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[-] [+] No.1110
Deatzh's art 'n stuff 
File: maybeimjustawesome.png -(319816 B, 1280x800)
319816 319816 No.1110 1110 1
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2630807/

Lost my thread!

I guess it's not really an issue. Hadn't posted much in it, so I remember what was there. :P

I've got more stuff posted over yonder: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/deatzh/

File: cbconduct.jpg -(139783 B, 500x665)
139783 139783 No.1111 - Link Reply Report 1111 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2611869/

Ink's the way to go.

He's conducting.
Sort of.

File: carthisgdcenform.jpg -(200354 B, 639x846)
200354 200354 No.1112 - Link Reply Report 1112 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2784496

And then there's this nonsense I completed early this morning. It's more or less the end result of an intentional transformation from some toolish character I created recently.


No.1119 - Link Reply Report 1119 2

you're art isn't very good

No.1120 - Link Reply Report 1120 2
>you are art, isn't very good

This is true. I mean, art should never be sentient and able to post things onto the web.

No.1122 - Link Reply Report 1122 2


Well there Norman Rockwell lets see what you can do. Not much of anything other then the art of running off at the keyboard.

No.1123 - Link Reply Report 1123 2

The argument "Well you can't do any better!" to anyone insulting/criticizing/critiquing/advising art or an artist is pretty silly. That doesn't mean that the artist in question is any better, or just because the person saying anything CAN'T say anything just because their art isn't 'as good' (not that I'm saying it is, I have no idea if 1119 is an artist and what he/she draws).

I'd just much rather have someone tell me why/how something is wrong instead of being a complete moron (and possibly being butthurt,) and giving the most vague and unhelpful of criticisms.

No.1124 - Link Reply Report 1124 2


>or just because the person saying anything CAN'T say anything just because their art isn't 'as good'

"or the person saying anything CAN'T because their art isn't 'as good'."
Clarity, FTW.

File: tdpf.png -(711601 B, 830x918)
711601 711601 No.1125 - Link Reply Report 1125 2

Mmm, trombone.

No.1133 - Link Reply Report 1133 2

Keep on practicin'! You'll get there! :)

File: caniblue.jpg -(347481 B, 1200x800)
347481 347481 No.1200 - Link Reply Report 1200 2

Was gonna fix dis up before posting it here, but haven't really gotten back to it so... whatever.

File: timemouse.jpg -(220066 B, 934x828)
220066 220066 No.1201 - Link Reply Report 1201 2

Fond of this one though.

Stuff can all be found at the new account on FA. It's linked on my alias.

File: bobexample.jpg -(291276 B, 428x800)
291276 291276 No.1278 - Link Reply Report 1278 2

$5 doodliblobs

File: deerbutt.jpg -(96152 B, 310x717)
96152 96152 No.1279 - Link Reply Report 1279 2

It's the way to go.

Done this one today, not posting last because I can.

File: blatdesigns.jpg -(66174 B, 437x527)
66174 66174 No.1280 - Link Reply Report 1280 2

On a shirt.
For $10 (excluding shipping)

See here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1437797/
And be a badass person.

I can attest to the shirts being good quality. This printer, he knows what he's doing. These Gildan, they are a good brand.