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Pictures of anything that wouldn't be considered "normal" furry porn, but is considered acceptable fetish by the majority of the fandom. (bondage, bukkake, micro/macro, tentacles, oviposition, hypnosis/mind-control, etc.)

(for deletion)

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[-] [+] No.50991
(Male Only) Sweaty/smelly Paws 
File: a_1542307495408.thealternatewind_rooc_ronnybearfeet_sweatsmelldirty.png -(1448736 B, 1280x905)
1448736 1448736 No.50991 50991 1
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/27164343/

Uhh I kinda hate myself for having this fetish but damn you can't avoid these big sweaty bois paws uwu

File: a_1544423408620.goody2toad_toad_big_rez-20151009_152334.jpg -(262366 B, 941x1280)
262366 262366 No.51009 - Link Reply Report 51009 2