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[-] [+] No.10052
Clean Flash Flash 
File: c_1296234183077.cerberus_what_is_love.swf -(560341 B, 0x0)
No.10052 10052 1
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/cerberus/

Let's go

File: gone_winged_animation.swf -(464168 B, 0x0)
No.10053 - Link Reply Report 10053 2
File: Carwash02c.swf -(6904580 B, 0x0)
No.10054 - Link Reply Report 10054 2
File: c_1299571844833.cerberus_rockoons.swf -(5934833 B, 0x0)
No.10782 - Link Reply Report 10782 2
No.11156 - Link Reply Report 11156 2

>>10054 Disturbingly Alluring O.O

File: ponyrace.swf -(233729 B, 0x0)
No.14319 - Link Reply Report 14319 2
No.14684 - Link Reply Report 14684 2


File: fzgamemain.swf -(2844765 B, 0x0)
No.15552 - Link Reply Report 15552 2
Source: http://flashgamedistribution.com/game/Fuzzy-Things
File: Merry_Xmas.swf -(2985221 B, 0x0)
No.16037 - Link Reply Report 16037 2

Lets see if I can add some more

No.16147 - Link Reply Report 16147 2

>>15552 What is the secret behind this game? I reached the areas with the red lights and there is simply no way to progress.

No.16149 - Link Reply Report 16149 2

Nevermind my last post, I figured out you can slide down the rails Sonic-style. I'm such a fuckhead at 8 AM = _ =

File: viral.swf -(4821363 B, 0x0)
No.16834 - Link Reply Report 16834 2
Source: http://playtomic.com/games/4775-fuzzy-things-f

Its a fighting game.

File: Wither-HumanCondition.swf -(2254149 B, 0x0)
No.18146 - Link Reply Report 18146 2

4th Column save

No.18754 - Link Reply Report 18754 2

looking for a flash it had a girl and a fox that's all ii know about it

No.19386 - Link Reply Report 19386 2

Anyone have the flash with the young dragon/salamander girl? she is standing in the rain looking at some leaves or flowers and there was some soothing music playing in the background.

If anyone can find it I would be seriously grateful, it was so relaxing.

File: Pokemon_-_Papaya_in_Heart_Gold_Final_by_PurpleKecleon.swf -(3688586 B, 0x0)
No.19556 - Link Reply Report 19556 2
File: Let_your_Love_by_Cerberus.swf -(7357995 B, 0x0)
No.19557 - Link Reply Report 19557 2
File: b5a05aca2113964011af9e67b064b6ca.swf -(6691748 B, 0x0)
No.21089 - Link Reply Report 21089 2

Could someone find where this is from?

No.22590 - Link Reply Report 22590 2

Does anyone have the short unfinished flash video for Gigi D' Agostino's The Riddle? It starts with the camera flying over the field to a castle where a princess is playing the flute and then moving to a field where a knight prepares to fight a dragon. And then the animation ended there..

File: Renamon_Turntable_Pby_ShadowSquirrel.swf -(6624657 B, 0x0)
No.22619 - Link Reply Report 22619 2

Does this remind you of something?

File: Lola_Bunny_Pby_ShadowSquirrel.swf -(6524110 B, 0x0)
No.23859 - Link Reply Report 23859 2
File: c_1342750688763.swf -(1787009 B, 0x0)
No.24081 - Link Reply Report 24081 2
No.24305 - Link Reply Report 24305 2

Looking for a flash of a fox who goes to get ice cream and the guy behind the counter (can't remember species) she gets the ice cream, an her number is in the money... it was really cute and i thought it was funny

No.24739 - Link Reply Report 24739 2

>>10053 What is the song For this i really want to know

No.25171 - Link Reply Report 25171 2

>>10053Can someone please tell me what this song is called

No.27588 - Link Reply Report 27588 2

Looking for this flash that used to be regularly posted as much as the WIP to TheHeroine's "The Riddle". It consisted of a kingdom and a bunch an anthros (in rather short statures) fighting demons and each other. The opening scene had a wolf wearing black who easily apprehends a cat with an oversized sword. Another scene had a posing "Egyptian trio". The flash ended with a To Be Continued.

From my gathered information from long ago, the artist's fursona was a ragdoll cat with black hair and wears red(?); he is very fond of pineapples. The artist uses DeviantArt, but I do not remember his name.


No.27632 - Link Reply Report 27632 2

just google "the riddle furry flash"
its everywhere

is the source i think

No.27777 - Link Reply Report 27777 2

I recall a looping flash animation that I saw years ago that was a silhouette of a possible feline with long fangs on a red background. The quiet parts from Beautiful Lie by Thirty Seconds from Mars were playing and when the lead singer yells the silhouette does too. . Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?

No.40942 - Link Reply Report 40942 2

Looking for a flash that had a fox singing an anime song. The fox falls to its death and gains angel wings at the end of the flash. It's drawn in a brushstroke style.

No.40943 - Link Reply Report 40943 2

Grandpa, what's Flash?

No.40944 - Link Reply Report 40944 2


Found the source (unfortunately removed long ago): https://www.deviantart.com/corrosivefool/art/If-Only-to-Fly-29401227

So here's a YouTube version - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGGem4FOoj4

No.40968 - Link Reply Report 40968 2


Dendyn Dynasties by Ryanide

it's located here (can't post links right now) - just paste it right after the DA link: ryanide/art/Dendyn-Dynasties-ver0-2-34408754

Looks like he hasn't been active on his DA since 2011 and his latest journal entry sadly indicates he's distancing himself from this persona.

No.40969 - Link Reply Report 40969 2


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