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Pictures of the really hardcore stuff and that which squicks the majority of the fandom (guro, non-consentual, rape, scat, violence, vore, watersports, drug use, etc.)
Babyfurs that are not clearly adult, and Cub art, will not be tolerated.

Art that contains toon character and /ah-related themes does in fact belong in /toon. Also note clarification in /toon description and: http://fchan.us/read.php/faq/1238098153/

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[-] [+] No.21379
File: layla-color-close.jpg -(414975 B, 1280x1360)
414975 414975 No.21379 21379 1

Restart because of the reset.

File: 92120-2970.jpg -(205028 B, 1400x1072)
205028 205028 No.21461 - Link Reply Report 21461 2
File: ZebraMareTakeDown01.jpg -(82789 B, 1034x768)
82789 82789 No.21575 - Link Reply Report 21575 2
File: ZebraMareTakeDown02.jpg -(76338 B, 1034x768)
76338 76338 No.21576 - Link Reply Report 21576 2


File: ZebraMareTakeDown03.jpg -(71012 B, 1011x768)
71012 71012 No.21577 - Link Reply Report 21577 2


File: ZebraMareTakeDown04.jpg -(66723 B, 989x768)
66723 66723 No.21578 - Link Reply Report 21578 2


File: ZebraMareTakeDown05.jpg -(67399 B, 998x768)
67399 67399 No.21579 - Link Reply Report 21579 2


File: ZebraMareTakeDown06.jpg -(71458 B, 1024x772)
71458 71458 No.21580 - Link Reply Report 21580 2


File: ZebraMareTakeDown07.jpg -(79656 B, 1027x768)
79656 79656 No.21581 - Link Reply Report 21581 2


File: ZebraMareTakeDown08.jpg -(95181 B, 1027x768)
95181 95181 No.21582 - Link Reply Report 21582 2


No.21625 - Link Reply Report 21625 2

I think it's safe to say that PreyKill is the patron of Furry Guro. Seriously awesome stuff, as usual. I wish there was more, but can't complain for what we do have. ^_^

File: zeta-plantfood-01.jpg -(268126 B, 1080x1440)
268126 268126 No.21666 - Link Reply Report 21666 2

It's all gone, huh? I keep forgetting how transient thread topics can be sometimes.

File: zeta-plantfood_02.jpg -(439099 B, 1080x1439)
439099 439099 No.21667 - Link Reply Report 21667 2
File: 92166-2970-1.jpg -(147953 B, 1024x697)
147953 147953 No.21679 - Link Reply Report 21679 2


Well, if it isn't Preykill with some stuff I've never seen! How's it going? Got anymore?

Posting some of the other stuff you made awhile (2006?) back.

File: mikeslionssketch.jpg -(138666 B, 1440x678)
138666 138666 No.21754 - Link Reply Report 21754 2

>>21679 There are some pieces that haven't gotten around as much as others, like this one.
That one there was made a longer while back, like 1995. It was probably first posted online around 2006.

File: 92115-2970-1.jpg -(253059 B, 1500x1002)
253059 253059 No.21821 - Link Reply Report 21821 2

Wow! Now I know what you mean when you say some of this stuff is old.

Just out of curiosity, are you still making this stuff? Do you plan to in '11?

File: be944d260ec1c563190c2608ee2c77a5.jpg -(220889 B, 1400x1100)
220889 220889 No.22019 - Link Reply Report 22019 2

What is this thread doing at the 4th row?

No.22238 - Link Reply Report 22238 2

eh, bump

File: afterglow.jpg -(182643 B, 542x756)
182643 182643 No.22418 - Link Reply Report 22418 2


how can you post that one without its afterglow ? :)

File: sylvia_antelope_red.jpg -(147184 B, 1125x1500)
147184 147184 No.22419 - Link Reply Report 22419 2
Source: PreyKill

And while we are at it. Thanks again for this awesome illustration.

(story: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2729111/ )

File: bunnyguts15.jpg -(208738 B, 1100x850)
208738 208738 No.22485 - Link Reply Report 22485 2

I really like preykills preg stuff

File: bunnyguts16.jpg -(203393 B, 1100x850)
203393 203393 No.22486 - Link Reply Report 22486 2

Can someone post the one with the pregnant mare?

File: pzebmare04.1.jpg -(109841 B, 850x1100)
109841 109841 No.22517 - Link Reply Report 22517 2


No.22945 - Link Reply Report 22945 2

Any chance of you doing more preg work in the future?

No.23058 - Link Reply Report 23058 2

>>21461 You think you'll ever redo/finish this pic?

File: pzebmareblueline.jpg -(461686 B, 999x800)
461686 461686 No.23212 - Link Reply Report 23212 2

>>22945 Maybe.

<-- A variant of the previous pic.

No.23215 - Link Reply Report 23215 2


I don't know what it is about the stomach but all the images are about stomach gore. Can we get some gore via genitals up in here? pls?

File: zebra_attacked_and_killed_alt_preykill_1.jpg -(19647 B, 600x435)
19647 19647 No.23225 - Link Reply Report 23225 2
File: zebra_attacked_and_killed_alt_preykill_2.jpg -(65101 B, 1057x768)
65101 65101 No.23226 - Link Reply Report 23226 2


File: zebra_attacked_and_killed_alt_preykill_3.jpg -(67593 B, 1057x768)
67593 67593 No.23227 - Link Reply Report 23227 2
File: bunnyslit.jpg -(205080 B, 1702x1589)
205080 205080 No.23229 - Link Reply Report 23229 2

>>23215 Well, "stomach gore", or gutting is what I do best. But here, have this.

File: lionattack10b.jpg -(72175 B, 1057x768)
72175 72175 No.23231 - Link Reply Report 23231 2


File: lionattack09.jpg -(64883 B, 1057x768)
64883 64883 No.23232 - Link Reply Report 23232 2

better resolution

File: lionattack12.jpg -(56424 B, 1057x768)
56424 56424 No.23234 - Link Reply Report 23234 2
File: lionattack13.jpg -(70643 B, 1057x768)
70643 70643 No.23235 - Link Reply Report 23235 2
File: kalamu_killrez_color-02.jpg -(231885 B, 1680x1320)
231885 231885 No.23453 - Link Reply Report 23453 2

Should put this one up.

File: sylvia_antelope.jpg -(183707 B, 1125x1500)
183707 183707 No.24088 - Link Reply Report 24088 2
Source: PreyKill

Theres this version without extra red. I think I like it a bit more than the other one.

@PreyKill, do you have something new somewhere?

File: Mikeslionsink.jpg -(112837 B, 1403x881)
112837 112837 No.24480 - Link Reply Report 24480 2

Sorry to say I've got nothing new in the last year or so. My opportunities to spend time on this are much scarcer now.

No.24494 - Link Reply Report 24494 2

So bad to hear...
but well, can understand that since I got a job I got less free time.
(But I am happy to have it, cause you need the money...)

File: 92115-2970-1.jpg -(253059 B, 1500x1002)
253059 253059 No.24525 - Link Reply Report 24525 2

You've got quite a bit of talent for this stuff.
Hope you've got a good job in real life, or whatever you're doing. You seem like you could handle it.

No.24533 - Link Reply Report 24533 2

Ah damn, made myself sound as if I were being sarcastic. Let's try that again...

You seem intelligent, not dumb.

No.24938 - Link Reply Report 24938 2

What PreyKill depicts is nothing more and nothing less than reality in nature.

Some might seem gruesome and cruel, or it might turn you on. But if you ever watched a wild leopard gently lick the belly of a brought down antelope, before finally biting it open and feasting on the contents. Or hyenas bringing down a gnu and feasting on its bowels even before it collapses, you will see that PreyKills images are one thing NOT: unrealistic.

Translating this to furdom only adds one more aspect to it that usually only humans care about. Morale. But if you look at war, or ethnic cleansing. Or simply a meat factory were chicken or other food creatures are mass produced and slaughtered and taken apart by machines, then you can see that these morales are easily swept aside. They are naught but a vain pretence to justify one opinion or behaviour over another. Whats good and whats evil, whats accepted and whats outrageous decide naught but society and education, and is quickly bypassed for personal gain or a common interest.

I found a video on U-tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dxu8n2iSO58
It shows what PreyKill draws for real. Executed by wild lions and taped by a bunch of immature students on a safari trip.

Watch it for its educational value. I don't care if you fap to it or puke, or both. But it might give you a deeper understanding of PreyKills art as well as nature. If you watch it to the very end.

File: catbunnyguts.jpg -(129890 B, 754x1075)
129890 129890 No.25298 - Link Reply Report 25298 2

>>24938 On the surface it's visual stimuli, an exposed entrails fetish. The drawings are removed from nature to the extent that the participants are anthropomorphized, cognizant of the cruelty and suffering, anticipating and experiencing the horror and protracted agony, pleasure and deep arousal in each. Predators may derive some adrenaline-fueled satisfaction from a kill beyond just a good meal, but the more anthropomorphic their depiction becomes this kind of violence is transparently a lust-murder power fantasy.

File: ah_1304392520871.jpg -(216629 B, 1215x883)
216629 216629 No.26655 - Link Reply Report 26655 2

Nope, not gonna let this thread die. I'm kinda surprised nobody found this. I have another copy, but for the sake of convenience, I nabbed this from the furry section on gurochan.

File: catsguthorse.jpg -(166187 B, 808x954)
166187 166187 No.27501 - Link Reply Report 27501 2
No.27513 - Link Reply Report 27513 2

That's fantastic!

No.27583 - Link Reply Report 27583 2

>>27501 Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for drawing more equines meeting their faiths. You should gut Djali in the future :)

No.27696 - Link Reply Report 27696 2

>>27583 You mean the goat from the Disney movie?

No.27697 - Link Reply Report 27697 2

>>27696 Yes, him/her. I have only seen one other snuff drawing of Djali. And five horribly drawn sexual ones. So go ahead, whenever you feel like being in a drawing mood. We would love to see that rascal goat meeting his/her fate ^^

No.27875 - Link Reply Report 27875 2


Haha, WOW! Great work, but I wonder what Zeta thinks of it?

No.30420 - Link Reply Report 30420 2

>>27875 He commissioned it from me! I was given references of what looked to be an OC, Zeta the echidna, and was asked to draw her as the victim of bloody plant hard vore, in my usual style of anatomic detail.

No.30425 - Link Reply Report 30425 2

Ahh Preykill, one of the best guro/hard vore artists out there. I'm glad his stuff keeps coming back on here.

File: 214jackal_imp_clr1.3.jpg -(348157 B, 997x770)
348157 348157 No.30951 - Link Reply Report 30951 2
File: crossbound_bunny.gif -(286572 B, 1680x1050)
286572 286572 No.31646 - Link Reply Report 31646 2

Bump you up.

One of the nastiest images I ever drew. This helpless victim expressing absolute fear and horror on her face, crying, probably begging for this not to happen to her, then gritting her teeth against the pain, fingers and toes clenched into fists, her whole body so tense she's involuntarily squeezing out pee while the blade swiftly slices her open up the full length of her belly. At last the dying bunny just sags in her bonds, groaning, crying while clamps pull her split flesh part allowing her innards to dangle, dripping blood and bodily fluids to the ground beneath her. It looks like there's a gravid uterus prominent in the middle of her guts, swollen in mid-term pregnancy.

No.31680 - Link Reply Report 31680 2



No.32225 - Link Reply Report 32225 2

Yeesh. Somehow this one managed to squick me and I'm a fan! XD

Additionally, the one with the horse dying in the arena, I finally figured out what the reference was, thanks to your YouTube channel. For the longest time, I thought the horse had just lost some sort of gladiatorial battle. o.O Kinda makes you wonder what happened to the bull, now doesn't it? ;)

File: catgutshorse_seq.jpg -(227152 B, 1751x1000)
227152 227152 No.32287 - Link Reply Report 32287 2

>>32225 Initially I had imagined the horse being ambushed by a bloodthirsty savage jungle cat-warrior babe until the bullring scenario came to mind. This is old art, just rough sketches, but never posted before.

In the arena, being gored and gutted by a bull is essentially the same thing as gladiatorial combat.

What I thought happened to the bull: imagine a pre-Roman era bullfight with anthros. They're slaves or prisoners, stripped naked, forced into the conflict. A condemned bull is given intoxicants to fuel his animal rage, and a few bull-baiting dogs are sent to engage him, whipping him into a frenzy. Some are maimed or killed by the fast, powerful bull. They are followed by a few horses armed with pikes to wound his back and shoulders, who fail to work well as a team and are disemboweled one by one on the bull's horns. Finally a lightly armored wolf, a nobleman seeking glory, enters the arena to slay the killer bull. The bloody and weakened beast is out-maneuvered by the wolf, who perhaps chooses to slash the bull's fat belly open first, spectacularly spilling his guts to the delight of the bloodthirsty onlookers, before plunging his bronze sword through the bull's heart. The wolf then slices off the dying bull's scrotum and holds the pendulous balls aloft, claiming victory.

No.32884 - Link Reply Report 32884 2

we need more, PreyKill come rescue us before the thread vanishes!

File: 208deer_wolfpack_ink.jpg -(153177 B, 1103x710)
153177 153177 No.32954 - Link Reply Report 32954 2
File: PreyKill-92180-sealshark01.jpg -(62279 B, 1024x769)
62279 62279 No.33674 - Link Reply Report 33674 2

Preykill, don't let this thread die, post some more. (preferably new things :) )

File: PreyKill-92173-deer_wolfpack3.jpg -(487090 B, 1103x710)
487090 487090 No.33675 - Link Reply Report 33675 2

this for example is not new :)

No.33691 - Link Reply Report 33691 2

ah the amazess of nature.... Wolves4Life

No.33892 - Link Reply Report 33892 2

Something with dragons?

File: PKzebdone.jpg -(344872 B, 1572x1166)
344872 344872 No.34028 - Link Reply Report 34028 2
Source: http://fchan.us/src/ah_1293248020451_pzebmareblueline.jpg

I really like your art, I hope you do not mind me doing this.

File: PKzebdone-noblood.jpg -(322370 B, 1572x1166)
322370 322370 No.34029 - Link Reply Report 34029 2
Source: http://fchan.us/src/ah_1293248020451_pzebmareblueline.jpg

Here is the same without the blood layer.

No.34031 - Link Reply Report 34031 2

>>34029 I like your coloring, it fits pretty well with his original line work.

No.34042 - Link Reply Report 34042 2

>>34028 In my honest opinion, you could have done a better job on the kitty, the pred... its a bit too soft/blurred, while the entrails he has in his maw are sharp imaged....

No.34044 - Link Reply Report 34044 2

I didn't even try on the cat for two reasons: The original cat head was so sketchy that I'd have to pretty much draw it from nearly scratch which is not my strong point. Even if I did good job on the head It'd be some floating head, i'm not going to draw the body.

I'm not getting paid, instead of kicking my own ass I just kicked it out the door and called it done. It's 'impressionistic' :P

No.34052 - Link Reply Report 34052 2


Way to go :) I'd say "well done!" on that piece. Austin just can't ever get enough of preds evil smirk

File: PKzebdone_copy.jpg -(377376 B, 1572x1166)
377376 377376 No.34115 - Link Reply Report 34115 2


I did not see this until now. I like what you've done with the details, the zebra striping (always more work than it looks like) and the appearance of a membrane still surrounding the fetus. You should add your credit to the image as colorist.

I'd only suggest going much bolder with the color; here they look muted and the shock value of the gore becomes subdued. I played with hue and saturation.

File: pkzeb3bloody1.jpg -(367597 B, 1572x1166)
367597 367597 No.34116 - Link Reply Report 34116 2

>>34115 Here are two attempts to 'punch it up'.

I wanted to keep the blood down for some reason I always worry about going over the top.

File: pkzeb3bloody2.jpg -(390351 B, 1572x1166)
390351 390351 No.34117 - Link Reply Report 34117 2

This one has 'brighter' blood.

No.34118 - Link Reply Report 34118 2


Also has "tighter" blood, not too little, not too much. Looks better.

No.34122 - Link Reply Report 34122 2


I still think it's a little too 'neon' and cartoony, maybe I'll work on that a bit later...

No.34140 - Link Reply Report 34140 2


Wow, we can only hope for her that she'sunconscious by then, that tearing her belly muscles and skin out up to her chest must be unbearable pain ...

... which just gives me an idea for the following little scene:

The hyena was confident, very confident. The feral animal was leader of her pack, and had been leading it towards its prey once again.

There was little that didn't become prey in their presence. Big, small, furry, anthro, gnu, antelope, zebra, even the occasional competing predator...

It didn't matter much once their flesh ripped, their insides spilled, blood and guts tasted much the same, and they usually stopped running or fighting by then too.

This one was different though. The athletic anthro onyx just didn#t wanna give up. Not enough that she nearly impaled one of her packs males with her spear and injured a female, when they had surrounded her with this stupid scimitar, this prey just didn#t seem to know when it was time to give up.

The pack had her surrounded by now, but the creature was still fighting them, trying to prevent them from getting close enough. then finally as one hyena pounced her, and the warrior had to aise her guard high, she managed to go for her lower belly, and take a good, slashing bite, skin and muscles in her teeth, then jerked her head and jumped back.

She knew she had won, when she saw her preys guts bulge out of the gaping wound, saw the female drop to the ground.

But still the warrior held on to her knife, slashed at one hyena.

Then her sister, went in, and with a crunching sound, her teeth went into their preys shoulder. The scimitar finally dropped to the ground, but her sister had to retreat, nearly getting impaled by those stupid onyx horns.

A brother went for the legs at the same time, but had to dodge kicks. That was her cue, she went for the exposed belly, already ripped open, the slimey tasty insides visible. She opened her jaws and took the loose skin and muscles into her maw, about to rip open this tasty treat all the way.

Their prey screamed. They always did.

But when the hyena looked up, wondering where the sudden resistance came from, she looked into her preys eyes and found not the usual pleading looks of despair, but clenched teeth, and fire. The onyx held on with both her anthro hands, to the strand of fur and meat she was pulling, and tried to prevent her from ripping her open further. Sher felt the slimy guts warm under her chin as she tugged back, growling, but her prey held on, playing tug'o'war with her, with her own flesh as the trophy.

The pain must be near unbearable - but likely still less than getting herself ripped open further.

Still the hoofed leg kicked at the other hyena. Why didn't her sister go in for the throat now? Afraid of the horns?

Some prey simply didn't seem to know when to give up...

No.34168 - Link Reply Report 34168 2

>>34052 Blackraven....do i know you? You seem to know what i like....

File: gazelle_lions_copy.jpg -(549211 B, 3462x2290)
549211 549211 No.34183 - Link Reply Report 34183 2

Someone looks like she's going to have a bad day, but I think the cat's might change their mind and let her go... I mean there is always a chance...

Was working on some of the pictures in this series, I don't know when I'll get time to finish it or if i'll do any more. Tried to make contact with the original artist but without much luck, I don't feel right putting out any more without permission this is probably it for now.

No.34184 - Link Reply Report 34184 2

Don't count on unconsciousness preceding such agony, Shock, I imagine, immediately follows.

Your little tale -- far out! Fighting over one's own flesh, never giving in, fighting to the very last.

Seeing this with "volume" reminds me of how badly the anatomy's sketched, especially the lions.

Don't worry about permission. I don't mind your playing with it.

No.34186 - Link Reply Report 34186 2

>>34183 I was actually gonna attempt that pic on my tablet pc and adjust the belly on that one lion...it looks WAY too fat.

No.34205 - Link Reply Report 34205 2


Nothing is perfect, a lot of this is practice for me and I'm no artists so any attempt to 'fix' your anatomy would probably be epic fail. I did try to touch base but understand if there is not a desire to do so.

Always been a big fan, even the sketchy stuff has a lot of great emotion and intensity, always a pleasure to see some new work from you. I really was amazed to see some of the rough sketches you posed on another forum, I really enjoyed them and as you requested they not be re-posted I will only say I hope you eventually post more on that site so I can see more of your work.

No.34210 - Link Reply Report 34210 2


That would be so nice if it was only the one lion biting into the zebra's scrotum...

Or even better, a female cougar biting into a wolf's scrotum, and then eating the testicles in the next scene :)

No.34218 - Link Reply Report 34218 2

I've always loved this one, PK. Wonder if you might someday give us a follow-up. ^_^

No.34449 - Link Reply Report 34449 2

Pk, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m writing some short stories based on your art too.
Can I post those when they are finished?

File: lionfukzebraguts.jpg -(187708 B, 1390x918)
187708 187708 No.34463 - Link Reply Report 34463 2


Thanks for asking. Sure, go for it! I'm curious to read it.

No.34464 - Link Reply Report 34464 2

>>34463 Mmmm looking nice, PK. Glad you're still drawing :)

No.34465 - Link Reply Report 34465 2


No.34466 - Link Reply Report 34466 2

thanks, i'll post them here as soon as they are done. never wrote hv/guro stories before, so sorry if they dont end up very good ^^"

No.34481 - Link Reply Report 34481 2

How would you feel about doing more consensual/self-inflicted stuff?

File: gazelle_lions_study.jpg -(349023 B, 1600x1280)
349023 349023 No.34498 - Link Reply Report 34498 2


Truth is, I seldom find time to draw these days.

No.34499 - Link Reply Report 34499 2


Gazelle: "I wasn't even looking for disembowelment. I'm just drawn that way..."

Truth is, no one draws this particular topic like you do, so if you don't draw it, no one does...

That in mind, we can't thank you enough for what you did for those who like to see this art. But if you do find the time to grab a pencil - well - you know it's going to be appreciated :-)

No.34519 - Link Reply Report 34519 2

>>34498 ooh wow, three kitties on this one lol

I notice you seem to draw the guts first lol :)

No.34920 - Link Reply Report 34920 2

I noticed on the colored versions of the blue-lined zebra pic that the navel is missing from where it was in the original. D:

File: preykillkitties1.png -(1774073 B, 1866x1043)
1774073 1774073 No.35540 - Link Reply Report 35540 2

I plan to do the others as well... I gave the prey a different color and added some grass and sky, which will both turn to grey as the prey is slowly killed. :)
Drawn by PREYKILL coloured by me.

File: preykillkitties2.png -(1062973 B, 1036x914)
1062973 1062973 No.36003 - Link Reply Report 36003 2
Source: 21461

Fourth Row SAVE!!!

2nd of four, original is >>21461 . Sketched/Drawn by preykill, Colors by me.

Part 3 coming soon i hope.

No.36044 - Link Reply Report 36044 2

dude, your awful "coloring" totally ruins the great original art. please stop. it's like a little kid scribbling over the mona lisa with crayons.

No.36110 - Link Reply Report 36110 2

same guy as above.well.. sorry for that, I looked at it again and it isn't nearly as bad as I thought. The weird looking paws that I attributed to your rework were actually just like that in the original, I just never noticed it there... In fact, you did a proper job.
again, sorry, shouldn't have said anything.

No.36269 - Link Reply Report 36269 2

>>36110 You are forgiven. #3 will come soon i hope.

File: snuffbunny2.0.jpg -(351389 B, 2400x1800)
351389 351389 No.36792 - Link Reply Report 36792 2
Source: "that folder" on an old harddisk

Hi Preykill.

Could you please draw and post some more?

That would be awesome.

You draw the most sexy disembowelment ever!

File: preykillkitties3.png -(822733 B, 1588x627)
822733 822733 No.37231 - Link Reply Report 37231 2
Source: Preykill (for original sketch)

Here's number 3 of the series....Drawn/sketched by Preykill, coloured by me. #4 to come soon i hope

File: preykillkitties4.png -(556054 B, 1196x611)
556054 556054 No.38275 - Link Reply Report 38275 2
Source: Preykill (for original sketch)

And here is the 4th and final one. Original sketch by Preykill, colors by Austin Wolfclaw.

File: preykillkittiesfull.png -(1276558 B, 1400x1072)
1276558 1276558 No.38875 - Link Reply Report 38875 2

This is the pictures all put together. Original art is by Preykill, colors are by me. Thank you, for doing what you do best :)

File: mikes_lions_wip.jpg -(342557 B, 2377x1035)
342557 342557 No.39479 - Link Reply Report 39479 2

I'm glad you liked the sketches enough to go to such effort, even if the results look crude. I think >>34183 has a well-done color job.

Here's a recent color W.I.P. from me.

No.39514 - Link Reply Report 39514 2

weres the one with the buck hanging upside down? anyone have it

File: 3c63cf90faa1bb32ce01e5dca5bf0f58.jpg -(403001 B, 837x1590)
403001 403001 No.39525 - Link Reply Report 39525 2

this one?

File: 216deer_forest_color.jpg -(147501 B, 815x1590)
147501 147501 No.40509 - Link Reply Report 40509 2
No.40518 - Link Reply Report 40518 2


You know you can take it into photoshop/sai/krita/gimp and select the layer and choose "multiply" and colour it UNDER the linework right? so you're not botching up the linework in mspaint with a mouse.

File: day_prsnt_ink01.png -(367070 B, 1700x1200)
367070 367070 No.41683 - Link Reply Report 41683 2
No.41717 - Link Reply Report 41717 2

You have no idea how happy I am to see the beginning of a new series from you, even though its MLP, but hey, those plump bellies just deserve to be disemboweled.

Is that digital line art? thats a new development as well isn't it?

No.41719 - Link Reply Report 41719 2


MLP? Naw, I have too much respect for the current MLP to desecrate it. That's just a wingless anthro' dragon with a heavily pregnant anthro' mare in labor. This can only go somewhere horrible from here

The art is still ink on paper, scanned and cleaned up a little.

No.41732 - Link Reply Report 41732 2


My bad, interpreting any cute mare as an MLP reference was of course premature. Still, I think it might be time for a Cesarean. Dragon-style :)

No.41846 - Link Reply Report 41846 2

>>41683 eagerly anticipating a followup to this

File: ah_1356558507963.png -(459079 B, 1700x1200)
459079 459079 No.41892 - Link Reply Report 41892 2
File: ah_1356558576482.png -(512124 B, 1700x1275)
512124 512124 No.41893 - Link Reply Report 41893 2
No.41895 - Link Reply Report 41895 2

>>41892 >>41893 Well, someone else found 'em and put them up here. I would have done so myself soon, but it's done now.

No.41926 - Link Reply Report 41926 2


It's a girl!

Well, the little one might still live, if treated right.

The mother, is a bit in shreds but so far missing nothing vital, if you'd stitch her up nicely, and give her enough antibiotics (or dragon saliva, I think that pretty potent as well) she might live - even though I don't think she'd ever give birth again.

But then we have a horny and hungry dragon, so I doubt either of the horsies will live through this, but my guess is he wouldn't make it quick either.

Probably he's gonna pull out things one by one, show them to her, then eat them. If he times it right the last thing she'll see is him gobbling down her still beating heart.

No.42930 - Link Reply Report 42930 2

please, draw more :) oblivion is so cold

File: 165bunbattlguts02.jpg -(135434 B, 1108x857)
135434 135434 No.44071 - Link Reply Report 44071 2

just a bump

File: ah_1373598295499.jpg -(709527 B, 1785x2457)
709527 709527 No.45746 - Link Reply Report 45746 2


(if I do recall correctly, this thread has "died" on one other occasion a couple of years ago in April)

File: mlions-color.jpg -(2366383 B, 2475x1275)
2366383 2366383 No.46449 - Link Reply Report 46449 2
Source: furaffinity.net/user/preykill

Death is seldom swift or peaceful in Ngorynguro Crater.

File: 156evihors_marker01.jpg -(234973 B, 1213x980)
234973 234973 No.47087 - Link Reply Report 47087 2

Bumping with an earlier version of >>26655 drawn before revisions were made to the art and color scheme.

No.47118 - Link Reply Report 47118 2


I had no idea that this colour version existed. That is SO hot. Thank you!

File: 139catgutshorse01a.jpg -(174589 B, 1403x1099)
174589 174589 No.48272 - Link Reply Report 48272 2

An oldie that got left out

File: ah_1399262319629.jpg -(307445 B, 616x800)
307445 307445 No.49181 - Link Reply Report 49181 2
File: ah_1406377995370.neltruin_aerisyka_post.png.jpg -(117429 B, 751x1280)
117429 117429 No.50386 - Link Reply Report 50386 2
Source: Neltruin on FA

Hey, how about we make this a non-PreyKill specific, general disembowelment topic instead? I've got some favorites worthy of the topic.

File: ah_1406378378949.nekochan90_murder_sequence.png.jpg -(82719 B, 1280x374)
82719 82719 No.50387 - Link Reply Report 50387 2
Source: Nekochan90

>>49181 That's not one of mine. That's an altered image incorporating guts from one of my drawings. I admire the spirit and the effort made.

This one was directly inspired by my drawings, and I like the results very much.

No.50479 - Link Reply Report 50479 2

ya know ive never commented at this on a pic like this before but i feel i should now...judging from the look of this neither the stomach nor lungs are damaged by the shive...so the victim shouldn't be bleeding from the mouth.

File: ah_1408139335213.pac_nicked.jpg -(370491 B, 1280x693)
370491 370491 No.50674 - Link Reply Report 50674 2
Source: pac
File: w_i.jpg -(43940 B, 503x728)
43940 43940 No.50675 - Link Reply Report 50675 2
File: tumblr_m4ekjqL7bt1rt5ib9o1_1280.jpg -(351314 B, 750x896)
351314 351314 No.50676 - Link Reply Report 50676 2
File: rabid09x.jpg -(44298 B, 255x770)
44298 44298 No.50677 - Link Reply Report 50677 2
File: Apr-20-02.jpg -(61582 B, 351x769)
61582 61582 No.50678 - Link Reply Report 50678 2
File: mnrva_ricky.gif -(10815 B, 607x452)
10815 10815 No.52186 - Link Reply Report 52186 2
File: tumblr_n807hvsTr71soig65o1_1280.jpg -(491526 B, 1011x678)
491526 491526 No.52619 - Link Reply Report 52619 2
No.53904 - Link Reply Report 53904 2

Baby come back!
(You can blame it all on me)

No.53919 - Link Reply Report 53919 2

>>53904 there is something, in everything about you :)

No.54874 - Link Reply Report 54874 2

Holding out hope

File: ah_1454867507712.jpg -(82719 B, 1280x374)
82719 82719 No.56227 - Link Reply Report 56227 2
Source: Posted by PreyKill in gruochan

desperate bump. I don't know from who that image is, but it was posted to gurochan/fur by PreyKill so that counts for something, right?

File: 1.jpg -(1024825 B, 932x1403)
1024825 1024825 No.56274 - Link Reply Report 56274 2

Always wondered how Dutch Angel Dragons deleted their intestines and genitals. Guess now we know.

File: Execution_with_a_barnacle_-_by_SlowDerpyGuy.jpg -(174894 B, 1094x1280)
174894 174894 No.56511 - Link Reply Report 56511 2


>Hey, how about we make this a non-PreyKill specific, general disembowelment topic instead?

Sounds good to me.

File: Food_for_seagulls_-_by_SlowDerpyGuy.jpg -(136111 B, 805x1280)
136111 136111 No.56512 - Link Reply Report 56512 2
File: A_date_with_inquisitor_-_by_SlowDerpyGuy.jpg -(166179 B, 1000x830)
166179 166179 No.57208 - Link Reply Report 57208 2
File: bunnyguts01.jpg -(147088 B, 650x816)
147088 147088 No.58637 - Link Reply Report 58637 2
File: 9708d42cded3f631056bc159e2a35fd7.jpg -(81188 B, 500x657)
81188 81188 No.59472 - Link Reply Report 59472 2
File: 450154c181ef2bee08245bbc52765fa4.jpg -(69486 B, 500x661)
69486 69486 No.59473 - Link Reply Report 59473 2
File: bf17525ec25ab8efa8c4e894e4c7272d.jpg -(68239 B, 647x500)
68239 68239 No.59474 - Link Reply Report 59474 2
File: raku31.jpg -(151162 B, 550x750)
151162 151162 No.59918 - Link Reply Report 59918 2


File: ah_1557268737035.jpg -(1544655 B, 2700x3240)
1544655 1544655 No.61364 - Link Reply Report 61364 2