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Do not enter if you are under 18 or it is illegal for you to view such material.
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If the matter you want to contact us about is a smaller matter, like a ban, or something that's important or time-critical, like image removals or DNP requests, please use IRC. If you are concerned about a paper trail: Don't worry, we want to have one too and will ask you to send relevant emails. This venue is only meant to speed things up by being able to discuss in real-time.

If your matter is not very urgent, please use email. Do note though that, unless you are perfectly sure on who to contact, you should CC all moderators.

Also, as a last note: If your matter requires the attention of Xenofur, emailing can incur LARGE delays. If you need to talk to him it is always the best way to talk to him on IRC.


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DNP and Tag Requests

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Jun 14, 2010
Terrorbite, long-time resident of our irc channel #fchan donated the shiny new icon that you see replace the 'f' up top now. Lots of thanks to him.

Dec 23, 2007
fchan moved to a new server. Q&A on dis.

Jun 22, 2007
fchan now has its own url: http://fchan.us

Dec 11, 2006
IRC Channel moved to irc.fchan.us (Web). Sorry for the inconvenience.

July 14, 2006
Small outage due to power problems with the ISP. In the next few days another outage will occur as fchan is being switched to another server.

May 19, 2006
Thanks to the help of dracenmarx the servertime is now updated with javascript in order to continiously count forwards.

May 12, 2006
Rules and DNP list revamped.


Breaking these rules will in most cases result in deletion of the offending post(s) and/or a ban of the offending poster. If you think a post breaks one of these rules, please click the ☆ icon and enter the number that has been used for the rule in the list below.

  1. Behave politely and civil.
    On fchan civil and polite behaviour is required and will be enforced. Details can be found here: Rule 0: Behavior - 28 Apr 2006 06:38.
  2. Post only furry art and do not post illegal content.
    fchan is for anthropomorphic furry art only (the occasional non-furry anthropomorphic image is fine, but don't overdo it). Pretty much anything that's non-furry is allowed on 4chan, and will be deleted. If you persist in posting non-furry material you will be banned.
    If you post anything illegal under US or UK law, you will be banned, and your details will be forwarded to the relevant authorities.

  3. Post images in the correct boards.
    Everything on fchan is arranged by board topics. Please choose the right board for the image(s) you want to post from the descriptions below. Images that are not in the right board will be removed by our moderators.

    Do Post Do NOT post Avoid posting
    /f/ - Female Lesbians or solo females rule 34

    picture unrelated


    floods ***

    babyfur, cub and related material like incest. FAQ
    males, herms /a/, /toon/, /ah/ or /c/ material material that would fit better in other boards
    /m/ - Male Gays or solo males females, herms
    /h/ - Herm Multi-gender characters
    /s/ - Straight Images with both genders present (bi is allowed) images with only one gender
    /a/ - Alternative Fetishes that are considered acceptable by the majority of the fandom *

    /toon/ - Toon Images in toony style and non-morphic characters. FAQ

    /ah/ - Alt(hard) Hardcore stuff which squicks the majority of the fandom **

    /c/ - Clean Non-pornographic furry pictures (this board should be relatively worksafe at all times)

    /crit/ - Critique Art critique and advice; beginner artists are welcome to post here; includes an oekaki insults, unconstructive criticism
    /b/ - Banners Banners to be displayed on top of the boards to advertise and represent the site. **** old and tired jokes
    capitalized fchan

    /dis/ - discussion Furry discussion (please, people, try and be civil)

    /req/ - requests Requests for images to be posted on the imageboards.

    * bondage, bukkake, micro/macro, tentacles, oviposition, hypnosis/mind-control, etc.

    ** guro, non-consentual, rape, scat, violence, vore, watersports, drug use, etc.

    *** If you want to post a series of somehow-related pics (whether by artist, character, fetish, etc.), please keep them to a single thread.

    **** Each entry will be screened by the administration and, if found to be satisfactory, will be allowed to stay. The banners should keep to the standards of /c/. Size must be exactly 300x100 px.

  4. Don't flood or spam the boards.
    If you want to post a series of somehow-related pics (whether by artist, character, fetish, etc.), please keep them to a single thread. Spam of any kind will be deleted immediately and can lead to bans.
  5. Respect the rights of artists
    fchan believes in respecting the rights of artists who spend many hours creating quality work for you. In order to show this respect we ask you to follow these rules when posting and discussing images or just generally browsing the boards. Note that they will be enforced by the moderators by deletion and banning if necessary.
    1. Don't post an image if the creator can be found on the following list:
    2. Don't post an image if it is commercially available. A non-complete list of commercial sources is:
      -  CD collections
      -  Print Comics
      -  art from online sales venues (like FurBid-SF, Fur-E-Auction, E-Bay, etc.)
      -  content of websites that requires payment to be accesible
      -  etc.
    3. Any requests, answers or discussions regarding sharing of files that are not your property via other means than the fchan image boards are prohibited. They lead to perma-banning. A non-complete list of such means is: (Email, FTP, Torrent, Websites, Warez, etc.)
        Note that you can not swap emails for matters of communication, even if it is clear that sharing files is not the intent.
         There are many other places for roleplay and hook-up's, and fchan is not one of them.
    4. If you are not on the list above and wish to have your works removed you have two possibilities:
      1. One-Time-Request: If you can prove that you own the copyright of an image(signature or distinctive style) and can prove that you are indeed the creator of said image(check via mailing public address on the artist's site), then you can contact one of our moderators, take the steps to prove your right and identity and request the removal of the image. Note that this is only a one-time removal and that you will need to do it again if said image comes up again.
      2. You can have yourself added to the DNP list. Read these instructions and then e-Mail Xenofur with your request and they will process it as soon as they are able. Note that any DNP requests or complaints on the boards themselves will be disregarded and deleted.
    5. Don't post unauthorized edits of images made by other artists.
  6. Do not post any real imagery of adult nature.
    Due to laws requiring certain records be kept when live models are used, no live images, photomorphs or photomanipulations of live images, of an adult nature are to be posted. You will most likely be banned for violating this rule.
  7. Don't discuss legal questions on the image boards.
    This is especially true of copyright discussions. You may discuss such on the discussion boards as long as you keep it civil. Discussions of legalese on the image boards will deleted and repeat offenders will get banned.
  8. Be nice to the mods and don't cause drama.
    Our administration and staff do this out of their free time for you. Respect them and the decisions they make. If you do believe one of them made an error or have a problem with them or their actions, email them and discuss it in private. Starting up a public discussion will most likely result in a flamewar that is destined to be deleted.
  9. Stay up to date.
    Updates on the rules will be announced in the news section on the front page as well as on /dis/. Additionally all users should keep updated with the rules-additions in the Mod-Decisions section.
  10. Artist Banners
    Artists may request special, cost-free advertisement banners on fchan. The details on what exactly those banners are and how one can be requested, can be found in the /faq/-section.


Q. What kind of board?
A. fchan is a heavily modified wakaba-based imageboard, for the posting of furry artwork (porn, mainly).

Q. Why furry?
A. Just to fill the gap left by the demise of the infamous 5chan.

Q. What's "sage"?
A. This feature was disabled and replaced with a "bump" checkbox in order to work against the perversion of this feature that has happened thanks to 4chan. On other image boards entering "sage" (minus the quotation marks) in the E-Mail field prevents a post from being bumped when you reply to it.

Q. What are tripcodes?
A. Anything following an # in your name will be converted into a 10-character string, or 'tripcode', allowing you to verify your identity (for example, name#tripcode becomes name#3GqYIJ3Obs). Results should be the same on the discussion and image boards, but don't count on it. Just avoid using non-alphanumeric characters if you want to be sure. Example:
Tripcode Demonstration