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Pictures of anything that wouldn't be considered "normal" furry porn, but is considered acceptable fetish by the majority of the fandom. (bondage, bukkake, micro/macro, tentacles, oviposition, hypnosis/mind-control, etc.)

(for deletion)

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[-] [+] No.49277
Post after yours happens to you! 
File: Screen_Shot_2016-09-01_at_10.42.30_AM.png -(145922 B, 519x276)
145922 145922 No.49277 49277 1

Restarting this because the old thread is being deleted.

Oh noes, I wonder what will happen to me??

File: a_1472709331690.meesh_cmh_ruddergeek_resize.png -(2233131 B, 1123x1400)
2233131 2233131 No.49278 - Link Reply Report 49278 2

You are brainwashed into a horny, mindlessly-obedient slave!

File: gator-2.png -(3352221 B, 1900x1999)
3352221 3352221 No.49281 - Link Reply Report 49281 2


Disappointing. It felt like you'd given it your all during practice. You were dripping sweat, feeling like you could drop dead at any moment, but it didn't matter. Coach was still giving you that disapproving glare that you'd come to expect. You sigh as you see him reach for his whistle, raising it to his mouth. The shrill screech brought the practice to a screeching halt.

"Alright, good hustle! That's all for tonight, boys. Get some rest...except you," he says, jerking a finger at you, "and...croc. You two, locker room. Now." The croc was the coach's star performer, always the subject of praise and appreciation. There's no way Coach is chewing him out, too. Why you two?

Unbeknownst to you, Coach is none too happy with your hustle. You're always lagging behind, suffering from a lack of motivation. Seeing you fall to the back of the pack for yet another practice, he's got a plan to put you back in line, whether you want to be there or not.

File: image.jpg -(127280 B, 727x1280)
127280 127280 No.49283 - Link Reply Report 49283 2

When you lost all that money at the tables the casino had offered to let you work off your debt. You reluctantly accpeted, not fully knowing what it entailed. Now you find yourself employed as their newest cocktail waitress, your cock locked away in a chastity cage to ensure you look the part and know your place. Having all the patrons see you in your frilly new outfit is so humiliating, on the bright side at least you dont have to worry about getting a boner in said outfit and further emberassing yourself, it would be pretty obvious in that short skirt after all.

At the end of your first day on the job they deduct your earnings from your debt and show you to your quarters. Your allowed to remove your cocktail waitress uniform and wear normal clothes during non working hours, but when you ask about the chastity cage your told its to stay on 24/7 until your debt is paid off. "Consider it an incentive" your told. Your cock swells in its sheath at the thought, it had only been 1 day and you were already desperate for release, and it didnt help that some of the casinos patrons liked to fondle and grope you while you did your rounds, further adding to your pent up arousal.

What a predicament you have gotten yourself into. It was going to be a long couple of weeks you thought to yourself as you laid down for bed, painfully aware of your cock straining against its new metal prison, a single drop of pre leaking from the tip...

File: a_1473277403066.circutron_tumblr_nrrdx3qcg01qlhnybo1_1280.png -(601175 B, 900x894)
601175 601175 No.49288 - Link Reply Report 49288 2

It's been nine months since you saw the ad in the paper. They were willing to pay anyone who agreed to test their new fertility drugs and hey, you needed the cash. Only when you noticed the fur growing and your manhood shrinking did you understand exactly what the treatments did. Sure, you're no longer a man but you're going to be such a good mom and your first litter is due any time now.

File: c844c211766e7d0bd87f548a93a650cc.png -(674228 B, 1294x1497)
674228 674228 No.49294 - Link Reply Report 49294 2

you're invited to a diner date with a friend. You have a good, if a bit messy, time.

File: chicken__by_izumiyou-d4vgjkt.jpg -(99916 B, 894x894)
99916 99916 No.49299 - Link Reply Report 49299 2

A quick visit to the farm gets you an offer of lifetime employment...

File: iaigo-1.jpg -(181115 B, 1280x1090)
181115 181115 No.49307 - Link Reply Report 49307 2


Your mind is locked in a strange haze, unable to remember how you got here. You're shackled, bent over a thick bar with a few other women, each as terrified as you. You try to talk to them, hoping to learn why you're all chained up, but they seem to remember no more than you do.

It's not long before a door at the end of the room opens, revealing an orca proudly sporting her endowments. She sways her hips as she walks behind all of you, cackling as she appraises her victims. "I was wondering when you whores would get up! We got a long day ahead of us. I've been trying to keep myself pent up as long as possible, but I have to say, just looking at you all, I don't think I can control myself. Who wants my seed first?"

The screams of all of you seem to fill the herm with delight as she stops behind the woman to your left. She begs to get released, crying out when the orca rips her panties down to her thighs. Sliding her own underwear to the side, she frees her enormous cock and lines it up with her prey's slick cunt. The orca grabs the terrified girl's hips and roughly slams herself inside, sliding in and out. The smack-smack-smack of her full balls echoed throughout the room, sending pangs of fear throughout the remaining captives.

You remained bent over, helplessly watching your fellow prisoner get brutally fucked. Precum and her own juices sprayed out of her vagina, lewdly splattering the floor. "God! So fucking tight! Ah-ah! I think I see a smile~!" You can't help but notice she's right. The captive she's fucking face morphs from horror to pure bliss. Her cries for mercy devolve into bestial moans. She screams to be cummed inside, begging to be make the herm's whore. Through gritted teeth, the orca idly talks to the waiting women. "I can't help but be disappointed. I thought this one would last a little bit longer before she succumbed. Oh well. Maybe you two will be more fun! Let me just sate this bitch." As she finished her sentence, she pushes in one last time, groaning as she lets loose rope after rope of fertile cum into the girl's womb. Reaching a hand beneath the girl, she rubs her flat belly. "Yeah, I think that one took. Good girl. Your turn!"

You wriggle against your restraints, tears streaming down your face. The sight of the girl next to you whimpering in ecstasy sends pangs of fear coursing through your body. That can't happen to you. You shout in defiance, "I won't break! Do your worst!"

She only grins. "We'll see how tough you are when you feel my spawn kicking your belly. Legs spread, bitch."

File: a_1473636935773.redflare500_cowd.png -(334706 B, 1280x622)
334706 334706 No.49312 - Link Reply Report 49312 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10790264/

Looks like the farm was looking for a new rubber cow to up there latex milk production and you happen to be it! I'm sure you'll learn to enjoy it.

"Restrained into place, his mouth and cock and quickly plugged with a special resin pump, filling his delicate innards with a concoction of preservatives and body altering rubber. His balls removed as his bulge swells, soon it resembles a large taught plastic udder beneath his belly.

His flat man chest also balloons out into a pair of deliciously round breasts as his face becomes more bovine shaped through implants. A tail stuck to the bottom of his spine completes the cow look as he's sprayed with a tattoo coating of permarubber, all sealed up nicely in a cow package.

His manly feet are also squashed and remolded, turned into tall squeaky ballet boots, permanently attached and cannot be removed. His hair falls out and his voice box is adapted to his new 'moo'ish voice, the rubber cow stumbles outwards, incredibly horny with no form of release until her new owner decides to give her a milk, I hear rubber cows give excellent resin milk"

File: fm1.png -(657180 B, 1000x1111)
657180 657180 No.49321 - Link Reply Report 49321 2

Your boyfriend dresses you up for the night. You don't want to admit it to yourself, but you like it a lot.

File: a_1474130535557.hooves_denoyelle_zebracorn.jpg -(360507 B, 654x842)
360507 360507 No.49330 - Link Reply Report 49330 2


You decided to also have some fun but as night grew long things got a little bit out of hand. After all you have to pay that tab some how.

File: image.png -(474952 B, 1200x1200)
474952 474952 No.49355 - Link Reply Report 49355 2

>>49330 your a bit tied up at the moment

File: 902c48df0e8418dd0e7b705570aa7a24.jpg -(291346 B, 1039x1280)
291346 291346 No.49361 - Link Reply Report 49361 2

You meet a couple new friends in the showers.

File: proxer-1.jpg -(349522 B, 1050x900)
349522 349522 No.49364 - Link Reply Report 49364 2

They told stories of what happened to those who stood up to the minotaur clan. None of them ever seemed to be consistent with other. A merchant by the coast claimed minotaurs prayed to a god of pain, and that falling in battle granted a most sacred death by torture. The innkeep by the mountains told tall tales of minotaur victim turned into pets for the victorious beasts, chained, fed, and loved by their conquerors. A wizened monk of the plains informed travelers on their way into minotaur lands that the beasts were humans twisted by a spirit granting them its blessing. He warned that killing a minotaur would mutate the killer into a bull-man to take his place. A crier in the capital screamed that the reason those who fell to minotaurs were never seen again was that minotaurs were the guardians to the gates of heaven, beseeching all to throw themselves at the hooves of the creatures in order to receive a trip to blissful eternity.

You, you believed none of these. The minotaurs are simply territorial barbarians, destined to be put down by righteous adventurers like yourself. You had spent years traveling the lands, killing all manner of monster from slime to naga. You were almost overjoyed to finally stare down a huffing minotaur, to finally get a chance to carry one of their heads back to town and prove their mundane nature. The beast was unarmed, its only weapons it's balled fists and unbridled battle rage. The bellow it unleashed as it ran you down was almost enough to send you screaming, though you held fast. Spitting on the ground in front of you, you held out your sword, ready to show this monster its end.

The next thing you saw was the dirt. The minotaur had crunched your body with one slam of its body, a force you had never felt before. Your ears are filled with the noise of the monster's grunts and gutteral laughs, its powerful hands ripping off your ruined armor with ease. You finally come to your senses, only to hear a sharp ripping noise as your trousers are torn from your body. You shout out, accidentally reminding the minotaur to get rid of your helmet. A dull crunch rings out as the monster's hand dents the already smashed headpiece. You hear its diamond-hard hooves thump the dirt as its hands drift to your bare legs. You wriggled in fear as it lifted you from the ground, suspending your ass at its groin. You felt the beast's erect cock dribble precum down your hole, already prodding the entrance. Ignoring your screams, the bull-man emitted a lustful shout as it slammed into you, wildly rutting you.

As you whimper in fear, you felt a strange sensation crawl over you. A bulge on your belly grew larger and larger, pounds of fat sliding on as four distinct nubs sprouted from the sensitive mass of flesh. It wasn't until the first streams of milk shot from your new teats did you understand what your body was becoming. The changes happened faster after that, snout growing and stretching into a cow's muzzle, long and flexible ears sprouting from your human ones. Your mind was too addled with lust to notice your cock lose inch after inch, finally inverting into a tight, wet hole. Sealing your transformation, the minotaur fucking you groans, thrusting in a final time to shoot in ropes of sticky, fertile semen, coating your insides with mutagenic seed. Your screams had morphed into feminine moans to match the minotaur above you's grunts, the cacophony echoing in the surrounding hills. The last thing that enters your hazy mind before consciousness fades is the truth: this is what happens to those who stand against minotaurs. You wonder where you will wake up as the world goes black.

File: uniform_thieves_by_predaguy_commissions-d7n4sac.jpg -(1412692 B, 1100x1700)
1412692 1412692 No.49375 - Link Reply Report 49375 2

You and your squad are in the locker room preparing to curbstomp the rival squad in a cheerleading competition when you are attacked by three girls who look just like you and your teammates. You three now find yourselves in a janitorial closet; taped up back to back in your underwear with your mouths forced shut by a tape gag. You look back to find the three bitches that did this to you are now wearing your teams colors. Clearly, they were sent by the rival school to sabotage your squad's chances of winning. You can't move, break free, or call for help. All you can do is make quiet "mmmphs" as the imposters laugh and shut the door on you; leaving you and the other girls in complete and dark silence. Quite possibly, you three are locked in there, as well.

File: a_1480297498497.monamoo_meiab2s.png -(454667 B, 1045x1250)
454667 454667 No.49538 - Link Reply Report 49538 2

>>49375 you get used and abused

File: a_1480316952008.dreamweaver4121_jake-sphinx.jpg -(76089 B, 912x701)
76089 76089 No.49539 - Link Reply Report 49539 2
File: 60ce3a7ba437ddc5239942dad5274e71.png -(1054548 B, 1249x1080)
1054548 1054548 No.49564 - Link Reply Report 49564 2

now youre a girly sissy femboy working at the office.

File: BBW_Dragoness_Facesits_Fox_Boy.jpg -(193747 B, 1280x1085)
193747 193747 No.49592 - Link Reply Report 49592 2

Facesat by fat dragon dom! >>49564

File: 2045e8859e5f7740c6a8a585f1e190ea.png -(1590196 B, 1097x1280)
1590196 1590196 No.49593 - Link Reply Report 49593 2

You have a fun time at the gym.

No.49688 - Link Reply Report 49688 2
Source: http://i.imgur.com/uy8F30d.jpg


Sometimes a nice relaxing Makeout is all you need

File: uy8F30d[1].jpg -(105349 B, 1232x1280)
105349 105349 No.49689 - Link Reply Report 49689 2
Source: http://i.imgur.com/uy8F30d.jpg


Sometimes you need a good makeout.

File: a_1484559289074.ebonyrubberwolf_aeruarakraargskcondomsrough.jpg -(180044 B, 1280x942)
180044 180044 No.49698 - Link Reply Report 49698 2

You and your friends really should have thought that attack on the arch mage through...

File: a_1484786404632.jpg -(632739 B, 1700x1017)
632739 632739 No.49702 - Link Reply Report 49702 2

>>49698 the archmage releases you (finally) into a dark forest where you happen upon a friendly herd of deer

File: a_1486390468363.jpg -(228418 B, 879x1200)
228418 228418 No.49733 - Link Reply Report 49733 2


sometimes modeling can get a bit too feminine

artist is cheetahpaws

File: b2803172b83ce9f4534d4ee09701f333.png -(1691392 B, 1697x1200)
1691392 1691392 No.49791 - Link Reply Report 49791 2


its a slippery slope

File: gir.jpg -(286312 B, 1000x577)
286312 286312 No.49794 - Link Reply Report 49794 2

>>49791 You get ambushed by some hyenas and they have their way with you, being a subby horny giraffe there's not much you can do about it

File: 00cf5c686368877fa53f72a102e414da.png -(634700 B, 900x589)
634700 634700 No.49804 - Link Reply Report 49804 2

some are too busy to join in

File: IMG_2203.jpg -(320630 B, 1113x1280)
320630 320630 No.49867 - Link Reply Report 49867 2

>>49804 How about a refreshing drink? Then a nice trip to the beach after you have "relieved" yourself.

File: a_1489893142966.robin-tiger_fun.png -(481584 B, 686x574)
481584 481584 No.49880 - Link Reply Report 49880 2

You couldn't believe your luck to get offer a free spot in two handsome myths room at the Con... but then Nothing is ever really free

File: Something_a_little_different.jpg -(2207180 B, 2512x3308)
2207180 2207180 No.49881 - Link Reply Report 49881 2

"Wait... You didn't say I had to be the girl!"

"Well I'm not going to be obviously..."

File: IMG_2210.jpg -(121603 B, 1280x468)
121603 121603 No.49882 - Link Reply Report 49882 2

>>49881 one part of you doesnt seem to mind the change

File: Ychan_-_m_-_bondage_-_6166.jpg -(161516 B, 600x486)
161516 161516 No.49884 - Link Reply Report 49884 2

You don't want to be a donkey, do you?

File: IMG_2211.jpg -(175225 B, 914x1280)
175225 175225 No.49885 - Link Reply Report 49885 2

>>49884 you will sure make a good rubber pup!

File: t3_60y6nq.png -(2436525 B, 1588x1227)
2436525 2436525 No.49899 - Link Reply Report 49899 2

Time for your training. You have been a good pup so far

No.49901 - Link Reply Report 49901 2

>>49885 whos this by?

File: a_1496816943779.thedeadwalk89_cmh_subber4_final.jpg -(574873 B, 1100x850)
574873 574873 No.50085 - Link Reply Report 50085 2

You learn that your girl really CAN orgasm after all!

File: jUFXFNQ.png -(1039442 B, 1200x1112)
1039442 1039442 No.50087 - Link Reply Report 50087 2


No.50109 - Link Reply Report 50109 2

>>50085 Sauce?

No.50110 - Link Reply Report 50110 2

Alright, rolling

File: 1efca5f3595f656d13b69ac17ca85dac.png -(318432 B, 881x1000)
318432 318432 No.50111 - Link Reply Report 50111 2

You get hypnotized.

File: 544ed8a91c77ff9a50d6527322dcaef2.jpg -(353435 B, 1200x848)
353435 353435 No.50113 - Link Reply Report 50113 2


not always a bad thing .

File: a_1498090736565.hugin_emerald_graedius_free-hand+job.png -(710748 B, 1500x1562)
710748 710748 No.50114 - Link Reply Report 50114 2


You get a "free handjob" hands free at the finish that is.

Oops, did that ruin your orgasm?

File: a_1498699570248.twinkle-sez_daddygutsf.jpg -(218041 B, 1280x905)
218041 218041 No.50123 - Link Reply Report 50123 2


File: With_the_king.jpg -(280002 B, 776x800)
280002 280002 No.50131 - Link Reply Report 50131 2

>>50123 the king ask you for a private counsel

File: TwxmeCL_d.jpg -(62973 B, 640x988)
62973 62973 No.50135 - Link Reply Report 50135 2

Sometimes you don't always get to serve the king, sometimes you have to work a long day.

File: D647F3B9-F7DB-4CE4-BDE3-5D3DC2CB6C1D.jpg -(132858 B, 1280x731)
132858 132858 No.50267 - Link Reply Report 50267 2


Been needing some new undies, thanks for volunteering;)

File: 3880671ed7b235efc9fa235182a5d596.jpg -(262627 B, 1280x1064)
262627 262627 No.50340 - Link Reply Report 50340 2
File: F7C51B5A-251D-490C-A2E8-26C3BBCDFE5B.jpg -(381218 B, 697x900)
381218 381218 No.50343 - Link Reply Report 50343 2


File: 2500x1500.jpg -(173241 B, 1250x883)
173241 173241 No.50344 - Link Reply Report 50344 2

>>49277 but after some time the king get bored and declare to abandon you to his kingdom borders, making sure everyone can find and maybe bring you to his house....

File: 85b6325837aacf2da50e80421545541e.jpg -(689073 B, 773x1000)
689073 689073 No.50348 - Link Reply Report 50348 2


Some people can't resist an obedient sub

File: 6F83ABE5-0452-4479-A335-C8F115E6A2C6.png -(1430754 B, 1280x800)
1430754 1430754 No.50349 - Link Reply Report 50349 2

>>50348. No they can’t ;) sure someone will come untie you eventually... have fun

File: a_1509927767069.dynotaku_baxen_paddle_party.jpg -(280342 B, 643x1000)
280342 280342 No.50350 - Link Reply Report 50350 2

But you failed even to make cum a simple horse and as punishment, you owner bring you into the city square and offer you as a public cum dump for the day!

File: a_1510406552301.twinkle-sez_thracosf.jpg -(216991 B, 1280x905)
216991 216991 No.50356 - Link Reply Report 50356 2


A big tough beast does need to know his place from time to time.

File: 33445595-B154-4F21-8C9B-BC5D5F33B745.png -(1143351 B, 1024x768)
1143351 1143351 No.50360 - Link Reply Report 50360 2

>>50356 ribbit!

File: e9a96761644db815514c33a080c9785c.jpg -(189150 B, 905x1280)
189150 189150 No.50372 - Link Reply Report 50372 2


Being Pent up has never been harder to handle. Enjoy being the Fox

File: Light_up_Averydirtybun.png -(2055037 B, 770x3150)
2055037 2055037 No.50379 - Link Reply Report 50379 2
Source: Averydirtybun

You spend a little time with some recreational drugs

File: A49B6FDE-1DEE-4721-B82C-CDC61E2F4A4B.jpg -(166677 B, 1280x704)
166677 166677 No.50380 - Link Reply Report 50380 2

>>50379 a group of bigger roos make use of you

File: a_1511369799811.croft_10.hellbinder1.sml.png -(1609822 B, 1604x936)
1609822 1609822 No.50382 - Link Reply Report 50382 2
No.50386 - Link Reply Report 50386 2

>>50382 source?

File: b90c713fde194d81975ac8014e95b1a5.jpg -(405772 B, 1282x1800)
405772 405772 No.50387 - Link Reply Report 50387 2


training in progress. the internet Did it !!