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Pictures of the really hardcore stuff and that which squicks the majority of the fandom (guro, non-consentual, rape, scat, violence, vore, watersports, drug use, etc.)
Babyfurs that are not clearly adult, and Cub art, will not be tolerated.

Art that contains toon character and /ah-related themes does in fact belong in /toon. Also note clarification in /toon description and: http://fchan.us/read.php/faq/1238098153/

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[-] [+] No.40647
NEW Toilet Slavery Bondage 
File: ah_1350959889691.felixpath_fp_toiletboys001.jpg -(368712 B, 1200x850)
368712 368712 No.40647 40647 1

post furs, female or male, enslaved as living septic tanks. bound tightly and forced through tubes to consume copious amounts of shit and/or piss

this is not a general scat thread, remember. it is a particular scenario, as illustrated by the many pics I will dump (no pun intended).

File: ah_1350959925234.krayne_mat2bcommish1.jpg -(197981 B, 1125x817)
197981 197981 No.40648 - Link Reply Report 40648 2
File: ah_1350959978881.krayne_kaimitsukicommish2.jpg -(227132 B, 1000x1000)
227132 227132 No.40649 - Link Reply Report 40649 2
File: ah_1350960031480.krayne_kaimitsukicommish1b.jpg -(255461 B, 1280x800)
255461 255461 No.40650 - Link Reply Report 40650 2
File: ah_1350960056572.krayne_lizwraptrio.jpg -(180047 B, 695x751)
180047 180047 No.40651 - Link Reply Report 40651 2
File: ah_1350960087995.mat2b_a_night_at_the_club_s_toilet.png -(1247543 B, 1144x808)
1247543 1247543 No.40652 - Link Reply Report 40652 2
File: ah_1350960119667.engineskye_kidnap_page1sm2.jpg -(195274 B, 907x1200)
195274 195274 No.40653 - Link Reply Report 40653 2
File: ah_1350960140006.engineskye_kidnap_page2_sml.jpg -(234904 B, 756x1000)
234904 234904 No.40654 - Link Reply Report 40654 2
File: ah_1350960162185.engineskye_kidnap_finalpanel_fix.jpg -(106824 B, 656x1280)
106824 106824 No.40655 - Link Reply Report 40655 2
File: ah_1350960197828.engineskye_mid.jpg -(183472 B, 466x1200)
183472 183472 No.40656 - Link Reply Report 40656 2
File: 244y6b9.jpg -(97981 B, 1200x905)
97981 97981 No.40657 - Link Reply Report 40657 2
File: LooqDrake_looq_zombiecat_fuelunit_color2_male.jpg -(915786 B, 1870x1873)
915786 915786 No.40658 - Link Reply Report 40658 2
File: ah_1350960522203.jpg -(60186 B, 598x707)
60186 60186 No.40659 - Link Reply Report 40659 2
File: ah_1350961331906.immelmann_wrappedponies2.jpg -(825802 B, 1200x1500)
825802 825802 No.40660 - Link Reply Report 40660 2
File: ah_1350961358088.xana019_daxxcommish1no_diaper.jpg -(217181 B, 883x823)
217181 217181 No.40661 - Link Reply Report 40661 2
No.40663 - Link Reply Report 40663 2

>>40649 so hot...

File: ah_1350962405009.agent_hood_suck.jpg -(346264 B, 607x1000)
346264 346264 No.40664 - Link Reply Report 40664 2
No.40671 - Link Reply Report 40671 2

Any pictures where the characters AREN'T wearing stupid bondage suits?

No.40681 - Link Reply Report 40681 2

I'm sure there are somewhere, just not in this thread seeing as the subject of this thread is toilet bondage.

No.40686 - Link Reply Report 40686 2

>>40681 smirk ,, And to the OP, Thank you! This is a very hawt and specific thread! =)

File: TortureToilet.jpg -(387811 B, 1000x1000)
387811 387811 No.40698 - Link Reply Report 40698 2
File: HerbivoreCamarasaurusDiaper.jpg -(1164147 B, 2409x1387)
1164147 1164147 No.40699 - Link Reply Report 40699 2
File: RaeHyperScat.jpg -(204917 B, 777x625)
204917 204917 No.40700 - Link Reply Report 40700 2
No.40737 - Link Reply Report 40737 2

please let there be more <3

No.40742 - Link Reply Report 40742 2

Loving these latest images! Anyone know who the artist is, and if he has an FA?

File: ah_1351230953332.mat2b_drink_.png -(233144 B, 588x700)
233144 233144 No.40744 - Link Reply Report 40744 2
File: ah_1351230987500.mat2b_mat2b_bound.jpg -(348882 B, 570x900)
348882 348882 No.40746 - Link Reply Report 40746 2
File: ah_1351231014172.mat2b_slave_box.png -(250857 B, 1100x850)
250857 250857 No.40747 - Link Reply Report 40747 2
File: ah_1351231128627.engineskye_machinemilksm.jpg -(300064 B, 1000x1093)
300064 300064 No.40748 - Link Reply Report 40748 2
No.40749 - Link Reply Report 40749 2

In all seriousness, where can I sign up for this kind of thing for real? Do such places exist? If so, where?!

No.40750 - Link Reply Report 40750 2

>>40650 Love this, brilliant concept

No.40792 - Link Reply Report 40792 2

>>40749 I fucking wish

File: m38944_1273714256_felixpath_fp_pissgames004.jpg -(363459 B, 800x587)
363459 363459 No.40794 - Link Reply Report 40794 2
No.40798 - Link Reply Report 40798 2


That should be Ahastar, says so on the pictures. He has an FA under that name.

File: ah_1351396988209.kumbartha_pottymouth-hyena.jpg -(149921 B, 697x1280)
149921 149921 No.40812 - Link Reply Report 40812 2
File: ah_1351397333003.kumbartha_feeding_in_the_latrines.jpg -(360925 B, 665x642)
360925 360925 No.40813 - Link Reply Report 40813 2
File: ah_1351397439613.anonihmus_vincentmoonrequest.png -(448391 B, 800x1000)
448391 448391 No.40814 - Link Reply Report 40814 2
File: Force_fed.jpg -(156060 B, 1000x800)
156060 156060 No.40815 - Link Reply Report 40815 2
No.40817 - Link Reply Report 40817 2


I wonder how this one was supposed to work?

No.40818 - Link Reply Report 40818 2

>>40815 artist?

No.40842 - Link Reply Report 40842 2

In the process of writing a fic for this ill post a link when its completed

File: public_Toylet_final.jpg -(398953 B, 1920x1080)
398953 398953 No.41007 - Link Reply Report 41007 2

Nope, not letting it die.

File: ah_1352294026871.mot_sewer-bunny+++.jpg -(188830 B, 1030x980)
188830 188830 No.41042 - Link Reply Report 41042 2
File: ah_1352382291676.mot_urinal-bunny++++-.jpg -(104279 B, 840x1080)
104279 104279 No.41096 - Link Reply Report 41096 2
File: ah_1352498874905.bastianmage_slubber-kennel.jpg -(181775 B, 972x1200)
181775 181775 No.41125 - Link Reply Report 41125 2
File: ah_1352589082854.mot_cock-worshipping_bun++++.jpg -(91149 B, 1200x810)
91149 91149 No.41143 - Link Reply Report 41143 2
File: ah_1352861127191.mot_recycler-rabbit+++.jpg -(364165 B, 1280x800)
364165 364165 No.41196 - Link Reply Report 41196 2
No.41203 - Link Reply Report 41203 2

More more more

File: ah_1353002595318.engineskye_chazws.jpg -(347462 B, 1000x1108)
347462 347462 No.41211 - Link Reply Report 41211 2
File: ah_1353018021178.jpg -(652036 B, 953x1767)
652036 652036 No.41215 - Link Reply Report 41215 2

Looking forward to reading it! Here's a scat Rp story.

File: ah_1353161517731.krayne_guardduty.jpg -(225164 B, 935x866)
225164 225164 No.41241 - Link Reply Report 41241 2
0 No.41255 - Link Reply Report 41255 2

here is a preview of a little something im working on. its using photoshop, obviously. I plan to polish it up, and give it a full story in comic form

No.41262 - Link Reply Report 41262 2

>>41260 yeah, I dont give a shit about the show and the fanbase is pretty annoying. I just have a passing interest in fetishizing the characters, because I like fucking up something so cute.

File: ah_1353953035744.kumbartha_toilet-fun3.jpg -(64632 B, 404x1280)
64632 64632 No.41394 - Link Reply Report 41394 2
File: Urinalsuit.jpg -(90699 B, 750x1030)
90699 90699 No.41426 - Link Reply Report 41426 2
File: Urinalsuit+++.jpg -(173399 B, 800x1100)
173399 173399 No.41428 - Link Reply Report 41428 2
File: ah_1354251542374.krayne_rlg-2.jpg -(142956 B, 971x652)
142956 142956 No.41457 - Link Reply Report 41457 2
File: ah_1354401890812.mot_buttslave_bun++-.jpg -(261078 B, 600x1275)
261078 261078 No.41511 - Link Reply Report 41511 2
File: ah_1355117425939.ggutnar_toilet_otter_sketch.jpg -(204681 B, 581x737)
204681 204681 No.41652 - Link Reply Report 41652 2
File: ah_1355462883961.mot_public_urinalbunny+++-.jpg -(122919 B, 700x1050)
122919 122919 No.41735 - Link Reply Report 41735 2
File: public_urinalbunny+++++-.jpg -(168712 B, 900x1200)
168712 168712 No.41741 - Link Reply Report 41741 2

don't post them so quickly...i sometimes take a while to finish and often post WiP lineart.

File: dragon_prisoner_4.jpg -(117349 B, 686x1000)
117349 117349 No.41792 - Link Reply Report 41792 2
File: ah_1356492587542.mot_butt-toy_mot_urinal++.jpg -(186115 B, 1100x1000)
186115 186115 No.41881 - Link Reply Report 41881 2
No.41886 - Link Reply Report 41886 2

>>40659 Who drew this?

File: ah_1356557555880.mot_butt-toy_mot_p-bag++.jpg -(138736 B, 1100x800)
138736 138736 No.41891 - Link Reply Report 41891 2
File: Guinnea_pig_-_thick_butt_+_pubic_fur+++.jpg -(130525 B, 700x1260)
130525 130525 No.41972 - Link Reply Report 41972 2
File: ah_1357139911891.mot_dungeonbottom_bun+++.jpg -(232189 B, 800x1100)
232189 232189 No.42033 - Link Reply Report 42033 2
No.42134 - Link Reply Report 42134 2

Source on this?

File: ah_1358004473399.felixpath_fp_pissgames001.jpg -(160919 B, 800x662)
160919 160919 No.42220 - Link Reply Report 42220 2
No.42778 - Link Reply Report 42778 2

Congratulations sick fucks, you just made

No.42779 - Link Reply Report 42779 2

(Oops, accidental post. Can't delete it even though I didn't even close the tab? Anyways:)

Congratulations sick fucks, you just made me pee in a bottle and try to chug it down.

SPOILER: it's horrible, don't do it.

No.42780 - Link Reply Report 42780 2


That's why you need someone to force you to do it! :P

In all seriousness though, pee isn't too bad. Especially not in comparison to the OTHER thing.

No.42791 - Link Reply Report 42791 2

I totally agree with
It's a hell of a lot hotter when someone makes you do it... oh the humiliation <3

File: ah_1361985797537.engineskye_cluburinal.jpg -(355003 B, 836x1200)
355003 355003 No.43177 - Link Reply Report 43177 2

Figured I would dump (bad pun intended) some pics I have.

File: ah_1361985939445.engineskye_trakopeesm.jpg -(211877 B, 940x1000)
211877 211877 No.43178 - Link Reply Report 43178 2
File: ah_1361986100129.engineskye_mags9sm.jpg -(191077 B, 842x1000)
191077 191077 No.43179 - Link Reply Report 43179 2
File: ah_1361986173568.orafox_nunsfoxyt6.jpg -(150347 B, 1280x1280)
150347 150347 No.43180 - Link Reply Report 43180 2
File: ah_1361986410842.engineskye_sc_mkism.jpg -(210175 B, 959x1000)
210175 210175 No.43181 - Link Reply Report 43181 2
File: ah_1361986454138.engineskye_murin2sml.jpg -(215531 B, 800x782)
215531 215531 No.43182 - Link Reply Report 43182 2
File: ah_1361986532846.engineskye_ice2.png -(493162 B, 700x1075)
493162 493162 No.43183 - Link Reply Report 43183 2
File: ah_1361986797909.zombiecat_toiletslavery.jpg -(107574 B, 914x915)
107574 107574 No.43184 - Link Reply Report 43184 2
File: ah_1361986941709.rubberbuns_mummif.jpg -(178148 B, 582x800)
178148 178148 No.43185 - Link Reply Report 43185 2

And that's all I have my fellow sick bastards.

No.43892 - Link Reply Report 43892 2


No.43893 - Link Reply Report 43893 2

Back to the top you

No.43924 - Link Reply Report 43924 2

anyone have a scene with urine going under someones tail? like an enema/plug?

No.44486 - Link Reply Report 44486 2


File: 62f1c8061ce6a875482ca68f51346c6a.jpg -(118353 B, 543x768)
118353 118353 No.44500 - Link Reply Report 44500 2

Source unknown.

File: ah_1366408715862.chaia_forcefedsketchy.jpg -(107698 B, 800x1264)
107698 107698 No.44501 - Link Reply Report 44501 2

Source unknown.

File: Shadowxite_General_Mare`kars_Revenge.jpg -(1556231 B, 2428x1654)
1556231 1556231 No.44503 - Link Reply Report 44503 2

Source unknown.

No.44525 - Link Reply Report 44525 2


Dude...It says "edis k" right on the pic. It's an edis krad pic.

No.44781 - Link Reply Report 44781 2

op here. within the week I plan on uploading a zip file of all the toilet bondage stuff I have. stay tuned for that

No.44784 - Link Reply Report 44784 2

>>44781 you sir, are a god

No.44816 - Link Reply Report 44816 2


Bless you and your ancestors.

No.44907 - Link Reply Report 44907 2

Back to the top, you.

No.44909 - Link Reply Report 44909 2

Where is our promised zip? :(

File: ahasterrave01.jpg -(358220 B, 1200x1000)
358220 358220 No.44967 - Link Reply Report 44967 2
Source: Slug/Ahastar

Raptor in a gryphon rave club toilet!

File: ahasterrave02.jpg -(372484 B, 1200x1000)
372484 372484 No.44968 - Link Reply Report 44968 2
Source: Slug/Ahastar
File: ahasterrave03.jpg -(402224 B, 1200x1000)
402224 402224 No.44969 - Link Reply Report 44969 2
Source: Slug/Ahastar
File: ahasterrave04.jpg -(394493 B, 1200x1000)
394493 394493 No.44970 - Link Reply Report 44970 2
Source: Slug/Ahastar
File: ahasterrave05.jpg -(424599 B, 1200x1000)
424599 424599 No.44971 - Link Reply Report 44971 2
Source: Slug/Ahastar
No.45005 - Link Reply Report 45005 2

Moody ferret is DNP in /ah/. Please don't repost any of the deleted images.

File: ah_1371086043584.halapmir_smweb.jpg -(645207 B, 989x1280)
645207 645207 No.45343 - Link Reply Report 45343 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10820643/

ALL of this <3

File: sewercroc.jpg -(52177 B, 400x400)
52177 52177 No.46393 - Link Reply Report 46393 2


File: ahastarmordecai4.jpg -(507928 B, 1200x1200)
507928 507928 No.46877 - Link Reply Report 46877 2
File: ahastartimanth3.jpg -(315011 B, 1200x1200)
315011 315011 No.46878 - Link Reply Report 46878 2
No.46888 - Link Reply Report 46888 2

>>46878 source of this?

No.46890 - Link Reply Report 46890 2


I think this is the hottest of the images. I think it's because I like to imagine that container filling up and immersing him in poop and pee. Alternately, imagining him expanding impossibly due to being filled with scat and piss.

File: fp_pissgames005.jpg -(208294 B, 755x950)
208294 208294 No.46895 - Link Reply Report 46895 2
Source: Felixpath
No.46897 - Link Reply Report 46897 2


File: ahastarishkara_01.jpg -(257522 B, 1200x1200)
257522 257522 No.47133 - Link Reply Report 47133 2
File: ah_1387770621655.makootter_cyrinbag.jpg -(347398 B, 721x1000)
347398 347398 No.47483 - Link Reply Report 47483 2
File: ah_1387770920233.zephyrlot_zephyr_raffle.jpg -(359993 B, 1000x636)
359993 359993 No.47484 - Link Reply Report 47484 2

here is the story behind this one

So here we've got our game show... The goal of it is to feed the contestant, who may or may not be a certain fox. He has been nice and bound entirely except for a diaper that he appears to have had on for at least a day, having to be held up by a belt.

Our generous game show announcer is giving the contestant a choice between door A and door B. Everyone except the contestant knows that behind door A is a small fridge's worth of delicious tomato bisque, and behind door B is a nice tall vat of hot, fresh, not-so-delicious shit which has been imbued with enough vitamins and nutrition to be fully sustaining.

Unfortunately, from the way the audience gasped, the poor bound contestant is fully aware that he chose wrong, and is struggling for all he's worth against the tight leather restraints. Meanwhile, our game host, a very fat raccoon, is happily announcing the consequences while wearing a business shirt tucked into a clean diaper, held there by a belt... And nothing else. With the energy unknown, he yells the result and gives a showmanly apology to the poor fox about to get force-fed, because he isn't given an ounce of freedom until every last drop behind doors A or B are gone. Looks like it'll take him a few days... or weeks... to polish off the looming brown shadow behind option B...

Audience members are free to come and go as they please; teasing, groping, poking, rubbing, smacking, or even changing his diaper if they feel so inclined. Off-stage is a perfectly large supply, however he has to rely on the kindness of strangers to get a new one. He'll be going through them quite quickly, too, given his new eating schedule!

The raccoon plugs the feeding tube into option B, taking care to get it nice and sealed. "Alright folks, let's see how our fox reacts to his first gulp!" As the fox yells and squirms, testing the strength of the restraints to their fullest, the host walks back over to the contestant, his pawfalls accompanied by the disgusting slopping of feces traveling slowly through the tube. His paw finds its way to the already tented diaper bulge, and he shuts his eyes, looking up as the first glop enters the unresisting forced-open mouth. Yells of protest turn into muffled shrieks inbetween copious gagging, the gas mask letting no expression reach the audience as its shiny black eyes move back and forth to no avail.

The host bites his lower lip hearing this, dripping precum into his diaper as ir crinkles. Finally, still jacking himself off furiously for the camera, he loudly explains in the appropriate voice "OH NO! Poor fox, looks like you chose wrong! Well, consequences are consequences. Don't worry, though! You'll get another chance next time. Suffer well, my friend. And, ladies and gentlemen, this beautiful toilet of a specimen will be available for all who are curious during the feeding session!" The screaming continued, and finally the first of many, many swallows to come sounded, lasting a grueling five seconds. The raccoon's grin turned malicious as his paw still massaged his diapered crotch. "And there you have it, folks! Goodnight!"

As the audience filtered out, the raccoon removed his paws and walked within the darkened vision of the fox, who struggled even more upon recognizing the "host" of the game show. The host, however, just kept that shit-eating grin on his face and moved up until their diapered crotches were together, as well as their faces. He slowly humped the filthy plastic in front of him, as he spoke in unwhispered tones to the poor fox. "Don't forget sweetie, you're mine, and I'm going to see every last bit of our nice septic tank recycled to its fullest. You're not going anywhere any time soon, and if the first thing you don't do after that gas mask comes off is envelop me in a passionate kiss, you're participating in this game show a second and maybe even third time." His grin became happier, more innocent, and with much more love in it. "Well, I've gotta go my dear, I need to go take care of this suddenly-tight diaper of mine and it looks like you're a bit caught up in the moment. Toodles!" He skipped out of the studio, not knowing or really caring that a few audience members were filtering out onto the stage floor, and one had even found the spare diapers.

File: ah_1393197147662.dirtywolf_force_fed_messy_woof.jpg -(351299 B, 768x699)
351299 351299 No.48207 - Link Reply Report 48207 2

bump Any more of this subject matter out there?

File: Immelmann_mrevers-urinal.jpg -(703717 B, 3150x2400)
703717 703717 No.48391 - Link Reply Report 48391 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11473622/

Urinal slut, free for use
Only for urine, unless you really feel the need to cum on or in the slut.
Please aim at ringgag for clean disposal, and stomp its balls to flush.
A day's shift will last a minimum of 8 hours, and a maximum of 12. The amount of workhours depends on the slut's following of the rules the previous day.
Not allowed to cum untill the end of its shift.
Must drink all urine (or cum) entering its muzzle.
Not allowed to piss itself during shift, despite the increasingly full bladder.
Breaking of rules will remove the right to cum that day and result in severe spanking. repeated violation of the previous rule will result in a sound to be added to the chastity device, removing any chance of bladder release.
When there is doubt wether spilled urine on the floor is due to a customer's lack of aiming, or the slave's fault, the same punishment will be employed on the slut, just to be sure.
Any leftover urine in the stall will have to be cleaned by the slave after its shift.
Reward for a productive day without rulebreaking is a good fucking of the slut's tailhole untill it orgasms, during this time, the sheathlocker will stay in place. If the slave fails to reach orgasm, it will be severely spanked, repeated failure will result in a buttplug being added during the next shift, which will vibrate at random intervalls, same rules apply, any cumming during shift shall result in standard punishments.
The only time the chastity device can be removed are weekends and holidays, on the condition that no rules were broken during the week.

File: scibit-urinal_sm.jpg -(299358 B, 900x1181)
299358 299358 No.48392 - Link Reply Report 48392 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12466360/
File: Anonihmus_MrEvers.png -(262214 B, 882x701)
262214 262214 No.48393 - Link Reply Report 48393 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5047081/

Look at this lucky slut, given the honour of drinking a dom's piss, his mouth being used as a urinal, while his ass and balls are given some nice attention too

No.48590 - Link Reply Report 48590 2

I know there is a pic where a wolf or a dog is bound on a chair, and he must eat the shit and drink the piss of six or seven cows through tubes, but I don't find it. Someone can post it, please ?

No.48839 - Link Reply Report 48839 2

>>48818 Thanks !

No.49804 - Link Reply Report 49804 2

there's gotta be more of this!

No.49810 - Link Reply Report 49810 2


That pic's by MoodyFerret. DNP. I think DNP, anyway. Looks like there's some sort of exception, but in any case, you should probably be able to find it somewhere.

File: Jimmyglace_Wild__Wild_West.jpg -(600672 B, 1922x1479)
600672 600672 No.50012 - Link Reply Report 50012 2
File: bathroom_bondage.jpg -(204824 B, 900x754)
204824 204824 No.50056 - Link Reply Report 50056 2
No.50416 - Link Reply Report 50416 2

anyone got more?

No.50423 - Link Reply Report 50423 2

I wonder where the watersports art she produces under her "seeking release" moniker falls. I've seen her post such art here as recently as march.

File: ah_1408151441440.zombiecat_fuelunit.jpg -(116768 B, 950x733)
116768 116768 No.50680 - Link Reply Report 50680 2

here is one i forgot to post. by the way, if anyone wants to do an RP with the concept of toilet slavery bondage add me on

skype: its arcaneinc@hotmail.com
yahoo: crazydudez123

or shoot me a PM on FA http://www.furaffinity.net/user/arcaneinc/

File: Urinal_use.png -(482043 B, 850x679)
482043 482043 No.51242 - Link Reply Report 51242 2
Source: Globeis/ Thevale
No.51375 - Link Reply Report 51375 2

wish i could find some where it goes in the tailhole instead of the muzzle. ah well.

No.51487 - Link Reply Report 51487 2


All of this

No.51621 - Link Reply Report 51621 2

Looking to be a toilet. Any one interested PM my yahoo: korixfox

No.51632 - Link Reply Report 51632 2

>>51621 (worded better) I'm looking to be someone's toilet. Anyone interested IM me. yahoo: korixfox

File: 767fa7a809ec2b9136dfce4b9173a0ea784dc9d2.jpg -(176439 B, 1280x1106)
176439 176439 No.51689 - Link Reply Report 51689 2
No.51710 - Link Reply Report 51710 2

>>40647 Looking for someone to rp this kind of thing. Sub here.
Skype: fag_jack

File: kamloupiobyDizzi.png -(1725872 B, 2222x2911)
1725872 1725872 No.51854 - Link Reply Report 51854 2



File: ah_1415776876423.jonzu95_zaki_s_toilet.png.jpg -(210243 B, 1176x1280)
210243 210243 No.51856 - Link Reply Report 51856 2
No.52417 - Link Reply Report 52417 2

Sorry if this reposts
Hey. If there's anyone in Alabama,Louisiana or Florida, or that's going to FWA into scat and would maybe wanna get to know someone, come here
Go to chatzy "southstatesscat"
I'm 19 bi femboy. Not weird .. Just adventurous ;3

No.52435 - Link Reply Report 52435 2

Oh look. That's Zaki and me.

File: kam3.png -(1382722 B, 1908x2387)
1382722 1382722 No.53148 - Link Reply Report 53148 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15953707/
File: ah_1427080347493.chaia_eatit.jpg -(665518 B, 800x1130)
665518 665518 No.53254 - Link Reply Report 53254 2
File: ah_1427080386393.chaia_eat-shit-bitch.jpg -(139378 B, 600x676)
139378 139378 No.53255 - Link Reply Report 53255 2
File: ah_1427080410939.chaia_forcefedsketchy.jpg -(107698 B, 800x1264)
107698 107698 No.53256 - Link Reply Report 53256 2
File: ah_1427080431814.chaia_re-feeder.jpg -(218852 B, 955x910)
218852 218852 No.53257 - Link Reply Report 53257 2
File: foxfunnelhood.jpg -(15158 B, 413x500)
15158 15158 No.53258 - Link Reply Report 53258 2
No.53259 - Link Reply Report 53259 2



No.53347 - Link Reply Report 53347 2

That would be me, though it has been years since I drew that pic, I had forgottten all about it.

No.53716 - Link Reply Report 53716 2

Don't let this thread die. Moar please >;3

No.53717 - Link Reply Report 53717 2


Oh wow, that has always been one of my favorites since day one. Just... everything about it.

File: 09D3A877EDCB.png -(754653 B, 1000x1200)
754653 754653 No.53733 - Link Reply Report 53733 2

Made you a present, fchan

No.53734 - Link Reply Report 53734 2

thats just excellent. Havent seen good new images of forced toilet slavery in a while. Need more like this ;w;

Source? (fa link if possible?)

No.53858 - Link Reply Report 53858 2


Calling other people's kinks "stupid" probably isn't the best way to get a reply. Good luck.

File: finreciever_-_by_engineskye.jpg -(205195 B, 900x1143)
205195 205195 No.53981 - Link Reply Report 53981 2

It's a shame good artists don't make more kink art; this is a really well done piece

File: backstage_l_-_by_engineskye.jpg -(206975 B, 1280x972)
206975 206975 No.53982 - Link Reply Report 53982 2
File: ah_1436010029534.mobilemutt_dirt_cyot-copy.jpg -(1299605 B, 1800x2400)
1299605 1299605 No.54178 - Link Reply Report 54178 2

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13549333/

File: ah_1437437303904.makootter_watersport.jpg -(290878 B, 700x743)
290878 290878 No.54310 - Link Reply Report 54310 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16977196/

The fox staggered into the bathroom with a bang, slamming the heavy door against the grungy wall and nearly falling onto the sticky linoleum floor. For a moment the sound of drunken laughter and booming music filled the room, and then the door swung shut behind the fox and muffled the sounds of the party to a dull rumble. The fox was still stumbling a bit as he stepped forward, but there wasn’t much in the bathroom for him to bump into anyway. A few bare, slightly lighter patches on the wall that had been home to stalls before the club had removed them, a wall of sinks, and a single neglected toilet that was about twice as clean as anything else in the room. The fox ignored it of course. All of the guys at the club ignored it. Instead, with a cocky, mildly drunken grin that made the wolf’s ears sag, the fox stomped toward the urinal.

It was newer than the rest of the bathroom’s furnishings, and it showed. Where everything else was filthy tile or drywall that had long ago been stained to a drab grey, the urinal was made of steel with a layer of smooth black rubber over the entire surface. That rubber gleamed inside and out from the attentions of one of the club’s numerous slaves, who was expected to polish it with his tongue before he polished it with any other cleaners. Aside from the rubber, the urinal didn’t look all that different from any other. Its rim was a little bit higher, it had a large, yellow arrow painted on the inside and pointed at the drains, as if the bar’s owners expected some patrons might need a hint… and it had the wolf.

He’d wanted a job, that was all, and he’d been stupid enough to find the collars the other employees of the private nightclub had been wearing exciting and arousing. It was a special club, the owner had explained to him what felt like days ago with one arm around the wolf’s slender shoulders and the other gesturing around the bar’s interior with a pungent cigar, one that served a demanding clientele of guys from across the city. The owner hired inexperienced guys like the wolf because he believed every boy deserved a chance, but he’d be expected to serve eagerly and well at whatever task he was assigned. Complaining, shirking, or worst of all upsetting the guests, the owner had explained with a cruel smile and a motion at a hyena whose head was respectably lowered and whose back was scarred with recent welts from a whip, would not be tolerated.

Somehow, the wolf had signed the contract anyway, and within a few minutes had ended up alone in the smelly bathroom, his body hunched in a crouching position in a cramped, rubber lined cell behind the wall with a thick butt plug pressed against his prostate and a cold metal ring around his balls. The only part of the wolf that was still exposed when the urinal was bolted back into place had been his head, which stuck out from a tight, padded ring at the urinal’s base. That had left the wolf’s head inside of the urinal, his chin resting on the soft rubber lining and his forehead just underneath the cheerful yellow arrow. As the fox stumbled against the wall and caught himself with a hand that came perilously close to the thick red button set above the urinal, the wolf swallowed and tried to remember what the hell he’d been thinking when he’d put his pen against that paper.

“H’hay there p-pup,” the fox slurred, and the wolf forced himself to smile and perk his ears. The owner had demonstrated what would happen to the wolf if his customers weren’t happy with the service they got, even from a urinal like him, and the fox’s fingers were still terrifying close to the red button. He’d also made sure that the wolf understood the shiny new sign bolted onto the wall beside the urinal, which listed the three rules that might make his job more bearable if he remembered them. Now, with the drunk and muscular fox swaying above him with his long muzzle split in a wide grin, the wolf swallowed and glanced at rule one.

  1. If Urinal Speaks, Push Red Button

He’d forgotten that rule with the first customer, a ferret whose piss had smelt so strongly of mustelid musk that the stench had burned the wolf’s nose. Unfortunately, the ferret had been sober enough to read the sign, and hadn’t hesitated to remind the wolf the importance of good customer service. He’d been better behaved on his second try, a deer, and then the minutes had dragged by as the noise outside of the bathroom got louder and louder. Once one of the bar’s other employees had come in to clean the urinal, and had actually licked up the pee that hadn’t made it down the drain or into the wolf’s sweaty fur. The wolf hadn’t known whether talking to him would get him punished, so he hadn’t risked it, and once the meek looking slave had finished polishing the rubber he’d padded out of the bathroom without a word. The wolf didn’t know how long ago that had been, but the fox was the first guy since then, and judging by his voice and swaying and the reek of alcohol on his fur, he was a lot drunker than the first two had been.

“Sstupid ziipher,” the fox muttered, and the wolf watched his fingers awkwardly tug at his jeans, yanking at the belt and eventually managing to wrench his fly down. The wolf braced himself, but the fox wasn’t done yet, and as the wolf’s nervousness grew the muscular vulpine pulled down his pants and tugged on his underwear until it slid down and tangled around his ankles. That left the wolf’s eyes level with a pair of creamy furred balls and a cock that was already swollen and erect. Licking his muzzle at the sight and barely even noticing the foul taste, the wolf wasn’t surprised that the fox had struggled to get his pants off. The other two guys had just pissed on the wolf and left, but the fox shuffled forward and balanced his balls on the edge of the urinal, grinning and waiting, infuriatingly cocky and in control.

Even unspoken orders had to be obeyed, and there was nothing that the wolf could do to keep the fox from punishing him if he thought the wolf wasn’t properly subservient. If licking the enormous balls that hung in front of him would keep the fox’s fingers away from the red button, the wolf wasn’t going to argue; and with a muffled whimper he closed his eyes and swept his tongue forward, dragging it up the smooth rubber of the urinal until it hit fur. All foxes were musky, but this one’s fur was matted with sweat and dried cum and lube, and the sour taste made the wolf’s nose wrinkle. The touch of his tongue made the fox groan, and the man’s tail started to swish as he squirmed closer, letting the wolf’s tongue cup underneath his sac, lifting the heavy orbs and nuzzling them until the fox squeaked.

File: ah_1443110576078.makootter_wetfox.jpg -(591237 B, 893x1150)
591237 591237 No.54854 - Link Reply Report 54854 2
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMFmzBBDH_k

The fox squirms and pants, warm piss lapping against his legs in the rubber-lined trough that he’s kneeling in. The thick chain linking his collar to the wall is long enough for him to sag lower, but short enough to keep him from climbing out of the shallow pool. His arms are tight against his body, held in place by smooth inflatable rubber that feels tighter now than when it went on a few hours ago. Each breath is a struggle, sucked in through a long plastic tube and thick with the scent of piss. The source of that scent, and of the fox’s frustrated moans, is the rubber urinal set into the wall next to him. With the fox’s only source of air hooked up to the urinal’s drain, there’s no mistaking why he’s been chained up in the seedy bathroom, and no way for him to avoid doing his job.

His ears perk up as the door opens, and the silent room is briefly filled with the sound of boisterous conversation and pounding music before the door shuts behind the newcomer. As the fox looks up he experiences a brief flash of hope, recognizing the colourful husky that’s walking toward him. It’s obvious from his unsteady movements, wide grin, and complete nudity that he’s been enjoying the party… and as the fox’s eyes settle on the canine’s erection his own neglected cock stirs helplessly in its tight metal cage. The husky blinks in surprise as his eyes settle on the fox, and the fox gives him a grateful look. Now that his friend has found him, he can go back and remind the bull that locked him here that he’d forgotten about him.

But the husky doesn’t turn to go fetch the key. He just grins wider and steps up to the urinal. The dog lets out a contented sigh as he releases a stream of golden piss, and the fox’s ears droop in humiliation. He tries to give the husky an angry glare, only to end up with a face full of warm urine as the laughing husky adjusts his aim, soaking the fox’s fur and covering his face. The worst part about it isn’t that the fox is powerless to stop him; it’s the way his cock swells and strains against the metal cage, drooling out a long strand of pre and making his excitement completely obvious. As the husky’s stream splashes down the rubber straitjacket and soaks his caged cock and balls, the humiliated fox can only sag lower down and let the piss flood into his muzzle from the urinal.

By the time he’s able to suck in a much needed breath of air the husky has finished soaking his fur. The fox’s eyes blink open, and he’s about to give his friend another imploring look when he realizes that the two of them are no longer alone in the room. A massive stallion is standing next to the smirking dog, and a couple of wolves are standing behind him. As the husky surrenders his place at the urinal to the stallion, the huge guy looks down at the fox with an unsettling grin and tugs down the zipper of his pants.

“Don’t get too comfortable kid, everyone’s been drinking all night out there and you’re about to get real popular.”

The fox can only squirm and throb under his cage, helpless to resist as the horse starts to refill the urinal with a final, ominous comment.

“Oh, and Mike went home a couple hours ago. Took the keys with him too, so you’re not going anywhere.”

No.54868 - Link Reply Report 54868 2

ACTUAL source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17584521/

File: ah_1446837496897.carnival-tricks_cyrin_pipe2.jpg -(130281 B, 1280x979)
130281 130281 No.55322 - Link Reply Report 55322 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18165425/
File: ah_1454282007067.tacettheterror_scat_centipede_final.jpg -(830854 B, 6000x2500)
830854 830854 No.56182 - Link Reply Report 56182 2
File: TOILETBOX.png -(1777139 B, 1200x1527)
1777139 1777139 No.56194 - Link Reply Report 56194 2
No.56202 - Link Reply Report 56202 2
Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=990214

This is “Toilet pup and some soft serve” by “Saberklaww”.
Found via MD5 hash search on Inkbunny.

Please don’t forget to include the source of pictures.

No.56374 - Link Reply Report 56374 2

Oh look, I found myself from fchan.

File: Massy_Uniral.jpg -(294421 B, 1017x899)
294421 294421 No.56375 - Link Reply Report 56375 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1320817/

Someone has been a very bad dog (or a good dog, depending on personal preference and point of view) and thus will spend the next few days (or even more) in this comfy place, eager to serve the customers and all their needs. It doesn't -have- to be watersport though, open, drooly muzzles can be used for other things as well, after all.

No.58296 - Link Reply Report 58296 2

Don't let this thread die !
There's no thread like this on the internent

No.58330 - Link Reply Report 58330 2

>>58296 IT SHALL LIVE!

File: 001.jpg -(842707 B, 1987x1425)
842707 842707 No.58355 - Link Reply Report 58355 2


File: sample_81dcd119f43c7cc65322198999280a0898c9b50e.jpg -(275455 B, 850x967)
275455 275455 No.58460 - Link Reply Report 58460 2
No.58537 - Link Reply Report 58537 2

>>58460 Source?

No.58593 - Link Reply Report 58593 2

>>58591 This is a partial unauthorised trace of my work, here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18452421/

I would appreciate it if anyone could identify the artist.

No.58595 - Link Reply Report 58595 2

>>58593 The picture is a mix between yours and morticus ( https://www.furaffinity.net/view/3644146/ ) . Obviously, I don't think morticus would have done that, so the author of that modded artwork is most likely not an artist. By the way, the JPEG file contains some Photoshop metadata. The original filename was "1349124_Musuko42_gloryhole", the software is "Adobe Photoshop CC (Windows)", generated "27 May 2016 00:44:31", guiding lines are available, marking the box.

No.58627 - Link Reply Report 58627 2

>>56194 I hope that there will be a follow-up image to this.

File: saberklaww_softserve.png -(847015 B, 920x920)
847015 847015 No.58642 - Link Reply Report 58642 2


Yup! Right here!

No.58712 - Link Reply Report 58712 2

User Kittyrawr on FA I believe.

No.58713 - Link Reply Report 58713 2
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/full/21408247/


No.58801 - Link Reply Report 58801 2

>>58355 What is the source?

File: 6f73ce1fd2a27ae8753c972a527ff4d0.png -(3693401 B, 2655x3000)
3693401 3693401 No.60025 - Link Reply Report 60025 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19276937/
No.60223 - Link Reply Report 60223 2

Still the best thread here

No.60297 - Link Reply Report 60297 2

>>60296 Moodyferret, but this is DNP.

No.60303 - Link Reply Report 60303 2

>>60296 oh whys that?

No.60304 - Link Reply Report 60304 2

>>60297 oh Im guessing that means Do Not Post? :c

File: ModernSanitation.jpg -(96572 B, 1000x1333)
96572 96572 No.60414 - Link Reply Report 60414 2
No.60421 - Link Reply Report 60421 2
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/23896400/

>>60414 Modern Sanitation by Saiwin. This can also be found over in the Toilet furs thread at http://fchan.us/ah/res/57758.html#59195.

File: 14BE7237-A940-4515-9826-CAD33546DF51.jpg -(364170 B, 1000x636)
364170 364170 No.61102 - Link Reply Report 61102 2


No.61111 - Link Reply Report 61111 2
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10043535/

>>61102 “Mansion Customer 4” by Rubberbuns, featuring Zephyrlot.

No.61715 - Link Reply Report 61715 2

Anyone got any more?

File: 86af09080e3d49571b9f515c97ce1487.jpg -(100307 B, 800x800)
100307 100307 No.61740 - Link Reply Report 61740 2

Wrendeer on FA

File: ah_1585188199325.dirtybirds_dpooptubesmall.png -(460248 B, 1013x1200)
460248 460248 No.62192 - Link Reply Report 62192 2

Please live!

File: metalzaki_feeding_room_-_scat_version.png -(3919111 B, 3064x2004)
3919111 3919111 No.62202 - Link Reply Report 62202 2
File: 6fc2f8267814f332685ee167244cd35b__1.jpg -(98484 B, 800x533)
98484 98484 No.62210 - Link Reply Report 62210 2
File: ah_1586100619346.sneksnax_arashi_commission_alt2_fa.png -(904502 B, 1280x1075)
904502 904502 No.62212 - Link Reply Report 62212 2
File: ah_1586100703417.krayne_lurkern0t1smaller.jpg -(215492 B, 952x840)
215492 215492 No.62213 - Link Reply Report 62213 2
File: Wolfgerlion64_great_facilities.png -(189397 B, 920x1067)
189397 189397 No.62214 - Link Reply Report 62214 2
File: TheHumbler_cyrin.png -(229294 B, 920x705)
229294 229294 No.62215 - Link Reply Report 62215 2
File: saiwin_modernsanitation.jpg -(210795 B, 920x1226)
210795 210795 No.62216 - Link Reply Report 62216 2
File: toothpasta_huskygrey2.png -(368192 B, 920x888)
368192 368192 No.62217 - Link Reply Report 62217 2
File: ah_1586614888049.krayne_pernaxaus1medium.jpg -(198032 B, 844x833)
198032 198032 No.62226 - Link Reply Report 62226 2
File: ah_1586614943226.krayne_lurkern0t1smaller__1.jpg -(215492 B, 952x840)
215492 215492 No.62227 - Link Reply Report 62227 2
File: ah_1586614968852.krayne_zephcommish1finala.jpg -(241785 B, 890x848)
241785 241785 No.62228 - Link Reply Report 62228 2
No.62531 - Link Reply Report 62531 2


No.62712 - Link Reply Report 62712 2

Seconding this!

File: CF1ABF00-99E2-4384-873A-18E62B3609A7.jpg -(251920 B, 1536x1536)
251920 251920 No.62715 - Link Reply Report 62715 2
No.62772 - Link Reply Report 62772 2


File: unknown.png -(268753 B, 994x678)
268753 268753 No.62781 - Link Reply Report 62781 2