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Pictures of the really hardcore stuff and that which squicks the majority of the fandom (guro, non-consentual, rape, scat, violence, vore, watersports, drug use, etc.)
Babyfurs that are not clearly adult, and Cub art, will not be tolerated.

Art that contains toon character and /ah-related themes does in fact belong in /toon. Also note clarification in /toon description and: http://fchan.us/read.php/faq/1238098153/

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[-] [+] No.36067
File: 9417_-_canine-chinese-circumcised-contemplative-dodedo-flaccid-hi_res-male-ming-nude-paintbrush-penis-shadowzero20-solo-wolf__1.jpg -(2371528 B, 3214x2256)
2371528 2371528 No.36067 36067 1

Furries that are actually undergoing a circumcision.
I can't find any circumcisions, I can find castrations so there must be some circumcisions out there

No.36078 - Link Reply Report 36078 2

This is a very Niche fetish. I think art of this exists. But it is very rare.

File: ah_1335186370383.corwyn_crw-slavemark1_web.jpg -(216078 B, 915x700)
216078 216078 No.36089 - Link Reply Report 36089 2
File: ah_1335186411454.aggrobadger_pic8.png -(545612 B, 1000x1000)
545612 545612 No.36090 - Link Reply Report 36090 2
File: ah_1335186445226.jyno_noble-cut.jpg -(336351 B, 900x622)
336351 336351 No.36091 - Link Reply Report 36091 2
File: ah_1335186487637.gamma-g_baku.jpg -(219711 B, 500x500)
219711 219711 No.36092 - Link Reply Report 36092 2

Could only find four, sorry. Love this thread though.

No.36096 - Link Reply Report 36096 2

>>36092 Thanks so much! I really hope there's more out there

No.36112 - Link Reply Report 36112 2


No.36117 - Link Reply Report 36117 2

Very much want to see more of this thread. All hail the fixed cock!

No.36118 - Link Reply Report 36118 2

If you want it that bad, commission some of your own.

No.36126 - Link Reply Report 36126 2

You mean the broken cock.

No.36133 - Link Reply Report 36133 2

>>36126 90% of people in america are circumcised. it's surprising how many people don't even know what it is.

No.36138 - Link Reply Report 36138 2

This number is not true... even if you don't count women as people.

But it's still a high number. And precisely for that reason, it's not surprising that people are ignorant: it's just "normal", they don't give it a thought. Also, even if you try, it's hard to think about it, because you'd have to come to terms with the fact that your genitals have been mutilated, that your body is incomplete, that your sexual capacity has been hampered, and worst of all, that your parents and your doctors have allowed harm to come to you.

Me, I'm all for a return to Hadrian's law: a total ban under penalty of death.

No.36141 - Link Reply Report 36141 2


Circumcision these days isn't even circumcision. Its radical penile reduction.
Circumcision is removal of the overhang past the glans.
The current act of mutilation we do is not Circumcision.

No.36142 - Link Reply Report 36142 2

The idea is awesome and I'd love to see moar. Irl it's icky.

File: ah_1335304431082.maxximo_alternative.jpg -(121648 B, 777x1280)
121648 121648 No.36143 - Link Reply Report 36143 2

This guy's about to undergo a forced circumcision

No.36144 - Link Reply Report 36144 2

"These days" means for a couple thousand years now. The jewish priests made it more extreme because too many people were performing epispasm to look normal by Roman standards. Can't let people adopt a the superior values of a more refined culture, right?

No.36145 - Link Reply Report 36145 2

>>36133 Not everyone lives in the US; in NZ it's so uncommon I find it exotic and sexy.

No.36159 - Link Reply Report 36159 2

>>36141>>36138 your parents also gave you a belly button. i really doubt it has any effect on length, or anything. some guys would probably rather loose their cock over something like a yeast infection than have a doctor cut a ring of excess skin off it.

shar pei vs greyhound.

No.36160 - Link Reply Report 36160 2

Based off what I've read on medical websites, the odds of losing someone losing his penis to infection because he isn't circumcised is pretty low. Excepting cancer, which sometimes doesn't show immediate signs, a guy would have to ignore signs that something's wrong.

No.36162 - Link Reply Report 36162 2

It's weird how the pro-circumcision people in such discussions often use arguments which are based on a bad hygiene. It's not like you need to get circumcised to start washing yourself...

No.36165 - Link Reply Report 36165 2

>>36160 just using it because it's funny. any woman hears you've had a yeast infection on your cock you can say goodbye. thrush in adults is funny too, and i know what causes it. it's still funny

>>36162 why does the con always complain about their short, dull, and lifeless cock. how their parents let them be mutilated, and (>>36138) should be killed. considering all the people oblivious to what a circumcision even is, i would say that it doesn't matter. if you still have problems you should consult your doctor or something.

No.36168 - Link Reply Report 36168 2

So, about half of the penile skin - including the most erotically sensitive part of it - is an "excess". Riiiight.

And you see, you're far more likely to lose your cock altogether with of a circumcision botch than due to any other condition that it is claimed (with zilch evidence) to prevent.

As if that is not enough: about a hundred baby boys die every year in the USA alone, due to circumcision.

No.36171 - Link Reply Report 36171 2

If you have a problem, you might indeed have to talk to a doctor, but not for the reason you imagine... I mean, do you think it is any coincidence that the world's top consumers of ViⒶgra are USA and Israel? It's quite obvious, you can't expect an incomplete penis to function as well as a normal one.

And no, I don't mince words. Circumcised = incomplete, mutilated penis. To think otherwise is self-deceit.

No.36174 - Link Reply Report 36174 2

I had myself cut a couple of years ago, by choice,(!!!) and haven't really noticed any loss in pleasure or sexual prowess. Loosing a little sensitivity just increased the amount of stimulation I can tolerate, if anything, it's increased my enjoyment of sex. Then again I had my circumcision done by a plastic surgeon exactly as I wanted it; had I been butchered at birth for no good reason I'd not have got the same result.

No.36175 - Link Reply Report 36175 2

Less chat, more pics, dickheads.

File: ah_1335404111305.sharakolunarwolf_1296428473.constantine_shakowolf.jpg -(637804 B, 1000x889)
637804 637804 No.36176 - Link Reply Report 36176 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5237020/
File: KUMA_Sheathectomy.jpg -(43360 B, 640x489)
43360 43360 No.36184 - Link Reply Report 36184 2
Source: Found it on here.
No.36190 - Link Reply Report 36190 2

>>36176 I love you

File: ah_1335447765204.bamdawg334_comic10003.jpg -(243362 B, 997x1280)
243362 243362 No.36191 - Link Reply Report 36191 2
No.36192 - Link Reply Report 36192 2

Nice stuff!

I've never seen any furry circumcision fetish stuff before.

No.36195 - Link Reply Report 36195 2

It's true. Here's a study showing that:


No.36255 - Link Reply Report 36255 2

One reason circumcisions are still pushed by hospitals in the US is that its not illegal for the removed tissue to be sold to labs for use in medial testing and such.

No.36256 - Link Reply Report 36256 2

Who would be good to commission for this?

No.36323 - Link Reply Report 36323 2

That, and because it's easy money. Here's the numbers:


File: circumWHAT.jpg -(173122 B, 558x800)
173122 173122 No.36327 - Link Reply Report 36327 2

I found this awhile ago thought it was really neat! I wish i had someone to talk to about this kinda thing.. I find it sooo damn hot...

No.36343 - Link Reply Report 36343 2

God that's hot :D

No.36345 - Link Reply Report 36345 2


No.36357 - Link Reply Report 36357 2


Thankyou for posting this.

That is great.

This is like my favourite fetish.

No.36371 - Link Reply Report 36371 2

>>36357>>36357 We should talk then! Its mine too!

File: time.jpg -(118743 B, 1024x882)
118743 118743 No.36383 - Link Reply Report 36383 2
No.36472 - Link Reply Report 36472 2


No.36751 - Link Reply Report 36751 2

>>36176 MOARR

No.36752 - Link Reply Report 36752 2

>>36176 MOARR

No.36868 - Link Reply Report 36868 2


No.36949 - Link Reply Report 36949 2

Where was the Ozzy/Millie-esque image found? :)

No.36993 - Link Reply Report 36993 2

There has to be more stuff out there somewhere.

No.37013 - Link Reply Report 37013 2

I wanna talk to whoever started this thread! There are only like 4 circ-lover furries in the world and I'd LOVE to meet another one!

No.37016 - Link Reply Report 37016 2

Well uhmm... to each its own... I for one am cut and hate it, sadly I got a foreskin fetish and not having one really blows haha, and also I live in Mexico so pretty much everyone of my age is uncut, if I lived in the US I wouldnt feel that bad about it, but I try my best to be at peace with it... there are a few options out there to improve your cut weiner

There's a thing called foreskin restoration and a number of exercises/devices you can use to stretch the remaining skin and eventually look pretty close to being uncut, at least when flaccid hah, later you can have a small surgery to reconstruct the frenulum so the skin keeps your glans covered and doesn't just roll back, I've been doing it for years now and a few guys that have seen me think im uncut hahaha, or atleast get confused and ask if im cut or uncut lol

And there's the other option which is pretty close to being a miracle, www.foregen.org its still in the process of being tested and needs time, experimentation, and MONEY haha to get going, but basically you get re cut around the scar (OH NOES), then a special gel is applied to the open wound, which doesn't allow your body to build scar tissue, and since it cant, the body responds back by rebuilding tissue (like some animals do) and since your body plan is in your genes, even if you were cut as a baby your body builds a new foreskin according to your age and voila, you are now uncut like nothing ever happened, I would love to get this done but apparently its still some years away, hopefully not to many...

No.37022 - Link Reply Report 37022 2

There's a group for it on f-list I think.

What this guy said.
I'm in the US and I feel lucky to have not been. This isn't the place for these type discussions anyway, but there is a foreskin lovers group on f-list that would be better suited for such.

No.37026 - Link Reply Report 37026 2


So what convinced you this was an appropriate place to post your essay? Pics or GTFO.

No.37410 - Link Reply Report 37410 2

Honestly Growthefuckup.

No.37416 - Link Reply Report 37416 2

Why is this so much rarer than castration?

No.37418 - Link Reply Report 37418 2


Circumcision is [1] seen as normal by most USians, jews, muslims, south koreans, and africans, so it's not relevant as fetish material, or [2] seen as child molestation, genital mutilation, and torture by pretty much the whole rest of the fucking world, meaning it's such deep end extreme depravity that few will touch it.

Castration is factually more extreme than circumcision; however, it is far-fetched enough to remain in the "deranged fantasy" field, not usually coming to real life.

File: ah_1340130068421.bamdawg334_comic10003.jpg -(243362 B, 997x1280)
243362 243362 No.37778 - Link Reply Report 37778 2

Not much art on the subject. Seems we're getting to the nitty-gritty at this point :/

No.37779 - Link Reply Report 37779 2

Gah, it was already posted. Sorry about that guys :/

No.38460 - Link Reply Report 38460 2

4th column save!

No.38496 - Link Reply Report 38496 2

Is there anybody that could be comissioned to draw this fetish?

File: ah_1343734512723.corwyn_crw-circumcised_web.jpg -(200358 B, 1024x768)
200358 200358 No.38932 - Link Reply Report 38932 2

circumcision torture

File: ah_1343857338631.corwyn_crw-circumcised_web.jpg -(200358 B, 1024x768)
200358 200358 No.38962 - Link Reply Report 38962 2

a new one

No.39160 - Link Reply Report 39160 2

Bumping for great justice! Does nobody seriously have any more of this?

No.39183 - Link Reply Report 39183 2

Part of the problem here seems to be that pro-circ dudes just don't seem to be as militant, and thus not as ready to type out a response.

The fact is, everyone's dick is different , in how many nerves there are or just flat-out how sensitive. There are those who undergo circumcision as adults for hygienic reasons, yes, but I'd wager there's more who do so simply because they're tired of being oversensitive.

If you were endowed so severely in the sensation department, whether it be from size, density of nerves etc. that you can't perform sex for long enough or your orgasms are so intense they're near-painful, it's a good way to cut down on that (haha wordplay) and maybe fix the majority of the problem without radically changing your size or dimensions.

Personally, I'm an exception here. I'm cut, I'd be interested to have been uncut, but I don't really prefer to be either one... I actually prefer dating guys who're cut, not because I see it as exotic or radical, but I just find the appearance aesthetically appealing, and for that reason more attractive. I won't attempt to say that cut cocks are cleaner, because they're not. I won't say cut cocks don't naturally lose some sensation, because they do. I will say that I, like anyone else, have my own preferences, my own reasons for what they are, and I'm rather tired of this being SUCH a hot-button issue in the furry community.

If you don't like cut, avoid pictures and threads that feature it, date an uncut guy and go about your life. The material's clearly not intended for you.

No.39199 - Link Reply Report 39199 2


From the last stats I say, 1:1000 (or 10,000, foggy memory) uncut guys will opt to get cut as an adult and of those like only 1:10 do so for non-medial reasons. The only argument against it I do make is that you should choose for yourself.

That said, this is a pron board and I wouldn't mind seeing some more. "There is no torture so horrible that a human won't eventually fetishize it."

No.39327 - Link Reply Report 39327 2

It's probably kind of subjective, but I'd say having such extreme over-sensitivity to sexual contact that you end up cutting bits off yourself to cure it probably does count as "for a medical reason"...

No.39819 - Link Reply Report 39819 2

Please more content :)

File: ah_1349144637534.himegoto123_sir_cum_sizer.png.jpg -(137573 B, 1186x1280)
137573 137573 No.40179 - Link Reply Report 40179 2

Alright. This stuff is rare but it's still out there.

File: ah_1368096330097.himegoto123_sir_cum_sizer.png.jpg -(137573 B, 1186x1280)
137573 137573 No.44860 - Link Reply Report 44860 2
File: image.jpg -(389556 B, 2300x2000)
389556 389556 No.51543 - Link Reply Report 51543 2

Found new stuff!

File: image.jpg -(281417 B, 2000x2000)
281417 281417 No.51544 - Link Reply Report 51544 2
File: image.jpg -(462139 B, 3000x1200)
462139 462139 No.51545 - Link Reply Report 51545 2
File: image.jpg -(582779 B, 2000x1800)
582779 582779 No.51546 - Link Reply Report 51546 2
No.51547 - Link Reply Report 51547 2

Too bad there isn't a end result pic of the horse..

File: image.jpg -(89424 B, 516x689)
89424 89424 No.51548 - Link Reply Report 51548 2

Another one

No.53241 - Link Reply Report 53241 2

Who's the artist?

No.53242 - Link Reply Report 53242 2


Sorry, who's the artist?

No.53253 - Link Reply Report 53253 2


I wondered that too. Eventually found that they were commissions for blackponyofdeath by VonRedwing, both on inkbunny.

File: 1085062_Oxide_-_fox_circumcision.png -(454302 B, 1000x777)
454302 454302 No.53354 - Link Reply Report 53354 2
Source: https://inkbunny.net/Vladimir

Seriously, there are a lot of Furry circumcision pictures here:

File: Jullipan_Renamon_Gatomon_circumcision_4000px.png -(1602479 B, 4000x2429)
1602479 1602479 No.53355 - Link Reply Report 53355 2
Source: https://inkbunny.net/Vladimir

oh no, Renamon gets circumcised ;(
Btw Gatomon is not a cub.

File: Badwing_bpd_with_officer.png -(9602997 B, 6000x3300)
9602997 9602997 No.57327 - Link Reply Report 57327 2

Just an image to bump up this thread. This one's adult at least... can't vouch for who uploaded the others. Just check the Inkbunny pages of myself or Badwing.

No.57502 - Link Reply Report 57502 2

Swampwolf on Inkbunny has drawn female circumcision and would probably take any related commissions if there's a need for it.

File: delete.jpg -(136083 B, 850x811)
136083 136083 No.58103 - Link Reply Report 58103 2

She has the clamp on. oouch.

File: clamped.jpg -(149812 B, 850x774)
149812 149812 No.58105 - Link Reply Report 58105 2
File: snipped.jpg -(129179 B, 850x608)
129179 129179 No.58106 - Link Reply Report 58106 2