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File: itoril_scene_c.png -(446072 B, 800x450)
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Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/itoril/

Hi everyone. Since the rules on copyrighted characters have been relaxed, I'm now just going to use a generic thread here. Discussion will probably be mainly centred around the big animation project anyway.

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That was great. I only noticed the bitmap expressions when I was looking out for them. That said, Renamons face is fabulous.

I agree with elliot in that the buttons didn't seem to do anything or show signs they were working at all. It wasn't until the second scene when I finally realized it was the way it was made. Some way to confirm a button press would be ideal, but not necessary.

Great Job.

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"0 Poor 'web version' quality in the video (had to get it to a postable size)."

You could post a hi-res version at one of those download sites like megaupload, megarotic, rapidshare and post the link instead.

Also the angle from Preview H was changed in the final cut. To showoff Zorori's facial expression I presume, but I preferred the angle in the Preview H cuz you could see more or Renamon getting cummed on :( But that's just my 2 cents.

Overall I think this is a spectacular piece of work. Keep up the awesome job :)

No.947 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 947 2


Hmm, yes. You see, what I wanted to do was have it so that you press the button, and then the current loop plays to the end before moving onto the next one. That way, the animation is fluid and doesn't skip.


Yes, I'm quite disappointed with myself when it comes to the expressions. If I'd only invested a few more hours in the initial stages, it would have been so much better.


Right. I originally had it so that there was only one button for the loop at a time, and when you went to the next loop, that button disappeared and the next one appeared. However, when I exported this, it didn't work properly.

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"So there's not much point in dishing out a high quality version, unless I were to just rar the video files on their own and upload them."

I wouldn't mind having the collection of hi-rez video files. You could post the link on your furaffinity account :)

No.1199 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1199 2

I noticed that the transitions between some loops seem rough, probably due to a number of factors. While the quality is certainly better-than-average for "amateur" work, it is still significantly behind what I would consider "professional", in terms of movement fluidity, expression (bodily and facial), and environmental interactivity.

If you want some inspirational material, I recommend the Sexual Fantasy Kingdom series, or other professionally released 3D erotic games. While almost none are "furry" per se, you might still benefit from noting the detail work that they implement, and mentally identifying qualities that distinguish a "better" animation.

I'm not saying your work is bad, of course. I just think there's a lot of room for improvement.

If (when) you start your BIG PROJECT, I suggest enlisting the aid of a writer, preferably one whose works you particularly enjoy. It never hurts to have a second opinion, especially when dealing with something as delicate and intricate as a well-developed storyline.

I assume you knew most of these things already, but it's 3am and I'm feeling obstinate. Good night.

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