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This is a board where you can submit banners to be displayed on top of the boards, they should advertise and represent the site. Each entry will be screened by the administration and, if found to be satisfactory, will be allowed to stay. The banners should keep to the standards of /c/ and shouldn't rehash old and tired jokes. Size must be exactly 300x100 px.

Important : It is fchan not Fchan, F-chan, or FCHAN. Any banners which are submitted using the wrong presentation will be deleted.

- etoile

(for deletion)

  • Supported file types are: GIF, JPG, PNG
  • Maximum file size allowed is 12000 KB.
  • Read the Rules Open DNP in a popup window. and check the DNP list Open Rules in a popup window..

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[-] [+] No.126
I'm NOT Going to Make a Habit of This! 
File: Conechan__Banner.jpg -(36833 B, 300x100)
36833 36833 No.126 126 1
File: Chanmunks__banner.jpg -(20245 B, 300x100)
20245 20245 No.127 - Link Reply Report 127 2

Enough for now.

No.130 - Link Reply Report 130 2


File: Beer_Coaster__Fchan.jpg -(36634 B, 300x100)
36634 36634 No.143 - Link Reply Report 143 2

>>126 Since there seem to be so few banners on tap at the moment, and all my old ones have vanished, I suppose it wouldn't hurt if I uploaded some of my favourites. The number may seem a triffle excessive, but I haven't uploaded all of them, honestly!

File: Body_Werk_Fchan__Banner.jpg -(50598 B, 300x100)
50598 50598 No.144 - Link Reply Report 144 2

I never actually saw this one in use.

File: Bon_Appetite_Fchan__Banner.jpg -(26682 B, 300x100)
26682 26682 No.145 - Link Reply Report 145 2

I found this hilariously disgusting photo somewhere and immediately saw its possibilities.

File: Cheesepuff_Banner.jpg -(35284 B, 300x100)
35284 35284 No.146 - Link Reply Report 146 2

I've only twice used my own art in a banner. The first was "Body Werk" (above), and the second one this.

File: Hot_Dog_Banner__Fchan.jpg -(27663 B, 300x100)
27663 27663 No.147 - Link Reply Report 147 2

It's hard to say why I even thought of this. It was just a file I came across somewhere, with a picture of a perfectly innocent hotdog. But it popped into my head that if I put a tail on it, it became "furry." From there to an Fchan banner was an easy leap.

File: Lost_Weekend__Fchan.jpg -(32522 B, 300x100)
32522 32522 No.148 - Link Reply Report 148 2

This has got to be one of my two favourite Fchan banners of all those I've made. It comes from an episode of an odd bit of Euro-cartoon filler called "The Jungle Show." The best of them, in my opinon, focuses on this mysterious cat-girl driving up to a gas station in the middle of the desert somewhere in the American southwest. The car is a generic convertible, but obviously meant to be a '59 caddy. I had to extend the car body and windshield forward, and painted inthe road sign entirely myself.

File: MandyChan__Fchan.jpg -(38427 B, 300x100)
38427 38427 No.149 - Link Reply Report 149 2

This is my other favourite banner. You may have noticed, by now, that many of my banners have subtle, or not so subtle, digs at the chan or at furry fandom.

File: McKenzie_Bros._Banner.jpg -(29117 B, 300x100)
29117 29117 No.150 - Link Reply Report 150 2

This may be a little off the beaten path for most furries. But many are old enough to remember SCTV and the McKenzie Bros. The photo is not from the program, though. It's a photo of the McFarlane toy that was in toy stores some years ago. wish I had one! (Actually, it was two sets) But I found the photo on the company's website.

File: Playing_Fchan__Fchan.jpg -(34899 B, 300x100)
34899 34899 No.151 - Link Reply Report 151 2

I used this skin for my MP player for a long time. I've switched to another since, but this is still an attractive one.

File: Simpsons-Chan__banner.jpg -(55388 B, 300x100)
55388 55388 No.152 - Link Reply Report 152 2

If I were doing this now, I'd shorten the text so that it could be in larger font. I know it's hard to read in the pygmy 100x300 pixel format I'm forced to use. But I think it's worth squinting to figure it out.

File: Starfire_Chan__banner.jpg -(44377 B, 300x100)
44377 44377 No.153 - Link Reply Report 153 2

This is from one of the goofiest Teen Titans episodes, where the TT are transformed by Mambo into animals. I wanted to use Raven (as a rabbit), but this one of Starfire as a cat seemed to offer better possibilities.

File: Toccata___Fugue_in_F_chan__Fchan.jpg -(40558 B, 300x100)
40558 40558 No.154 - Link Reply Report 154 2

If the McKenzie brothers are likely to be unfamilar to some fans, this is right off the wall! The "rabbits" are actually a performing string quartet from Japan, called "Moon of the Dream." They play classical stuff -- Mozart and the like -- for audiences that are mainly children and family. There's at least one CD that I know of, but it isn't likely available at HMV. I didn't expect anyone to recognize the rabbits, of course, but I thought it was such a neat furry photo that I had to use it.

No.155 - Link Reply Report 155 2

Hey! At least I didn't re-post all 20 banners I did from the "ToonStruck" series!

And then there was "Burn the Fchan." The admin had the good taste not to use it the first time, so I saw no point in trying a second time.

No.396 - Link Reply Report 396 2

>>145 were did you find this ?