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[-] [+] No.1176
Preview of new Caterwaul comic 
File: Caterwaul_GS_Page1_post.jpg -(323448 B, 675x1000)
323448 323448 No.1176 1176 1
Source: James M. Hardiman

Thought I'd post this on a couple image boards. This title was originally published back in 1996, but it's been on hiatus for over 10 years. I've since rewritten all the stories, redesigned all the characters, and changed the flavor of the whole thing.

This comic will be published by Angry Viking Press and will be coming out in June 2010. The pages below are from a short story titled "Good Samaritans".


File: Caterwaul_GS_Page2_post.jpg -(265801 B, 673x1000)
265801 265801 No.1177 - Link Reply Report 1177 2
Source: James M. Hardiman


File: Caterwaul_GS_Page3_post.jpg -(239864 B, 678x1000)
239864 239864 No.1178 - Link Reply Report 1178 2


File: Caterwaul_GS_Page4_post.jpg -(225306 B, 667x1000)
225306 225306 No.1179 - Link Reply Report 1179 2

>>1176 I also just realized this is the first time I ever started a thread on any imageboard. Wild, man.

No.1182 - Link Reply Report 1182 2

The last issue I got was #4 (1998), so it's been a while. Not so much 10 years on hiatus as 10 years of improvement and new ideas, shall we say? I look forward to seeing it when it comes out.

No.1188 - Link Reply Report 1188 2

>>1176i just reread that whole thing in a irish accent.
it was better this time around

No.1470 - Link Reply Report 1470 2

Huh? Nice comic but what happened to the Patachu thread?

No.1471 - Link Reply Report 1471 2

This thread is from 2009. Not sure why it's still here or where Patachu's thread went. Weird.

No.1495 - Link Reply Report 1495 2

Hello. Does anyone has or know where I can find the Caterwaul comic books by Jim Hardiman?