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Pictures of the really hardcore stuff and that which squicks the majority of the fandom (guro, non-consentual, rape, scat, violence, vore, watersports, drug use, etc.)
Babyfurs that are not clearly adult, and Cub art, will not be tolerated.

Art that contains toon character and /ah-related themes does in fact belong in /toon. Also note clarification in /toon description and: http://fchan.us/read.php/faq/1238098153/

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Prison/Dungeon Perks 
File: 88f93b7151643429d194e619363afdc5.jpg -(142626 B, 933x931)
142626 142626 No.59163 59163 1

Guards, police, torturers, and executions showing that despite the pay being shit, the job has great benefits.

Gay or Straight
Rape, Torture, Snuff, Peril, before the fun, after the fun, all fair play

File: jailbait.jpg -(545028 B, 985x1313)
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File: jailbait2.jpg -(584198 B, 1030x1253)
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File: jailbait3.jpg -(711767 B, 1030x1373)
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File: jailbait4.jpg -(506913 B, 1030x1235)
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File: jailbait5.jpg -(681179 B, 1011x1325)
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File: jailbait6.jpg -(752758 B, 1030x1373)
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File: jailbait7.jpg -(457865 B, 814x1118)
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File: jailbait8.jpg -(472532 B, 814x1124)
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File: ah_1497479567442.spazzyhusky_vosylcapturedandplzyedwithflatcolorcommissionnsfwsm.png -(1254902 B, 1280x1216)
1254902 1254902 No.59172 - Link Reply Report 59172 2

A thief is caught trying to steal a kings gold. To her chagrin the king decided to make a spectacle out of the event. He ordered his guards to wake his noble court have as many guards as could be spared to rally in his throne room.

The thief was dragged out before the assembled crowd where the King declared her the Princess of Thieves. She was then stripped of her cloths and adorned with some of the jewelry and treasures she'd attempted to plunder that day. The guards paraded her around the room giving everyone in attendance a chance to meet the new Princess.

As a reward to his guards, for their vigilance in catching her, he declared they would be entrusted with keeping her safe and allowed to visit her as much as they pleased over the next two days. After she was dragged away to her new room in the castle, he ordered her execution on the morning of the third day and asked that her riches be thrown to the crowd afterwards.

File: 2b1e91ec096f399175c9f4a210f18bf0.png -(2258720 B, 2448x3077)
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File: b577e255cb63992f85275edc37c08072.png -(2542977 B, 2200x2000)
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File: 37b99ef8bdf2fe40aee56991c4ab6fc5.jpg -(350884 B, 942x1000)
350884 350884 No.59175 - Link Reply Report 59175 2

'Harker has given this young coyote one last chance to avoid joining his friend on the gallows. Can he sufficiently please the horse and save himself? Or is the horse simply having a little fun while planning to stretch the yote's neck anyway?'

File: 54d3db372f1eaa2f08d126da9141b61205ef97f2.jpg -(281518 B, 758x900)
281518 281518 No.59176 - Link Reply Report 59176 2
File: ah_1497480069815.coffeestain_chop_2.jpg -(137337 B, 1280x853)
137337 137337 No.59177 - Link Reply Report 59177 2

Executions kept from the public eye were always the best. As long as the sentence was carried out, no one was around to see how it was carried out.

File: a223778df860198d90c0c7faee88ebe20e1516c4.jpg -(414388 B, 831x1245)
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File: d4f09952fac909febc2fb60e6f45efc3.gif -(459793 B, 1280x800)
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File: ah_1497480328643.pawsafterdark_untitled-30-fin.png -(947243 B, 1280x943)
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File: 337d12be9b128e8acc2e36dee61641d8.jpg -(95790 B, 750x573)
95790 95790 No.59181 - Link Reply Report 59181 2
File: Volatus_zealiancollabcomb2.jpg -(1571517 B, 2000x3000)
1571517 1571517 No.59182 - Link Reply Report 59182 2

Quote from Artist

'This mouse is a prisoner of war. She was a nurse, but now she is just a piece of meat to be raped and tortured by her captors. She will be standing there for the night, until the guards take her back to the prisoner barracks in the morning. I guess it will be a long night for her and she has nothing to look forward to. Just more torture and rape for the days to come.'

File: Volatus_zealiancollab3.jpg -(202157 B, 920x1103)
202157 202157 No.59183 - Link Reply Report 59183 2

The mouse is finally taken back to the prisoners barracks, not able to stand from her ordeal.

File: 12dbc7b6048f769ac771044ec521456ad1b4c11c.jpg -(115174 B, 708x540)
115174 115174 No.59184 - Link Reply Report 59184 2
No.59397 - Link Reply Report 59397 2

and there she thought she didn't have any trade skills...

No.59405 - Link Reply Report 59405 2


Where is that one's source?

No.59454 - Link Reply Report 59454 2


File: ah_1505732141082.blazeymix_bonus_color1.jpg -(734779 B, 767x1050)
734779 734779 No.59488 - Link Reply Report 59488 2
File: ah_1505732758841.urban-coyote_urban-coyote_guillofuckweb.jpg -(153725 B, 988x1280)
153725 153725 No.59489 - Link Reply Report 59489 2
File: ah_1505732806447.coyotek_suspensionkolorup.jpg -(130607 B, 903x1280)
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File: ah_1505732837030.kailys_facefuck.png -(758008 B, 1000x667)
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File: ah_1505732950391.essien_94.jpg -(182423 B, 1280x880)
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File: ah_1505733102518.twinkle-sez_pocket_f.jpg -(154436 B, 1280x646)
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File: ah_1505733144632.miyuhogosha_doodle-118c.png -(1176273 B, 989x1280)
1176273 1176273 No.59494 - Link Reply Report 59494 2
File: e75b4a017aa4ebc76a39da0ea96a414f.png -(1019402 B, 1114x1000)
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File: ah_1505734064839.coyotek_suspensionkolorup.jpg -(130607 B, 903x1280)
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File: 2d6bff1c78f26b48830d6359f4d886d2f3060788.jpg -(668287 B, 1280x828)
668287 668287 No.59497 - Link Reply Report 59497 2
File: Volatus-Riding-lessons-small.jpg -(72422 B, 688x800)
72422 72422 No.59619 - Link Reply Report 59619 2
File: ah_1506335952514.xcronic_request_bisonbull92_by_mike_loving.jpg -(244636 B, 1280x1045)
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File: a223778df860198d90c0c7faee88ebe20e1516c4.jpg -(414388 B, 831x1245)
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File: fb2d2ef35744de01f2b68a74b325afa4f612e89a.jpg -(126128 B, 640x800)
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File: rajak_rajak_2.jpg -(706079 B, 1910x2700)
706079 706079 No.59623 - Link Reply Report 59623 2

The young cat was put into solitary confinement immediately after being checked into prison. The guards told him it was for his own protection; if they put him into general population he'd probably be dead before serving his first week. He soon came to realize their concern for his safety wasn't entirely philanthropic.

File: ah_1506337373568.xcronic_request_bisonbull92_by_mike_loving.jpg -(244636 B, 1280x1045)
244636 244636 No.59624 - Link Reply Report 59624 2
File: ah_1506337384194.neurodyne_doublep3_small.jpg -(159737 B, 800x640)
159737 159737 No.59625 - Link Reply Report 59625 2
File: ah_1506337391694.bradmanx_helena_harper_and_an_argonian_being_pounded_by_dragonborn.png -(930038 B, 1024x768)
930038 930038 No.59626 - Link Reply Report 59626 2
File: ah_1506337434675.theblackrook_littlemutt_jan15_finsmall.jpg -(298655 B, 1068x1280)
298655 298655 No.59627 - Link Reply Report 59627 2
No.59649 - Link Reply Report 59649 2


I love the backstory

File: a8d6ed4beaecb68a0660d6ff31055a9d.png -(1507877 B, 989x1280)
1507877 1507877 No.59714 - Link Reply Report 59714 2

"Here's the game, if I cum first I'll make a small cut on that pretty neck of yours and you can bleed out in peace. But if you cum first, I'll finish up and give you the slow death you deserve."

File: c6f08bcc89d2542bdb2c1e8e9c25c8af.png -(1414776 B, 989x1280)
1414776 1414776 No.59715 - Link Reply Report 59715 2

24 agonizing hours later she still struggled on the pole. Praying for death to finally take her away.

File: 1931cb0eb5021f683539ce8fc3fe42b2.jpg -(244583 B, 1280x1280)
244583 244583 No.59716 - Link Reply Report 59716 2
File: ah_1507025892580.goshujinsama_fucked_to_death.jpg -(203126 B, 1121x1280)
203126 203126 No.59717 - Link Reply Report 59717 2
File: ah_1507025930738.sek-raktaa_sekraktaasoftfa.jpg -(234570 B, 1280x1716)
234570 234570 No.59718 - Link Reply Report 59718 2
File: ah_1507026472489.dcmike_arctic_chop.png -(1551028 B, 2500x2200)
1551028 1551028 No.59719 - Link Reply Report 59719 2

The executioner sighed, sadly all good things must come to an end. He'd hoped she'd have been able to hold onto the rope a little longer.

File: 000d1e2b9128fdb13cdd94c8b08c403e.jpg -(810622 B, 2000x1600)
810622 810622 No.59720 - Link Reply Report 59720 2
File: 4f51205b19603bdceb487bf2f6f8ed34.png -(2827267 B, 3000x3600)
2827267 2827267 No.59721 - Link Reply Report 59721 2
File: ah_1507026853212.rov_cms_iracundia.jpg -(512370 B, 1100x1280)
512370 512370 No.59722 - Link Reply Report 59722 2
File: ah_1507026879793.fleinsm_1434118326.i-psilone_fleinsm-small.png -(641958 B, 850x592)
641958 641958 No.59723 - Link Reply Report 59723 2
File: ah_1507027028051.mesorocks_katia_dungun_no_piss_ok.jpg -(216376 B, 1280x1036)
216376 216376 No.59724 - Link Reply Report 59724 2
File: ah_1507030459457.rinkai_kbefql.jpg -(177700 B, 1280x975)
177700 177700 No.59725 - Link Reply Report 59725 2

After being cuffed for what has been almost a week, Esther was physically and mentally exhausted. Her tormentors shows absolutely no clemency or mercy to the wolfess after she was finally been captured by the hunters. Esther had been eluding the kingdom's finest hunters for almost a decade but her luck was eventually struck out. Having to be drugged up, she could no longer conjure any magics as the toxin seeping into her body and suppressed her lines of focus. Every time Esther tries to fought back, the guards simply jeered and punished her to the brink of death. The guards would laugh and ripped the skull mask off her face to get Esther riled up as she angrily tries to get it back. Feeling violated, she couldn't help but to let out a cry as Esther begged them to give her skull mask back, her tormentors had the sick idea of putting her in a awful situation and blackmailed the defenseless wolfess for sexually favors. It wasn't much of a choice for Esther since the brutes just simply assaulted her for their own gains of pleasure.
Humiliated and broken, the guards left Esther alone in her prison cell and kicked the skull mask back within her grasp, as part of their deal... She weakly reaches over and retrieved her precious gift only to put it back on. Her body was sore and her breath was laboring after the terrible ordeal she endured. Esther slowly slump back against the wall and quietly sob. Fear, grief and despair was spiraling through her emotions, she never wanted anyone seeing her like this but couldn't help but to let it all out. She was back home into the Asylum...Nothing has changed after she made her daring escape long ago. The scent in this room was familiar despite being masked with strong odor of cums. It was the same room where Esther was born and where her mother died trying to protect her. Her eyes swelled in tears as this place was a reminder of her sad memories.
As the cum crusted on her fur and little sleep she had, Esther drifted in deep thought about being free once more and roam the world without fear. No sooner had she lost herself in comfort thoughts of being able to see the others again and live her life to the fullest.... had the sound of ranting and rowdy guards who came back to her once more...

File: Hooves2WS.jpg -(134046 B, 1965x1250)
134046 134046 No.59733 - Link Reply Report 59733 2
File: fb593e871929aff943f86c99914947a9.png -(1224434 B, 700x900)
1224434 1224434 No.59736 - Link Reply Report 59736 2


Ja'irra woke to what sounded like a scream. She looked around but saw nothing but the barren walls and floor of her cell. The sound of a struggle echoed down the prison halls, as her ears shot up trying to place it. It seemed to be about three cells down from her. Ja'irra remembered passing another khajiit girl in green robes when the guards walked her to her cell. The girl waved at her when she passed and seemed way to cheery for someone in a prison. Could she have escaped somehow? The thought of getting sprung from prison on the first night filled her with excitement as she pushed up against the bars to listen closer.

Another scream hit her ears followed by a voice she recognized as belonging to the guard who patrolled the halls, "Fucking bitch bit me! She fucking bit me!"

A deeper voice followed that she'd not heard before, "Shut up Marcus. Rest of you back off... Now listen here cat. You just assasulted an Imperial Guard. I could gut you right here and no one would bat an eye. Or we could drag you outside and let the locals watch you hang... But I take pride in reforming my prisoners, not executing them, so Im going to give you a third option." Ja'irras ears folded down as she realized she and her sister in fur werent going to be escaping together.

"You're going to drop that robe, and show us that you're sorry. If you be a good little kitty, then I'll forget it happened and even cut some time off your stay here; for good behavior. But if you decide to hurt one of my men again, I'll have no choice but to hurt one of yours. That little thief over there will hang in your place, and I'll spend the next couple of days showing you what we do to prisoners who aren't capable of reform..."

Ja'irra's heart sank as she slumped back into the corner of her cell. All this over a stupid wallet. She imagined the guards busting into her cell to dragging her outside, putting a noose around her neck, and slowly dying in front of a heckling crowd. Humans always assumed the worst of her kind, they'd never doubt she didnt deserve what was happening to her.

She was brought back to reality by sounds she'd never heard but knew all to well what they were. A wet slurping sound, followed by a muffled squeal, and the wet sound of flesh beating against flesh. Deep groans mixed with feline whimpers... The Khajiit tried not to focus on it.

A new dread worked its way into her. She'd always avoided men, but they'd no doubt come for her next. If not tonight then perhaps tomorrow. What if they threatened her in same way, even if she'd rather die, she couldn't betray the other Khajiit to the gallows after all she was no doubt going through. Her mind tortured her with the possibilities. Having to kneel before one of the brutes and take his cock into her mouth like a lover, being forced to taste and swallow his putrid load. Or perhaps he'd grab her head and force his shaft down her throat. Would she even be able to fight the urge to bite if she couldn't breath. She imagined one of them spreading her legs and tearing her virginity from her. Would they be gentle if they knew it was her first time? Or worse being forced to straddle one of them and bring the pain upon herself. Her mind skipped to an image of herself pinned between them all. Gagging on one as two more ravaged her from behind. Being trapped between two hells, where trying to escape one would only push her further into the other. Ja'irra's sister told her once about letting an argonian they grew up with fuck her in the ass. The whole idea had disgusted her and she couldnt believe any men would actually want to do it. Would the guards force that on her as well?

The young cat came back to reality only to hear the guards were still raping the poor girl in the other cell. She realized her daydreaming was starting to make her wet and hated her body for betraying her. The guards hadn't even done anything to her but she felt completely defeated. She wished she could help the other Khajiit, but knew there was nothing she could do. She couldn't even be there to comfort her whenever they'd finally leave. Her mind and body were betraying her and she couldn't shake the dread of her fears shaping into a reality she couldn't control... Why couldn't she have just stayed home? Why'd she have to go and get herself into this mess...

File: ah_1507296942586.colydos_1466047011.gurofur_mintcommish2.jpg -(202846 B, 1140x840)
202846 202846 No.59737 - Link Reply Report 59737 2
File: ah_1507296977712.lycos94_l1246.jpg -(434258 B, 1280x841)
434258 434258 No.59738 - Link Reply Report 59738 2
File: ah_1507297050330.auroraweaver_arrest7.jpg -(256313 B, 1280x1201)
256313 256313 No.59739 - Link Reply Report 59739 2

Hottest tigers ever!

File: ah_1507297121474.straytramp261_st216-fa___anubis_snuff_dungeon.jpg -(455461 B, 831x600)
455461 455461 No.59740 - Link Reply Report 59740 2
No.59902 - Link Reply Report 59902 2

Who is this artist?! This is amazing!

No.59906 - Link Reply Report 59906 2


I wondered that too and I managed to find the original on Fur Affinity under the user Auroraweaver.

File: ah_1527809914996.dirtyjaggy_bensit.jpg -(157296 B, 1235x1280)
157296 157296 No.60478 - Link Reply Report 60478 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25965535/
File: ah_1527810087266.rkt_1435250633.fumiko_fa2.png -(2532911 B, 961x1280)
2532911 2532911 No.60479 - Link Reply Report 60479 2
File: ah_1527812933525.frozensoul_last_night_out.jpg -(320783 B, 1280x930)
320783 320783 No.60480 - Link Reply Report 60480 2

After the fall of her kingdom, and execution of her father, an equine princess is dragged off into the depths of her former home. The soldiers drop her into a room once used for the beheading and dismemberment of her father's political enemies.

What felt like hours passed as her captors waited for orders from the new King... To the delight of the men their Captain finally arrived with word that the King would be coming to see her head the following morning, and had no additional orders on her treatment or execution.

File: ah_1527813048817.howlart_ych1.jpg -(253760 B, 1200x1280)
253760 253760 No.60481 - Link Reply Report 60481 2
File: 1bbe7b984c2687c50f689dcc263a43e5.jpg -(230357 B, 989x1280)
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File: 45be91619d42792161434618e1627bf5.png -(1216624 B, 989x1280)
1216624 1216624 No.60483 - Link Reply Report 60483 2
File: 385c40259e079bc1254531437c00d05b.jpg -(187049 B, 1280x1247)
187049 187049 No.60484 - Link Reply Report 60484 2
File: cb9bb20711b1c1c6e9c92acdcf1bf4aa.jpg -(67715 B, 800x568)
67715 67715 No.60485 - Link Reply Report 60485 2
File: 3c9ce629bc8e716fa1e2421487109a47.jpg -(84935 B, 800x639)
84935 84935 No.60486 - Link Reply Report 60486 2