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Pictures of the really hardcore stuff and that which squicks the majority of the fandom (guro, non-consentual, rape, scat, violence, vore, watersports, drug use, etc.)
Babyfurs that are not clearly adult, and Cub art, will not be tolerated.

Art that contains toon character and /ah-related themes does in fact belong in /toon. Also note clarification in /toon description and: http://fchan.us/read.php/faq/1238098153/

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[-] [+] No.29704
Predator/Prey Rape 
File: BIGBADWO.jpg -(62901 B, 700x541)
62901 62901 No.29704 29704 1

Preddators raping prey or vice versa

File: nadiaeve-bleed.jpg -(631703 B, 1135x993)
631703 631703 No.29705 - Link Reply Report 29705 2
File: buckshusky4net.jpg -(303507 B, 900x1150)
303507 303507 No.29706 - Link Reply Report 29706 2
File: bagheera_theritualoflife.jpg -(1167092 B, 3000x2013)
1167092 1167092 No.29707 - Link Reply Report 29707 2
File: sickeleye_wolfoposs.jpg -(142535 B, 700x585)
142535 142535 No.29708 - Link Reply Report 29708 2
File: alaitallon_tabor.png -(705180 B, 800x600)
705180 705180 No.29709 - Link Reply Report 29709 2
File: ah_1312646871266.farorenightclaw_langly_-_langly_farore_roughsm.png -(386684 B, 800x467)
386684 386684 No.29710 - Link Reply Report 29710 2
File: tabby_stuffed.jpg -(207549 B, 707x1016)
207549 207549 No.29711 - Link Reply Report 29711 2
File: arjuna_paininthebutt.jpg -(181840 B, 697x960)
181840 181840 No.29712 - Link Reply Report 29712 2
File: ah_1312647144812.huru_patto_hurucommission3.png -(574782 B, 500x750)
574782 574782 No.29714 - Link Reply Report 29714 2
File: ah_1312647220454.huru_h03.jpg -(132086 B, 731x540)
132086 132086 No.29715 - Link Reply Report 29715 2
File: notconsentual.jpg -(152373 B, 1234x753)
152373 152373 No.29716 - Link Reply Report 29716 2
File: ah_1312647346598.darknatasha_savanahheat.jpg -(83638 B, 565x450)
83638 83638 No.29717 - Link Reply Report 29717 2
File: m49907_theramjing_foursome2.jpg -(137324 B, 1000x530)
137324 137324 No.29718 - Link Reply Report 29718 2
File: ah_1312647450274.anakuro_predpreysketch.jpg -(180206 B, 750x750)
180206 180206 No.29719 - Link Reply Report 29719 2
File: ah_1312647461644.omegagoddess_cg_copy.png -(79910 B, 500x386)
79910 79910 No.29720 - Link Reply Report 29720 2
File: ah_1312647562926.saketoastdeath_safari_1.jpg -(158358 B, 309x438)
158358 158358 No.29721 - Link Reply Report 29721 2
File: ah_1312647579689.huru_lion_and_zebra_color_iffyfox.jpg -(405713 B, 700x495)
405713 405713 No.29722 - Link Reply Report 29722 2
File: ah_1312647591671.negger_huru_cheetah_small.jpg -(445667 B, 1250x933)
445667 445667 No.29723 - Link Reply Report 29723 2
File: ah_1312647597775.sakitastar_handlebars.jpg -(197393 B, 676x1000)
197393 197393 No.29724 - Link Reply Report 29724 2
File: ah_1312649111291.taurath_1200476241.max-dragon_taurath2.jpg -(214658 B, 900x652)
214658 214658 No.29726 - Link Reply Report 29726 2
File: ah_1312649120101.bagheera_passion_c.jpg -(291747 B, 1400x1295)
291747 291747 No.29727 - Link Reply Report 29727 2
File: DoubleDoe.jpg -(267836 B, 1024x1753)
267836 267836 No.29728 - Link Reply Report 29728 2
File: foxhunt2sml.jpg -(273986 B, 1092x800)
273986 273986 No.29729 - Link Reply Report 29729 2
File: foxhuntsml.jpg -(220229 B, 800x949)
220229 220229 No.29730 - Link Reply Report 29730 2
File: SavannaDance.jpg -(362132 B, 1600x1227)
362132 362132 No.29731 - Link Reply Report 29731 2
File: stuffedskunk.jpg -(101428 B, 716x800)
101428 101428 No.29732 - Link Reply Report 29732 2
File: ToTheStars.jpg -(143115 B, 1459x1048)
143115 143115 No.29733 - Link Reply Report 29733 2
File: XLimit.jpg -(113316 B, 921x957)
113316 113316 No.29734 - Link Reply Report 29734 2
No.29851 - Link Reply Report 29851 2

saw a pic once of a cheetah or jaguar getting 3 way fucked by an antelope, zebra, and...something else. anyone have that?

File: 86a077bd88e50696a579e441157c35c0b7ec83b5.jpg -(118544 B, 600x435)
118544 118544 No.29916 - Link Reply Report 29916 2

>>29851 Here it is

File: sample_8a2cb93e19fb56c257466d2d554c7d70def432a0.jpg -(262657 B, 850x850)
262657 262657 No.29917 - Link Reply Report 29917 2
File: 806e23782d9a5a948eadbf64a06e1134bc2e0c14.jpg -(142109 B, 913x826)
142109 142109 No.29918 - Link Reply Report 29918 2
File: 4db9093bcd78907cf6a6911d027ed1b36dceaf5f.jpg -(243047 B, 845x1171)
243047 243047 No.29919 - Link Reply Report 29919 2
File: c78ac6592ce02f13f930b0349f9129f6b1d07480.jpg -(132969 B, 800x610)
132969 132969 No.29963 - Link Reply Report 29963 2

LOOK at this mighty buck fucking this wolf! Look how confident he looks, as if to say "what're you gonna do, bitch? You ain't gonna do SHIT!"

File: 5db0082bbd66b1a675e40369cdbcf97397edde1a.jpg -(144456 B, 700x708)
144456 144456 No.29966 - Link Reply Report 29966 2

Just look at the shame and humiliation on this wolf bitch's face! LOOK AT IT! She's dead inside now! Her pack will never accept her, not with the stink of deer cum seeping from all her holes! "What the fuck happened to you?" they'll ask. This bitch'll have no choice to respond except with "I was raped by three bucks. They came in my pussy, butt, and mouth. They enjoyed it, but I didn't. Now I stink of deer cum. I am dead inside and filled with shame and humiliation. I am no longer a proud wolf, but a skanky, slutty, trampy, buck's cumslut. I do not deserve to live."

File: 7705097c2bd5630bd3abd44b1ea78b69d27fdea4.png -(301734 B, 760x600)
301734 301734 No.29968 - Link Reply Report 29968 2
File: b922450b1ea1466130db4281ac6ac2c22f2a5719__1.jpg -(150238 B, 863x583)
150238 150238 No.29969 - Link Reply Report 29969 2
File: 84dcb279a306506790e7e77b2014a98c717019c4.jpg -(100601 B, 840x856)
100601 100601 No.29971 - Link Reply Report 29971 2

You can only rape your food so long, before the hunger sets in

File: ah_1313201760828.inuki_first_hunt.jpg -(530917 B, 1000x748)
530917 530917 No.29975 - Link Reply Report 29975 2

The hunter becomes the hunted. Fancied herself a hunter until the hyenas captured her, a proud hunter reduced to a cock sheath for her life long rivals. Shame her first hunt would be her last

File: 68cea73ac5aced119f7a395412c5ac55.jpg -(121041 B, 1280x914)
121041 121041 No.29976 - Link Reply Report 29976 2

Should be a crime to kill something beautiful before putting it to good use. Poor doe almost died a virgin, fortunately for her her captor planned on taking her back to his pack once he was done with her. She'd learn every way a cock can be forced into her body as the pack takes their fill of her body before taking their fill of her flesh...

File: dbca2d2d9e6cd895d16bf0d826a86df9fbe418b5.jpg -(1043146 B, 975x754)
1043146 1043146 No.29982 - Link Reply Report 29982 2

The slaves bound their old masters and gathered round to view their humiliation. Their blood boiled with hate as they slammed their cocks into the once proud nobles as hard as they could, relishing every scream that slipped out. There would be no mercy from these free slaves. As they took turns raping their victims they argued over their fate. Crucifixion won out in the end, the death of a slave seemed fitting for the noble cunts. Once every slave had had their fill of orgasms the execution would begin. The jokingly bet on who would scream the loudest when the nails went in. A few days suffering on the cross seemed like getting off easy for the years of misery the slaves endured.

File: b58344a836d9566b773cd8a5e2b5fdf95add1f12.jpg -(95790 B, 750x573)
95790 95790 No.29983 - Link Reply Report 29983 2
File: a06cdd5b805be92d7f19039b5da80e4491e2b206.jpg -(631896 B, 753x1024)
631896 631896 No.29984 - Link Reply Report 29984 2

The best part about fucking your food is that it doesn't matter if it survives or not, not like it wasnt going to die soon anyways. The lion grew hard at the thought of impaling his catch of the day. Today he would have to hold back at all, he planned to pound into zebra until he came or it stopped moving, whichever came first.

File: c8e83bb4d6ba60b67d21b40e704544177eaaf954.jpg -(155524 B, 1000x755)
155524 155524 No.29985 - Link Reply Report 29985 2

"Stupid mouse, told her if she didnt stop crying while entertaining our guests i'd give her something to scream about in the morning, slam the cob in her so can contemplate if it hurts more than the flames once shes cooking. Hate mice, they make such weak slaves"

File: sample_5eaf16176dcefb688c1d1b5cce7843474b5f2ece.jpg -(393973 B, 850x617)
393973 393973 No.29986 - Link Reply Report 29986 2

Be warned, contains rape, torture, castration, and vore.

Nothing like crushing an ego. The stud thought he was the dream of every mare. He prided himself in his sculpted body and enjoyed seducing claimed mares into infidelity. It was much to his surprise when the herd offered him up as the virgin sacrifice the dragons demanded every year. Despite all his conquests he was a virgin as far as the dragons were concerned...

The beasts relished the destruction of beauty. They bound the stallion and gathered around to watch his torment. Cunts don't need balls so gutting his sac was the first order of business. His screams echoed through the caves before laughter drowned them out. The dragon that nullified him made a quick snack of his manhood before yelling something to the others in their native tongue. The horse heard lots of movement and tried to scan the room but could make out little more than shadows through his tear filled eyes. The women of the clan circled around the writhing creature as the males formed a line in front of him.

They all watched as his torturer pulled his teeth one by one one. They learned long ago that fear does little to promote good behavior from prey that's realized its eminent doom, better to just play it safe. After what seemed an eternity the last tooth was pulled, the equine was nearly hoarse from screaming. To his surprise his audience stood in silence for what seemed like an hour, waiting for him regain some composure. Though now they all came in closer, nearly ever male stroking their cocks as the line moved up. The former stud shook in protest though could do little more than whimper as he realized what was about to happen. The first dragon walked up grabbed his snout with its claw before ramming its cock down his throat. The crowd cheered as the drake face fucked him without mercy. He closed his eyes until something poked up against his untouched ass. He peaked down to see the next dragon positioning itself to rape his virgin ass. A gargled protest did little to stop the onslaught as the creature slammed forward forcing in half its length in one thrust. The horse whinnied and accidently bit down on the cock in his mouth though his gums mearly caused a moan to escape his rapist and a good laugh from the crowd around him. Every male of the clan would rape the sacrifice as they pleased until all were satisfied. Load after load was shot into the horses mouth until he vommitted some of it back onto the floor before the next cock was forced in. It would be hours before the butcher would finally be called prepare the broken stallion for his final torment to flames.

File: ah_1313281750115.wolfy-nail_2011-06-10-echo-tentacle08.jpg -(226243 B, 779x1100)
226243 226243 No.30030 - Link Reply Report 30030 2

tentacles turn anything into prey.

No.30075 - Link Reply Report 30075 2


There's something a little...wrong with you.

File: wolfy-nail_2010-12-01-reset92.jpg -(353510 B, 1280x800)
353510 353510 No.30304 - Link Reply Report 30304 2
0 No.30310 - Link Reply Report 30310 2

elves are definitely prey of the fantasy world, and the males are just as girly and rapable as the females

File: ah_1314097712330.darkzel_huru2.jpg -(186170 B, 1654x1274)
186170 186170 No.30311 - Link Reply Report 30311 2
File: docks.jpg -(159492 B, 671x900)
159492 159492 No.30312 - Link Reply Report 30312 2
File: -_Marle_Ssthisto_chrono_trigger_comic.jpg -(126035 B, 792x545)
126035 126035 No.30370 - Link Reply Report 30370 2

Just wondering where the rest of the set it. It ends in the dragon eating the woman figure it belongs here since it falls under pred pray rape

File: bearfury2-underthemoonlight.jpg -(1344355 B, 1449x1900)
1344355 1344355 No.30415 - Link Reply Report 30415 2
Source: http://www.mercilessnature.com/2011/08/bear-fury-bear-vs-furry-animation-serie.html
No.30447 - Link Reply Report 30447 2


File: sfhuntingtrip.jpg -(106070 B, 900x644)
106070 106070 No.30519 - Link Reply Report 30519 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sirfox/
No.30539 - Link Reply Report 30539 2

>>30447 http://www.furaffinity.net/user/huru

File: 5961d43f10a050176f26d64823d0aaadb2b16c38.jpg -(284993 B, 830x504)
284993 284993 No.30644 - Link Reply Report 30644 2
File: 82dc15940ce3b9888d87b317f71a11ea012b0522.jpg -(137350 B, 556x711)
137350 137350 No.30645 - Link Reply Report 30645 2
File: ObsceneOblivion_002.jpg -(237608 B, 920x1078)
237608 237608 No.30646 - Link Reply Report 30646 2
File: Zanthia_mar_krishamun.png -(688746 B, 920x849)
688746 688746 No.30647 - Link Reply Report 30647 2

such a rebel, raping her in a no rape zone

File: 35e2b183586f3dd63916136ea4ebb08f19258faa.jpg -(118719 B, 700x692)
118719 118719 No.30655 - Link Reply Report 30655 2
File: ah_1315324692843.pinewood_bunny-misadv.jpg -(156608 B, 1000x771)
156608 156608 No.30656 - Link Reply Report 30656 2

Poor little rabbit is in for a really long night

File: Hooves2.jpg -(165529 B, 983x625)
165529 165529 No.30706 - Link Reply Report 30706 2
No.30724 - Link Reply Report 30724 2

>>30706 Wows, finally one i havent seen before. thanks Mr 30706

File: d1336d92ead720d17e2fd34452e57618f0457d6f.jpg -(51498 B, 489x576)
51498 51498 No.30994 - Link Reply Report 30994 2
File: f0ea34af2fe0609cef73972bd0608dec7d9344ba.jpg -(729771 B, 904x1200)
729771 729771 No.30995 - Link Reply Report 30995 2
File: 02048a9ef70f9fb30b74dbd651597a99ed23fe7e.jpg -(253914 B, 891x700)
253914 253914 No.30996 - Link Reply Report 30996 2
File: b5e7e8f6ae54c5068701d62baedba77bdeccc531.jpg -(340531 B, 698x900)
340531 340531 No.31145 - Link Reply Report 31145 2
File: ae4b658f29ac29a74e11caefc53298535fbf7b92.jpg -(165814 B, 640x621)
165814 165814 No.31146 - Link Reply Report 31146 2
File: ah_1316882349053.blotch_natureofthebeast.jpg -(368370 B, 1028x781)
368370 368370 No.31383 - Link Reply Report 31383 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/blotch
File: ah_1316882599997.blotch_bockjagd.jpg -(196398 B, 846x545)
196398 196398 No.31385 - Link Reply Report 31385 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/blotch
No.32374 - Link Reply Report 32374 2


No.32534 - Link Reply Report 32534 2

A lot of this is willing sex

No.32944 - Link Reply Report 32944 2

Notice a lot of these are snuff. Separate threads next time? Great pics though.

No.33789 - Link Reply Report 33789 2


No.33792 - Link Reply Report 33792 2

>>29966 Very arousing, if in a way that makes me mildly ashamed of thoroughly enjoying it.

No.34375 - Link Reply Report 34375 2




... That can't possibly be a common name. Okay, this explains SO much.

No.34399 - Link Reply Report 34399 2


What?! Where?

No.37235 - Link Reply Report 37235 2

Nope, not going away

No.37257 - Link Reply Report 37257 2


The filename. Ssthisto. So... Sethisto?

I mean... it's not terribly unlikely.

No.37305 - Link Reply Report 37305 2

>>29705 source?

No.37338 - Link Reply Report 37338 2

>>29975 source?

No.38815 - Link Reply Report 38815 2


File: sample_e0c015a38bb9b703ae06e8fac63bb810[1].jpg -(74707 B, 850x925)
74707 74707 No.38920 - Link Reply Report 38920 2

new one by your pal ace your welcome now unban me

File: 10f86f95cba6070ffb9804ead47d0605[1].png -(171327 B, 598x800)
171327 171327 No.38921 - Link Reply Report 38921 2

again your welcome

File: ah_1343690814100.limeykat_ezzleo_messynaughty2[1].jpg -(345253 B, 1000x772)
345253 345253 No.38922 - Link Reply Report 38922 2

turnabout gazelle buck fucks a female tiger

No.39488 - Link Reply Report 39488 2


looks like a prey having wild consensual sex with a predator.

File: mountainhigh.jpg -(178870 B, 1193x937)
178870 178870 No.39863 - Link Reply Report 39863 2

Moar please :O

No.41887 - Link Reply Report 41887 2

>>30312 Who is the artist who drew this?

No.43009 - Link Reply Report 43009 2


Nope, Sethisto is not the same person as Ssthisto. I've been using the name online since 1996, and I'm not part of the MLP:FIM fandom.

File: ah_1361055448072.z-lion.jpg -(153711 B, 711x594)
153711 153711 No.43010 - Link Reply Report 43010 2
No.43017 - Link Reply Report 43017 2

Sethisto is a notorious furry, though. It's very amusing. Some people might remember a poster who spammed Cynder threads on some chans some years ago? That was Sethisto, or "cccd" as he was known on lulz.net. He has replaced Cynder with poines now, though.

No.43075 - Link Reply Report 43075 2

I'm interested. Any proof though?

No.43081 - Link Reply Report 43081 2

I'm willing to vouch with what credibility I have on these boards that there was indeed a Ssthisto that spans back some ways. You can find art by that artist strewn through the FXC Encylcopedia if you pick it up (but you really shouldn't because piracy).

Being said, I cannot vouch that there was ever a Sethisto or that the person addressing us is either. But if nothing else, Wikifur may be of some help when it's done being down.

No.43082 - Link Reply Report 43082 2


Wrong tripcode. Sorry; this should be the right one and if it isn't I give XD

File: pandadox_loseyohead.jpg -(166187 B, 650x1013)
166187 166187 No.44109 - Link Reply Report 44109 2

After scraping up her insides with his barbed cock he decides its finally time shut her up.

File: dombrus_deersnuff.jpg -(68206 B, 698x1280)
68206 68206 No.44114 - Link Reply Report 44114 2

A pack of wolves caught her and told her they would let her live if she could make it through the night servicing the pack. It started off easy enough with the first beast forcing her to her knees, eye level with his erect cock. She was disgusted at the idea of what she was about to do, though as she looked around her stomach sank at the sight of all the grins and fang filled smiles of the wolves around her. Some licking their lips with mixed looks of hunger and primal lust. Images of them ripping her to shreds filled her mind as summoned up all the courage she could to lean forward and take the beasts member into her mouth, nervously running her tongue over its head. Memories of pleasuring young bucks back home entered her mind as she tried her best to do a good job despite the horrible circumstance she as in. It wasn't long before the cock pulsated lightly in her mouth and a large gush of cum spewed out. The taste was horrible compared to what she was use to. She gagged and coughed up most of it.

Before she could regain her composure the next wolf pushed his friend aside and grabbed her by the ear as he quick forced himself into her muzzle. There was no compassion in his movements as he face fucked her as hard as he could. She could barely breathe, having to try to catch breaths between deep thrusts. The demeanor of the pack around her started to grow more savage at the display, snarls mixed with cheers filled her ears. The new wolf finally grabbed her by both ears and forced her to deep throat him. He gave her no chance to deny his seed as he blew his load down her throat. Everything broke into madness from there. Claws grabbed at her body and pulled her in multiple directions as they fought over who got to fuck her next. She started to scream when a huge cock was rammed into her ass from behind though she was quickly shut up by another wolf forcing himself into her mouth. Throughout the night they raped every hole she had. Her only break from being fucked in every hole at once came when the more dominant members of the pack would demand a turn with her by themselves. She tried her best to not cry telling herself it would all be over soon. She had never felt so helpless in her life before. She was nothing but something warm to fuck to them. She'd lost count of how many loads they'd blown into her...

She was broke from her pain filled daze of shame as she felt another beast cum inside her bruised soaking cunt. Though this time no one came to take his place. After a few more minutes passed of them all just sitting around her talking in their native tongue, she relaxed believing they were finally done with her. Cum and blood dripped from all her orifices as she rested on the ground. She hoped they would just leave so she could be alone before having to try and find her tribe again... The alpha of the pack finally walked over to her, and to her surprise started binding her hands behind her back. She looked confused but then felt a crippling dread come over her as another wolf walked up with a noose in hand. She looked pitifully to the alpha as she forced herself to break the silence and speak "But you promised you'd let me go"

The muscular wolf laughed "Silly creature. Your nothing to us, your food. We are not honor bound to do anything for you. I cannot let good food go to waste and my pack would like to see how good of a dancer you are. If anything you should be thanking me for giving you one last good fucking before you die"... The poor deer sobbed as the noose was placed around her neck, she wanted to wake up and find it was all a bad nightmare. She'd often had dreams of being killed as prey but never like this. They took every bit of dignity she had, raped her for hours, and now were going to hang her for their entertainment. She wished one of them would just rip out her throat and end it all. Though to her dismay she felt the noose tighten around her neck as they threw the rape over a near by branch. They hoisted her up just far enough that her feet could not touch the ground. Cum dripped down her legs as she kicked and struggled trying to find something to stand on. The pack laughed and taunted her and she struggled in vain to survive. Some coming up to fondle her while she fought. Unfortunately for her, she weighed so little that her neck would not break. She had a good hour of suffering left before her last nightmare would finally come to an end.

File: 2a30ebb812d2f8b2c1f5ea9e8f58480c.jpg -(81981 B, 787x800)
81981 81981 No.44160 - Link Reply Report 44160 2
File: 2a30ebb812d2f8b2c1f5ea9e8f58480c.jpg -(81981 B, 787x800)
81981 81981 No.44161 - Link Reply Report 44161 2
File: d964a412ddaeb8279d3f4cdc43e51790.jpg -(86498 B, 800x390)
86498 86498 No.44168 - Link Reply Report 44168 2
No.44786 - Link Reply Report 44786 2

anyone have the pic of eric shwartz furry problems the dirty dozen pic of the lioness giving extreem oral sex to a gazelle in bondage!???

No.44787 - Link Reply Report 44787 2

anyone have the pic of eric shwartz furry problems the dirty dozen pic of the lioness giving extreem oral sex to a gazelle in bondage!???

No.44788 - Link Reply Report 44788 2

anyone have the gazelle and lioness pic from the dirty dozen furry problems pic please!???

No.44802 - Link Reply Report 44802 2

Eric Schwartz is DNP. Genuinely sorry.

File: 91a7038922bf8df77934cb8a057bd985.jpg -(566678 B, 1500x1159)
566678 566678 No.44823 - Link Reply Report 44823 2
File: Alligator_s_catch__1.jpg -(114847 B, 602x800)
114847 114847 No.45157 - Link Reply Report 45157 2
File: Captured_bunny.jpg -(98076 B, 800x625)
98076 98076 No.45361 - Link Reply Report 45361 2

Fox&Bunny count?

File: natures_lure1.png -(1057867 B, 750x1045)
1057867 1057867 No.45363 - Link Reply Report 45363 2
Source: http://www.herpy.net/gallery/data/media/48/ - add filename or look in folder


File: natures_lure2.png -(820642 B, 750x996)
820642 820642 No.45364 - Link Reply Report 45364 2
Source: http://www.herpy.net/gallery/data/media/48/ - add filename or look in folder


File: natures_lure3.png -(1171241 B, 800x1110)
1171241 1171241 No.45365 - Link Reply Report 45365 2
Source: http://www.herpy.net/gallery/data/media/48/ - add filename or look in folder


File: natures_lure4.png -(1216638 B, 750x999)
1216638 1216638 No.45366 - Link Reply Report 45366 2
Source: http://www.herpy.net/gallery/data/media/48/ - add filename or look in folder


File: natures_lure5.png -(1104689 B, 750x1058)
1104689 1104689 No.45367 - Link Reply Report 45367 2
Source: http://www.herpy.net/gallery/data/media/48/ - add filename or look in folder


File: 0e3ecf9d6c76eaa5cc4a0531164d522d.png -(430269 B, 822x1024)
430269 430269 No.45374 - Link Reply Report 45374 2
File: e371def0733ec14f591309af772cdc27.jpg -(187017 B, 609x788)
187017 187017 No.45375 - Link Reply Report 45375 2
File: 1fa5f464fc26334680b031ff4ef9947f.png -(189198 B, 920x686)
189198 189198 No.45376 - Link Reply Report 45376 2
File: 885ad52a0d261a005cf8506a529fe9a5.jpg -(206262 B, 1280x1149)
206262 206262 No.45377 - Link Reply Report 45377 2
No.49865 - Link Reply Report 49865 2

>>45377 source?

File: ShadowEverlost-Threesome-fun-by-Flaredra-small.jpeg.jpg -(131731 B, 800x737)
131731 131731 No.49867 - Link Reply Report 49867 2
Source: Flaredra

>>49865 Really? are you really unable to read the artist's name on this picture in the bottom left corner?

Rarakie 2010
I guess the source then is the artist named Rarakie and that it was done in 2010
Like that was so hard that you had to ASK for the source...

Honesty.. the laziness of people...

And now I have to post an image to remain on topic x.x
and before anyone asks the source is Flaredra

File: betrayedcol.jpg -(112404 B, 821x627)
112404 112404 No.50051 - Link Reply Report 50051 2
No.50060 - Link Reply Report 50060 2

Bump, I guess. Also: What's the source on >>44109 ?

File: ah_1404673962476.fuzzybaloo_law_of_the_jungle_d1_2012_adult.jpg -(162129 B, 500x390)
162129 162129 No.50062 - Link Reply Report 50062 2
Source: fuzzybaloo on furaffinity
No.50063 - Link Reply Report 50063 2


Try looking for it over at e 6 2 1, there is an image pool featuring that series of images. (If this works, I guess the site's name is on fchans spam filter)

File: 1082804_-_Chip__n_Dale_Rescue_Rangers_Gadget_Hackwrench_Ribnose_Sergal_crossover.png -(406663 B, 1280x923)
406663 406663 No.50833 - Link Reply Report 50833 2
File: c76393c826a967451bff52c02ae9ffe0.jpg -(371734 B, 1116x1500)
371734 371734 No.51474 - Link Reply Report 51474 2
Source: sacrament

Once a proud predator that is now just a breeding mare.

File: 124b566156ae43b14b0463ce90d24976.jpg -(123635 B, 700x585)
123635 123635 No.51475 - Link Reply Report 51475 2

Once a proud wolf, she is now just a bitch in use for the rutting bucks that take her like one of their mindless doe.

Lost without a pack, she isn't even a threat anymore. She is just trying to survive by being a good doe in her herd, letting herself taken and dominated by her former's prey.

File: 01a4abd541db0804a5138a182655ba16.jpg -(112348 B, 772x700)
112348 112348 No.51476 - Link Reply Report 51476 2

Once the Alpha of her pack that bitch as been raped and captured by a herd of Bison. Being use as a breeding toy, she has no choice but to submit to those stinky bastard.

Their huge cock and balls filling her more and more, making her nothing more than a bovine slut. All the grace will soon be gone, she is already feeling pleasure in this.

Soon she will be nothing more than a female for those male. A mindless toy that can't even bite them.

File: Caught-Between-a-Hippo-and-a-Hardon.jpg -(186480 B, 567x800)
186480 186480 No.51540 - Link Reply Report 51540 2

>>49865 Rarakie

File: ah_1413630311275.micahfennec.barpreds2.jpg -(210342 B, 1142x886)
210342 210342 No.51541 - Link Reply Report 51541 2
File: com3mmmhlh.jpg -(93350 B, 877x637)
93350 93350 No.51549 - Link Reply Report 51549 2
File: ah_1421174468093.jpg -(139006 B, 931x658)
139006 139006 No.52585 - Link Reply Report 52585 2
File: a58b7ec81db89aeea4743d0b977fa33c.jpg -(399364 B, 974x1260)
399364 399364 No.53819 - Link Reply Report 53819 2
File: BuckDamonH2s.png -(350196 B, 1057x840)
350196 350196 No.54108 - Link Reply Report 54108 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/moodyferret/
File: The_Furry_Problems_P_1.jpg -(147716 B, 990x700)
147716 147716 No.55812 - Link Reply Report 55812 2
File: ah_1459760339621.jpg -(241612 B, 934x1201)
241612 241612 No.56626 - Link Reply Report 56626 2
No.56627 - Link Reply Report 56627 2

Anyone got this image once on this site of a vixen being spit roasted by two hares?

File: ca3c19c1b8ded6a628c47767b5f145e6.jpg -(70098 B, 800x630)
70098 70098 No.57260 - Link Reply Report 57260 2


No.57266 - Link Reply Report 57266 2

>>57260 Thanks very much.

No.58556 - Link Reply Report 58556 2

>>30370 Note me on FA and I'll send you the rest.