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Pictures of the really hardcore stuff and that which squicks the majority of the fandom (guro, non-consentual, rape, scat, violence, vore, watersports, drug use, etc.)
Babyfurs that are not clearly adult, and Cub art, will not be tolerated.

Art that contains toon character and /ah-related themes does in fact belong in /toon. Also note clarification in /toon description and: http://fchan.us/read.php/faq/1238098153/

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[-] [+] No.57765
Skunked While Being Fucked 
File: weirdoxs_im_not_a_skunk_____cover.png -(603083 B, 920x990)
603083 603083 No.57765 57765 1
Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=905374

Please my fellow Furs I can't find anything like this anywhere it seems to be extremely rare.Yes the only things I've seen are furry characters getting sprayed by skunks but what about Getting Skunk Sprayed while the skunk is being Fucked. Pussy Sex is ok here. (But I Would much rather Prefer anal)

File: Lillia1.png -(1289208 B, 1366x768)
1289208 1289208 No.57767 - Link Reply Report 57767 2

Here's a pic Aerodynamics made for one of my Jareth the Hunter stories.

File: skunk-intercourse-P1a.jpg -(154536 B, 1200x900)
154536 154536 No.57768 - Link Reply Report 57768 2

Hmmm. The last pic I posted got deleted. Maybe because she wasn't furry enough? (Just tail and ears, the rest human.) Or maybe because it was from MMD? Dunno.

But I'll try again -- this time with a 2-part comic created by SBD.

File: skunk-intercourse-P2a.jpg -(173231 B, 1200x900)
173231 173231 No.57769 - Link Reply Report 57769 2

Disregard comment about my deleted post -- my view just didn't refresh for some reason. Probably user error.

Here's part 2.

File: dangeroussex.jpg -(453141 B, 1038x1334)
453141 453141 No.57770 - Link Reply Report 57770 2

Here's one by SBD from years ago. I think this probably exhausts my collection on the subject. There's plenty of pics around of someone getting skunked while giving oral, but you're right, pics of getting sprayed while fucking are rare.

File: Skunk3someEMuskr.png -(1299696 B, 1157x898)
1299696 1299696 No.57784 - Link Reply Report 57784 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/seekingrelease/
File: TyRies2sprayLs.jpg -(219696 B, 851x833)
219696 219696 No.58177 - Link Reply Report 58177 2
Source: Moodyferret

Another excellent skunk pic by moody. Hopefully it's what you guys want

File: nero_skunk.png -(1053356 B, 960x1280)
1053356 1053356 No.58179 - Link Reply Report 58179 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17495215/

I dont think the artist has any more like this, Unfortunatly

File: fioxy_fioxy_final_inks.jpg -(223241 B, 1280x720)
223241 223241 No.58289 - Link Reply Report 58289 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21777832/

This is a pic based on/inspired by a story I wrote for Fioxy about a year ago.

No.58794 - Link Reply Report 58794 2

More Please