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Pictures of anything that wouldn't be considered "normal" furry porn, but is considered acceptable fetish by the majority of the fandom. (bondage, bukkake, micro/macro, tentacles, oviposition, hypnosis/mind-control, etc.)

(for deletion)

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Edging/Orgasm Denial 
0 No.21995 21995 1

Females denying males preferred, but M/M and M/Solo is great too <3

There's one picture of a girl giving a guy a blowjob with different lipsticks on, does anyone have it? >_<

Pic Related <3

File: 8026b184f26f1f93dbefe2e23ada71ea.jpg -(297142 B, 950x1341)
297142 297142 No.21999 - Link Reply Report 21999 2

Much love for this topic <3

This was the most relevant pic I could find :/

No.22027 - Link Reply Report 22027 2


Where's the translated version of that? Last I saw I only saw the first few pages in English. My Google Fu is failing....

No.22054 - Link Reply Report 22054 2


This.....is translated?

As for where to get the rest....I dunno, Muushi was always good. Not sure if it's still around though.

File: jace_bday.gif -(72889 B, 903x768)
72889 72889 No.22106 - Link Reply Report 22106 2
File: stiffbreeze.jpg -(48933 B, 622x639)
48933 48933 No.22999 - Link Reply Report 22999 2
File: a_1299024509005.jpg -(487229 B, 893x600)
487229 487229 No.23000 - Link Reply Report 23000 2
Source: Meesh
No.23410 - Link Reply Report 23410 2

I had a pic of a male tied to a chair where the female get him to the point of orgasm then immediately stops any contact, so he cums without feeling any pleasure. (ruined orgasm). Can't find it anymore and I can't remember the author. ;_;
Someone help me?

File: a_1301520621980.brushfire_commy1.jpg -(242635 B, 825x638)
242635 242635 No.23412 - Link Reply Report 23412 2

Courtesy of my ridiculously huge sorted porn archive

No.23413 - Link Reply Report 23413 2

That's egg-zactly what I was searching! Thank you so much kind sir! Now I can fap happily

File: a_1301795450286.danaume_everlasting.jpg -(553320 B, 989x1280)
553320 553320 No.23487 - Link Reply Report 23487 2
Source: Danaume http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5501198/
File: Cum_Denial_Porn.jpg -(140721 B, 600x700)
140721 140721 No.25979 - Link Reply Report 25979 2
File: brushfire_commy2.jpg -(604826 B, 1089x842)
604826 604826 No.26209 - Link Reply Report 26209 2


Here's another of the same couple.

File: a_1311005999332.thelonelydragon_choices.jpg -(231784 B, 800x600)
231784 231784 No.26254 - Link Reply Report 26254 2

Five seconds later Nyl was trying as hard as he could to whimper at the faeries desperately; he was unable to orgasm! "Statues can't cum, silly," the leader said rhetorically, the dragon's balls only swelling larger as it produced in magically induced overdrive, tugged and squeezed more emphatically by the plant as its suction was just enough to wring the tiniest bit of pre from the tip every thirty seconds or so. Only magic gave it the metabolic energy to continue working so hard, keeping the plant alive while the dragon's pre-seed was fed to it to help it attain growth it otherwise could not manage.

 Nyl, for his part in this scheme, was trying his damnedest to writhe, the urge to reach down and suckle his own shaft overpowering even as the plant produced much more pleasure than that would cause. The plant kept changing its tactics, sometimes moving so fast that the tentacles inside of it couldn't grasp, only cause extra friction, other times only moving an inch at a time as the tentacles alone kept Nyl on the edge of orgasm by teasing and tormenting his oversensitive cock-ridge.
 "We will be back in the Fall to harvest the Lilium, Nyl, so keep it happy! Take care!" With several metallic raps some of the faeries patted the dragon statue goodbye and flew away, not even mental squeals of need escaping the statue as the purple-petaled plant underneath it bobbed at a feverish pace.
File: 6658e88267cd9f9eba82c437b3aa8ab3.jpg -(97373 B, 573x800)
97373 97373 No.27188 - Link Reply Report 27188 2
File: CAUTION!_-_Hyper_Denial.png -(245755 B, 1040x1500)
245755 245755 No.27561 - Link Reply Report 27561 2
No.27577 - Link Reply Report 27577 2


He went all the way to Hawaii just for a little lei...

File: endium_libra_suit_encasement.png -(649702 B, 706x1000)
649702 649702 No.28055 - Link Reply Report 28055 2
File: f4869c53f035be495c31afd714c76597.jpg -(70935 B, 666x800)
70935 70935 No.28646 - Link Reply Report 28646 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mot

This almost fell off the list D:

File: furryfap.jpg -(201651 B, 500x1048)
201651 201651 No.29425 - Link Reply Report 29425 2
No.29426 - Link Reply Report 29426 2

>>29425 that's what you get for trying to go back to humans

File: da_pet_konneh.png -(771274 B, 1253x1619)
771274 771274 No.29428 - Link Reply Report 29428 2
0 No.33071 - Link Reply Report 33071 2

This won't do, this thread needs to live.

File: a_1333974152504.jpg -(79515 B, 614x819)
79515 79515 No.33072 - Link Reply Report 33072 2
File: 6667350@400-1318467830.jpg -(97219 B, 356x400)
97219 97219 No.33073 - Link Reply Report 33073 2
0 No.33074 - Link Reply Report 33074 2
File: 03c4aa01f661208eee8b4052f6fb49c5.jpg -(74137 B, 800x640)
74137 74137 No.33075 - Link Reply Report 33075 2
File: a_1333974304650.twilightmaster_1262052569.jpg -(128905 B, 800x555)
128905 128905 No.33076 - Link Reply Report 33076 2
File: a_1334052182677.hypercat-z_boundrabbitguy.png -(609436 B, 1350x1650)
609436 609436 No.33095 - Link Reply Report 33095 2
File: a_1334052336868.hypercat-z_wrappedskinny.png -(150657 B, 700x825)
150657 150657 No.33096 - Link Reply Report 33096 2

Words of the author:
"As you can see the crotchtape is drawing her nuts, exciting her but not enought to reach the climax, despite her useless efforts, holding her in a unescapable arousement state."

File: a_1334204668676.foxxian_lyle_teasing.jpg -(382724 B, 1280x1100)
382724 382724 No.33149 - Link Reply Report 33149 2
0 No.33158 - Link Reply Report 33158 2
File: a_1334234222981.thenamesmel_mel.jpg -(146044 B, 853x1280)
146044 146044 No.33159 - Link Reply Report 33159 2

Good ol' Forge and his crazy kink-machines.

No.33160 - Link Reply Report 33160 2


Dammit, didn't mean to double-post.

No.33186 - Link Reply Report 33186 2

I always felt kinda hypocrite for fapping to orgasm denial/chastity.

No.33190 - Link Reply Report 33190 2

>>33074 i don't mean to be a bother, but is there more of this somewhere?

No.33212 - Link Reply Report 33212 2

>>33190 It's a preview page from a comic by "Jay Naylor" called "Cruel and Unusual"

File: a_1334479998091.immelmann_echo01.png -(135531 B, 900x900)
135531 135531 No.33219 - Link Reply Report 33219 2
File: a_1334480029187.immelmann_musclededging.png -(250214 B, 900x900)
250214 250214 No.33220 - Link Reply Report 33220 2
File: Ychan_-_s_-_does_anybody_know_the_artist_-_74450.jpg -(108627 B, 800x714)
108627 108627 No.33249 - Link Reply Report 33249 2
File: 6669a837bca18a7a4dae4fd315f30c77.jpg -(295094 B, 840x900)
295094 295094 No.33305 - Link Reply Report 33305 2
File: a_1334832301689.sashi138_frustratedsashi.jpg -(106306 B, 640x1280)
106306 106306 No.33306 - Link Reply Report 33306 2
File: 9c09094f439eec9521b381e7d430862c.jpg -(124542 B, 800x565)
124542 124542 No.33322 - Link Reply Report 33322 2
File: a_1334850799206.jpg -(133186 B, 900x900)
133186 133186 No.33325 - Link Reply Report 33325 2
File: cumgiraffe.jpg -(321671 B, 820x679)
321671 321671 No.33559 - Link Reply Report 33559 2
File: 010.jpg -(168035 B, 853x773)
168035 168035 No.33853 - Link Reply Report 33853 2
Source: unknown anonymous artist
File: a_1339542767731.uro_1333332379.aggrobadger_19-3103-uroresize.png -(287400 B, 900x900)
287400 287400 No.34089 - Link Reply Report 34089 2

Crush thought. Checking his phone as he walked out of his last class it read 9:25pm. Sighing, he continued down the stairs and out of the lecture hall building into the crisp fall air. Drawing his jackets hood over his ears, he followed the path of fluorescent street lights to the parking lot where his car was to drive back to his apartment after a long day.

Mind occupied with thoughts of upcoming exams and due dates, totally oblivious to the van that was creeping up behind him on the desolate street. A few feet behind him, the vans door slid open. Crush lazily turned his head behind him to see what the noise was and instantly became aware of 3 masked figures darting towards him with resounding speed. Not having any time to react the jackal was tackled hard to the ground, strong paws clamped his jaws shut preventing any hope to yell for help and sliding a leather muzzle over his mouth, tightening an array of buckles behind his head locking it in place. At the same time one of the other figures wrenched his arms painfully behind his back and began to bind them together.

Struggling with his arms only caused his assailants to snicker behind him as a blindfold was tied around his eyes, eliminating his chance to see who his attackers were. Afraid and helpless he began to tremble slightly as he was scooped up off the ground like a puppy.
"Don't worry little jackal, we will take good care of you... hehe"

As he heard the van door open once again a small whimper escaped his muzzled mouth. Softly, he was placed on the surprisingly soft floor of the van. The attackers made quick work removing the jackals clothes, leaving him naked before them.

"let's hurry up and get him ready"
One of the voices said. With that, he felt leather being circled around his legs and cinched tightly, pulling his calves snugly against his thighs forcing him onto his knees. More leather caressed his upper body around and under his shoulders buckled up at the back. He began to whine as more straps circled around his waist but soon turned to a moan when one of the crew took hold and began to fondle the jackals sheath.

"well... what have we here?" The gruff voice teased as his paws rubbed around Crush's bits, causing him to become extremely hard in a matter of minutes. "Looks like someone's a little bitch" the voice continued to mock, teasing him more, giggling as Crush writhed around in his restraints.

"Enough of that... we're almost there" a different voice stammered out. "fine fine... we will play later..." With that Crush felt a cold object at the base of his forming knot, suddenly the object circled around the base of his member forcing his erection to be maintained. Still on edge, feeling the need for release he whimpered into his muzzle humping the air hoping for something to get him over the edge. This was only met with more giggles from his kidnappers and a slight touch here and there to make him squirm more.

Without warning the van came to a stop and the horned up jackal was picked up once more and carried from the van. Walking for a few feet he could hear the thumping of music nearby. As they walked more he could hear the sound getting louder and louder when suddenly they stopped. Hearing a door open the music echoed out into his ears and became louder as they stepped inside. Still unable to see from the blindfold he heard all sorts of voices and was groped as he was carried through what he assumed was a house before being placed down on carpet.

"alright guys, here's some more entertainment for tonight! Be gentle though we have to get him back sometime whenever, hahaha" Hands soon came up behind his head and slowly untied the blindfold, allowing him to take in his situation for the first time.

Paws and bodies soon surrounded him, stroking his body and member. Within seconds he was in edge again and leaking like a faucet but the ring prevented him from cumming. Lost in a horny haze all sense of time began to become lost as he was teased and denied minute after minute. After a while he began to think maybe this isn't so bad after all... Closing his eyes once more and becoming lost in the hypnotic endorphin rush.

File: a_1339563145128.zavot_oh_snap___.jpg -(1471888 B, 1200x958)
1471888 1471888 No.34090 - Link Reply Report 34090 2

been a long time since i read a yiffy fic, and this did not disappoint my boner

No.34117 - Link Reply Report 34117 2


>unknown anonymous artist

You made my day, whoever you are. I haven't laughed like that in a while.

0 No.34497 - Link Reply Report 34497 2

This can't die

No.34918 - Link Reply Report 34918 2


No.34924 - Link Reply Report 34924 2

>>34918 fuck that place. its plagued by pop-ups, advertisements, and tons of other bullshit. its nearly unusable unless you have a script blocker, and even then some popups get through.

File: caroo_helplessv2.png -(197087 B, 524x600)
197087 197087 No.36061 - Link Reply Report 36061 2
File: CAUTION!_-_Needy_Blue_Cock,_2.jpg -(113493 B, 550x809)
113493 113493 No.36863 - Link Reply Report 36863 2
File: fp_bndgbats005.jpg -(190904 B, 744x900)
190904 190904 No.37148 - Link Reply Report 37148 2
Source: Felixpath
No.37691 - Link Reply Report 37691 2

Meesh is the greatest artist ever.

File: sample_9d61d8e16fde8f9b5c89c5b4051a32e54aba101c.png -(179736 B, 850x510)
179736 179736 No.37966 - Link Reply Report 37966 2

bump for great justice

No.37973 - Link Reply Report 37973 2


No.38337 - Link Reply Report 38337 2

sauce plox

File: datbadger_osakacat.png -(257142 B, 1250x750)
257142 257142 No.38341 - Link Reply Report 38341 2


datbadger, in the usual place

also, larger version...

No.38346 - Link Reply Report 38346 2

Thanks! you rock!

File: dc46b4e4f0572b8b7d20d4346e556c6e.png -(2014220 B, 2590x1944)
2014220 2014220 No.39261 - Link Reply Report 39261 2
File: graedius-streamrequest02.jpg -(506772 B, 792x842)
506772 506772 No.39306 - Link Reply Report 39306 2
Source: Graedius

Ruined orgasm commission I got recently, it's in the same vein.

No.39342 - Link Reply Report 39342 2

glob, thats hot, I've ruined my orgasm to this pic more than once since it was posted!

No.39537 - Link Reply Report 39537 2

>>39306 this really deserves its own thread actually

No.39538 - Link Reply Report 39538 2

>>39537 It would be cool as a thread, but I'm really not sure there's enough art of it to really fill a thread. . . Would love to be proven wrong, though!

File: a_1379174199851.immelmann_musclededging.png -(250214 B, 900x900)
250214 250214 No.40767 - Link Reply Report 40767 2
No.40962 - Link Reply Report 40962 2

It would be cool if there were a few edging and orgasm denial pics where the 'victim' does it to him/herself by hand under the instruction of a dominating character. With the victim begging to slow down, but the dom telling him/her to go faster - you know, that kind of jazz.

File: cockring.jpg -(147811 B, 801x826)
147811 147811 No.40988 - Link Reply Report 40988 2
No.41320 - Link Reply Report 41320 2

Looking for a picture of a female squirel in some sort of orgasam denial contraption, there was some sort of backstory about her being a smuggler. If someone can find it, it would be greatly appreciated.

File: a_1386092414515.zaush_ark-kineta-final-web.jpg -(314016 B, 1300x813)
314016 314016 No.41482 - Link Reply Report 41482 2
File: 0f04c0364f4b21bb2e56fa64a450dfc2.jpg -(517608 B, 848x1200)
517608 517608 No.41734 - Link Reply Report 41734 2

Nice picture, but I think you may have entirely missed the point of this thread.

...aaaand I'm still not allowed to post without attaching an image, so have a random monstergirl thing.

File: shugowah-lupus-sle-commission.png -(421680 B, 1157x1200)
421680 421680 No.41966 - Link Reply Report 41966 2
Source: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/285184/lupus-sle-commission
File: 359deacc1568d93a442b2e558f2eb063328253bb2e58a38bda5e65f53eb653b5.png -(1224255 B, 1024x1419)
1224255 1224255 No.41967 - Link Reply Report 41967 2
Source: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/410628/on-loan-part-1-i-can-t-get-off

Description is very long, see PDF on source.

File: lycanwolf-awaiting-his-turn-898045.png -(946444 B, 1200x1000)
946444 946444 No.41968 - Link Reply Report 41968 2
Source: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/410458/awaiting-his-turn

A similar enough theme I think relevant to this thread.

"One drug forcing me to cum over and over and Raventhan being denied until the same happens to him. Poor us..."

File: lycanwolf-cum-slut-1427918.png -(242294 B, 951x1280)
242294 242294 No.41969 - Link Reply Report 41969 2
Source: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/409621/cum-slut

Commission by Endium (weasyl/~endium)

...how long had I been there. Must've been a few hours, but time in this place goes by so slowly it's hard to tell. I could've been hanging here days, weeks even and not have known. I moaned softly, as the computer read out the next number: 'Denied orgasms: 73' and groaned hearing the familiar 'Error! Testing length undefined.' I looked around the room I'd been simply abandoned in. There used to be many scientists and even Endium himself used to come in and examine me - it was just nice to have the company. The last thing anyone did to me was enter the room and write in branding letters the words 'Cum Slut' on my latex suit, before slapping me and leaving the room, with only one illuminating light. But now there's no one, no sounds, no nothing. My body ached terribly, my tailhole soaking wet from my cum. Endium had explained to me that the suit redirected my denied orgasms to my tailhole to act as a lubricant as my tail hardened and softened inside me, providing pleasure like I had never known. My mouth dripped with the volume of drool from my moaning and pleas for help. My cock was rock hard all the time, constantly being teased with waves from the suit as I wriggled my arms bound by latex above me, so desperate to cum, but at this stage I'd given up even trying. I knew I would never cum again. I thought I'd be there forever, but at that moment I heard to door clinking open, and some familiar paws walked in...

'Denied orgasms: 74. Error! Testing length undefined.'

File: a_1395235267652.rubberskunktoo_abstinance.png -(444837 B, 762x800)
444837 444837 No.42537 - Link Reply Report 42537 2
File: a_1395235691887.thelonelydragon_devious_playtime.jpg -(153579 B, 1280x877)
153579 153579 No.42542 - Link Reply Report 42542 2
No.42547 - Link Reply Report 42547 2

>>41969 I like when pics have a nice story to go along with.

File: skunkpunish.jpg -(132017 B, 1502x1069)
132017 132017 No.42687 - Link Reply Report 42687 2
File: Disciplining_1.png -(446736 B, 1280x975)
446736 446736 No.42719 - Link Reply Report 42719 2

Let's have this little series!

File: Disciplining_2.png -(361831 B, 1280x975)
361831 361831 No.42720 - Link Reply Report 42720 2
File: Disciplining_3.png -(316257 B, 1280x975)
316257 316257 No.42721 - Link Reply Report 42721 2
File: Disciplining_4.png -(321901 B, 1280x772)
321901 321901 No.42722 - Link Reply Report 42722 2
File: Disciplining_5.png -(425464 B, 1280x975)
425464 425464 No.42723 - Link Reply Report 42723 2
No.42954 - Link Reply Report 42954 2

>>42723 & rest of series
what in all the holy fuck

File: sapphwolf_edgingthecaptainfinal.png.jpg -(301603 B, 1000x878)
301603 301603 No.43207 - Link Reply Report 43207 2
No.43208 - Link Reply Report 43208 2

Whoa. I haven't seen these before. <3 Inflation and orgasm denial are lovely together..

No.43936 - Link Reply Report 43936 2

>>42537 where is this from? Anyone know the artist?

No.43954 - Link Reply Report 43954 2

>>43936 http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rubberskunktoo/

File: e5274e6aec2d234e4c1acc6b24780f50.jpg -(105787 B, 800x572)
105787 105787 No.44776 - Link Reply Report 44776 2
File: a_1422765387843.aggrobadger_15-2909-lemoncholic.jpg -(320879 B, 1000x1000)
320879 320879 No.45628 - Link Reply Report 45628 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/aggrobadger
File: poorpet.jpg -(321968 B, 717x800)
321968 321968 No.46470 - Link Reply Report 46470 2
File: felixpath_fp_finalfour501.jpg -(113854 B, 750x950)
113854 113854 No.46836 - Link Reply Report 46836 2
File: a_1437554815554.mot_bondage_bunny_2--.png -(89960 B, 1000x1200)
89960 89960 No.46967 - Link Reply Report 46967 2
File: a_1437555632306.hypercat-z_lary_s_denial.png -(487040 B, 1015x1569)
487040 487040 No.46974 - Link Reply Report 46974 2
File: a_1441694518613.-_orgasm_not_found.png -(187243 B, 415x666)
187243 187243 No.47324 - Link Reply Report 47324 2
File: a_1444035264465.salkafar_sigil_prince_col_copy.jpg -(371722 B, 704x1000)
371722 371722 No.47434 - Link Reply Report 47434 2
File: a_1444433771101.hugin_emerald_graedius_free-hand+job.png -(710748 B, 1500x1562)
710748 710748 No.47480 - Link Reply Report 47480 2
File: a_1446457740110.ebonyrubberwolf_rrrfinal2rs.png -(359539 B, 1280x1139)
359539 359539 No.47722 - Link Reply Report 47722 2
File: a_1447409381940.drzombie_russedge.png -(974016 B, 1250x961)
974016 974016 No.47811 - Link Reply Report 47811 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18224714/

Aaaaand STOP! Good little gatorboi! Bring yourself to the edge a couple dozen more times, and I think we'll be done for today. I can't wait to do it all again for the rest of the month!~ I might even trust you with your key again by the end."

Sammy told Russie that she had a special treat for him for the entire month of November. He was going to be able to come out of his chastity play with himself! For the whole month, too! However, as there always seems to be, there was a catch. He was to bring himself to the edge of orgasm, and no further. Of course, Russie jumped at the opportunity to play with his member that he hasn't had permission to touch since Sammy found out about his night with Minah. He had no idea what he was in for. Being locked in chastity for so long was one thing, but adding edging on top of that was too much for the gator. Less than halfway into the month, his member would leak copious amounts of precum before the edging even began. He'd be told to edge upwards of 100 times each day, and by the end of each night, his eyes would roll up into the back of his head, wanting and wishing to go over the edge and blow his load. However, he knew doing that would make him lose his chances of Sammy ever trusting him with the spare chastity key again.

"3...2...1..and stop! Okay my little gator slut. Ice down your clitty, lock it back up, and come back tomorrow. Same time! Every minute late adds another day to your chastity time, and every minute early adds another edge for the day! You know how I like punctual slaves!"

File: a_1456227591283.jpg -(287200 B, 800x584)
287200 287200 No.48499 - Link Reply Report 48499 2
File: eyazen_sketchstreamm3.png -(4447161 B, 1608x2978)
4447161 4447161 No.48773 - Link Reply Report 48773 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19654818/
File: a_1489627786822.rentham_afevis_sketch.png -(264914 B, 800x1000)
264914 264914 No.49869 - Link Reply Report 49869 2

This looks like it fits here

No.51587 - Link Reply Report 51587 2


No.51588 - Link Reply Report 51588 2