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This is a board where you can submit banners to be displayed on top of the boards, they should advertise and represent the site. Each entry will be screened by the administration and, if found to be satisfactory, will be allowed to stay. The banners should keep to the standards of /c/ and shouldn't rehash old and tired jokes. Size must be exactly 300x100 px.

Important : It is fchan not Fchan, F-chan, or FCHAN. Any banners which are submitted using the wrong presentation will be deleted.

- etoile

(for deletion)

  • Supported file types are: GIF, JPG, PNG
  • Maximum file size allowed is 12000 KB.
  • Read the Rules Open DNP in a popup window. and check the DNP list Open Rules in a popup window..

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[-] [+] No.423
Gumball discoveres Fchan 
File: Gumball_Fchan_thing.png -(1959 B, 300x100)
1959 1959 No.423 423 1

Hallo, same guy who created that one Summer Wars banner (the one with Kenji's avatar; the yellow squirrel thing). Just thought I'd post this Gumball-themed banner. I just made it today when I was extremely bored.

Got the sprite originally from a game that is on Cartoon Network's website except with a few edits I madfe (e.g. neck area, mouth,eyebrows, pupils).

Got nothing else to say except feel free to use it for the site.