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Pictures of the really hardcore stuff and that which squicks the majority of the fandom (guro, non-consentual, rape, scat, violence, vore, watersports, drug use, etc.)
Babyfurs that are not clearly adult, and Cub art, will not be tolerated.

Art that contains toon character and /ah-related themes does in fact belong in /toon. Also note clarification in /toon description and: http://fchan.us/read.php/faq/1238098153/

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Micro Catch (lookin for somethin) gore 
File: ah_1502347428026.dalbie_dontbiteeeee.jpg -(98343 B, 1010x1280)
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Hay, I'm lookin for a pic I saw long ago, it was a black and white pencil rendering of two four legged critters (like equine dragons if I remember right) playin catch with a poor micro dragon that was getting mauled from repeatedly getting chomped and flung.
The pic had the micro dragon in midair with some blood spray and one of the equine dragons about to catch him.

So, anybody got that pic?

Also, if you have anything where a feral is playing with a micro, chomping them and flinging them through the air only to be chomped again,