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Pictures of the really hardcore stuff and that which squicks the majority of the fandom (guro, non-consentual, rape, scat, violence, vore, watersports, drug use, etc.)
Babyfurs that are not clearly adult, and Cub art, will not be tolerated.

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[-] [+] No.58961
Roll your own furry dimension 
File: furry-dimension1.jpg -(1498018 B, 1500x5458)
1498018 1498018 No.58961 58961 1

Wasn't sure where to put this, but as it has some implied stuff I guess it has to go here.

Step 1) Go to random.org and set it to roll between 1 and 100

Step 2) Follow the instructions in the pic

Step 3) Follow the instructions in pic 2

Step 4) You have created your own furry world.

Good luck!

File: furry-dimension2.jpg -(1629078 B, 1500x6152)
1629078 1629078 No.58962 - Link Reply Report 58962 2

Part 2

No.58963 - Link Reply Report 58963 2


No.58964 - Link Reply Report 58964 2

Rolled 18.Humans in charge
rolled 3. Victorian
Rolled 23. 23/25 rounding up to nearest whole number 1. 1 species.
Rolled 89. skunks
Rolled 50. Anthromorphic
Rolled 99. All three.(males, females,and herms,)
Rolled 13.Human sized,
rolled 77. sex toys
rolled 3. species appropriate
rolled 65 big
(text for breeding seem messed up)
rolled 32.32/50 rounding up tis 1.
rolled 16.it's a trap!

No.58967 - Link Reply Report 58967 2

Oops you're right. I actually meant to remove that text as it seemed unnecessary.

No.58970 - Link Reply Report 58970 2


Part 1: The beginning Steps

The client was stripped naked by an assistant. As he waited for the lottery to finish a light flashed assistant said "MAR-984-Alpha--104--Zeta." After a few moments,the machine prepared two needles. As he made the client's arm ready, he explained in a routine way as he found the vein to place the shot "With basic medical information on the dimension it prepares an inoculation shot to the natives' diseases so you don't die stepping out of the portal and also suppresses any diseases you may be carrying so you don't commit a global genocide by breathing " He explained as he placed the other one as well."Because of the medical technology of the dimension vaccination is not yet common, and so you may have one of the most robust immune systems on the planet because of this shot. However, don't forget to take precautions this shot doesn't make you invulnerable .The second shot contains microscopic transmitters that will translate anything you read and hear.It also forces your mouth and tongue into the correct positions so natives can understand what you mean to say. You will sound strange to the various natives for a few weeks, but not moreso than a foreigner. Similarly,your handwriting will look weird as your brain learns competes to write in English and the whatever native language how the shapes and the transmitters will learn to perfect the hand movements. Overtime you will naturally absorb the languages . " The bottom cabinet generated a month's worth of new suits and waistcoats and assortment of ascots and ties perfectly fit to the client in a suitcase and helped changed the client into a petticoat and trousers and of course a fashionable top hat."Along with clothes, you'll find enough gold, silver,and precious gems buy your way into and mingle in highest social circles for life.When the client draws a dimension where humans hold status above furries we like to send them on their way with money so they can enjoy them."

After a couple hours of waiting a green light appeared on the monitor as he read some notes the computer had on the value of certain metals .The portal opened "You're clear. Safe journey.." The assistant said with slight smile waving his hand to the portal.

The young male was ready with his suitcase and walked through the portal.The bright lights of the Embarkation Room was replaced with the dingy colors of a street alley. As he moved about he found himself in an urban full of people working.Ocassionally, he would see a man or woman followed by a skunk.

The city was called Tamorin and it was the heart of commerce of the Empire of Roland. After the better part of the day, he navigated to the fashionable outskirts away from the noise and pollution of the city of an found himself a nice manor sale and bought it immediately.

After settling into his new manor for a couple with a considerable amount of land which was furnished for him as well there was knock on his door. A pair of businessmen he bought the manor from greeted him tipping their top hats to him and he did likewise "Hello,We hope you are finding your new manor agreeable." One said to him"Our agency appreciated your purchase in gold, and had asked us to bring you a small gift as a token of our esteem for your business, sir." Behind the two was a group of six docile skunks. Two of them were in male attire simple white shirts and while the rest were in simple dresses and corsets. "Tamorin breeds some of the most subservient skunks you'll find n the empire. They are very loyal and very discrete. Whatever your tastes are you will have need not worry about one of them divulging them" After a moment of exchange a moment of small talk and asking if manor was still to his liking the two left the six skunks with him.


File: 2bdca25b79a14d37317a576162f29927.jpg -(112228 B, 920x869)
112228 112228 No.58979 - Link Reply Report 58979 2

81: Furries in charge
55: Pokemon
9: 1 species
38: and naturally it's giraffes
42: they're reg anthros
56: males and herms
35: human sized furries
81: humans are meant for public use
37: giraffe-appropriate genitalia
92: huge giraffe penises
64: mixed breeding
31: men only

So basically I'm going to enslaved by a bunch of girafarig male/herms and be used as a public cum dumpster for the rest of my life. Anyone want to trade?

File: furry-dimension2.jpg -(895666 B, 1500x6068)
895666 895666 No.58994 - Link Reply Report 58994 2

Here's the fixed page 2

No.59004 - Link Reply Report 59004 2

83. Furries In Charge
84. Fantasy
48. 2 Species

 - 75. Red Panda
- 98. Zebra

42. Anthro
51. Male and Herms
93. Giant
76. Sex Toy
36. Species Appropriate
98. Utterly Rediculous
56. Mixed Breeding

I'm just going to get destroyed sexually

File: ah_1497907301680.jpg -(47057 B, 398x409)
47057 47057 No.59191 - Link Reply Report 59191 2

humans in charge
fantasy world
barely furry
all 3 genders
human size
lower class sharkmans
shark genitalia
huge furry genitalia
breeding: only human
women only

I'm imagining a world not unlike an episode of baywatch, except the floozies are amazons and the lifeguards are sharkpeople with giant bulges. And somehow there are wizards, too.

File: macroceli_fat_by_fatassclub.jpg -(265242 B, 800x714)
265242 265242 No.59392 - Link Reply Report 59392 2

I was excited to do this and proceeded to roll a totally mundane dimension of fat zebras.

I want my money back.

No.59403 - Link Reply Report 59403 2
  1. Furries in charge
  2. Sci Fi
  3. Birds Kangaroos and Wolves
  4. Anthro
  5. Male and Herm
  6. Human Sized
  7. Public Use
  8. Humanesque

9: Big
10. Only furry
11. Muscular

I am getting fuck by some beefcakes

No.59407 - Link Reply Report 59407 2

furry ruled
4 species (outside of humans)
Dinos, Lions, Rhinos and Rats
all genders
all human sized.
humans are public use.
Humanoid genitalia
species appropriate genitalia sizes
breeding is furry only
also every furry is BUFF and muscular

No.59410 - Link Reply Report 59410 2

Who's In Charge: Humans in Charge
World: Medieval
Species: Coyote
Furry Type: Were-Furry (Feral)
Genders: All 3 [Herm, Male, and Female]
Size: Human size
Class: Servants
Genitalia: Humanesque.
Sex Char. Size: Human Equivalent
Breeding: Mixed
Modifier: It's a Trap!

I'm seeing a medieval fantasy setting where a few have the boon of a bloodline said to be connected to a coyote god, resulting in a tendency towards sexual ambiguity, a trickster nature, and the ability to shape-shift into an otherwise ordinary looking coyote. Those that are known to have this trait are often relegated to servitude -- those who further know how to twist the system though, can sometimes turn things in their favor with enough conniving. This is part of why they are accepted as much as they are and not fully relegated to something considered less than a person, choosing instead to keep their positions buoyant enough to have some comfort and leverage while not stepping on the humans' sense of superiority.

No.59420 - Link Reply Report 59420 2

Fantasy world with furries in charge
Upright and centaur rhinos and foxes that have human pets can be male or female with species appropriate size and genitalia
Any babies between furries and humans can end up as people or pets

No.59424 - Link Reply Report 59424 2

75: furries in charge
81: Fantasy World
65: three species (8-rabbits, 47 hyenas, 20 deers)
45: standard furries
56: Males and Herms
10: Human Size
5: Equals
88: Human like Genitls
63: Big
Modifier: 63 Muscular

No.59425 - Link Reply Report 59425 2

Here's what I got (and, yes, I rerolled a couple of times when I got things I found unacceptable. I mean... frogs???)

  1. Humans in Charge [I'd have accepted either]
  2. Fantasy world [ditto, although I like fantasy a little better]
  3. coyotes and dolphins
  4. barely furry [that's okay, but fully anthro would have been nice too]
  5. males and females
  6. double size [so... how did humans come to be in charge?]
  7. sex workers [I'd prefer free beings, but what the heck. Lots of coyote- and dolphin-girls to fuck.]
  8. species-appropriate genitalia [I'd prefer human, but not that picky]
  9. big genitalia [could be a problem when it comes to taking advantage of those sex workers, but we'll work it out somehow. Maybe I'll just have to settle for getting blowjobs, obviously a horrible fate :-)]
  10. mixed offspring are always furry [whatever]
  11. It's a trap! [Well, if some of the femmes turn out to be trans, I won't freak out]
  12. Cute. [Frankly, I would have accepted anything except "muscular" or "big and bouncy"]

Re: #7: Given my fetish, I wonder just how broad their limits are...

No.59426 - Link Reply Report 59426 2

84: furries in charge
90: fantasy
4 species
chipmunks, pokemon, cats, rats
72: were-furries that turn feral
22: male and female
60: species appropriate
98: cattle
18: human equivalent
85: hybrid
14: double dick

No.59515 - Link Reply Report 59515 2

1: Humans in Charge
14: Prehistoric
11/25=1: 1 Species
92: Tigers
31: Anthropomorphic
45: M & F
46: Human Size
3: Furries considered Equal to Humans
74: Humanesque Genitakia
52: Size Appropriate
53: Mixed
Tails; 95: Big n' Bouncy

... I made a fun and fat li'l world.

No.60644 - Link Reply Report 60644 2

Humans in Charge
Four Species: Bats, Mice, Bunnies, Raccoons
Herms and females
Human Size
sex toys
Species Appropriate
Species Appropriate
Only Furry
Only Human Men
So what? I've got a lost colony of entitled men who survive by cloning? Like some sort of Fire Festival In The Stars?

Kinda makes me think of Saber Marionette J, where the only women were artificial... and only like, six of them actually had emotion.

That said, I am fond of Bats.

No.60655 - Link Reply Report 60655 2

i refuse to participate in anything that involves shitty pokemon.

No.60660 - Link Reply Report 60660 2

>>60655 you sir are boring

No.60662 - Link Reply Report 60662 2


Hear, hear.