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Pictures of anything that wouldn't be considered "normal" furry porn, but is considered acceptable fetish by the majority of the fandom. (bondage, bukkake, micro/macro, tentacles, oviposition, hypnosis/mind-control, etc.)

(for deletion)

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[-] [+] No.48160
M/M Footjobs Flash 
File: a_1451929240519.delicatessen_kyyannocommissionsmall.jpg -(283774 B, 1280x1167)
283774 283774 No.48160 - Expand Link Quick Reply Reply Report 48160 1

Old thread is to big now.

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No.49646 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49646 2

Need more...

File: a_1483735195628.kabier_vergence_club_new_shading.png -(1236771 B, 899x1200)
1236771 1236771 No.49649 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49649 2
File: 3a401790-3384-4d7a-a755-d19d0912b411.jpg -(200071 B, 1280x720)
200071 200071 No.49683 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49683 2
File: a_1484198267579.furward_silver_paw_v1.42x900.png -(1427620 B, 1273x900)
1427620 1427620 No.49685 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49685 2
File: a_1484931794788.cbh_mich89small.jpg -(383639 B, 1100x711)
383639 383639 No.49705 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49705 2

[-] [+] No.44746
Clean diapers 
File: a_1416233052371.tommy13_cory_staff.jpg -(93920 B, 930x1280)
93920 93920 No.44746 - Expand Link Quick Reply Reply Report 44746 1

No scat or watersports.
Just diapers.

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File: a_1480664541984.underwear-ninja_duckyroo.png -(483322 B, 1721x1000)
483322 483322 No.49555 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49555 2
No.49571 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49571 2

Would you be able to pull what you have up in one of the AH threads then? I really miss his art

File: CyQP5IVVQAAn3AH.jpg -(249407 B, 1664x2048)
249407 249407 No.49619 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49619 2
File: a_1484885778958.carnival-tricks_anon-tcp.jpg -(186744 B, 1129x1280)
186744 186744 No.49703 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49703 2
No.49704 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49704 2


Anyone able to find this one yet?

[-] [+] No.49277
Post after yours happens to you! 
File: Screen_Shot_2016-09-01_at_10.42.30_AM.png -(145922 B, 519x276)
145922 145922 No.49277 - Expand Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49277 1

Restarting this because the old thread is being deleted.

Oh noes, I wonder what will happen to me??

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File: 2045e8859e5f7740c6a8a585f1e190ea.png -(1590196 B, 1097x1280)
1590196 1590196 No.49593 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49593 2

You have a fun time at the gym.

No.49688 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49688 2
Source: http://i.imgur.com/uy8F30d.jpg


Sometimes a nice relaxing Makeout is all you need

File: uy8F30d[1].jpg -(105349 B, 1232x1280)
105349 105349 No.49689 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49689 2
Source: http://i.imgur.com/uy8F30d.jpg


Sometimes you need a good makeout.

File: a_1484559289074.ebonyrubberwolf_aeruarakraargskcondomsrough.jpg -(180044 B, 1280x942)
180044 180044 No.49698 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49698 2

You and your friends really should have thought that attack on the arch mage through...

File: a_1484786404632.jpg -(632739 B, 1700x1017)
632739 632739 No.49702 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49702 2

>>49698 the archmage releases you (finally) into a dark forest where you happen upon a friendly herd of deer

[-] [+] No.49309
Female bondage 7 Flash 
File: a_1473581557450.kaotickangaroo_1456534489.gameroo_base.swf -(735109 B, 0x0)
No.49309 - Expand Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49309 1
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File: a_1483273299638.tempson_stumped_squirrel_by_tempson-daqzog3.jpg -(158879 B, 776x1030)
158879 158879 No.49642 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49642 2
File: a_1483982440502.bondagefanart_jaina_web.png -(434231 B, 764x1000)
434231 434231 No.49680 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49680 2

Jaina sat perched on the edge of the large square footstool for another good fifteen minutes, wriggling and squirming, the fiber tape creaking and popping, but none of it refused to give even so much as half an inch. She whimpered and again pulled at her arms, kicked her legs and wriggled her toes and quivered the base of her tail against both her lower back and one hip, trying to get it to loosen enough in some way that she might have even a small hope of getting out of what she'd gotten herself into.
The male zebra who had come to her home was absolutely delicious... one of those young, energetic and sensationally sexy males that had that “fuck me” body that she'd loved going after when she was hungry for a man. Of course the fact that he was hiding 23 inches in his pants didn't hurt matters at all either. He was a great fast talker and as smooth as glass when he came in and showed her his trunk of sexual goods, bondage gear and toys. He'd talked her into trying out some of the bondage gear and naughty nighties and she got him so hard she was wondering if he was going to tear his pants. This, of course, led to her wanting to see his cock and as she pulled it out of his pants, she just HAD to wrap her mouth around it. An energetic mouth humping later, he tried going back to his verbally selling his goods, standing there with his pants and boxers off and his still shiny cock hanging so sweetly between his thighs that she only half heard that he was making her a bet that if the silver fiber bondage tape wasn't all he said it was, that he'd buy her twice the money's worth of what she wanted out of his sales kit. She was too busy nodding and licking her lips wanting more of his cock to have fully realized it, but since she'd stripped down and was sitting there nude and softly rubbing herself, she didn't even think twice when he just got on his knees and took hold of both her ankles and started winding the tape in a steady, tight motion around her ankles and up her legs. Jaina, of course, didn't mind at all a bit of bondage fun, and in her half attentive state.. with hot sex on her mind, she sat there and did as he asked, assuming that this was part of his wanting to fuck her a bit more, but she'd never thought he was into mummification bondage.. one of her favorite kinks too.. She let him wrap her legs up good and tight right up to the tops of her thighs. He moved around to behind her and took hold of one of her hands, as she wriggled happily and felt her thighs rub together and smear her already flowing juices into themselves. He wrapped first one hand, then the other in a tight wind of tape till each hand was a silvery ball, and then pressed them together and started a partial wind around half of them that went up and caught her wrists as he kept winding slowly and tightly, up her arms and beyond, which made her have to flex her arms a few times to loosen her shoulders so he could go up as far as he liked. He went till he was two thirds of the way up her biceps, with her arms as pressed together as best he could, but she could still feel air between the tops of her arms. He just rubbed her arms and shoulders and then started again with having her arch her back and he began around her waist, binding her arms to her back. The winds of the silver fiber tape stopped just under her heavy breasts, as he went round them and came back over top of them and went around each shoulder several times, his one hand making a pressing gesture to the tops of her arms so that he could complete an “X” wind around them and her body and chest; the motion pressing the top of the fiber tape wind on her upper arms together so it would stick to itself and further trap her arms.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: a_1483982484610.bondagefanart_sashi_web.png -(331677 B, 720x1280)
331677 331677 No.49681 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49681 2

Thirty five minutes later, Jaina found herself laying half on and half stretched out beyond the big armchair, as the zebra just quietly finished wrapping the last of the roll of adhesive fiber tape around her ankles and smoothing it out. He let go of her legs and let her writhe and wriggle to an upright, seated position.
She was good and totally trapped now. Her body had been wrapped with several rolls of the duct tape, from her neck to her belly, with only a large area left open that was her breasts, but the zebra made sure that the base of each tit had gotten fifteen winds to squeeze the flesh extra tight. Her mounds looked twice as large as they were originally, and they were huge to begin with. Even her nipples were heavy, thick and puffy.
The wind continued down past her hips so that her pussy and ass were totally vulnerable, and stopped only when it reached her ankles. He'd went all the way back up and down again with a total of three rolls, and even tho each roll's tape was thin, the combined double layer was inescapable to the big reptile. He'd not spared her tail either, as it was pulled sideways to leave her butt unprotected, and the lower middle of it was triple wrapped and secured to the area just behind her knees. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't pull it out, and with the curve of the tail and how it was secured, she couldn't use it to hold over her butt, before she got tired and it relaxed and moved out of the way.
She was allowed to sit there for a good fifteen minutes, eventually falling between the chair and the footstool and then continued to writhe and struggle on the carpet as the grinning zebra watched her work herself up into a good sweet sweat of exertion. She finally stopped and lay there looking up at him, panting and wheezing through her nose as he undid his shirt quietly pulled them off before crouching near her wearing nothing but a smile...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: _watchers__by_gagpal3-dabcxaa.jpg -(590778 B, 3543x2952)
590778 590778 No.49701 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49701 2
File: 22350064@400-1484940283.jpg -(36582 B, 362x400)
36582 36582 No.49706 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49706 2

Picture featuring Scot's useless character.
Artwork by Radasus.

So offensive right now.

[-] [+] No.42377
Bondage in Public or Outside  
File: a_1393957192338.cespuglia2008_sketch_14.png -(668327 B, 1173x898)
668327 668327 No.42377 - Expand Link Quick Reply Reply Report 42377 1
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File: a_1470469095180.ruaidri_x004.jpg -(307372 B, 1280x1003)
307372 307372 No.49232 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49232 2
File: a_1476166575453.immelmann_000346-kai_ropter_sm.jpg -(186700 B, 900x1463)
186700 186700 No.49399 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49399 2
File: tumblr_od7ph18kX41rimio2o2_1280.png -(1779256 B, 1280x1707)
1779256 1779256 No.49403 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49403 2
File: tumblr_od7ph18kX41rimio2o1_1280.png -(1828327 B, 1280x1707)
1828327 1828327 No.49404 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49404 2
File: a_1484598944911.herseio_stubday2017_-2.0_eng.jpg -(201236 B, 989x1280)
201236 201236 No.49699 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49699 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22301688/

[-] [+] No.49440
Permanent Chastity [M Pref] 
File: 20728215@400-1470067812.jpg -(46367 B, 400x259)
46367 46367 No.49440 - Expand Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49440 1

Lets see all those boys getting locked away forever! Not like they were gonna get to use it anyways~

7 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.49693 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49693 2


Yeah, I've seen that one before. Link posting is disabled at the moment, but it's by daire301 on furaffinity, and the title is "Permanent Chastity (old sketch)"

File: a_1484541616761.dombrus_loveless_in_equestria.jpg -(114692 B, 600x431)
114692 114692 No.49694 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49694 2
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/12898742/

Yeah, a bit rare but here are a couple more.

File: a_1484541670354.dombrus_stallion_chastity.jpg -(157429 B, 1271x1280)
157429 157429 No.49695 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49695 2
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19921630/
File: a_1484541884908.musuko42_ych.png -(828815 B, 1280x1119)
828815 828815 No.49696 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49696 2
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/17320262/

Oh and in this one the guy on the right is in permanent chastity. Why is he so happy then? Yeah... OK. I would be too. :-)

File: a_1484543747083.dombrus_dingone.jpg -(120751 B, 1280x888)
120751 120751 No.49697 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49697 2
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8023834/

One more. I think that's all I've got.

[-] [+] No.49542
Shibari & Kinbaku - Males Only 
File: foxxian_dark_suspended.jpg -(518072 B, 1100x1280)
518072 518072 No.49542 - Expand Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49542 1

Let's see some sexy male rope bondage. Whether the subject is showcasing some impressing ties or being used (possibly whilst swinging from the ceiling?) doesn't matter so long as it's rope! >:3

Leather/metal cuffs and muzzles okay, male subject focus, no herms or c-boys.

13 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
File: warmbodies_weaselcoversmall.png -(631774 B, 1052x1280)
631774 631774 No.49597 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49597 2
File: DogBoneArtWork_milligram_sketch.png -(355141 B, 920x1150)
355141 355141 No.49598 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49598 2
File: neonpossum_sketch2.png -(1635082 B, 1000x861)
1635082 1635082 No.49600 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49600 2
File: kola_in_between.jpg -(975539 B, 1250x880)
975539 975539 No.49652 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49652 2
File: triku_83.png -(3979950 B, 1000x1000)
3979950 3979950 No.49690 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49690 2

[-] [+] No.37402
Male chastity 
File: 6eca32d832ddb46bbda33fb4812cc055.jpg -(65008 B, 817x632)
65008 65008 No.37402 - Expand Link Quick Reply Reply Report 37402 1

I'd prefer not to see any females at all.

189 posts and 176 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
File: 180590dba26e556f47e722435be18759.jpg -(317507 B, 618x800)
317507 317507 No.49394 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49394 2
File: musuko42_chastityfitting.png -(616455 B, 848x1280)
616455 616455 No.49397 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49397 2
File: a_1476277950372.glittersnail_chastity_ych.png -(163034 B, 1018x980)
163034 163034 No.49408 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49408 2
File: a_1481279109069.taneligepardi_fctanelicomm.jpg -(171407 B, 1280x1006)
171407 171407 No.49579 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49579 2
File: bound_1829.png -(3546786 B, 3000x3000)
3546786 3546786 No.49686 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49686 2

[-] [+] No.44485
Vacuum Pumping 
File: a_1414362216282.agroantirrhopus_maloo_sized.jpg -(307842 B, 1200x879)
307842 307842 No.44485 - Expand Link Quick Reply Reply Report 44485 1
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/agroantirrhopus/

All genders are welcome with all their sexy parts being enlarged on any scale by vacuum pumps. (Though I've never seen it in furry art, but if you happen to know any saline pics, feel free to post them too)

38 posts and 36 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
File: a_1473964390345.malcomms_maloobyiko.jpg -(91945 B, 1124x1000)
91945 91945 No.49326 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49326 2
File: a_1479236623272.sirkain_com_crankshaft-wb_pumping.jpg -(180272 B, 1280x905)
180272 180272 No.49522 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49522 2
File: machfa.png -(437519 B, 1258x1280)
437519 437519 No.49599 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49599 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21482257/


Description says it's sucking her cooch, but I don't see an apparent enlargement.

No.49613 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49613 2

Seems more like female milking than actual pumping

File: 36919959a9deda0d0a1bfa6637e5b0ff.jpg -(259035 B, 975x1280)
259035 259035 No.49684 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49684 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22228577/

[-] [+] No.18737
Balloons (both popping or just playing) Flash 
File: FZ-KM-MouseStraddle-EN.jpg -(334641 B, 1024x819)
334641 334641 No.18737 - Expand Link Quick Reply Reply Report 18737 1

Let's restart the squeaky goodness! Anything goes, playing, teasing, popping, both male and female. Starting off with a classic Frazzle one here.

125 posts and 89 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
File: a_1454175537133.avrolancer_kiss3.jpg -(288433 B, 800x754)
288433 288433 No.48363 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 48363 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18922558/

Keep it going

File: djFIFA5.png -(995088 B, 1530x990)
995088 995088 No.48941 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 48941 2
No.49075 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49075 2

I made something but fchan wont let me direct link
youtube link CIxvJomTTro

File: a_1478523732097.cookiekitty_image.jpg -(215034 B, 1280x1184)
215034 215034 No.49499 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49499 2
No.49682 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 49682 2
Source: furaffinity


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