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Pictures of the really hardcore stuff and that which squicks the majority of the fandom (guro, non-consentual, rape, scat, violence, vore, watersports, drug use, etc.)
Babyfurs that are not clearly adult, and Cub art, will not be tolerated.

Art that contains toon character and /ah-related themes does in fact belong in /toon. Also note clarification in /toon description and: http://fchan.us/read.php/faq/1238098153/

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[-] [+] No.59547
The Price Of Defeat 
File: ZorroRe_hyennas_rape_color_web_post.jpg -(645005 B, 1400x1050)
645005 645005 No.59547 59547 1

Warriors, adventurers, athletes, ect being raped, tortured, humiliated, ect after loosing to an opponent. All sexes and species are welcome.

File: 4de7f7c7641d8371d21371c50f9fc94114ec1e17.jpg -(59440 B, 670x500)
59440 59440 No.59548 - Link Reply Report 59548 2
File: 7ec406cb879877bd3c269b43de97f623.jpg -(864885 B, 789x1000)
864885 864885 No.59549 - Link Reply Report 59549 2
File: 8d6d54103fff9b1bd7e316149870d40d.jpg -(500114 B, 1200x848)
500114 500114 No.59550 - Link Reply Report 59550 2
File: 11fb75e29e8e71a9ceb20f09d3d09062.jpg -(226311 B, 779x1100)
226311 226311 No.59551 - Link Reply Report 59551 2
File: 28d864434f7c85de4881ed2df638d168.jpg -(521260 B, 847x1200)
521260 521260 No.59552 - Link Reply Report 59552 2
File: 4b752fa020f6d8bed95fd70003e1e84e50f24966.jpg -(982936 B, 1280x881)
982936 982936 No.59553 - Link Reply Report 59553 2
File: _popcornpanic__ko.png -(606796 B, 1029x750)
606796 606796 No.59554 - Link Reply Report 59554 2
File: ah_1506253660710.colored.jpg -(271822 B, 990x1280)
271822 271822 No.59555 - Link Reply Report 59555 2
File: ah_1506253676119.colored.jpg -(325287 B, 990x1280)
325287 325287 No.59556 - Link Reply Report 59556 2
File: ah_1506253689744.colored.jpg -(312568 B, 990x1280)
312568 312568 No.59557 - Link Reply Report 59557 2
File: ah_1506253699130.colored.jpg -(366268 B, 990x1280)
366268 366268 No.59558 - Link Reply Report 59558 2
File: ah_1506253714275.colored.jpg -(377767 B, 990x1280)
377767 377767 No.59559 - Link Reply Report 59559 2
File: ah_1506253761132.colored.jpg -(310462 B, 990x1280)
310462 310462 No.59560 - Link Reply Report 59560 2
File: ah_1506253769206.colored.jpg -(270330 B, 990x1280)
270330 270330 No.59561 - Link Reply Report 59561 2
File: ah_1506253776367.colored.jpg -(219742 B, 990x1280)
219742 219742 No.59562 - Link Reply Report 59562 2
File: ah_1506253815469.subject_war_-_lineart_15.02.2013.png -(266363 B, 1070x936)
266363 266363 No.59563 - Link Reply Report 59563 2
File: 651183d9b3d7c752cfd9dd0415248f37.jpg -(399193 B, 1005x1279)
399193 399193 No.59564 - Link Reply Report 59564 2
File: df6ab4ce80d6b71e1c4b46e21c7ad46ae10d5fbc.jpg -(213081 B, 963x1280)
213081 213081 No.59565 - Link Reply Report 59565 2

Explore the Minotaur's maze at your own risk.

File: ah_1506256456014.mirri_huntingmirris.jpg -(638819 B, 1100x815)
638819 638819 No.59566 - Link Reply Report 59566 2

The great huntress Mirri finally met her match after falling into an ambush set up by a group of human mercenaries. After a bloody fight, their numbers proved to be too much for her and she fell to the ground after sustaining several wounds. The young cat waited for the remaining men to move in to finish her, hoping to take one more of the bastards down with her. To her surprise a swirling sound started up behind her. She turned quickly to see another figure step out from behind a tree, before she could make out the sling swirling at his side a stone stuck her in the head and everything faded to black.

File: ah_1506268653419.malkin_mirrichained.jpg -(231608 B, 1280x842)
231608 231608 No.59567 - Link Reply Report 59567 2

Mirri awoke to find herself in a dark windowless room with a younger man sitting in a chair near a torch lit door. Her head was throbbing as she tried to silently focus on him. He was reading a book and seemed to be paying no attention to her. She instinctively lunged out to attack him but quickly felt a pair a shackles stop her advance with a loud clang, she cursed before realizing her captors had also taken the time to gag her in her sleep.

The young man dropped his book and nearly fell out of his chair before recomposing himself and looking at her with a mischievous grin. He left the room, closing the door behind him and could be heard walking up wooden stairs. Mirri used the time alone to struggle against her bonds to no avail before studying the room for anything she might have missed earlier.

The sound of several footsteps descending the stairs in the next room snapped her attention back to the door. Eight men filed into the room with the younger man who'd left to alert them of her recovery. She recognized some of them from her earlier battle and quickly realized what they had planned for her.

The man who'd knocked her out with the sling pulled out a knife and started cutting open what remained of her cloths. The young warrior closed her eyes in disgust as they all stared at her like a pack of dogs eyeing up meat. She could hear them undressing and felt several hands exploring her body. When the groping stopped she opened her eyes to see the man who'd exposed her staring back into her eyes with a devilish grin. Mirri glared back at him before looking down to see him lining up his hardened cock with her virgin folds. Her head raced with a mix of rage and despair at the thought of this pathetic man being the first to be inside her. She hated herself for not confessing her love to Gerrard when they'd been traveling together. But above all she swore to herself that she would give them the satisfaction of seeing her cry or scream, no matter what they did to her. As long as she had the will to survive she would fight to remain silent and dare them to try and break her spirit.

A new pain filled the young cats body as he tore into her unceremoniously, giving her no time to adjust before thrusting back and forth while joking to his friends that the legendary Mirri had never been fucked. They all laughed and taunted her, but she tried to ignore them as she gritted her teeth against the gag. Before long her rapist gave one last strong thrust as he bottomed out inside her, holding himself there for several seconds before giving her a kiss on the neck and pulling out. She glared daggers at him, while feeling a mix of blood and the pathetic boar's seed run down her leg. The next merc slid behind her and started feeling up her toned butt. She braced for the inevitable pain that would follow as he spit words like venom into her ear. His arms reached around her in a tight hug as he forced her down onto his waiting member before thrusting up to spear her ass. Mirri's resolve almost faltered as the new pain and humiliation mixed with the searing pain of her arms feeling like they were about to pop out of joint as the shackles fought against the movements being forced onto her body. She inhaled sharply and forced her eyes shut until the pain became more manageable as her body adjusted. Two men took hold of each of her legs and held them firmly apart as a third eagerly positioned himself to plunge back into her sore pussy before his partner had finished breaking in her rear; as the longest night of her life continued onward.

Time became a blur as they continued to rape her for what must have been hours. They filled her with their vile seed, taunted her, took bets on who could last longer, took amusement in cumming on her face and fur, and tried their best to make her suffer. When they'd finally had their fill or grown sore enough to finally call it a night the men started to leave one by one and head up stairs. Until she was left alone with the one she hated the most, and it seemed he enjoyed helping keep it that way. Before taking his leave her first rapist pulled a ring gag out of a bag on the floor and threw onto the floor in front of her, "Better rest up kitten because tomorrow I think we'll try this baby out, cant have you starving down here after all". He leaned in giving her a kiss on the nose before taking his leave and closing the door behind him.

Mirri was now completely alone. Every part of her body ached and begged for sleep but her raging mind refused to listen to it. They'd left her alone, if there was any chance of her escaping now could possibly be her only chance. No matter the cost she had to make them regret leaving her alive. She studied her prison while testing her restraints. If there was a way she'd find it, there had to be a way...

File: 056.jpg -(123015 B, 768x1024)
123015 123015 No.59568 - Link Reply Report 59568 2
File: 057.jpg -(124975 B, 1024x768)
124975 124975 No.59569 - Link Reply Report 59569 2
No.59570 - Link Reply Report 59570 2
Source: sun


File: Geewillicker_Little_Piggy.jpg -(288662 B, 1131x872)
288662 288662 No.59571 - Link Reply Report 59571 2

<-Contributing. I think I found this in another "rape" thread long ago here on fchan. The look on the female's face says it all: she realizes that no matter how much she pleads or begs, she's screwed (literally and figuratively).

File: bussaca_goaltending2sml.jpg -(285983 B, 1100x800)
285983 285983 No.59572 - Link Reply Report 59572 2

<- More in line with the "price of defeat" theme.

File: bussaca_goaltending2sml.jpg -(285983 B, 1100x800)
285983 285983 No.59573 - Link Reply Report 59573 2

<- More in line with the "price of defeat" theme.

File: Jack20020111.jpg -(148333 B, 508x655)
148333 148333 No.59574 - Link Reply Report 59574 2

<-Never cared much for "Jack", but this seems to best fit here.

File: ah_1506331644583.drayk_spelunkersal_-_riptide_collab_-_victory___humiliation.jpg -(155439 B, 1280x763)
155439 155439 No.59575 - Link Reply Report 59575 2

>>59574 Thanks for sharing.

File: ah_1506331929308.netherwulf_olonia_rape01.jpg -(337903 B, 1024x768)
337903 337903 No.59576 - Link Reply Report 59576 2
File: ah_1506331937331.netherwulf_olonia_rape02.jpg -(285573 B, 768x1024)
285573 285573 No.59577 - Link Reply Report 59577 2
File: ah_1506331957859.netherwulf_olonia_rape03.jpg -(270810 B, 768x1024)
270810 270810 No.59578 - Link Reply Report 59578 2
File: ah_1506331965366.netherwulf_olonia_rape04.jpg -(96721 B, 1280x960)
96721 96721 No.59579 - Link Reply Report 59579 2
File: 44a6c5ae42e6a1f0c76af1c56521147a.jpg -(209037 B, 850x1185)
209037 209037 No.59580 - Link Reply Report 59580 2
File: 2f1e7a2d35313170a40b5b9bf3500c72.png -(1627761 B, 847x1200)
1627761 1627761 No.59581 - Link Reply Report 59581 2
File: 54eaf7e276984111915db13e231c57e68b17ac74.jpg -(391661 B, 667x902)
391661 391661 No.59582 - Link Reply Report 59582 2
File: 87f63a5f52532a38e2c97b8dfc726ee5.jpg -(174853 B, 952x661)
174853 174853 No.59583 - Link Reply Report 59583 2
File: 399fd39b6e208c4cc372a22657e42cc3.jpg -(402654 B, 1600x747)
402654 402654 No.59584 - Link Reply Report 59584 2
File: e848a5553870bf91220d96fdb94f9b6a.png -(1116767 B, 761x1036)
1116767 1116767 No.59585 - Link Reply Report 59585 2
File: fab6a9299edf5c691b1552dfd38f93df.jpg -(43924 B, 558x750)
43924 43924 No.59586 - Link Reply Report 59586 2
File: f5657ed4732f7042e4e4f325e6b3a455.jpg -(494003 B, 674x1024)
494003 494003 No.59587 - Link Reply Report 59587 2
File: ah_1506333051239.malkin_carmrocket072.jpg -(94816 B, 454x720)
94816 94816 No.59588 - Link Reply Report 59588 2
File: dames_tale.jpg -(1020201 B, 1300x935)
1020201 1020201 No.59589 - Link Reply Report 59589 2

A Knight finds herself betrayed by her squire and ambushed by the slavers she set up to stop. Stripped of her armor and dignity she begins her new life as a slave.

File: dames_tale2.jpg -(867420 B, 1300x941)
867420 867420 No.59590 - Link Reply Report 59590 2
File: dames_tale3.jpg -(837870 B, 1300x942)
837870 837870 No.59591 - Link Reply Report 59591 2
File: dames_tale4.jpg -(677298 B, 1300x943)
677298 677298 No.59592 - Link Reply Report 59592 2
File: dames_tale5.jpg -(870055 B, 1300x941)
870055 870055 No.59593 - Link Reply Report 59593 2
File: dames_tale6.jpg -(878632 B, 1300x939)
878632 878632 No.59594 - Link Reply Report 59594 2
File: dames_tale7.jpg -(783464 B, 1300x939)
783464 783464 No.59595 - Link Reply Report 59595 2
File: dames_tale8.jpg -(661040 B, 1300x939)
661040 661040 No.59596 - Link Reply Report 59596 2
File: dames_tale9.jpg -(787315 B, 1300x938)
787315 787315 No.59597 - Link Reply Report 59597 2
File: dames_tale10.jpg -(842949 B, 1300x938)
842949 842949 No.59598 - Link Reply Report 59598 2
File: b84613635d036e2ef79174ccc2707534.jpg -(130143 B, 998x673)
130143 130143 No.59599 - Link Reply Report 59599 2
File: 4723e418c74521713db22480c408ff22.jpg -(561794 B, 884x1188)
561794 561794 No.59600 - Link Reply Report 59600 2
File: b6c8154dd793c38df8126e27d31aa317.jpg -(593132 B, 1264x1001)
593132 593132 No.59601 - Link Reply Report 59601 2
File: Deamondante-A-Game-of-Cat-and-Mouse...-err...-Rat.png -(3400414 B, 2480x3508)
3400414 3400414 No.59602 - Link Reply Report 59602 2
File: ah_1507466584768.hoofer_1.jpg -(168363 B, 931x1280)
168363 168363 No.59788 - Link Reply Report 59788 2

M5 (characters name) has been captured by dragons.

File: ah_1507466646685.hoofer_2.jpg -(182280 B, 931x1280)
182280 182280 No.59789 - Link Reply Report 59789 2

M5 has become a toy for the dragons. One in particular seems to like the taste of his muzzle.

File: ah_1507466740883.hoofer_3.jpg -(158121 B, 931x1280)
158121 158121 No.59790 - Link Reply Report 59790 2

M5 was finally brought back to the Dragon's lair for the Dragon's amusement. They chained his hands above him, and stretched his legs with tight and heavy manacles. The first dragon took his turn while digging his claws into his side...

File: ah_1507466769101.hoofer_4.jpg -(151601 B, 1280x927)
151601 151601 No.59791 - Link Reply Report 59791 2

Continuing with their night of fun, the dragons have plenty in store for the poor M5.

File: ah_1507466796906.hoofer_5.jpg -(155959 B, 1280x931)
155959 155959 No.59792 - Link Reply Report 59792 2

Using a rack the next morning, the dragons took to pulling their prey in two different directions. One required a taste of their dinner a little early, while another was more than happy to feed M5.

File: ah_1507466841595.hoofer_6.jpg -(163336 B, 1280x933)
163336 163336 No.59793 - Link Reply Report 59793 2

Another day, and the Dragons have decided it might be best to ensure M5 can't bite back. His muzzle was always meant for other purposes anyways.

File: ah_1507466862979.hoofer_7.jpg -(152167 B, 1280x929)
152167 152167 No.59794 - Link Reply Report 59794 2

Too exhausted from the torture and abuse, M5 allows the dragons to have their way with him, unable to resist.

File: ah_1507466889144.hoofer_8.jpg -(185748 B, 1280x915)
185748 185748 No.59795 - Link Reply Report 59795 2

Forcing M5 into a split position cross their minds...there was no doubt it would cause him extreme discomfort.

File: ah_1507466915651.hoofer_9.jpg -(146586 B, 1280x929)
146586 146586 No.59796 - Link Reply Report 59796 2

After abusing him for weeks, the dragons were sick of their new pet screaming. They fashioned a noose around his neck, and kept him tied to a post with a tight leather muzzle.

File: ah_1507466954467.hoofer_0.jpg -(273319 B, 915x1280)
273319 273319 No.59797 - Link Reply Report 59797 2

There was always other prey to entertain themselves with. When the dragons were finished with their toy, they disposed of him properly with one last session.

File: ah_1507467448447.marsminer_rogue_venus_dragon_bandit_rape.jpg -(183124 B, 1130x1280)
183124 183124 No.59798 - Link Reply Report 59798 2
File: ah_1507467638161.citrox_07-icepanther5.jpg -(176112 B, 1120x1280)
176112 176112 No.59799 - Link Reply Report 59799 2

At least he seems to be having a fun time, all things considered.

File: ah_1507467863463.jasonwerefox_1378236324.inert-ren_sheila_jason_wip3.jpg -(276752 B, 1200x802)
276752 276752 No.59800 - Link Reply Report 59800 2

"You better be better at fucking than you are at fighting. If you cum before I'm done ill rip your fucking arms off!"

File: ah_1507468100329.grimmswhims_pov-done-tumblr.gif -(5353585 B, 423x500)
5353585 5353585 No.59801 - Link Reply Report 59801 2

Another woman dominating her bloodied opponent.

File: d7cbd8797783b7417d6978cc4a0924cb.png -(1141595 B, 975x1300)
1141595 1141595 No.59802 - Link Reply Report 59802 2
File: ah_1507468249080.bluetigress_64._kain___ptolema.jpg -(218603 B, 949x1280)
218603 218603 No.59803 - Link Reply Report 59803 2
File: e64d545758cf5f383a752e07f3a0a221.png -(673857 B, 1280x918)
673857 673857 No.59804 - Link Reply Report 59804 2

Captured by a wolf clan, she's been knotted more times than a climbing rope.

File: ah_1507468479071.vertex01_defeatcls.png -(1091564 B, 884x1218)
1091564 1091564 No.59805 - Link Reply Report 59805 2
File: ah_1507468509866.ldr_4.png_u18chan.jpg -(159755 B, 1280x960)
159755 159755 No.59806 - Link Reply Report 59806 2
File: elfhunter.jpg -(406195 B, 1550x1091)
406195 406195 No.59807 - Link Reply Report 59807 2

An elf hunts down two tigers, not knowing they are in fact weretigers. After slaying the female she is surprised and overpowered by male. The enraged beast has no intention of killing her, not until she replaces what she stole from him.

File: elfhunter2.jpg -(1046618 B, 1112x1574)
1046618 1046618 No.59808 - Link Reply Report 59808 2

Shackled to a pillar the elf takes some time to adjust to her new life. Her new master rapes her repeatedly throughout the day, trying his best to make it as painful as possible without causing any mortal wounds. She is given some rest from his rage whenever he goes out to hunt, but he always returns to check her stomach for swelling before forcing more seed into her sore body.

File: elfhunter3.jpg -(395281 B, 1550x1096)
395281 395281 No.59809 - Link Reply Report 59809 2

Even after she grew swollen he'd take pleasure in using the rest of her body. Her punishment would not be complete until she had finally provided him a child, but it would never know its mother. He'd rip out her throat and raise the child alone. He hoped her death would finally put an end to the hatred that consumed him.

File: ah_1507473575712.cloudy-kitty_lionessbb2.jpg -(235997 B, 512x800)
235997 235997 No.59810 - Link Reply Report 59810 2
No.59855 - Link Reply Report 59855 2

This is very interesting.
Who is the artist ? I do not see a signature.

No.59856 - Link Reply Report 59856 2

>>59855 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19409834/

No.60159 - Link Reply Report 60159 2


is there any sauce for this? pls

File: ah_1521579658661.killbeat_right_of_the_victor_f.png -(116111 B, 1024x768)
116111 116111 No.60288 - Link Reply Report 60288 2
File: ah_1524343818277.killbeat_right_of_the_loser_f.png -(135815 B, 1024x768)
135815 135815 No.60312 - Link Reply Report 60312 2
File: 2b4096db3a5a2ae4c460546e8892b660.jpg -(250564 B, 1200x917)
250564 250564 No.60333 - Link Reply Report 60333 2
File: 2c6d210fe5c52d61dc0c51789ea02b90.jpg -(603270 B, 796x975)
603270 603270 No.60448 - Link Reply Report 60448 2

Utter defeat.

File: 2c6d210fe5c52d61dc0c51789ea02b90.jpg -(603270 B, 796x975)
603270 603270 No.60449 - Link Reply Report 60449 2

Utter defeat.

File: 2c6d210fe5c52d61dc0c51789ea02b90.jpg -(603270 B, 796x975)
603270 603270 No.60450 - Link Reply Report 60450 2

Utter defeat.

File: ArkanumZilong_arkanum_arcade_busted_web.jpg -(559125 B, 1312x1050)
559125 559125 No.60525 - Link Reply Report 60525 2
Source: https://inkbunny.net/s/1621723