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Pictures of the really hardcore stuff and that which squicks the majority of the fandom (guro, non-consentual, rape, scat, violence, vore, watersports, drug use, etc.)
Babyfurs that are not clearly adult, and Cub art, will not be tolerated.

Art that contains toon character and /ah-related themes does in fact belong in /toon. Also note clarification in /toon description and: http://fchan.us/read.php/faq/1238098153/

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[-] [+] No.59969
Sex n drugs 
File: 966854ec6fd8a0fba7b3d354598780a9.jpg -(100227 B, 800x618)
100227 100227 No.59969 59969 1

Haven't seen one of these threads. As the title says, furries using drugs and getting high during sex- from casual 420 use to harder stuff like slamming meth. The more taboo the better imo.

File: 3e7d61f25ec27333f1f1813756d8edd7.png -(1537342 B, 1420x1428)
1537342 1537342 No.59973 - Link Reply Report 59973 2

Sex and drugs!? now u talking my language! let's get our freak on

File: Drink_n_the_Devil_06.jpg -(362018 B, 1082x1039)
362018 362018 No.59975 - Link Reply Report 59975 2
No.59976 - Link Reply Report 59976 2


That is pretty hot, wish there was more like that!

File: 7fe19e62b3e31561f01f900125d0b364.jpg -(116102 B, 618x800)
116102 116102 No.59982 - Link Reply Report 59982 2

Looks like after Pavel had his way with Cy he figured he might as well let someone else take a turn, I don't know if this is the end for Cy but he might have over done it as he is pretty zonked out right now. His mind stuck in the clouds as the bull goes to pound town.

File: 7d4611eb22f3ac4ddafe9012cefc56d9.jpg -(127500 B, 618x800)
127500 127500 No.59991 - Link Reply Report 59991 2
File: f8e148ca7285059cfef18df57c7d8c1d.jpg -(110928 B, 800x618)
110928 110928 No.60006 - Link Reply Report 60006 2
No.60042 - Link Reply Report 60042 2

I wonder if any other furs are into hard drugs.

File: ad884ba033571d10f8425410274a8946.jpg -(136823 B, 701x800)
136823 136823 No.60128 - Link Reply Report 60128 2
No.60144 - Link Reply Report 60144 2

My friend has a huge stash of heroin, I think enough to set us up for life. I've never tried it, but my biggest concern was running out of it.

No.60146 - Link Reply Report 60146 2

>>60042 May not the harder Stuff, but I miss the Smokers - Thought it make the people so creative ;)

File: b7bd33530f14ac25effbefc477979d9d.jpg -(122429 B, 680x800)
122429 122429 No.60156 - Link Reply Report 60156 2
No.60161 - Link Reply Report 60161 2


PCP is great, but during sex it is pretty distracting.

File: d87f7bbc509303cf95b57b52b2fc1b8d.jpg -(106351 B, 732x800)
106351 106351 No.60171 - Link Reply Report 60171 2

Junip: "Wait, you're telling me you used to do porn flicks!?"

Jules: "Oh yeah! Way back in the day, before I even met Mikey. You know, in my 'wild Miami boy toy' period."

"Did you keep any of those tapes?"

"Probably, somewhere, but it's nothing you haven't seen before. Lots of hard kink stuff, sounding, fisting, etcetera, but more than anything I remember the doms from those days."

"Oh? They weren't better than me, were they?"

"They weren't brats, at least, and they always took great care of me. Right before we starting rolling, they'd always make me take a huge rip off of a joint, every time. And it was never, like, a tasteful amount of weed, because they figured out the higher I was, the louder I'd moan."

"They must've known you pretty well, then."

"They knew it loosened me up, at least!"

No.60173 - Link Reply Report 60173 2


I wan't to slam meth so badly. I can't wait fo that to be me.

File: ah_1518231088233.furinkazan_jakethesnake_1.png -(1977990 B, 1500x1266)
1977990 1977990 No.60187 - Link Reply Report 60187 2
File: gZJ7Qb8.jpg -(86478 B, 530x690)
86478 86478 No.60205 - Link Reply Report 60205 2
No.60227 - Link Reply Report 60227 2


I wish my boyfriend was okay with pot.

File: d87c16b3999f8fe9bdcc11c108bfa483.jpg -(73225 B, 800x774)
73225 73225 No.60265 - Link Reply Report 60265 2
File: 95baf257602f93902d4bc56c558e32c4.jpg -(88657 B, 800x748)
88657 88657 No.60365 - Link Reply Report 60365 2
File: 3d8ea18cbf81b51d1dbfa6011fa3382c.jpg -(115067 B, 728x800)
115067 115067 No.60413 - Link Reply Report 60413 2
File: _explicit_semi-dash-grimdark_artist-colon-1trick_artist-colon-buckitponydoodles_berry+punch_berryshine_pinkie+pie_alcohol_anal+insertion_anthro.png -(1251689 B, 1100x825)
1251689 1251689 No.60489 - Link Reply Report 60489 2
File: 098d67efbeb3b2d3a21f2b5b04002224.jpg -(98682 B, 706x800)
98682 98682 No.60830 - Link Reply Report 60830 2