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Pictures of the really hardcore stuff and that which squicks the majority of the fandom (guro, non-consentual, rape, scat, violence, vore, watersports, drug use, etc.)
Babyfurs that are not clearly adult, and Cub art, will not be tolerated.

Art that contains toon character and /ah-related themes does in fact belong in /toon. Also note clarification in /toon description and: http://fchan.us/read.php/faq/1238098153/

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[-] [+] No.30422
File: ah_1314504088140.jpg -(85512 B, 1024x445)
85512 85512 No.30422 30422 1

New Horsemage thread, for all things Horsemage...new and old.

Old thread appears to have either reached image limit or "mysteriously vanished"

File: AsphyxiaMare_sRump-pencil.jpg -(68281 B, 770x768)
68281 68281 No.30431 - Link Reply Report 30431 2
File: 7647c34d4cf8306e99eb7cff28efa6e3.jpg -(68013 B, 650x864)
68013 68013 No.30432 - Link Reply Report 30432 2
File: WindowDressingDrapes-InsideOut.jpg -(74462 B, 733x768)
74462 74462 No.30433 - Link Reply Report 30433 2
File: GunfighterSlain01c.jpg -(65337 B, 468x768)
65337 65337 No.30434 - Link Reply Report 30434 2
File: Sins_Prizes03.jpg -(70681 B, 958x768)
70681 70681 No.30435 - Link Reply Report 30435 2
File: GryphonessAshore03wingless.jpg -(112422 B, 1003x623)
112422 112422 No.30436 - Link Reply Report 30436 2
File: GunfighterSlain.jpg -(43896 B, 377x768)
43896 43896 No.30437 - Link Reply Report 30437 2
File: DragonBallzDead_Grayscale.jpg -(168228 B, 1123x816)
168228 168228 No.30459 - Link Reply Report 30459 2

Well, let's try again. I deleted the reboot of the "Dragon Slayers" thread. It seemed to be getting too stupid, but in hindsight, Mmmm, hindquarters....
Uh, I should have left it alone since somefur decided to dump the "Horsemage" thread. It is interesting that it took several days for the "over-limit" original "Dragon Slayers'" thread to drop off the end, but within a day the somehow offensive, been-there-for-almost-a-year HM thread got dumped. I guess it is a mistake to snuff dragons. Let's try again...

File: LuckyFindArrowed.jpg -(142119 B, 1024x744)
142119 142119 No.30461 - Link Reply Report 30461 2

yes...more dragons. they shouldn't be left out

File: deathtopirates.jpg -(116214 B, 730x768)
116214 116214 No.30462 - Link Reply Report 30462 2

Just so long as all those who oppose get their way; let's try not to offend all the gentle dragons or horses out there who just by chance happen to stumble by Fchan: Alternative Hard nonetheless expecting something other than many different people, all with many, sometimes vastly different interests all related to pornography.

No.30465 - Link Reply Report 30465 2


Is there a website where you post your newest art? Just wondering in case this thread takes another dive.

No.30508 - Link Reply Report 30508 2

Welcome back HorseMage thread.

No.30544 - Link Reply Report 30544 2


Indeed. All it needs now is content like the last thread.

File: ah_1315067728740.jpg -(89359 B, 378x768)
89359 89359 No.30564 - Link Reply Report 30564 2
File: ah_1315320326452.jpg -(219374 B, 1024x768)
219374 219374 No.30640 - Link Reply Report 30640 2
No.30749 - Link Reply Report 30749 2

there's got to be more

No.30766 - Link Reply Report 30766 2


They're only one person. Besides, they said they were busy drawing some stuff before the last thread went away.

File: TargetNeutralized01.jpg -(104993 B, 1200x852)
104993 104993 No.30767 - Link Reply Report 30767 2

Hi, I haven't finished this request by a fur for a dragon taken out by a jet fighter, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to completing it, so...here you go! New content! I hope the requester at least likes the direction I'm going with this one.

No.30770 - Link Reply Report 30770 2

Fucking great....just fucking great.=^^=

No.30776 - Link Reply Report 30776 2


It looks good. Only thing aside from completion I think....is that maybe a few chunks from the cock among other things should be flying off from being blasted from others offscreen.

No.30777 - Link Reply Report 30777 2


No.30783 - Link Reply Report 30783 2

>>30767 You should draw that dead swan next then, since you're already done two dragon images.

File: SlumpedGiraffe.jpg -(55415 B, 558x768)
55415 55415 No.30887 - Link Reply Report 30887 2

Hey HorseMage, do you have an active e-mail account? I was thinking of maybe contacting you personally so I could share some ideas I have with you. If you don't mind, of course.

File: LionTastesZebraMare01.jpg -(58492 B, 793x495)
58492 58492 No.31035 - Link Reply Report 31035 2

I'll add some rarities again from my personal stash. Number one.

File: LionDoesZebraMare01.jpg -(68685 B, 699x573)
68685 68685 No.31036 - Link Reply Report 31036 2

>>31035 I'll add some rarities again from my personal stash. Number two.

No.31059 - Link Reply Report 31059 2


no offence but id doubt he'd give his email out to some looser, and post it publicly here of all places, thats asking for troll spam

No.31060 - Link Reply Report 31060 2


Very nice work once again Horsemage!

File: ShortDropTaut.jpg -(66338 B, 331x768)
66338 66338 No.31490 - Link Reply Report 31490 2

I have this one labeled "ShortDrop" in my collection. Here's the next "frame" in the story. In black and white, unfortunately.

File: doeslastbjce.jpg -(98286 B, 1416x982)
98286 98286 No.32122 - Link Reply Report 32122 2
File: slumpedmare02.jpg -(66148 B, 1024x613)
66148 66148 No.32362 - Link Reply Report 32362 2


No.32451 - Link Reply Report 32451 2

>>32442 Wrong thread mate.

File: StringHerUp.jpg -(48299 B, 628x768)
48299 48299 No.32848 - Link Reply Report 32848 2

>>32451 Nope, right thread. Some of horsemages pics involve hangings and stranglings.

File: LateGuest.jpg -(117330 B, 336x744)
117330 117330 No.33041 - Link Reply Report 33041 2

This giraffe showed up late once too often. Now she is permanently late.

File: DoeAndStudShafted.jpg -(94622 B, 1024x594)
94622 94622 No.33524 - Link Reply Report 33524 2
File: PinCushionedPirateMareB.gif -(7021 B, 548x653)
7021 7021 No.33544 - Link Reply Report 33544 2

I have no idea whether or not this is HM, but it looks a lot like it.

No.33572 - Link Reply Report 33572 2

I wonder where Horsemage has got to, no new art from him in a while. Horsemage, if you can see this - please draw more dead goats, big birds and other sexy creatures you draw so well!

File: ah_1325515055295.jpg -(79600 B, 640x768)
79600 79600 No.33633 - Link Reply Report 33633 2

I'll add another image from my collection to keep this going as well. A beautiful, dead doe lays still and limp in a creek.

No.33854 - Link Reply Report 33854 2

wish he did canines especially huskys

File: ah_1327694541788.jpg -(129249 B, 957x1335)
129249 129249 No.34011 - Link Reply Report 34011 2

I wish he drew anything more at all. So I'll keep this alive until Horsemage returns with some colored and partly colored art from my stockpile. First a delightful doe head shot. I rather like the expression on her muzzle.

File: Dolphin_s_Prize_Mated05lighter-150dpiHjhcoloredNECKwOUNDa.jpg -(57733 B, 784x738)
57733 57733 No.34301 - Link Reply Report 34301 2
File: RopeNRide.jpg -(90112 B, 672x768)
90112 90112 No.34556 - Link Reply Report 34556 2

A mare getting a last yiff while being strangled. Who knows, maybe she even enjoys it.

File: ah_1330875622026.jpg -(43721 B, 315x888)
43721 43721 No.34650 - Link Reply Report 34650 2
Source: www.horsemageart.clan.su

I will add another drawing of what seems to be a drowned dolphin from my little stash of Horse Mage art. I wish he would return to drawing though, I'm running out of original content to post.

File: SkyDivingMare01Negt_Furnation.jpg -(19519 B, 633x371)
19519 19519 No.35135 - Link Reply Report 35135 2
Source: www.horsemageart.clan.su

Behold, a hyper-rare sketch from HorseMage salvaged from the deepest part of the forgotten Internets. Looks to be a leaping mare.

File: HM-Gadget-HerKillerTomatoPrelim01.jpg -(68325 B, 587x768)
68325 68325 No.35214 - Link Reply Report 35214 2
Source: www.horsemageart.clan.su

And here's another image salvaged from Usenet. Looks like that tomato plant likes mice for dinner :) I have a few more in store in case this thread gets forgotten, but I really wish Horse Mage himself would return. He has a growing fan club, that I'm not so sure he knows about.

File: itstime1.jpg -(220274 B, 551x800)
220274 220274 No.35733 - Link Reply Report 35733 2
No.35759 - Link Reply Report 35759 2

>>35733 I don't believe that is Horsemage. I believe this image was drawn by Krahnos. But it's still a great equine noosing drawing.

File: BunnyBod-Loser.jpg -(48798 B, 1024x625)
48798 48798 No.35811 - Link Reply Report 35811 2
Source: http://horsemageart.clan.su/photo/3-0-40-3

I'll add a rare one with that delightful female arrowed bunny corpse. It has some blotches of color as well. I can't quite remember where I found that one. But I had it on Horsemageart for safekeeping.

File: Lola-HareNetted.jpg -(40443 B, 270x768)
40443 40443 No.36264 - Link Reply Report 36264 2
No.36578 - Link Reply Report 36578 2

any chance you take commissions, HorseMage? figured I may as well as ask, can't seem to find any other contact method

File: deadgecko.jpg -(76662 B, 1020x768)
76662 76662 No.36618 - Link Reply Report 36618 2
File: ah_1336850665972.jpg -(118347 B, 1010x768)
118347 118347 No.36619 - Link Reply Report 36619 2
File: ah_1336850691279.jpg -(61983 B, 1024x670)
61983 61983 No.36620 - Link Reply Report 36620 2
File: ah_1336850735084.jpg -(56264 B, 1024x670)
56264 56264 No.36621 - Link Reply Report 36621 2
No.36649 - Link Reply Report 36649 2

>>32122 wow i remember requesting that

File: ah_1338298244623.jpg -(12536 B, 225x500)
12536 12536 No.37064 - Link Reply Report 37064 2
File: ah_1340286002696.jpg -(15744 B, 408x500)
15744 15744 No.37831 - Link Reply Report 37831 2

Sometimes ya just gotta hang your mare.

No.37836 - Link Reply Report 37836 2

>>37831 Watch her kick kick kick in that handsome noose :P Hey HorseMage! Open up for commissions at least, I am sure there will be a queue of furs wanting to snag a piece of your delightfully beautiful art.

No.38790 - Link Reply Report 38790 2

Hi, I am willing to attempt such, but PayPal is not interested in playing with our particular interests. I've not been able to figure out how to get paid. :)

No.38837 - Link Reply Report 38837 2

>>38790 AlertPay perhaps? Have an Inkbunny page (since InkBunny feels safer and allows cub snuff art ;) which could bring in larger amounts for the 'specialty' of the theme drawn)/ You could set up a journal there describing your prices and commission terms and list your AlertPay address. I've never used AlertPay myself, but then again. I don't draw sexy dead hoofies either.

File: DangerousDragonDick.jpg -(84316 B, 1152x919)
84316 84316 No.39114 - Link Reply Report 39114 2

This thread needs more Horsemage.

File: RopeNRide08gamma.jpg -(68475 B, 747x768)
68475 68475 No.39602 - Link Reply Report 39602 2
File: Lola_Bunny_Looney_Tunes_space_jam_warner_brothers.jpg -(76274 B, 809x768)
76274 76274 No.40233 - Link Reply Report 40233 2
File: Striped_Dancer.jpg -(112795 B, 338x1000)
112795 112795 No.40234 - Link Reply Report 40234 2
No.40528 - Link Reply Report 40528 2

Horsemage please return. We need you!

No.40536 - Link Reply Report 40536 2

>>40528 Hi. What is it that we need?

No.40537 - Link Reply Report 40537 2

>>40536 More drawings -- especially hangings.

File: GryphonessAshore01rot_shade.jpg -(96714 B, 1024x765)
96714 96714 No.40542 - Link Reply Report 40542 2

>>40536 I believe something with swans perhaps. As I've mentioned earlier. Perhaps a beautifully hung (possibly feral) swan female. That loooong and pretty neck all stretched out. Go wild with the floppy tongue (we know you love floppy drooly tongues :P) If you feel like going toony you could probably draw a nicely splayed and shot (gypsy?) goat of any gender. Those are far too rare to see. But most important is that you enjoy drawing anything you desire and won't let the request givers overwhelm you :) Have you thought about my suggestion of opening for snuff commissions? I am sure many furs would like to see that. But then again I'd like to ask for permission to keep hosting the collection of your art at the link in this message. I believe it's the fullest collection of your and related art online.

Adding up is a variation of a drawing above. Sweet and sexy dead avian this time with wings and shading.

PS! Apologies for the wall of text.

No.40560 - Link Reply Report 40560 2

be nice to see a male version of AsphyxiaMare_sRump-pencil.jpg and ah_1336850665972.jpg

No.40565 - Link Reply Report 40565 2

>>40537 Hmm... A sturdy garrotte-chair, the victim squirming as the iron collar tightens so slowly?

No.40909 - Link Reply Report 40909 2

More dead feral types? More canines? More "drippy" dead?

No.40950 - Link Reply Report 40950 2


more large, dead, predatory types. Gryphons, Dragons, etc

No.40954 - Link Reply Report 40954 2

What about some dinosaurs? Or something.

File: HuntressHunted-aftermath.jpg -(112476 B, 1024x668)
112476 112476 No.40964 - Link Reply Report 40964 2

>>30422 Try not to bumplimit this thread. Post relevant images as this sexy one. Horsemage seems to ignore us anyways :(

No.40985 - Link Reply Report 40985 2

I would too if everyone stared whining every time I took a small lapse from drawing stuff for free....

No.41066 - Link Reply Report 41066 2
>40985 It's also possible those in question are sorta broken and horsemage isn't the only one that tends to shy away from them.
No.41247 - Link Reply Report 41247 2

How about more dead/dying males, to balance out the gender ratio a bit? There's currently about a 5:1 ratio of females to males in this thread, and that's not counting the different/unfinished variants or the same characters.

File: FinalYiff_sDependents.jpg -(90497 B, 373x768)
90497 90497 No.41643 - Link Reply Report 41643 2

Bet they had a good time.

File: Collab01.gif -(45679 B, 822x505)
45679 45679 No.42024 - Link Reply Report 42024 2

A collaboration. Not sure who drew the horse and the gryphon...

File: HM-HerLastAct.jpg -(65529 B, 447x768)
65529 65529 No.42716 - Link Reply Report 42716 2

Lady giraffe expressing her opinion of the execution protocol.

File: SexKabob.jpg -(70148 B, 1024x697)
70148 70148 No.43525 - Link Reply Report 43525 2
File: SheWonders-Pencil.jpg -(85160 B, 569x768)
85160 85160 No.44049 - Link Reply Report 44049 2

This is the last of my Horsemage collection. Any additional will have to come from somebody else.

File: PreliminaryKillerKilled01.jpg -(58934 B, 600x883)
58934 58934 No.47121 - Link Reply Report 47121 2
File: GadgetsNudeCorpse-RumpView-.jpg -(80190 B, 1024x378)
80190 80190 No.47651 - Link Reply Report 47651 2
File: LolaLimplyProne01u.jpg -(27032 B, 1024x337)
27032 27032 No.47769 - Link Reply Report 47769 2
Source: Guess

Hi there. This stupid upload mech is not working. Keeps telling me "too many characters in text field" Not sure, but I think it wanted me to say something down here.

File: GadgetsNudeCorpse_med_anonib.jpg -(66249 B, 600x303)
66249 66249 No.47773 - Link Reply Report 47773 2

>>47769 Hot damn! That has been the one I was missing for a long time.(and hopefully I don't get in trouble for posting another Gadget...come on Mods...it's totally Horsemage!)

File: Lola_DownAndLimp.jpg -(213303 B, 1660x546)
213303 213303 No.47779 - Link Reply Report 47779 2

>>47773 Glad you like her! I'll upload the series of mods I did before I sent out the final version.

No.47867 - Link Reply Report 47867 2

Hey there HorseMage! I believe I was the one who made that thread, which unintentionally seemed to have set off some sort of drama. Considering my fursona is a dragon himself, albeit more serpentine than most, it baffles me why anyone would think that I hate them. Is a fellow mythological beast not allowed to fantasize his kin being all dead and limp, especially if he finds them sexually attractive? My interest in dead creatures might seem odd, but I never intended to offend anyone by creating that thread. People really need to stop and think before they come to any hasty conclusions.

I also apparently made some silly goose upset enough to try impersonating me in >>31060. To that person and any others I may have offended, I would advise you to not get so sensitive regarding this sort of subject, and think about what I really had going on in mind before being rash and jumping to conclusions. I merely made that thread because I found the number of snuff and death-related things involving dragons on the receiving end to be rather lacking. I will admit the title I decided for the thread, along with the accompaning text in the post, probably didn't help matters much, and I could've gone for something better. It was meant to be a joke, but I guess some found it less than amusing.

Anyway, I wanted to ask you something! I only recall you ever doing a single pic of a dolphin anthro, which is in this very thread. What if I suggested for you to draw another one, washed up on the sandy shores of the beach? While dolphins are at home under the seas, they still need to come up for air every once in a while. Maybe this one had swam too deep and couldn't make it back up to the surface in time? Or perhaps she thought the idea of asphyxiation to be quite arousing, and simply was too absorbed into the throes of pleasure to take notice of her air supply being blocked off by seawater, reacting too late to save herself and indulge in more of such perilous, yet hot private time later down the watery road? Whether the true cause of her death was, she was now just some corpse stranded on the beach, the waves having carried her beautiful drowned body ashore.

Of course, you do not have to take my suggestion into consideration. I understand you're quite busy these days, and maybe you'd rather prefer to be paid to illustrate any ideas from others. Or are burnt out on artwork, particularly any involving death. But I think a little deviance from all the ungulates you've drawn wouldn't hurt!

No.48610 - Link Reply Report 48610 2

HorseMage, have you ever drawn drowning? I would like to see some sometime.

File: old_hm_threads.png -(6878 B, 625x130)
6878 6878 No.48701 - Link Reply Report 48701 2

While looking for something else, I came across some old Horsemage threads. The images however, are offline. I see some file names with Lola, Sally, and Gadget in them. I hope they get reposted someday. For someone that has art going back to the 90s, where did this artist originally share their images? Have they drawn any other cartoons besides the ones mentioned?

If there are more HM threads in the archive, I can't find them. Links posted in the image, as posting direct links here is currently not allowed.

No.48725 - Link Reply Report 48725 2

>>48701 I believe it all started out like most Internet Pr0nz. Newsboards. YOu can grab an archive, if any news servers are still online. Not quite sure of the correct addy though. Most of his Gadget pics are tame and don't fit /ah but Toon.

File: Dolphin_WashedAshore_002.jpg -(150161 B, 1200x887)
150161 150161 No.48771 - Link Reply Report 48771 2

I admit the concept to be intriguing. I've always wanted to try and make an anthro dolphin look good. It is hard to make that tail/leg thing work. I have several more sketches that I am playing with. Thanks for the idea, Visimar.

I wrote a little story about how she gets taken by a shark who has a thing for mammals.

No.48778 - Link Reply Report 48778 2

Ooh, nice! I like how her butt is sticking upwards. Provides a nice view, or it would if she was facing towards the shore. :P

You mentioned that a shark has taken her. I remember in one of your pics that a shark chomped out the throat of a drowned mare. Is there going to be a version that's similarly bloody/gory?

No.48790 - Link Reply Report 48790 2

>>48771 Nice to see you again Horsemage! We were starting to think you had perished. Have you given any thoughts of further avian snuffage? Nothing conveys beauty and gentleness more, then a large dead bird! Perished at the prime of its life!

No.48797 - Link Reply Report 48797 2

Unlike many of my subjects, I'm still kicking. Thanks. I may draw some crows, ravens (Love the black glossy bodies) or blue jays. Not sure about your swan, but maybe I'll try a couple of sketches.

File: Dolphin_WashedAshore_Ventral001.jpg -(137241 B, 636x1079)
137241 137241 No.48798 - Link Reply Report 48798 2

I like that pose very much! :) I'll have to see if I can make the hind view interesting. Here are a couple of sketches, very rough, but I thought you might like to see how my stuff evolves. It takes me literally hours to do some of these sketches. This one has about an hour and a half into it. I may make a version of this one less than washed ashore as I think she might turn out cute.

File: Dolphin_WashedAshore_Ventral001noShade.jpg -(139564 B, 636x1079)
139564 139564 No.48799 - Link Reply Report 48799 2


No.48800 - Link Reply Report 48800 2

Hmm...birds?...that would be the cat's ass!

No.48801 - Link Reply Report 48801 2

>>48797 That would be awesome! :)

PS! You would have a field day of inspiration with Goat Simulator! So much limp floppyness with goats and giraffes all around! Very suggestive!

I also really like how natural and flowing your aquatic forms come out! Dolphins surely have long tongues to display as well. You're the Master of drawing reaslisticly looking dead tongues of all forms and shapes.

No.48809 - Link Reply Report 48809 2

Someone's going to have quite a surprise when they find her exposed like that while on a stroll! Maybe even a pleasant one if they're into dead bodies. :D

Yes, I would very much like to see a hind view of >>48771 if you can pull it off. Nothing makes me more happy if I get to see a good butt shot.

As far as species suggestions go, have you ever considered Pokémon? They aren't allowed here in /ah since they're considered toon characters (a rule that I think is a bit pointless, especially since I've seen more whining about that material in /toon than I ever did in /ah), but there are a few I think you might like. There aren't enough images of them laying around in a state a lot of the subjects in this thread are. You can always look through the list of them on Bulbapedia to see if there's any you like.

File: Dolphin_WashedAshore_Tail001.jpg -(87109 B, 918x590)
87109 87109 No.48811 - Link Reply Report 48811 2

Thanks. Yes, I would be very happy to find such dolphiness awash. I'd actually prefer her alive and happy and we could go out to eat sushi and she' d fall in love with my witty self, and ....

But sadly, such delightful anthros do not exist, but happily since we are now in fantasy land...*The stud trots up to her and lifts her head. He presses his warm lips to her cold, slick ones. He strokes her slippery body...

This hind view is not too bad IMHO. It is was not at all easy for me to compose this view, but after a few starts that were discarded, I think she looks believable. And perhaps mate-able?

No.48812 - Link Reply Report 48812 2

>>48811 Such a wonderful drawing. Your attention to detail is impeccable. Dat tongue <333 Although there's something about her feet that makes my logic sense tingle :) Going to add this to my vast collection of HM drawings :)

Congratulations Horsemage! It seems you have gathered some worshippers here.

File: Dolphin_WashedAshore_Ventral003a.jpg -(143588 B, 1106x1200)
143588 143588 No.48814 - Link Reply Report 48814 2
Source: Me.

Over the last few hours, the waves have been washing her sleek, slippery body. Sands shift beneath her. An arm is buried, a fluke is fluttered, her head nods in the current. She sinks and twists in the receding waters as the tide slides away. The early sun rises and sweeps over her glossy body embedded in the virgin sands of low tide.

No.48826 - Link Reply Report 48826 2

>>48814 Another lovely image, quite Dali-eque if you ask me :) Wouldn't mind stumbling over her fresh body. But the hot summer sun would lead to quite unpleasent consequences soon I am afraid. That and Birds of Prey ;)

File: Dolphin_WashedAshore_Ventral004smallerB.jpg -(279821 B, 913x1063)
279821 279821 No.48859 - Link Reply Report 48859 2
Source: Me


No.48900 - Link Reply Report 48900 2

>>48859 Today is the National draw a bird Day! Please draw a dead bird Horsemage!

Someting that shows off all its beauty in a splayed and sprawled position. Curled talons, gaping beak with a lollign tongue. You know how to do the magic Horsemage! Ventral, since it's one of your fave positions for dead thigns to be in. Would love to see its vent showing signs of good use and leakage. Your fluids just looks so deliciously gooey :D

No.48901 - Link Reply Report 48901 2

>>48859 Woot!

No.48902 - Link Reply Report 48902 2

>>35811 This is one of my favorite pictures Horsemage has done. The insinuated backstory of the character (and her failure to do whatever it is she was supposed to do) has always intrigued me. Would love to see more of the character someday.

No.48921 - Link Reply Report 48921 2

>>48902 Thank you. She is one of my favs as well. When I started drawing her, she was going to be Lola Bunny, but I never released her with that title and was kind of happy with her as her own character. I wrote a short story about pirates attacking a ship. She was the heroine who was slaying port & starboard to save the ship. Sadly, someone had a crossbow. She fell onto a pile of her slain foes and fallen shipmates. She then got molested by I believe a lioness for a short time before dying. The drawing is of her on the pile that is why she is mildly bent backwards. I was going to draw other creatures under her, but never did.

No.48926 - Link Reply Report 48926 2

HM, please see

No.48928 - Link Reply Report 48928 2

>>48921 Oh wow, so there is a written story behind it? Would love to read that sometime -- is it posted up anywhere? Have you ever thought of returning to the character?

No.49476 - Link Reply Report 49476 2

Bok Bok. You dead hoss?

File: lionshar.jpg -(87225 B, 800x474)
87225 87225 No.49490 - Link Reply Report 49490 2
No.49500 - Link Reply Report 49500 2

>>49490 Darn HorseMage was awesome, back when I wore diapers >< Such a sexy dead Zebra being unfed. Great anatomy and pose knowledge as well.

No.49506 - Link Reply Report 49506 2




No.49508 - Link Reply Report 49508 2

Well, that is very kind of you to say, Goblin. Thanks!

No.49509 - Link Reply Report 49509 2

Hi, I would actually like to post quite a few stories I have written, but I am not sure where they would be welcome as they are generally back-stories of my drawings. Another problem is that they are not all polished "beginning/body/end". Most are very short snippets of the situation. Also, I don't see in the rules that we are allowed to post text here.

No.49511 - Link Reply Report 49511 2

>>49509 Is that you HorseMage? I think this is an image-only board. but you would always be welcome to start a story account on InkBunny. I would definitely insta-watch you! There are other places as well, but I feel InkBunny allows the most likes, underage including. I've yet to see an actual underage drawing from HorseMage. perhaps he doesn't enjoy such topics. But there are plenty of cases where in Nature the young die, well... Young :P

No.49549 - Link Reply Report 49549 2


It's already a legal stretch being into what some of us are into. Don't push your luck Goblin.

No.49554 - Link Reply Report 49554 2

Necro anal horse mutilation, and then someone mentions InkBunny and everyone faints?

No.49561 - Link Reply Report 49561 2

>>49549 Hold onto your eggs roosterhen. I was referring to drawn cubs. Which so far have to be outlawed in any sane society. Bok!

No.49607 - Link Reply Report 49607 2


"Babyfurs that are not clearly adult, and Cub art, will not be tolerated."

It says it right at the top of the page. Even if it's not illegal, it's not allowed on the site.

No.49611 - Link Reply Report 49611 2

>>49607 We are fucking discussing InkBunny right now, where HorseMage could place any story he'd like to. Go back and read some more, you stupid rooster.

No.49618 - Link Reply Report 49618 2

....Really guys..?

No.49759 - Link Reply Report 49759 2

>>49509 I have seen stories posted here, but it's not exactly convenient. What you do is use your favorite tool to put the text of the story into an image, then post the image.

No.49868 - Link Reply Report 49868 2

We need more of your art HorseMage!

No.50168 - Link Reply Report 50168 2

Horsemage id love to see a dead stallion or two bodys stiff from rigormortis

No.50172 - Link Reply Report 50172 2

>>50168 We would all like to see that. He just doesn't enjoy replying more then once a month.

What would you do to those handsome perished ferals?

No.50417 - Link Reply Report 50417 2

Hey HorseMage, didn't you did a couple of doodle for me involving myself and a dead gryphoness a while back? Think you could post them here? I'd do it myself, but both my desktop and laptop are dead and I can't upload anything with what I'm using to access the web right now.

Also, could you or someone else post the "DoeSlumpedBeforeTheMast" image? I remember the filename, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

I agree with this, if only because there needs to be more dead males. Not that I'm complaining about the ladies, of course! I just think that the ratio of females to males needs to be a bit more balanced.

(Not bumping due to no content, for the reason explained above)

No.50418 - Link Reply Report 50418 2

Oh, I almost forgot to comment on >>48811 and >>48859!


Now that is a view I can get behind! Definitely some hindquarters I wouldn't mind squeezing, and maybe do other things to as well...


...oh my. I think this might be better than the previous one I commented on. Well done!

File: DoeSlumpedBeforeTheMast.jpg -(50573 B, 806x768)
50573 50573 No.50436 - Link Reply Report 50436 2


File: lionshar.jpg -(87225 B, 800x474)
87225 87225 No.50902 - Link Reply Report 50902 2

bump for this

File: 2.jpg -(27085 B, 336x744)
27085 27085 No.51595 - Link Reply Report 51595 2

Bump for new images.

File: 1.jpg -(97464 B, 1600x1034)
97464 97464 No.51596 - Link Reply Report 51596 2
No.51698 - Link Reply Report 51698 2


oh i hope you do! I'd love to see you do some anthro corvids, male or female!

No.51700 - Link Reply Report 51700 2


Probably should have checked out RedRoosters art on FA, though that gallery is gone now. Lot of bird stuff in there.

No.51701 - Link Reply Report 51701 2


Probably should have checked out RedRoosters art on FA, though that gallery is gone now. Lot of bird stuff in there.

No.51925 - Link Reply Report 51925 2

>>51596 That is dipingxiantr (however the name is spelled) Although similar topic, it's not drawn by Horsemage!

Horsemage are you around? Have you forgotten about your fanboys? :D

File: ah_1419190726943.jpg -(50171 B, 1024x582)
50171 50171 No.52328 - Link Reply Report 52328 2
File: ah_1419190898539.jpg -(49559 B, 1024x625)
49559 49559 No.52329 - Link Reply Report 52329 2
File: 1415981864522__Lola-HareNetted.jpg -(85463 B, 270x768)
85463 85463 No.52330 - Link Reply Report 52330 2
File: ah_1419191362972.jpg -(56801 B, 703x1027)
56801 56801 No.52331 - Link Reply Report 52331 2
File: ah_1419964528718.jpg -(80758 B, 1024x663)
80758 80758 No.52463 - Link Reply Report 52463 2

Nevermind, I've got a new laptop now. I can upload them myself.

Aye, that be the one I was looking for. Thanks!

File: ah_1419964576999.jpg -(80916 B, 1024x732)
80916 80916 No.52464 - Link Reply Report 52464 2


No.53222 - Link Reply Report 53222 2

This person really needs to offer up a zipped archive of their works, because you can't really find much of anything of theirs anywhere.

No.53783 - Link Reply Report 53783 2

Don't go away yet....

File: dead_furry_491.jpg -(50062 B, 851x768)
50062 50062 No.53938 - Link Reply Report 53938 2

Where you hiding the pussy Charles?!?

No.54229 - Link Reply Report 54229 2

Is gurochan offline again?
There was a Horsemage thread there that had some images that were not posted here. I didn't save them yet. :/

No.54787 - Link Reply Report 54787 2

Came back online a while ago.
As for the artist, Id wish they return here and post more.

File: ah_1442433438274.jpg -(92673 B, 1128x768)
92673 92673 No.54799 - Link Reply Report 54799 2

No worries, I got you covered. I'll try to post them a few days between each one - don't want the thread to disappear prematurely because everything was posted at once.

I still wish there was a follow-up to this image. Be interesting to see what the dragon has planned for the limp mare...

File: ah_1442986430806.jpg -(75223 B, 495x768)
75223 75223 No.54842 - Link Reply Report 54842 2
File: LionessSnuffsZebMare005a.jpg -(298916 B, 1280x950)
298916 298916 No.54888 - Link Reply Report 54888 2
Source: HorseMage

Lioness takes down a healthy zebra mare. She flops out all sprawly and limp as the lioness makes damn sure the zebra will not be getting back up soon. Stay away from her kill! Finally something new from me. These two are supposed to be on smooth boulders at the base of a waterfall. The mare was bathing behind the curtains of the waterfall when a strong paw yanked her out into the sun. Her last view of it was as she was grunting out her life, kicking and thrashing. Then very, very limp and twitchy.

No.54914 - Link Reply Report 54914 2

>>54888 How wonderful that you return with gifts! Tell me, where do you get all that inspiration from? Your dead hoofers and the poses they die in are highly arousing!

No.54917 - Link Reply Report 54917 2

>>54914 Thank you very much for your kind comments. To tell you the truth, on this one I had not drawn anything for months. I just started drawing zebra legs and the rest of her all limp and interesting just evolved from that. The lioness was not intended, but once I had the zebra mare sketched out, I thought about how she had died. The thought of a lioness taking her down appealed to me, and has done so over several stories I have written. Her pose is supposed to be atop rocks in a pool at the base of a waterfall. The song "Geronimo" is actually the inspiration for a zebra mare bathing behind "the curtains of the waterfall". You might find it interesting that I had no reference images for the mare. She is all made out of my overly fevered brain. The lioness I had to look at images of RL lionesses and a couple of other artists' versions to make her out. A quick search for "lion's claws" helped me to realize that lions' claws are laterally compressed. Too much info? :)

No.54974 - Link Reply Report 54974 2

>>54917 Wow, thanks for the explanation! It all makes sense now! <3 Looking forward to more lovely sprawl-art from you and that silly brain of yours!

No.55693 - Link Reply Report 55693 2

HM, please read.

No.56542 - Link Reply Report 56542 2

Hey, what's this thread doing near the end of the thread list? Methinks it needs a.little nudge to keep it from disappearing!

So HorseMage, do you have any other doodles planned?

No.56602 - Link Reply Report 56602 2

>>56542 I am certainly being inspired by Zootopia and Judy/Nick's prey/predator relationship. Sadly, I love Officer Hopps so much that I can't bring myself to "horsemage" her. Though I would certainly enjoy "Horsemaging" her. Yumm! Anyway, I may be forced to draw cute, generally acceptable Judy Hopps art! shudder

No.56699 - Link Reply Report 56699 2

Tame bunny artwork? Who are you and what have you done with HorseMage!?

Joking aside, I wouldn't mind seeing a few pics of her, even if they aren't the same kind as the rest of the art here. Can't always draw snuff, after all!

Speaking of which, any species you might be interested in giving the "HorseMage" touch to?

File: ah_1471375285015.horsemage_jennysbeachday.jpg -(89949 B, 665x1280)
89949 89949 No.57413 - Link Reply Report 57413 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20852981/

There's also a story to go along with this one. You can find it in the scraps section on Horsemage's FA.

No.57414 - Link Reply Report 57414 2

Hey! You save me! :) Thanks for dredging my thread from oblivion! :) :) :)

No.57422 - Link Reply Report 57422 2

How about giving the Horsemage treatment to the pop singer, Gazelle?

No.57436 - Link Reply Report 57436 2

>>57422 How serendipitous that the subject of gazelle, not Gazelle, happens to be intensely explored in my stories and Dot-Matrix's drawings over on Furaffinity at this very moment! :) Thanks for the suggestion. I have to admit that Gazelle's tall sexy body would be ideal for a bit of HorseMage'ing. Take care.

No.59910 - Link Reply Report 59910 2

Wouldn't mind seeing more dick impalement pics.
Maybe a doe this time?

No.61085 - Link Reply Report 61085 2

Is there any place they posts new conten/still post, Idk where although I'd like to know.

No.61089 - Link Reply Report 61089 2

>>61085 Hello. Thanks for asking. I hide over here:

No.61986 - Link Reply Report 61986 2

>>61089 Thanks anon

No.62490 - Link Reply Report 62490 2

I just wanna say yall are doing gods work here, I hope this thread stays active another 10 years!