the rules and post them here. The whole thing should fit on one page of text, two at max.

No.129651 - Link Reply Report 129651 2

I admit I forgot simple d6 was a thing. But I'm not opposed to using it either.

No.129652 - Link Reply Report 129652 2


Good job. The shadow circle seems to be out of place by a little bit or is he meant to be hovering a bit because of the impact?

File: scouting_out_targets.png -(321038 B, 1500x1050)
321038 321038 No.129653 - Link Reply Report 129653 2

Felt like giving it a shot

No.129654 - Link Reply Report 129654 2

I gave it a try, what do you think?

Ponyfied simple D6

Each player comes up with a name and backstory for their character. Based on this backstory, each player then gets picks one skill as their cutiemark and four more regular skills for their character. At the end of every adventure, players also get to pick one extra skill for their character, based on the things they did during the adventure.

Skills describe what a character is good at. There are no predetermined skills in the game, instead, the players come up with their own. skill can be anything a player wants, the limitation to their creativity being, how specific the skill description needs to be. Cutiemark skills can describe what the character is good at very broadly "really strong" or "good at flying" are good examples. Regular skills however have to be more specific "sneak attacks" or "getting drunk" are good examples. What exactly is too broad or not broad enough description depends on the game master and what the players agree on. Individual skills can overlap, but with so few skills to go around, making the character really good at one thing will make them lack in other areas.

The game uses regular six sided dice. When character wants to do something non-trivial, the player takes one dice and one extra dice for every skill that they can justify as relevant to what is the character trying to do. (This means that broadly defined skills are more powerful, because player will get to use them more often.) For example: Trying to convince a pony to tell you where his friends are? One dice. Have a skill "getting drunk" while spending some bits to buy both of you some cider? Two dice. Have a cutiemark for "talking"? Also two dice. Skilled at both drinking and talking? Three dice!

No.129655 - Link Reply Report 129655 2

After rolling the dice, player picks the highest number and consults a results chart. If the player rolled number 6 more than once, they get a +1 bonus to their result for every additional 6 they rolled (three sixes count as 8). If the task was unusually hard, like running though a dense forest or wrestling a bear, the game master can also give the player a penalty to their roll.

Was the roll a success?
0: no, and..., and...
1: no, and...
2: no
3: no
4: yes
5: yes
6: yes, and...
7: yes, and..., and...

What does "and..." mean? It means that not only the action failed/succeeded but also another additional negative/positive thing happened. The specific result depends on the game master, but in our earlier example it could be "no, and... the pony got so angry at you that you were thrown out of the pub" or "yes, and... the pony will lead you to his friend's hideout personally"

Combat works like regular dice rolling, except that player has to succeed ("yes") several times, depending on enemy hit points (five for ponies, can be different for monsters), while the enemies are trying to do the same to the characters. Everyone gets to make one attack every turn, and does one damage to their target if successful, in combat "and..." means either some negative effect (losing a weapon, disorientation), or an extra point damage.

Weapons don't give any bonuses unless the character has an appropriate skill like sword-fighting or archery. To do good in combat, players have to be creative and fight in a way that will allow them to use their character's skills and roll more dice. Losing a fight doesn't necessarily mean death, but being overpowered and at the winner's mercy, like being arrested by a guardspony, robbed by a bandit, or eaten by a wolf.

No.129656 - Link Reply Report 129656 2

A fine summary. My one concern is how relatively freeform simple d6 is. I'm more used to having a few mores rules to consult.
But ultimately it comes down to the players, not me. I can't run a game without players.

File: Ball_Impact2.jpg -(205894 B, 1400x1226)
205894 205894 No.129657 - Link Reply Report 129657 2


I did indeed have an unusual amount of problems with that shadow, but I didn't remember it ending up looking that bad! I still don't know how exactly it should look, but this version should be a lot better.


Thanks! This is awesome, and the game hasn't even started yet! :D


This sounds extremely good as well! I'd better get some actual gaming experience first, but system like this sounds like something I might even get my real life friends playing someday!

No.129658 - Link Reply Report 129658 2

Thanks. I don't think there is any system that actually has rules for ballbusting (maybe except F.A.T.A.L.), so there won't be any proper rules to consult anyway.

In my experience free form system like D6 really helps to make players more talkative. Especially the new ones, because instead of going through the rules and asking IF they can use a skill, all they have to do is to argue HOW they are using their skill, and everyone on the internet already knows and loves arguing.

Also, while I would prefer a free form game, I'm happy to play by any rules, as long as I don't have to be the game master.

Nice, love the tally marks.

No.129659 - Link Reply Report 129659 2

Ok rpg lads I need to know how many of you there will be and which system we want.

No.129661 - Link Reply Report 129661 2


I'm definitely in, and okay with both systems. The D6 sounds more clever and interesting, but I am undeniably nervous about how a game without unambiguous rules works. I'd say choosing the system is up to the GM, as ultimately he's the one who decides how things are going to work.

File: Creamsickle.png -(201328 B, 1848x1854)
201328 201328 No.129664 - Link Reply Report 129664 2


I also came up with another character idea when thinking about how changeling-like the shaman's shapeshifting ability sounded in simple10, along with ideas for new pictures and a funny worldbuilding detail in general:

While the changeling-paranoia was at its highest, Queen Chrysalis tasked a team of scientifically gifted drones with coming up with a quicker method of feeding without needing to win the ponies trust. After months of research and testing, the team had discovered a method of instantly draining a stallion's love in a narcotic rush of energy from slamming hooves around their testicles.

While the method was functional, Queen Chrysalis realized that something this painful and aggressive would be guaranteed to incense ponies into an all-out war to eradicate the changelings, so she banned its use and did her best to suppress all knowledge about it.

Unfortunately, the months of experiments had left head researcher Antenna addicted and unable to feed herself the traditional way. With changeling society unsympathetic to her situation, fleeing was pretty much her only option. Fortunately, (whatever this adventurer group is) found her shapeshifting ability and extensive knowledge of nature useful.

At first I thought there wasn't much point in drawing a character that can look like absolutely anything, but I figured a standard personal appearance would be nice among friends. So, here's "Creamsickle" to give a visual depiction about my idea of the shaman character.

No.129665 - Link Reply Report 129665 2

For best results I'd like at least three people, though I suppose it's just as doable with less.

No.129667 - Link Reply Report 129667 2

How do I join?

No.129668 - Link Reply Report 129668 2

Then I'm the third. Like I already said I'd prefer a D6, but 10 works too.

Didn't come up with a backstory yet, but I'll be playing a female unicorn. Mage if we're using 10, or some more mundane occupation like shopkeeper or librarian if we're using D6.

No.129669 - Link Reply Report 129669 2

Say you want to join
Make a character
We'll figure out where to host this now that we have the players

I'm leaning towards trying simple10 at first, and moving to d6 if it proves too restrictive.

No.129672 - Link Reply Report 129672 2


These are both Nuttyhoof, I just came up with another optional character idea. A knight is obviously better for fighting, while the shaman has more skills useful outside combat. I haven't played any rpg before so I don't yet know which would be better for the game.

Is there a risk of getting stuck in the plot if the characters dont have enough investigative skills?

No.129679 - Link Reply Report 129679 2

The plot won't get stuck, I'll just write around whatever happens. So don't worry.

No.129680 - Link Reply Report 129680 2


The bottom left would be an EXCELLENT opportunity for Mrs Harshwhinny handling several athletes with professional efficiency! We could definitely use more Harshwhinny hawtness in general.

Here's some new ideas as well:

Filthy Rich licking his wife in a 69. Spoiled Rich is just smugly holding his balls hostage between her hooves.

Mane-iac wrangles her henchponies balls with her mane while scolding them for being "worthless numbnuts".

Mayor Mare is wearing a frilly night gown and passionately enjoying busting the balls of a young, handsome stallion. The stallion is forcing a smile despite the pain, as it is heavily implied that he's a professional gigolo.

Frederick Horseshoepin is playing piano while Octavia stands next to him, looking him in the face and slamming her hoof down on his groin.

No.129681 - Link Reply Report 129681 2


Thanks. I think I'll play my first games ever as Pineblaze, and leave the more unusual characters for when I've got the hang of the game.

File: Reminding_who_s_in_charge.png -(1071925 B, 1700x744)
1071925 1071925 No.129770 - Link Reply Report 129770 2

This already looked like implied ballbusting, so I did a little edit to make the implications clearer.

No.129783 - Link Reply Report 129783 2

Right, if we're all fine with giving this a try with Simple10 (dumbed down edition) first, post your character sheets and I'll figure out where to host it and when.

Link to the rules here if you forgot >>129626

File: ^471733A8AD488B53283D30136D509317B244EA62F1B4091E17^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.png -(530927 B, 1600x1200)
530927 530927 No.129784 - Link Reply Report 129784 2
Source: Please can someone do ballbusting with him

Please can someone do ballbusting with him

No.129786 - Link Reply Report 129786 2


I'll be going with >>129646 . I presume all the numerical stats come simply from choosing the knight class?

For a cutiemark, two flaming pinecones side by side seems like an obvious representation for her ability to subdue targets with a strong, precisely-placed blow.

Her equipment consists of a self-made armor and imitation of guards hoofboots. She considers ballbusting as nothing but horseplay, and feels confident in her fighting abilities as even serious opponents can be brought down with something she already uses for lighthearted slapstick every day.

No.129787 - Link Reply Report 129787 2

The only thing you need to pick is what skill/action you want your +2 cutie mark bonus ro. The rest comes from race+class.

No.129788 - Link Reply Report 129788 2

By the way, are you guys going to be keeping a log of the roleplay? Or posting it somewhere? I've been burnt on RPGs for a long while now though I do want to see how it goes. And I'm sure others will find it an interesting read too.

No.129789 - Link Reply Report 129789 2

I suppose I could try to clean up the logs into stories or something, but that will take a bit of time. Raw logs would probably look very messy.

No.129790 - Link Reply Report 129790 2


I don't think it'd be that bad depending how things are done. Like having a separate chat for out-of-game discussions, planning, and such. It'd probably look like an RP log with dice rolls. And people post RP logs as stories all the time!

File: Scouting_out_targets.jpg -(292550 B, 1500x1050)
292550 292550 No.129797 - Link Reply Report 129797 2


Finally got this colored! Great work on making her look for targets at precisely the right altitude. :D


Got it. The pinecones -cutiemark is for the "subdue" -ability. I've never done a character sheet before, so is there some traditional form all this is usually written in?

File: _sfm__eqg__critical_kick_by_fd_daylight-d9bgkjb[1].png -(1507004 B, 1600x900)
1507004 1507004 No.129804 - Link Reply Report 129804 2

New EQG crossover in SFM.

No.129809 - Link Reply Report 129809 2

I'm surprised no one's mentioned Gabby griffon here yet. A multi-talented griffon trying to earn her cutiemark ought to try at least one form of ballbusting!

Also another chance to see a griffon using her talons to grasp and squeeze.some nuts.

No.129810 - Link Reply Report 129810 2


So your full sheet would be

Name: Pineblaze
Gender: F
Race: Earth Pony
Class: Knight
Cutie Mark: +2 Subdue
Hits/Wounds: 8 hits / 5 wounds
Weapon: Horseshoes
Character Traits: Pineblaze was a formidable fighter as a foal, and like everypony in her village, thought that she would have a great future in the royal guard when she grew up. Unfortunately, by the time she went to the guard's entrance examination, it turned out she hadn't been such a great fighter after all. She had merely fought with extremely unscrupulous methods, and now that she was supposed to demonstrate her skills in honorable combat there wasn't much she could use. She could still have joined as a rather mediocre guard, but instead she chose to make her own armor and join up with (whatever this adventuring group is) in order to seek glory and adventures on her own terms.

No.129811 - Link Reply Report 129811 2


Sounds about right. If you need anything else for it, just ask and I'll come up with something.

File: eqg_Dash_squeeze.png -(67328 B, 1400x3400)
67328 67328 No.129813 - Link Reply Report 129813 2

I really love everything you guys do, and absolutely had to contribute something in return for the best ballbusting porn in all of internet in general. I'm not as skilled as you, but after some tries I managed to make this edit of a pre-existing Equestria Girls picture.

Thank you for this all, and keep up the good work!

File: Harsh_Kick.jpg -(172508 B, 1149x936)
172508 172508 No.129818 - Link Reply Report 129818 2

"Yep, seems like a standard reaction."

I just finished my newest picture for more Harshwhinny busting. There's never enough of it!

No.129825 - Link Reply Report 129825 2

>>129818 yas! Love it!

File: _questionable_screencap_spoiler-colon-s06e20_viva+las+pegasus_show+ponies_go-dash-go+dancer_go-dash-go+mares_show+mares_porn+when.png -(229490 B, 580x394)
229490 229490 No.129839 - Link Reply Report 129839 2

I'm sure MANY ponies in Mr Gladmane's casino were willing to give him a piece of their mind when they heard what he'd been doing. Two of these dancers holding him down while the third one stomps on his balls would be the first thing on my personal wishlist.

No.129853 - Link Reply Report 129853 2

I have a suggestion/request for a consensual busting busting picture, if it's not too explicit...

Rainbow Dash is sitting between the legs of a stallion with swollen, painfully bruised balls. The stallion is ejaculating all over Dash, while she laughs confidently and says "Told you I'd make up for it, dude!" while giving his balls one last friendly hoofbump.

File: _explicit_nudity_blushing_penis_straight_cum_edit_trixie_magic_horsecock[1].png -(644559 B, 863x878)
644559 644559 No.129879 - Link Reply Report 129879 2

I like how she's definitely doing something to his balls.

It's been eerily quiet lately. Is there any new art on the horizon?

File: tell_me_more_about_those_balls_of_yours.png -(110648 B, 875x597)
110648 110648 No.129881 - Link Reply Report 129881 2

Real life getting in the way of art again.
Have a quick something

No.129883 - Link Reply Report 129883 2


Thanks! It's great to have some aftermath images too.

No.129886 - Link Reply Report 129886 2

I don't think I saw any Vinyl Scratch ballbusting pics

File: Tell_me_more_about_those_balls_of_yours.jpg -(104394 B, 875x597)
104394 104394 No.129887 - Link Reply Report 129887 2


This is PERFECT! The whole situation, her happy and playful demeanor, it's an awesome display of the entertainment offered by one gender having such funny dangly bits! :D

I didn't find any canon ponies with her cutiemark, so I presume she's an original character and made up the colors for her. At least I'm sure a stallion with that cutiemark hasn't been in the show. ;)

File: Inverted_Heart_Nutkick.jpg -(89216 B, 1000x1182)
89216 89216 No.129888 - Link Reply Report 129888 2

Speaking of correct colors, I noticed that this cutie mark was your profile picture in Furaffinity. I still don't know the proper tail color, but the colors I gathered from it ought to be correct now.

No.129891 - Link Reply Report 129891 2


Thank you! I still know not to rush artists, but I was getting worried when I didn't hear about you in a long time.

Excellent picture once again. And the filename gives this the context that makes it even more outstanding!

No.129892 - Link Reply Report 129892 2


Flawless work once again. I really love how she's so happy and chill while he's in indescribable pain. For me this picture captures the very heart of the entire fetish.

No.129902 - Link Reply Report 129902 2

>>126589 do you think you could use a couple of these sketches for some more cuntbusting

File: FirstTry.gif -(252918 B, 400x600)
252918 252918 No.129919 - Link Reply Report 129919 2
No.129920 - Link Reply Report 129920 2


The kick is a little too quick, but otherwise ogod yes. Pony ballbusting animations? yes please!

No.129923 - Link Reply Report 129923 2


Nice! This is fast indeed, but an absolutely awesome animation nevertheless!

File: Kick_redraw.gif -(319034 B, 400x600)
319034 319034 No.129924 - Link Reply Report 129924 2

Thankes for review = ) I tried to redraw kick animation. Does it looks better now?

No.129925 - Link Reply Report 129925 2

>>129924 much, thank you

No.129926 - Link Reply Report 129926 2

Ogod yis. Amazing job.

No.129927 - Link Reply Report 129927 2


Fantastic work, and this slower version feels even more impactful than the first one. Having the mouth close more smoothly would make the animation loop more smoothly, but this is already an exquisite piece of pony ballbusting at its finest.

No.129929 - Link Reply Report 129929 2


Sweet Celestia, I love the way they flop around after the impact! Welcome to the thread, that's one fantastic way to do a first entry! :D

No.129930 - Link Reply Report 129930 2

Thx guys, I'm glad you liked it = )

No.129932 - Link Reply Report 129932 2

By the way, last weekend I did manage to try the simple D6 system with two of my non-pony friends. None of us had any prior experience, but I introduced them to the game by asking for their favorite action heroes and what they considered their best traits. And thus, Batman and Terminator teamed up to steal an ancient scroll from a museum.

The game was a hilarious mixture of everyone trying their best but the dice mixing things up, and included scenes like Terminator catching a car full of thugs completely by surprise by throwing Batman into the back seat. I think I'd make a competent DM at least for a tongue-in-cheek D6 game, but then again I don't think you could make a ballbusting-centered game too serious anyway. :)

By the way, are the player turns and their outcomes supposed to be handled one at a time or do all players decide what they do before DM tells how the events unfold at once? We played with everything happening at once, and that led to some silly situations like Batman trying to grab a beaten criminal by the collar of his shirt but grabbing a loose scarf instead, and Terminator giving an ironic golf clap while the criminal ran away past him.

No.129933 - Link Reply Report 129933 2

I always do everything at once, it helps write the scenes more dynamically

File: it_could_be_worse.png -(16954 B, 650x438)
16954 16954 No.129934 - Link Reply Report 129934 2

More pixels!

No.129935 - Link Reply Report 129935 2


That's very good art! Although, he seems to be WAY too comfortable considering the situation...

File: could_be_even_worse.png -(21186 B, 650x438)
21186 21186 No.129936 - Link Reply Report 129936 2


Another nice picture! I made a little edit to make the situation seem a little more distressing for the poor stallion. :)

File: _solo_explicit_nudity_monochrome_balls_shining+armor_solo+male_male_tentacles_tentacle+porn.png -(414624 B, 1500x1125)
414624 414624 No.129937 - Link Reply Report 129937 2


Good work, it's wonderful to see more artists doing ballbusting.

No.129938 - Link Reply Report 129938 2

Thx! This alternative version looks nicely)

No.129960 - Link Reply Report 129960 2


>Real life getting in the way of art again.

We need to find out where Buttsaucer lives. The new picture is obviously delayed because he needs help dealing with whatever everyday nonsense is distracting him from spending his every living breathing second drawing! So I– I mean, fans like me, can get to enjoy the new picture ASAP! Think about it! We could help him with his laundry, buy his groceries, cooking his meals, whatever! Now, who wouldn't appreciate that?

No.129961 - Link Reply Report 129961 2

Well for the most part my time is eaten up by work, which is kind of important to do since unlike drawing, I get paid for it.

New episode new ideas, might draw some teen applejack stuff later.

No.129969 - Link Reply Report 129969 2

Could you make it even worse? Please?

File: even_worse.png -(19634 B, 650x438)
19634 19634 No.129972 - Link Reply Report 129972 2


Here you go. I've gotten a lot of practice with drawing expressions from editing this, but now I think it looks as painful as I can draw without things breaking up. :)

Thanks again for drawing this AlonlO! I hope to see more of your art too!

ps. Could you draw laughing Ember hovering next to him? That would make this absolutely perfect!

File: No_Time_for_Dragons.png -(38316 B, 650x438)
38316 38316 No.129974 - Link Reply Report 129974 2

Here it is. I tried to improve picture by adding shadows (probably in wrong places. I know, I'm very bad at this). I really liked poor stallion's facial expression on your last edit, so I decided to use it here. And I never painted mlp dragons up to this moment, so...

Also, guys, is this thread for soft cbt only, isn't it?

PS. Sorry for strange and bad english, it's not my native language.

No.129975 - Link Reply Report 129975 2


Wow! The poking makes it even better than I could have expected. Thanks!

And yes, this is soft cbt as far as I know. No blood or castrations, other than that all kinds of kicking, squeezing and such are welcome.

I'll be looking forward to whatever you're going to draw next! And if you need ideas/suggestions, feel free to use anything from this or the older threads.


Teen Applejack stopped Big Mac from talking so often that her punching him in the balls is almost canon. :)

No.129976 - Link Reply Report 129976 2


This just gets better and better. The last pic is pure awesomeness, as well as one more busting pic with my favorite dragon. Keep up the good work!

No.129977 - Link Reply Report 129977 2


Yay! That really is perfect! With the amused dragoness poking his already pained balls, now I think this can't get any worse without something breaking. :D

I think this is soft ballbusting only, and that's how I like it too. It's fun when it doesn't get serious, and what I'd imagine hard cbt to mean tends to be sheer body horror instead.

File: horizonmany.png -(183499 B, 1000x1000)
183499 183499 No.129978 - Link Reply Report 129978 2

Came up with some ideas today, lets see where they go.

No.129979 - Link Reply Report 129979 2


This looks extremely promising! I can already identify Big Mac from these. :)

Do you already have plans for these or do you need ideas for characters? Either way, it's great to have so many new pictures to look forward to. Thank you, and good luck with drawing!

File: Angry_griffon.png -(33420 B, 800x600)
33420 33420 No.129981 - Link Reply Report 129981 2

Just a quick sketch before bed.

No.129982 - Link Reply Report 129982 2

Ideas are always welcome.
After this batch is done I'll have drawn 94 pictures for these threads if my math is right. Should probably do something special for #100

No.129983 - Link Reply Report 129983 2


Should do either a collage of ponies getting busted or a line of ponies who have been busted with a mare putting a massive kick into the last one shouting 100!!! as she does it. Or you could do a male on male one where male ponies who have been busted in your pics gang up on your oc as a form of revenge for drawing them getting busted.

No.129984 - Link Reply Report 129984 2


The colt at the upper right could be Button Mash, blissfully unaware of what fillies behind him are preparing.

Are the lower left stallions individual sketches or all aftermath of a single event? It could be Fillysecond taking out Mane-iacs henchponies with the leftmost being the last to be getting hit.

Speaking of Mane-iac, she could use her mane to hold a henchpony in a vice grip while giving a condescending speech to him.

The lower right looked like a prime candidate to have the dancer ponies holding and busting Gladmane, but they all have too different body types to fit the sketch. Maybe Pinkie Pie holding a stallion for Rainbow Dash's birthiversary?

That gave me another idea: Pinkie Pie's party for Moondancer and other Canterlot friends: A scared pegasus is sitting on a branch with his balls dangling down, while blindfolded Moondancer on the ground is swinging around with the pinata bat.

No.129985 - Link Reply Report 129985 2


Maybe with the bottom right one with the duo, the duo being both male and have a mare come up and kick both of them in the nuts with a single kick.

Either that or have the pony who is doing the lifting knee the poor male in the nuts from behind as they lift them up.

No.129991 - Link Reply Report 129991 2


Sounds like I'll have to hurry my current project to completion so I can start working on a "happy bustiversary" picture in time. :)

No.129995 - Link Reply Report 129995 2

Here is some ideas:
Soarin tries to cunt punt Spitfire in the locker room but he ends up kicking Blaze instead due to the both of them looking the same. In his moment of confusion about who he kicked, Spitfire comes up behind him and lands a solid kick to his nuts. Could be done vice verca (kicks spitfire instead of blaze).

A jealous mare kicks a stallion in the nuts while he is making out with another mare because he didn't go out with his attacker.

A stallion is tied up in a face down ass up position with 'bust me!' written on his ass with his balls red from ponies who have taken up the opportunity to bust him.

A mare and a stallion are lying on a couch together on a lazy day. They are both facing each other, reading a book or something. The mare's hind hoove(s) are pressed against the stallions balls, putting him in an uncomfortable position. The mare is aware of what she is doing but isn't acknowledging it while the stallion is squirming in pain.

A stallion and a mare are having a crotch busting contest to see who can take the most number of crotch shots. The stallion is clearly losing, complaining of how unfair the contest is. They have both sustained several kicks each. The stallion's nuts are turning red and he is leaning over in pain while the mare is standing up bipedal doing a pelvic thrust towards the stallion with her legs spread out, pointing towards her crotch, inviting him to continue the contest so she can kick him again.

No.129996 - Link Reply Report 129996 2


Finally a griffon using her grasping ability! It would be nice to see this situation from another angle, this one is a bit... limited. Great quality though, >>129974 especially looks like it could be straight from the show itself!

File: Good_morning__or_midnight_maybe.png -(1277263 B, 588x535)
1277263 1277263 No.129998 - Link Reply Report 129998 2
No.130000 - Link Reply Report 130000 2

I second the idea of a crotch kicking contest. Needs some condescending, mocking dialog too

No.130001 - Link Reply Report 130001 2


Love it. Maybe for a follow up one, she wakes him up by stepping on or kneeing his nuts and he insists she goes back to waking him up by squeezing his balls instead


+1 for the crotch busting contest. It has a lot of opportunity of a mare to be mocking the poor stallion during the contest.

No.130002 - Link Reply Report 130002 2


The bottom right pose would be perfect for a mare holding a stallions balls against something uncomfortable, although it's hard to come up with suitable sources of pain. Windmill/watermill paddles? Derpy holding Doctor against the plasma ball?


That's exactly how I've dreamed of waking up since I first heard of these threads.


+1 to the alternative wake-up method.

No.130003 - Link Reply Report 130003 2


Maybe the bottom right one is a wrestling one where the back pony is holding the front pony in a position for the back pony's team mate can land a kick to the nuts of the front pony. Could be a dual female team versus a single male or it could be a 2 teams of males where the holder's team mate lands a kick on the held pony's nuts but accidentally kicks both pony's nuts, inflicting friendly fire on his team mate.

No.130004 - Link Reply Report 130004 2


Maybe the mare standing behind is wearing a strapon and has it's dildo betwèn his legs; pressed right up into his junk. The dildo/strappon being quite larger than his junk.

File: Rarity_paddles.jpg -(260186 B, 2200x1373)
260186 260186 No.130006 - Link Reply Report 130006 2


Newest coloring project done! I figured that if whoever asked to ink these was going to do it, he would have done it by now so it was safe to do it myself. Here's Rarity doing some pitch adjustment for the Pony Tones! :)

After the weekend I'll start working on the bustiversary present. I hope I'll get it done in time for the 100th picture!

File: Rarity_paddles_nude.jpg -(244422 B, 2200x1373)
244422 244422 No.130008 - Link Reply Report 130008 2


Here's also a fully revealing nude version for those who like it extra-raunchy. :)

No.130009 - Link Reply Report 130009 2

I can totally get behind a crotch kicking contest! I also love the idea of her just doing a big pelvic thrust, almost literally rubbing it in his face that he can't hurt her because she doesn't have balls. She's gotta be saying something mocking, maybe threatening that the next kick will pop him, or something about how her vagina is stronger than his balls. Nothing BDSMish though, her domination has to be 100% natural

No.130010 - Link Reply Report 130010 2


This is fantastic. As a follow up one, maybe she wakes him up again, he complains to let him go back to sleep, and she offers to "help" by squeezing even harder, this time knocking him out instead of waking him up

No.130011 - Link Reply Report 130011 2


"Oh you silly boy, you thought you could win against the almighty power of my vagina."

"I could take 10 more kicks like that while your lucky the next shot doesn't pop your nuts!"

"Come on boy, stand back up, you said you could take 10 nut shots and you can't even take 4 soft kicks"

No.130012 - Link Reply Report 130012 2


All three of those are great, especially the first two. I'd also love to see the thougts of the stallion. A mix of fear and jealousy

No.130013 - Link Reply Report 130013 2


"Why did I agree to this ouch"

"She lied to me. She said mares feel just as much pain as males when kicked in the crotch!"

No.130014 - Link Reply Report 130014 2

I don't want to sound demanding, but have you ever thought about making a series of pictures? Like almost a comic strip of them?

No.130015 - Link Reply Report 130015 2

Because showing the whole competition would be absolutely amazing. From him being confident to quickly realizing he doesn't have a chance and her joy at knowing she's destory him (literally)

No.130016 - Link Reply Report 130016 2


+1 for a comic/multi pic version version of the crotch shot contest.

No.130017 - Link Reply Report 130017 2

The people have spoken. We know what we want

No.130018 - Link Reply Report 130018 2

For the crotch busting contest, the mare should be rainbow Dash as she has such a show boating/arrogant attitude which would fit well. The male could possibly be Rainbow Blitz as I could both Rainbows getting into an argument of who's crotch is stronger and ending in a contest over it.

Alternatively the male could be Soarin and the contest taking place at the Wonderbolts Academy or a show.

No.130019 - Link Reply Report 130019 2

Soarin would be fine, but Blitz has my vote. As for the girl, Rainbow Dash would be perfect I think, personality fits the scenario

No.130020 - Link Reply Report 130020 2

Also like contest idea. I'd prefer a canon character personally.

No.130021 - Link Reply Report 130021 2

Such as?

No.130022 - Link Reply Report 130022 2


Like who?

No.130023 - Link Reply Report 130023 2

Soarin sounds good. Nopony special in mind.

No.130024 - Link Reply Report 130024 2


Pair ideas for the contest.

AJ/Big Mac

No.130025 - Link Reply Report 130025 2

I say RD/Soarin, but that's just me. AJ and Big Mac is also fine

No.130026 - Link Reply Report 130026 2

Also, I hope artist is ok with us taking over the planning of the project here lmao that's what makes it special though I guess? The "community" decides what the 100th post is? That or just ignore us and do whatever you want for 100 it's your art after all

No.130027 - Link Reply Report 130027 2


"The almighty power of my vagina"
I love it, balls stand no chance against pussy-power

No.130028 - Link Reply Report 130028 2

>>130024 >>130025 >>130018

+1 for RD being the mare in the contest.

No.130029 - Link Reply Report 130029 2

Ok, so I think Rainbow Dash is pretty much unanimously agreed on for being the mare

No.130030 - Link Reply Report 130030 2

I've seen this weeks episode leaked, and without spoilers I can say that it will serve us a stallion on a silver platter...

No.130031 - Link Reply Report 130031 2

"You call that ballbusting, Angelwing? Those balls barely know you were there!"

No.130037 - Link Reply Report 130037 2

I have a questions. Is written busting welcomed here as well? And if the answer is yes, do people here like things getting sexual as well, or is this thread for pure busting only?

No.130038 - Link Reply Report 130038 2

I don't see why not, and either is fine.

No.130044 - Link Reply Report 130044 2


I love stories as well, and ballbusting with sexual stuff is even better!

There are some stories in pastebin already:

Doctor Whooves And The Busting Angels, Dash x Soarin, and Chrysalis x Shining Armor: pastebin dot com/7Vj4s7qn
Ms Harshwhinny greentext: pastebin dot com/rY2HSQ2d

No.130045 - Link Reply Report 130045 2

It would be great to read some bb clopfics, especially those in which things getting sexual.

No.130046 - Link Reply Report 130046 2


I love written stories! I don't mind pure busts, they can be great fun too, but sexual busting is even better. Nothing hotter than a mare getting off from the sexual weakness of stallions

File: that_guy.jpg -(40424 B, 610x552)
40424 40424 No.130047 - Link Reply Report 130047 2

That pony... He sure has some balls sitting like that while taunting Rainbow Dash! He manages to be an even more universally agreeable busting target than Zephyr Breeze!

No.130048 - Link Reply Report 130048 2

BB stories would be great. Mares busting a stallion's nuts during sex/blow jobs would be great. Mare sitting on a dick reverse cowgirl on a stallion while she busts his nuts or in a 69 position and while blowing the stallion, she is aggressively fondling/squeezing/busting his nuts.


His pose is begging to be kicked in the nuts.

No.130049 - Link Reply Report 130049 2


He's asking for it

No.130051 - Link Reply Report 130051 2

How many drawings until #100?

No.130052 - Link Reply Report 130052 2

Then I realize I could draw four or five pictures instead of a four or five panel comic, and end up doing that. i always imagined people prefer quantity.
I'll see what I can manage

No.130053 - Link Reply Report 130053 2

86 are done
8 more were sketched out
the contest seems a given at this point
I wanted to do some cuntbust variants of old pics for fun, just switching around the roles in pics like the towel whip
I have another two or three unused sketches
There are some ideas I wanted to draw but didn't sketch yet (excited wonderbolt dash standing on soarin, male!Twilight getting his nuts pressed by the magic snow plow, whatshisface falling through the bridge and getting his junk trapped...)
So there are plans reaching something around 105
I was planning to do another animation for #100

No.130054 - Link Reply Report 130054 2


Quality is always preferable over quantity but combining several high quality pics together into a cohesive story/series could improve the over impact and emotion of the ball busting. For example, having a build up of a mare getting ready to kick and then an impact shot of the poor stallion taking the hit in the nuts and then a follow up of the poor guy in pain with the mare taunting/enjoying the outcome of her work would increase the emphasis on each part of the ball busting experience and collectively improve the works together.

Another example where multi images could improve the work would the proposed crotch shot contest. Having alternating frames of the contestants taking hits and then showing them in pain and slowly progress through the loss of their posture as they struggle to remain standing (Straight legs go to bent/quivering legs). Having their balls/crotch become progressively redder and the tears of pain increase with each hit adds impact to that impact and the ones from previous panels as they will show a stacking effect.

No.130055 - Link Reply Report 130055 2

Role reversal sounds great IMO

No.130056 - Link Reply Report 130056 2


+1 for Cunt Busting variants. Any chance of a pic of Soarin busting Spitfire in among that (maybe redo the simulated flight hazards pic of the 2 of them)? I think Soarin deserves the chance to be the attacker after being in a few of your pics.

No.130057 - Link Reply Report 130057 2

So, I'm writing the story now and could use some of your input.

Fist: Please order the Wonderbolts from most to least favourite. Mares only.

Second: Do you like any other fetishes other than ballbusting? (No promises about them making it into the story, I'm just curious.)

No.130058 - Link Reply Report 130058 2


Maybe invole wedgie fetish in the ball busting stories as frontal wedgies inflict pain on the crotch so they go hand in hand a bit. Grabbing onto wonderbolt flight suits and yanking them up can inflict a nasty wedgie on them.

No.130061 - Link Reply Report 130061 2


(for the purpose of ballbusting) Soarin, Lightning Dust, Misty Fly, Wild Fire, Vapor Trail

Fetishes: big boobs, and tall women. I'm always looking forward to stuff with the princesses, Fleur de Lis, Sassy Saddles and other tall ponies!

No.130062 - Link Reply Report 130062 2

Piss/desperation, but working that in there might not be too easy.

No.130065 - Link Reply Report 130065 2

Just a quick update. I'm done with rough version (currently sitting at 37k character, expected to go down a bit as I polish things out), but I probably won't have the time to clean it up and post until next Weekend.

For those of you what want a SPOILER (WARNING!!!), it's about Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail having to pass one more test before being be allowed into the Wonderbolts academy.

No.130077 - Link Reply Report 130077 2


Where will you be releasing it???

No.130078 - Link Reply Report 130078 2


Where will you be releasing it???

No.130080 - Link Reply Report 130080 2

I'll put it in a pastebin and link it here.

No.130084 - Link Reply Report 130084 2

FYI it hurts a women more to have her vagina punched. Balls are just easier to hit. Also balls are actually pretty strong. Hitting a women can do more permanent damage, for this reason a lot of athletic women end up sterile.

No.130089 - Link Reply Report 130089 2


What's a pastebin?

No.130090 - Link Reply Report 130090 2

>>130084 Wat? from wat ass didja pull this "fact" outa?

No.130091 - Link Reply Report 130091 2

>>130084 Im a female and I'm preeettty sure thats not true.

No.130092 - Link Reply Report 130092 2


w a t

No.130093 - Link Reply Report 130093 2



No.130103 - Link Reply Report 130103 2


pastebin.com is a site you can paste text in. The links at >>130044 are a good example, you just need to replace the DOT with . as fchan doesn't allow posting complete links.

No.130106 - Link Reply Report 130106 2

When do you think the contest be done???

No.130115 - Link Reply Report 130115 2

Get hit in the vagina, go right ahead.

No.130116 - Link Reply Report 130116 2

Now that the finale aired, I can finally reveal two more ideas without spoiling things:

-On the way to the hive, Trixie kicks Discord in the balls. Without magic, he's competely overwhelmed by the pain and how unable he is to make it stop.

-Chrysalis holds Thorax in front of her and LITERALLY squeezing the love out of him. I also like to think that the "love" changelings feed on is actually a way more physical and not-worksafe substance, if you know what I mean. ;)

No.130117 - Link Reply Report 130117 2

I'll get started on it soon, don't worry.

No.130118 - Link Reply Report 130118 2

>>130115 i have been. It sucks but as someone who ballbusts in real life, guys definitely seem to have it worse.

No.130119 - Link Reply Report 130119 2

I have to apologize, but no story today. Family had me busy during the weekend. It's still coming though, just delayed. Sorry.

No.130120 - Link Reply Report 130120 2

What are some good non-MLP ballbusting forums out there? Not that this isn't great, but I'm currently looking for someone to draw some non-MLP ballbusting. My friend and I have this inside joke that ended up spiralling into us writing a currently over 4000 word story that involves me getting beaten up by all of my female friends and eventually castrated by my female friends. It really isn't fetish oriented (although that's certainly a positive aspect that comes out of it from my POV) but regardless I think it'd be too weird to ask a regular artist on Tumblr or something to draw it. If anyone has any recommendations I'd really appreciate them, thanks!!!

File: round1.png -(337084 B, 1500x1800)
337084 337084 No.130122 - Link Reply Report 130122 2

Since this is probably going to be like 15 pictures long (if it goes for 5 rounds), I will deliver in parts.
Round start - bust - bust - round start, etc
How should I do the bust parts themselves? Full bodies? Closeups of the goods getting hit? Something in between? A mix? A couple of examples provided here.

No.130123 - Link Reply Report 130123 2

>>130122 Mixed.

No.130124 - Link Reply Report 130124 2


Try a point of view one maybe. Have dash kick the guy in the nuts with a smirk/evil grin as a POV of the kicker would be awesome. Follow it up with the guy doing the same except with maybe a face of defear/worry as a later round pic.

Also maybe have a round by round clse up on their crotches getting reder as the rounds progress.

No.130125 - Link Reply Report 130125 2


Maybe a POV from the view of the attacker as well in a different round.

No.130126 - Link Reply Report 130126 2


If you are going to have multiple rounds, maybe have themed bust rounds such as:

  • Kick/Buck
  • Punch
  • Projectile (apple/ball/etc)
  • Weapon (bat/plank/etc)
  • Stomp/Step on crotch
  • Wedgie (frontal/melvin)
  • Scissoring crotch shot (hitting each other's crotch with their crotch (Dash maybe enjoying it while the guy is in pain))
No.130127 - Link Reply Report 130127 2


The whole scissoring crotch shot idea is equally ridiculous and fantastic

No.130128 - Link Reply Report 130128 2


I say a mix of reaction shots, full body, and close up on the crotches. I also would love to have a scene after each bust for Dash to mock him

No.130129 - Link Reply Report 130129 2


I think dash's face should have more of a smirk or displaying a "I can't believe this idiot accepted this challenge, I am going to bust his balls so bad" grin.

I think for one of the pictures, you should do a point of view of the stallion being kicked/hit. He is looking down at his balls as they are being hit or looking at Dash as she lands the kick.

Another view of maybe underneath the nutshot. When Dash land's a kick, the stallions nuts going either side of her foot/leg.The shot would also show Dash's crotch/vag from underneath in it as well.


+1 to all of them. I like the idea of the scissor nut shot and the wedgie. I think for a wedgie, the stallion could lift dash off the ground by her underwear/panties but when Dash does it back, she launches fast off the ground super fast while holding onto his underwear so both are airborne. Dash holding onto the stallion's underwear/waistband which is then causing the stallion to dangle underneath her with a lot of pressure on his nuts.

No.130134 - Link Reply Report 130134 2

>>130122 >>130126

I like the idea of rounds being themed or having different views/styles.
Maybe have a 3rd party comes along and busts the contestants in one round. Being 2 pegasus ponies, maybe have Spitfire bust them in one round. Or maybe Big Mac can bust them. During round start as he prepares to bust the contestants (who are in a face down ass up posture), Soarin has a very panicked/fearful look on his face to the pain that his about to endure from the buck from a big earth pony. Dash would also have a fearful look one her face. Maybe she gets busted first and the fear Soarin feels triples instantly as dash shows the pain.

No.130142 - Link Reply Report 130142 2


How long do you think it'll take to do a round???

No.130143 - Link Reply Report 130143 2


How long do you think it'll take to do a round???

No.130145 - Link Reply Report 130145 2

That almost entirely comes down to how much time work and video games eat. WoW and Dark Souls are both bigass time sinks and that new DLC won't beat itself.
When I get to drawing, I can probably get a full 3 pic round done in a day. The only obstacle is finding time for it.

No.130146 - Link Reply Report 130146 2


When do you expect writing to start? Of course, Dark Souls is clearly the more important of the two but

No.130147 - Link Reply Report 130147 2

Probably safest to not expect it before the weekend

No.130148 - Link Reply Report 130148 2

Why won't this thread die?

No.130151 - Link Reply Report 130151 2

Because we <3 ponies in peril. Also I totally agree with the mixture of closeup vs wide angle shots. And various attacks like paunch/kicku/ranged attack! ect

File: toon_1477589034664.lumineko_ball-1-patreon.png.jpg -(174144 B, 640x1280)
174144 174144 No.130153 - Link Reply Report 130153 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21542938/
No.130156 - Link Reply Report 130156 2


That is an awesome pic.

That guy and his oc (Trigger Puller) must be a masochist with a Pinkamena fetish. Most of the pics of his OC on derpibooru are of him being abused by Pinkamena including several more destructive cbt involving knives.

No.130169 - Link Reply Report 130169 2

Is only one person doing art for this thread regularly anymore? That's sad

No.130172 - Link Reply Report 130172 2


It has always really been the one artist duo (butt/nutty) who have done art in this thread and artists who do it only for a little while off show up with their art every now and then.

No.130174 - Link Reply Report 130174 2

I wish nutty had a donation thingy or a place where you could buy commissions. :3

No.130177 - Link Reply Report 130177 2

Im actually considering opening an alternate FA for this kind of stuff if you guys would be interested. I have lots of experience with selling my art and have yet to get negative feedback. I also have a new laptop so it wont just be in pencil. c:

No.130178 - Link Reply Report 130178 2

I'm actually considering opening an alternate FA for this kind of stuff in case you guys are interested c: I have a new laptop now so i can draw digital instead of just pencil work.

No.130179 - Link Reply Report 130179 2

Ah sorry. Didnt mean to post twice. My device is buggy and i thought it didnt go through the 1st time xc

No.130180 - Link Reply Report 130180 2

Is there a chance the contest will come out today? Sorry I'm hype

No.130181 - Link Reply Report 130181 2


He didn't release the other one till monday last weekend so give him some time.
The more time he spends on it, the better quality it will be.

No.130186 - Link Reply Report 130186 2

I'd need to go set up a second Paypal for it or something I suppose. Or go figure out the tax details of Patreon.
Let me get some sleep, I'll draw another few frames once I get up.

File: round1.png -(519105 B, 1388x2500)
519105 519105 No.130194 - Link Reply Report 130194 2

Since the themed rounds idea was catching a lot of positive attention, I'm taking suggestions for what rounds 2-5 will be.

No.130204 - Link Reply Report 130204 2


I love Dash's expression in the last frame.

Ideas for rounds:

  • A towel whip
  • Use of a baseball bat.
  • Pouring hot suace/rubbing deep heat on their crotches for burning sensations on their crotches.
  • Repeated quick punches
  • Using their wings to punch/attack
  • Having another pony(s) bust them both (Spitfire/Blaze)
  • Prolonged crotch stomp/pressure on crotch
No.130205 - Link Reply Report 130205 2

>>130204 Like the bottom four. Not a fan of implements though.

No.130210 - Link Reply Report 130210 2


Buttsaucer is the heart of the genre, but there have been a few other artists now and then. I wish they would draw more though, as more artists is always better. I'd definitely like to see more from AlonIO for example.


Actually, Butty has been asking if anyone would be willing to pay for comissions. He's also the main artist here, I just do colorings and occasionally manage to construct pictures with sheer tenacity. :)


Looking good! Although cuntbusting isn't my thing, I can already see how one-sided this competition is going to get. I'd suggest wing-slaps for the next event.

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I'd suggest wings, punches, stomps, then 3rd party. Weaker stuff earlier so he's not out of it right away, then 3rd party when too weak to kick effectively.

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Round one~ FIGHT
Since ponies have no fingers it's hard to draw them holding/using things unless they use unicorn magic, and since both these ponies aren't unicorns I'd suggest things relative to the Pegasus way. I.E. Wing-whip/slap Maybe a tug-of-war with the ropes tied around their good stuff while each flies in an opposite direction. (not so easy with tiny clits but it does involve their wings to some measure) Maybe a flying obstical course where unicorn ponies are trying to hit them in the soft spots while they try to dodge, each one falling at some point. Or maybe they just take turns getting hit point blank by unicorn horn blasts to see who can deal with the ouch more. Spike (or some other dragon type) could test their resistance to fire :D They could each try to take a punch from maude pie, the pony who can bust rocks with her hooves! Angel bunny Karate kick~ lighting from cloudsdale ponies (or twittermites)

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Someone should add dialogue

File: PicsArt_10-30-07.45.01.jpg -(65141 B, 1005x768)
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Right before the pain sets in

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