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[-] [+] No.30932
Infographics, charts, and comparisons 
File: 601px-Furryfucks.jpg -(106294 B, 601x599)
106294 106294 No.30932 30932 1

character sheets are also good

File: imageas.jpg -(125110 B, 1187x673)
125110 125110 No.30933 - Link Reply Report 30933 2
File: image.jpg -(93589 B, 1200x919)
93589 93589 No.30934 - Link Reply Report 30934 2
File: lg-gals-uniform.jpg -(309058 B, 900x630)
309058 309058 No.30935 - Link Reply Report 30935 2
File: c_1388351181345.jpg -(246372 B, 2000x700)
246372 246372 No.30936 - Link Reply Report 30936 2


File: c_1388393227631.png -(1161584 B, 893x1193)
1161584 1161584 No.30950 - Link Reply Report 30950 2
File: c_1388393265557.png -(1811719 B, 1035x1728)
1811719 1811719 No.30951 - Link Reply Report 30951 2
File: top_sexiest_males__good_guys_by_willylliw-d53pwy5.png -(2401750 B, 1789x1860)
2401750 2401750 No.30952 - Link Reply Report 30952 2
File: Grid.jpg -(417103 B, 1000x1000)
417103 417103 No.30953 - Link Reply Report 30953 2
File: Agaza_Montage.jpg -(915315 B, 2000x2000)
915315 915315 No.30962 - Link Reply Report 30962 2

Montages? Here is one of Agaza, sexy undead/cybernetic panthress from Roswell Conspiracies. :)


Hehheh, as a guy, I can tell you - putting you dick in such a position inside the underwear is not really confortable, plus it doesn't tend to stay up that way for long if you walk around... gravity is a harsh mistress. :)

File: Lizard_List_4.png -(1856047 B, 1035x1728)
1856047 1856047 No.30966 - Link Reply Report 30966 2

That canine list needs some more female doggies, especially Alopex of TMNT.

This list of female reptiles came from the /pco/ board of plus4chan.

File: Cat_List_44.jpg -(1269690 B, 880x2868)
1269690 1269690 No.30967 - Link Reply Report 30967 2

Here is the most recent cat list that is usually found on 4chan /co/ threads on Saturdays. It is still out of date.

File: Bunny_List_4.jpg -(1263377 B, 1033x1382)
1263377 1263377 No.30968 - Link Reply Report 30968 2

And the bunny list for Bundays!

File: Lola02.jpg -(58375 B, 848x480)
58375 58375 No.30982 - Link Reply Report 30982 2


Are you the one putting these together? I think you should use ACTUAL screencaps and not fanart for a lot of them. (Like the Flash Gordon Lizard Women). Also, the robot gal from Kung-Fu Dino Posse is called Lola.

Many of them also hardly qualify as lizards - Medusa, Pythona, Vipra, any of the Marvel or DC comics characters, or Deceit certainly arent't lizards, just humans with a skin/hair condition. I could name a lot of them that aren't on this list, however... like Orochiuno from Gegege na Kitaro, that snake gal from the Totally Spies episode, tons of more characters (like Flo, Boomer, Maim, Slammer and Babe) from Adventures of T-rex, or a lot of video game enemy characters...

And I really, really would not put fanfic and webcomic characters there, like the Skyrim Prequel charcters - with that much logic you could include fan-made characters of every furry artist ever.

(Oh and Attea is first, not an anthro, just a green-skinned human girl, second - she is a frog, IE not a reptile). The whole list should be called Reptile list, anyway, as snakes or dragons or turtles are not lizards.

Anyway, I will soon create a proper anthro character reference website where you can find all this information with tons of screenshots/comic references much easier...

File: c_1388979032191.jpg -(756320 B, 960x960)
756320 756320 No.30990 - Link Reply Report 30990 2


I am not responsible for creating the female reptile list. A plus4chan poster called GreenGimmick may be responsible for making the list.

I only made suggestions for the reptile list. The reason some of the humans are on the list is because they have a reptile as an animal motif.

For some reason I can't make a pictureless reply to this thread, but I need to post this as this is relivant to the topic.

File: furryscale.png -(278012 B, 709x377)
278012 278012 No.30999 - Link Reply Report 30999 2

>>30990 Ohhh! 'dat pic! It haz grown more :3

File: PacificRimGraphic.jpg -(1395954 B, 1500x1060)
1395954 1395954 No.31026 - Link Reply Report 31026 2

>>30966 I fear whoever made this has missed out a few scalie ladies. Like Fluffy from Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Narcia from Tournament of Legends, Anguis Femineus from Kamen Rider Agito, Medusa from Kamen Rider Wizard, Iguara and Phantom of the Lake from Sailor Moon and Yasha from New Cutey Honey.

And err... There's also Riptor from Killer Instinct. Yeah, that's an female, confirmed by the team.

File: Reptile_List_6.png -(2263367 B, 1035x1728)
2263367 2263367 No.31028 - Link Reply Report 31028 2


This is the latest reptile list from plus4chan's /pco/ reptile female list. The list is called lizard ladies because of added alliterative appeal. Flo from The Adventures of T-Rex will be added to the list.


I may look for these lizard ladies so that they will be added to the list.

File: greatandpowerfuleaglehooves-20120226T063852-ybzrz3p.jpg -(603051 B, 1600x1320)
603051 603051 No.31029 - Link Reply Report 31029 2
File: Teryx_by_linno_art.jpg -(154001 B, 400x720)
154001 154001 No.31030 - Link Reply Report 31030 2

#20 Salamander
#28 Alien Frog
# 27,31, 32, 33, 35, 38, 39 Humans with reptile names

Pic included cause Fchan won't let me post just text

File: Canine_List_2.jpg -(1660842 B, 1033x1728)
1660842 1660842 No.31037 - Link Reply Report 31037 2


Someone on plus4chan's board has gotten around to update the canine list and brought the total to 100. Can anyone make suggestions for additions and improvements?

Also, is anyone against having Shenzi in the list? The reason that she is on the list is that hyenas look and act like dogs in a way, but they are not true canines.

File: Bunny_List_5.jpg -(1440982 B, 1033x1682)
1440982 1440982 No.31038 - Link Reply Report 31038 2

The bunny list has been updated and this is related to 4chan as the /co/ board has animal themed days and they are:

Sunday - Bunday (Dedicated to Rabbits)
Monday - Muttday (Dedicated to Canines) >>31037
Tuesday - Herpetuesday (Dedicated to Reptiles and Amphibians) >>31028
Wednesday - ?????
Thursday - Feathursday (Dedicated to Birds)
Friday - ???????
Saturday - Caturday (Dedicated to Felines) >>30967

File: Elaine209.jpg -(33766 B, 640x464)
33766 33766 No.31045 - Link Reply Report 31045 2


I'd put hyenas on an "other mammals" list along with other predators and insectivores (ferrets, minks, bats, shrews etc.) Sorry, zoologist mind at work here. :) Can't help classifying things.

About suggestions for more? - plenty, you are better off emailing me or PMing me on FA. But, here, a few:

  • Elaine the utterly sexy (and sadly, neglected in art) werewolf gal from Cybersix episode 10. (see attached)
  • "Charlie's Angels" from the indian animated movie Roadside Romeo (their names are, don't laugh - Neylon Nalini, Polyester Padmini and Silk Sunitha) :D Charlie Anna must have had a fabric fetish when naming them... :D
  • TONS of Wolven from the miniature game (and it's PC-RPG-strategy-game-spinoff) Rackham's Confrontation - Vestals, Sybils, also quite a few named heroes. They are slightly Anubis-like, larger than human anthro wolves with incredibly curvaceus bodies. :)
  • Snow White from the anime "Alice Detective Agency". There is another sexy swimsuit-wearing poodle girl in that anime, wish someone could get me links to the episode...
  • Nimukay from Birdy the Mighty Decode
  • Daisy Dingo from Blinky Bill.
  • Bratgrils from Crash Bandicoot - they might qualitfy, they might be bats, might be rats, might be canids... hard to tell. Or a mixture of all three.
  • The "evil form" of Misty Honey (from Cutie Honey Flash), simply called Hate Demon, is a very much werewolf-like beast, with a snout and dog-like nose.
  • Invisimals has Paehoe who has canine elements to her face, though otherwise she a lava-snake-thing with leaves for hair.
  • Jewel Pet Tinkle has quite a few unnamed background gals who qualify.
  • Foxy Lady from Land of Chaos Online (probably the only good thing in that horrid grindfest)
  • Anubia, one of the High Evolutionary's creation from Marvel Comics.
  • The werewolf forms of Carrie and Jennifer from MOnster Madness- Battle for Suburbia. I posted a collage here some years ago, use search to look it up.
  • Questionable, but maybe Princess Sylvia from Muzzy in Gondoland is a dog?
  • Fugai from a Naruto movie. (Only her initial form is werewolf-like).
  • The epynomous hero from Nikita - Mystery of the Hidden Treasure (a semi-sequel to Captain Claw).
  • Both Renart's and the Sherrif's wives from Renard le Renart.
  • The Cybernetic Kitsune boss from Sengoku - Renamon, eat your heart out, she is AWESOME. I ripped and posted her sprites recently on the sprites thread.
  • Fox enemies from Shaaki the Wolf
  • Hecate might qualify from Shin Megami Tensei - she has one wolf head, after all. :)
  • Not anthro, but well-drawn and somewhat sexy - Luger's nameless mate from Silverwing.
  • Muffy Wanderschmeer from Tale Spin
  • Fox gal from one episode of Time Patrol Tai Otasukeman - recenlty posted in screenshots with links.
  • There are female werewolves/dogs in Ugly Americans
  • Marie, an amazingly sexy greyhound gal from Welcome to the Space Show
  • Wildstorm comics - again, Kindred's second series has some, including nude gals. :)
File: Gold_Digger01.jpg -(57619 B, 640x480)
57619 57619 No.31046 - Link Reply Report 31046 2


Could you post pics of the Kamen Rider femmes? Also, by Yasha you mean Gold Digger?

There are tons of other lizard femmes I could add to that list, but maybe later, I am late with dinner... :D

File: [EG]Gurren_Lagann_06[3A673464].mkv_snapshot_17.18_[2012.01.26_21.29.04].jpg -(67808 B, 720x480)
67808 67808 No.31047 - Link Reply Report 31047 2


Can you add some info-pics on this "Domina" from Rupert? Don't know, is this the Ruper the Bear series?

Also, to add to the bunny list - IMHO the sexiest of the bunnies, the beastmen bunny gals from Gurren Lagann. They are each references/hommages to various female characters from Go Nagai shows.

File: cutey_honey_vs_yasha_by_paoloformighieri-d4hlctr.png -(860841 B, 600x971)
860841 860841 No.31048 - Link Reply Report 31048 2

Yasha I'm referring to is this serpent lady here. But man, I totally forgot about Gold Digger. There's another reptile lady to add to the list! ^ ^

File: Canine_List_4.jpg -(2137271 B, 1033x2228)
2137271 2137271 No.31049 - Link Reply Report 31049 2


This is the latest canine list now with Pound Puppies. Slot 68 is repalced as Marty is a male.


Daisy Dingo is on Slot 15 of the canine list.

File: Leela02.jpg -(172045 B, 848x480)
172045 172045 No.31050 - Link Reply Report 31050 2



Btw, on the reptile list - the triceratops-android gal's name is Leela, not Lola. Bought the DVD with the episode to get some good screenshots of her. Oh, and best of all? There are at least 5 of her in the end fight scenes, since she was mass-produced. :)

File: Reptile_List_7.png -(2365176 B, 1035x1728)
2365176 2365176 No.31051 - Link Reply Report 31051 2


The Reptile list has hit its 100 mark. The guys at plus4chan's /pco/ insisted to leave slot #28 as is in that list because it is related to Herpetuesday as a Herp is term for both reptiles and amphibians.


The latest list has corrected the name error for slot #14 and there will be a proper screenshot for Slot #4.

File: 2-Talanna.jpg -(12998 B, 320x240)
12998 12998 No.31068 - Link Reply Report 31068 2

Cool, nice work.

What is this pluschan, btw? Some offshoot of 4chan?

Here is another gal, btw - Talanna from Alien Racers.

File: Herp_Ladies.png -(2821308 B, 1035x2160)
2821308 2821308 No.31069 - Link Reply Report 31069 2


Plus4chan is like an offshoot of 4chan where it has its share of boards similar to 4chan. The /pco/ is one NSFW board that showcases adult art that is female or straight and one thread is dedicated to Rule 34 challenges. The Herp List from a /pco/ thread is slowly updated over time and this is the herp list as of now.

The /co/ board has a canine thread and a bunny thread where their respective lists are being updated. However the cat list still needs to be updated.

File: Canine_List_5.jpg -(2438568 B, 1033x2728)
2438568 2438568 No.31087 - Link Reply Report 31087 2


Slot 82 is now replaced by an actual canine. I will eventually find the obscure canines that you suggested.

File: vlcsnap-2014-01-18-13h50m31s129.png -(1535605 B, 1440x810)
1535605 1535605 No.31088 - Link Reply Report 31088 2

Here's something to add on the list. How about Lala, the lovely wolfess from Arashi No Yoru Ni?

File: Avatar_Angelique.jpg -(15160 B, 100x95)
15160 15160 No.31104 - Link Reply Report 31104 2

She is a feral, no? I also question why the Pound Puppies are on the list... they are not anthros. If it's a list of talking dogs from cartoons, that's fine, of course.


Thanks for the info. I generally stay clear of other Chans, except for this one, so I dunno much about them. (Give people access to post anonymous, and generally soon it all descends into trolls and flame-wars).

So they have a feline list too? Can you post that? There are a ton of characters I could add to that list. As I said, PM me at Furaffinity, I see you have an account there too Lucedo.

File: Bunny_List_6.jpg -(1604555 B, 1033x1682)
1604555 1604555 No.31106 - Link Reply Report 31106 2


The feline list is at this post: >>30967

Posting the latest bunny list from Plus4chan's /co/ board thread where it is dedicated to bunnies.

File: Cat_List_45.jpg -(1235060 B, 880x2868)
1235060 1235060 No.31107 - Link Reply Report 31107 2


I added Agaza from Roswell Conspiracies and Katty Katswell myself to the cat list to complete a row.

File: Cat_List_46.png -(5620277 B, 880x3000)
5620277 5620277 No.31121 - Link Reply Report 31121 2

Updated the cat list myself.

I noticed a reason why webcomic characters are included in these lists. They are to remain as who ever first created the feline list feels okay with having Aeris of VG Cats in it.

File: Cat_Beast01.jpg -(144250 B, 640x945)
144250 144250 No.31132 - Link Reply Report 31132 2


Thanks for the link and update!

Few corrections to the list:
#16: Cybercat is actually Cyber-C.A.T., the latter stands for Cybernetically Augmented Technid, I kid you not. :D I have already sketched her, btw.
#148: She is actually Gen'en from Eto Ranger, not Nyanmer/Nyanma. You should also add Juken, the other female general! (The red cat).
#163: Bastet is mistyped as Basset. :P
#164: The She-Ra villainess is called Catra, not Cattera.
#241: Her name is Nastassia Slinky, a pun on Natasha Kinsky.
#245: Her name is Lepermint, not leoparmint, even though the latter would sound better and less like some odd minty disease. :D

Now, here are a few I did not see on the list. PM me for pics, if you need any!

  • Blood Leopard from Accel World.
  • Sira and a lot of other Iskaii gals from Albion (1995 Blue Byte game, story really familiar to Avatar's) - they are 4-breasted slinky felines with a penchant to wear bras sideways that only cover 2 boobs... :D
  • Bremen musician cat from Alice Detective Agency
  • Anemia from Anemia and Iodine.
  • Darklore-aligned cat girls from Aquarian Age (anime)
  • Catry from the game Ardy Ligthfoot (did R34 of her!)
  • No-Man from B.C. Rock
  • LOTS of Catatonians from the second Biker Mice from Mars toon! Of note are Catalina Catacall, Cata Miranda and Catabulous, plus a lot of nameless shapeshifter gals and the Surfer Cats from Saturn.
  • Barbwire Beth from C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa.
  • Katherine from Captain Claw.
  • Black Panther and Ladycat enemies from Castlevania.
  • Princess Buburina and Chu-Chu from the anime Catnapped
  • nameless but rather sexy siamese cat from the horrible cartoon movie "D4 - The Troyan Dog"
  • Mei Ren's tigress from from "Dance in the Vampire Bund"
  • Basically... "God", or rather one of His aspects taken form, from Demon Lord Dante. No kidding, she is a sexy yellow feline in red armor and flame-ears! Attached.
  • Chicka and Feline from Devilman Lady
  • The sexy 4-breasted Lacuni from Diablo II (they are less sexy but still cat-like in DIII)
  • Isis and other Kochak girls from "Dungeon", a french comic
  • Nyako Mikenika, Konyako Persia from Eden's Bowy
  • Apart from Nastassia, there is also Candy Kitty and Sheba Bepoboreba from Felix the Cat.
  • Clawdia from Fighting Foodons!
  • At least two gals from the Fritz the Cat movie
  • Penny Strut from Go-Go-Hypergrind
  • The Snow Queen and the Queen from Snow White from the new Hello Kitty series.
  • Pinzu from Idol Fighter Suchie Pai
  • Zaphyra from Invizimals
  • She-Lion from KIDD Video
  • Kuaru from the hentai Lunatic Night (worth checking out!)
  • Snow Maidens from Mage Knight
  • Magic the Gathering (Kemba Kha Regent, Mirri the Cursed)
  • Cathy Kristal from Max and co.
  • Lena and some Snow leopard gals from max Adventure, a german CGI series
  • Nefer-Tina turns into an anthro cat once in Mummies Alive
  • Quite a few characters on Mysteries of Alfred the Hedgehog
  • Nancy from Saban's Oliver Twist
  • Let's NEVER forget Ruri and Nene from Onmyou Taisenki!
  • Nekonelle from Sailor Moon
  • Multiple characters from Scan2Go
  • Bastet from Shin Megami Tensei - Demikids the anime. Also, Hecate from the regular game.
  • Feline shapeshifter from the horrible Stargate Infinity toon
  • You listed some Swat Kats characters, but left out TURMOIL!!! And her crew, too.
  • Rena from The Skull Man
  • Lamiae from Titan Quest (they are taurs)
  • The utterly sexy "Piano Cat" Chimera Animal from Tokyo Mew Mew
  • Bastet (again) from Tutenstein
  • Sabrina Maroni from Ugly Americans
File: Cat_List_47.png -(5703446 B, 880x3000)
5703446 5703446 No.31143 - Link Reply Report 31143 2


Clawdia is already added and I have added a few of felines that you have recommended swift.

#16, #148 and #241 will be corrected and I have corrected the others.

And yes, Stinky is on the list because it is revealed to be a female.

File: Cat_List_48.jpg -(1491056 B, 880x3456)
1491056 1491056 No.31161 - Link Reply Report 31161 2


Here is the latest cat list.


I checked the list over again and I saw that Turmoil is already on the list as number #99. Also Candy is on the list as #244 and She-Lion fron KIDD Vieo is #75

No.31171 - Link Reply Report 31171 2


The latest bunny list now has up to 125 bunnies and it has the beast girls from Gurren Lagann.

File: Bunny_List_7.jpg -(2075398 B, 1033x2182)
2075398 2075398 No.31172 - Link Reply Report 31172 2


Crap. Forgot to post the image.

File: Wolvie_FC_3_Cake_DCP_032.jpg -(288676 B, 1280x1994)
288676 288676 No.31181 - Link Reply Report 31181 2

Cool, thanks for the updates, Lucedo!

You might wanna add Kitty Pryde - in a Wolverine - First Class comic issue a New Men transforms her into a feline form herself!

File: Gorgon_cobra2.jpg -(231917 B, 1280x720)
231917 231917 No.31193 - Link Reply Report 31193 2

For the Herp list, I almost forgot her - the Gorgon Cobra from God of War - Ascension.

File: harkness_test.png -(234396 B, 1051x1393)
234396 234396 No.31203 - Link Reply Report 31203 2

I am taking a break from posting lists. Here is the Harkness test.

File: Canine_List_6.jpg -(2622156 B, 1033x2800)
2622156 2622156 No.31269 - Link Reply Report 31269 2

Bumping with the latest canine list.

File: _narton_reference__male_and_female_variants__by_toughset-d6ah08a.png -(8690773 B, 5100x3300)
8690773 8690773 No.31306 - Link Reply Report 31306 2
No.31313 - Link Reply Report 31313 2

is that some fan-charcter or something?

File: Cat_List_49.jpg -(1717231 B, 880x3458)
1717231 1717231 No.31483 - Link Reply Report 31483 2

Cat List has been updated. But there is still this screw-up:

The actual error for Nyanma is in slot #142. And I am aware of the actual name.

File: police_chief_pamela_bondani_by_kidfergus-d74sny4.jpg -(2709541 B, 4440x3508)
2709541 2709541 No.31499 - Link Reply Report 31499 2


Thanks for the update, Lucedo! A few questions:

143, Femme Feline - can you tell me which Animaniacs episode she's from?
176 - Reena: Which issue of Justice League she's from?
287-288-289: if you could tell me the issue numbers, I'd be grateful. I want to collect screencaps/panels for my database.
297: Neekeeta - can you tell me the name of the episode?

Additionally, here is another new gal for you - Pamela Bondani, the corrupt police chieftain from Patrol-03

And check the thread I started on Dusty's Revenge (here in the clean section) for pics of Amelia Swift, and the various feline enemy gals!

No.31501 - Link Reply Report 31501 2

143 is from the Animaniacs comic, issue 29.

File: Justice_League_of_America___221-_Dec_1983.jpg -(205918 B, 910x474)
205918 205918 No.31506 - Link Reply Report 31506 2

As for the cats List
Justice League of America # 221-222-223 Dec 1983-Reena
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! S03 Ep05-Neekeeta
Karista Conan the barbarian # 01 first series
Marilyn Bronson Dc comics Justice society america # 01 & Justice Society of America 80-Page Giant 2010
Panara Catwoman dc comics Batman/Wildcat 1997
I just put Pamela Bondani on the list.

File: Superboy54p08.jpg -(299386 B, 952x1476)
299386 299386 No.31522 - Link Reply Report 31522 2


Thanks for the info, and the emails, found all the comics thankfully. :) So, are you and Lucedo the same guy then? "Me Grimlock confused..."

Not sure if the Chan you are posting this from has a Bat-list too, but Nosferata from the same Superboy issues (50-55) as Tawna would sure qualify. I especially love her "wedding Dress"... :)

No.31524 - Link Reply Report 31524 2

No i'm doing the cat list & updates he post it around for me and finds new stuff.
That cat woman site has most of the covers & pages for you already scanned.

File: many_colors_of_sally_acorn_by_terrarita-d4s3n3q.png -(406953 B, 900x700)
406953 406953 No.31570 - Link Reply Report 31570 2
File: yinnah_by_einom-d49pkwq.jpg -(193634 B, 1442x900)
193634 193634 No.31691 - Link Reply Report 31691 2
File: tumblr_mxbgguAu7x1rsgpi0o1_1280.png -(1047817 B, 1280x1280)
1047817 1047817 No.31698 - Link Reply Report 31698 2
File: cedric_s_reference_by_amandadahamster-d7bcnik.jpg -(290647 B, 1280x730)
290647 290647 No.31704 - Link Reply Report 31704 2
File: kongs-1.png -(359731 B, 882x768)
359731 359731 No.31767 - Link Reply Report 31767 2
File: 258518bc3fcec8cb9967ec0983473915.jpg -(835025 B, 809x1084)
835025 835025 No.31771 - Link Reply Report 31771 2
File: Orochi-Onna.jpg -(140482 B, 350x332)
140482 140482 No.31787 - Link Reply Report 31787 2

I hope some of you remember the sexy snake-gal with the epic boobage, Orochiuno, from the yokai-anime Gegege no Kitaro.

Well turns out the reason I did not find much of her online is because the translation spells her name wrong. It's Orochi-Onna , and yeah, it's pronounced a lot like Uno (checked in google translate)

Funnily, Orochi-Onna literaly means "Snake Woman". Hey, "Nomen est Omen"--- :)

Knowing her name in japanese kanji meant I managed to google-fu her, and found this neat "design sheet" of her and Orochi. Sadly not a great resolution, but better than nothing. If anyone here speaks japanese and can dig up more or ask japanese anthro fans, I'd be grateful!

File: fox_skunk_fu_clothing_sheet_by_bond750-d5xcufm.png -(273976 B, 1024x725)
273976 273976 No.31879 - Link Reply Report 31879 2
File: Elaine_design_sheet.gif -(19224 B, 170x464)
19224 19224 No.32008 - Link Reply Report 32008 2

This is why I google my favourite anthros every now and then - found this original design sheet of sexy werewolf Elaine, from Cybersix. :)

File: halolz-dot-com-pokemon-supersmashbrosbrawl-pokemonbreeding.jpg -(67530 B, 287x902)
67530 67530 No.32018 - Link Reply Report 32018 2
File: Sergal_references.jpg -(315951 B, 1280x859)
315951 315951 No.32088 - Link Reply Report 32088 2
File: maid_marian_model_sheet_by_mcdutt-d3k94wg.jpg -(514484 B, 2406x1080)
514484 514484 No.32199 - Link Reply Report 32199 2
File: study1_panty_mcd_by_mcdutt-d659lyk.jpg -(563930 B, 2297x1538)
563930 563930 No.32200 - Link Reply Report 32200 2
File: study2_panty_mcd_by_mcdutt-d659mgx.jpg -(525553 B, 2190x1538)
525553 525553 No.32202 - Link Reply Report 32202 2
File: Cat_List_52.jpg -(1793192 B, 880x3581)
1793192 1793192 No.32245 - Link Reply Report 32245 2
No.32287 - Link Reply Report 32287 2


Is Stinky from Doug anthro or feral? Cannot tell from the pic.
Also, thanks for updating the list.

File: Stinky_from_doug_cartoon.jpg -(124278 B, 876x300)
124278 124278 No.32288 - Link Reply Report 32288 2

You got a good guess i say both.

File: c_1402431353016.jpg -(2785620 B, 1033x3000)
2785620 2785620 No.32489 - Link Reply Report 32489 2

>>31269 Update!

File: c_1402480679151.jpg -(3458727 B, 1033x4000)
3458727 3458727 No.32497 - Link Reply Report 32497 2


File: Lizard_Woman_Model_Sheet.jpg -(226203 B, 879x917)
226203 226203 No.32588 - Link Reply Report 32588 2

Boy have I got a special treat for you guys today! :-)

I finally got the rather rare New Adventures of Flash Gordon special edition DVD set, and here is an extra feature you'll be interested in- screencaps of the model sheet for the sexy Lizard Women of Mongo !

I put together a turnaround model sheet of these sexy scaly ladies, this is basically everything you'll ever need to draw them - I'll have them printed and enlarged to be available for reference.

File: Lizard_Woman_CEL03.jpg -(170190 B, 1024x768)
170190 170190 No.32590 - Link Reply Report 32590 2

Here, have some CELs too! Found them on Ebay. Heh, she looks tired and ready to fall over from exhaustion! :D

File: Lizard_Woman_CEL04.jpg -(148804 B, 1024x768)
148804 148804 No.32591 - Link Reply Report 32591 2

"Yaaaawn... Do I really have to chase down those escaped slaves? Ah, I'll just say I ate them."

File: many_colors_of_sally_acorn_by_terrarita-d4s3n3q.png -(406953 B, 900x700)
406953 406953 No.32613 - Link Reply Report 32613 2
No.32617 - Link Reply Report 32617 2

You know, it always bugged me (probably more than it should) that nobody ever draws Marian without that silly costume of hers. It is almost if all those artists are afraid that people would not recognize who is drawn, it you don't put certain iconic items on.

Always drawing a character with that certain one piece of clothing on makes it feel like that one item of attire is that makes the character. It cheapens.

Seeing those two drawings made me happy. Not "gave me a boner", but HAPPY. I am now happy, having seen that not all artists are retarded, and there indeed is hope for humanity.

Fucking cartoon fox made me write a paragraph. Darn it.

No.32620 - Link Reply Report 32620 2

>>32617 And you're right!
Have you ever watched Tailspin? If yes, have you ever noticed all the vixens in the cartoon are basically clones of Maid Marian apart the clothes?
The veil is a strong part of her charcters as the hat for Mario or the bow for Ms. Pacman. That's why even when she's naked or halfnaked she is always wearing it.
Clothes are more than an artificial shell for more protection. They are a form of language! All people understand it on a unconscius level but most of them don't realize it on a conscious level.
And this is expecially fortified with fictional characters. You notice that when a character changes his/her usual attire in a show.

No.32633 - Link Reply Report 32633 2

Sure. Right. Of course.

However, I do not like my furries hidden under tons of clothing. Why would I put a hat on a fox to hide those beautiful ears? Or put one in a long dress to hide those pretty legs?

I wouldn't do that.

File: 27148-800.jpg -(116154 B, 800x423)
116154 116154 No.32638 - Link Reply Report 32638 2
File: comparing_sally_acorn_and_amy_rose_by_terrarita-d4jqzxc.png -(542391 B, 5128x1680)
542391 542391 No.32719 - Link Reply Report 32719 2
No.32736 - Link Reply Report 32736 2

About Maid Marion - well, you have to understand one thing - she is OLD. As in, back when the internet and furry fan art appeared, there was a lot of fan art of her already. Problem is, she is also rather generic, unlike say, Krystal - you can draw Krystal nude, everyone will recognize her from the markings and color. Drawn nude, especially by artists who change cartoon characters to fit their style, Maid Marion looks like every other female vixen character ever unless she has that stupid hat. And yes, I hate the stupid hat too. :)

Clothes do not make the character, and I enjoy putting furries in new costumes (often more revealing ones) or drawing them nude, but - like with those Lizard Women I posted - there are some outfits that really work well with the characters.


That's Fox Lady (yes, imaginative name, right?) from Lands of Chaos Online. Anon, you could type, you know...

File: Khenti01.jpg -(25945 B, 318x500)
25945 25945 No.32786 - Link Reply Report 32786 2

Thanks to some auctions on Ebay of model sheets from Mummies Alive , we finally now know the names of the other two members of the "Pack" who are summoned by Scarab alongside Set and Anubis, but only appear in one episode.

Here is the first, Khenti!

File: Upuatu02.jpg -(23264 B, 327x500)
23264 23264 No.32787 - Link Reply Report 32787 2

And the other, more werewolf-like is called Upuatu!

I'll do some research about the names and whether they refer to any Egyptian myths or deities.

File: Bastet_model.jpg -(128656 B, 671x1013)
128656 128656 No.32788 - Link Reply Report 32788 2

And here is the sexy kitty goddess herself, Bastet! :)

File: PMAB-2.jpg -(478358 B, 1600x1219)
478358 478358 No.32809 - Link Reply Report 32809 2
Source: http://andreasdeja.blogspot.it/2012/11/maid-marian.html

Prototype Marian

File: PMAB-3.jpg -(376649 B, 1086x1600)
376649 376649 No.32810 - Link Reply Report 32810 2
Source: http://andreasdeja.blogspot.it/2012/11/maid-marian.html

Prototype Marian

File: PMAB-4.jpg -(397536 B, 1116x1600)
397536 397536 No.32811 - Link Reply Report 32811 2
Source: http://andreasdeja.blogspot.it/2012/11/maid-marian.html

Prototype Marian

File: PMAB-5.jpg -(320758 B, 1388x1600)
320758 320758 No.32812 - Link Reply Report 32812 2
Source: http://andreasdeja.blogspot.it/2012/11/maid-marian.html

Prototype Marian

File: Canine_List-07-17-14.jpg -(2735455 B, 1033x4000)
2735455 2735455 No.32919 - Link Reply Report 32919 2

I've updated the canine list & fixed the dark & muddy pics..
If you need the current cat list just ask.

No.32927 - Link Reply Report 32927 2

Yes please!
BTW get a name.

File: Cats_I7-18-14.jpg -(2722002 B, 880x3739)
2722002 2722002 No.32928 - Link Reply Report 32928 2

Here you go i started the list for artist reference & to find cats in old video & comics.

File: Mario_AlHaddaf_HQ_04.avi_snapshot_15.25_[2014.07.12_11.41.37].jpg -(28398 B, 720x576)
28398 28398 No.32931 - Link Reply Report 32931 2


he has a name - Anonymous43... :P Emphasis on the 43. :D

Hey, 43 - can you tell me what issue of Usagi is #89 from? I think that series has some sexy female ninjas too, but I never read much of it, not really to my taste.

And thanks to Latecomer, we know #224 is called Flora.

File: Batfly_Claw01.png -(492001 B, 949x1400)
492001 492001 No.32932 - Link Reply Report 32932 2


You can add a few gals to the cat list - I posted pictures of most here, like Kazenui the giant Oni kitty from Toukiden Extreme.

And here is a new one from Cutey Honey A-Go-Go, the manga - Badfly Claw/ Batfly Claw!

File: n.jpg -(33077 B, 960x960)
33077 33077 No.32935 - Link Reply Report 32935 2

>>32932 Add even this kitty from Cocomong.

File: Usagi_Yojimbo_V___51-52.jpg -(346590 B, 940x733)
346590 346590 No.32941 - Link Reply Report 32941 2

Kitsume is a good thief who fight with a spinning top
she in Usagi Yojimbo Vol 3 # 51-52 & a few more scattered issues.
I had Flora name on some screen grabs but could never find good videos
after a while the lists gets so long all you see are whiskers & ears.
And i thinking about removing the web comics as they are not commercially published or commercially broadcasted.Keep the fan based stuff out....comments ?

File: canine_list_7-21-14.jpg -(1659586 B, 1033x4000)
1659586 1659586 No.32961 - Link Reply Report 32961 2

I updated the list for you. It might be best to remove webcomics. I feel some should be there if it's not someone's fursona or straight up porn but it's not a big loss if they are gone. Also if you don't mind doing it, I kinda want to quit doing the dog list and just do the rabbit list.

File: bunny_list_7-21-14.jpg -(1354907 B, 1033x3600)
1354907 1354907 No.32962 - Link Reply Report 32962 2

Here's the bunny list

No.32965 - Link Reply Report 32965 2

Yes they do take up a lot of time i'm still doing the cat list & just finished the america robot girl list the japan side will take forever.

So the canine list 07-21-14 list is officially up for adoption.

Please it's needs a good home.

File: RareMinion_DinosaurPlanetKrystal.jpg -(100972 B, 567x422)
100972 100972 No.32971 - Link Reply Report 32971 2
No.33038 - Link Reply Report 33038 2



And I agree... I'd remove webcomic chars, and also frankly I'd remove ferals too - talking animals are not anthro, IMHO.

No.33039 - Link Reply Report 33039 2


I could not find an anime called N-Guard, google says it's Cardfight Vanguard... what is it? And which episode is Quickstep from?

File: prv317_cov.jpg -(181422 B, 828x1280)
181422 181422 No.33040 - Link Reply Report 33040 2

That's because it's a comic with Jolly Jack doing some of the art.

This is the info about it from the forum that I found out about her and a few of the other entries on the list:

In the brand new comic book mini-series N-Guard from Markosia Enterprises, a group of teenagers in a parallel anthropormorphic universe encounter Mother Nature who gives each of them a special stone. With them, the change into N-Guard to stop a race of spider-people from beneath the earth from destroying all surface life. Quickstep is the only rabbit girl shown in the series so far, and the only rabbit character in the first issue.

More on the comic book. I thought it sounded familiar, and found a copy of Issue #1 of the original series, Nature's Guard. This was supposed to be some big multi-media project in the U.K. There was a 3-issue mini-series(all of which had a B&W cover to it). There was also plans to do a CGI-animated series of somekind featuring most of the British cast of Star Wars doing the voices, including Jeremy Bulloch, Peter Mayhew, Warwick Davis, and Mary Oyaya(Luminara Unduli from Eps. II)as Quickstep. Copies of the original comics of Nature's Guard are still available supposedly at the publisher's website of Warpton Comics. Quickstep is only featured briefly in the first issue for a couple of panels, and seems like only a minor character in the original series, where as in N-Guard she's one of the four members of the team.

File: commission___bucky_o_hare_roll_call_by_jamesmantheregenold-d7puevz.png -(643794 B, 1600x657)
643794 643794 No.33077 - Link Reply Report 33077 2
No.33106 - Link Reply Report 33106 2

Where can I get a link to this? The thing is it says 2008 - and IDW, so if it went ahead on a big label like that I should've heard of it by now.

What's happened?

File: c_1407750316454.matiu_girls_heights_and_colours.png -(1012927 B, 1800x580)
1012927 1012927 No.33125 - Link Reply Report 33125 2
File: c_1407750322892.matiu_boys_heights.png -(1081270 B, 1526x800)
1081270 1081270 No.33126 - Link Reply Report 33126 2
File: Lupe-Model-sheet_color.jpg -(187282 B, 965x1073)
187282 187282 No.33391 - Link Reply Report 33391 2

Let's continue with some recent finds on Ebay again - Lupe, from Sonic SatAM!

File: Lupe-Model-sheet_coloring_guide.jpg -(287791 B, 1235x1600)
287791 287791 No.33392 - Link Reply Report 33392 2

And here is the color guide - could be useful for those who want to draw her.

File: Lupe-Model-sheet-jumping__color.jpg -(326455 B, 1213x1600)
326455 326455 No.33393 - Link Reply Report 33393 2

Another sheet showing Lupe jumping.

File: Robecca-model-sheet_color.jpg -(231002 B, 930x1320)
231002 231002 No.33394 - Link Reply Report 33394 2

Robecca model sheet

File: 69736-2443135-rrcolld.jpg -(48545 B, 360x306)
48545 48545 No.33396 - Link Reply Report 33396 2
Source: http://fluffy.rubberslug.com/gallery/inv_info.asp?ItemID=28596
File: rouge_the_bat___character_sheet_by_scificat-d74pm8i.jpg -(1316360 B, 1820x1230)
1316360 1316360 No.33401 - Link Reply Report 33401 2
File: xMosquito01.jpg -(59298 B, 640x800)
59298 59298 No.33862 - Link Reply Report 33862 2

Official cards of the Chimera Ants from Hunter X Hunter! Not a model sheet but close.

First off, the busty Mosquito

File: xMosquito02.jpg -(150362 B, 640x800)
150362 150362 No.33863 - Link Reply Report 33863 2

Mosquito, Hunter X Hunter minor baddie.

File: xTurtle01.jpg -(56999 B, 640x800)
56999 56999 No.33864 - Link Reply Report 33864 2

Turtle, an elderly well... Turtle.

File: xBat01.jpg -(156853 B, 640x800)
156853 156853 No.33865 - Link Reply Report 33865 2

The aptly named Bat. Love her lingerie.

File: xGorilla01.jpg -(59290 B, 640x800)
59290 59290 No.33866 - Link Reply Report 33866 2

Gorilla-spider mix Chimera Ant

File: xHollow01.jpg -(59950 B, 640x800)
59950 59950 No.33867 - Link Reply Report 33867 2

Hollow, Bat's partner

File: xGun_Toting_Ant01.jpg -(59467 B, 640x800)
59467 59467 No.33868 - Link Reply Report 33868 2

Unnamed but rather psychotic Chimera Ant.

File: xSteel_Rope_Wielding_Ant01.jpg -(59557 B, 640x800)
59557 59557 No.33869 - Link Reply Report 33869 2

Beetle-like Chimera Ant

File: xBloster03.jpg -(59226 B, 640x800)
59226 59226 No.33870 - Link Reply Report 33870 2

Bloster, a lobster-like ant. He has gatling guns in his pincers!

File: xPeggy03.jpg -(57122 B, 640x800)
57122 57122 No.33871 - Link Reply Report 33871 2

Peggy, scholar of the Ants and an anthro penguin.

File: xKoala01.jpg -(54283 B, 640x800)
54283 54283 No.33872 - Link Reply Report 33872 2

Koala - he is quite tough despite his size and shoots deadly water bullets from his fingers (don't ask how that works)

File: Cheetu_card_1.jpg -(59036 B, 640x800)
59036 59036 No.33873 - Link Reply Report 33873 2

Maaaan, Cheetu! I love this guy. There should be more fanart of him.

File: Colt_card_1.jpg -(58972 B, 640x800)
58972 58972 No.33874 - Link Reply Report 33874 2

Colt, one of the few ants to reform.

File: Flutter_card_1.jpg -(58655 B, 640x800)
58655 58655 No.33875 - Link Reply Report 33875 2

Flutter - he is a dragonfly-hybrid.

File: Leol_card_1.jpg -(58172 B, 640x800)
58172 58172 No.33876 - Link Reply Report 33876 2


File: Rammot_card_1.jpg -(146772 B, 640x800)
146772 146772 No.33877 - Link Reply Report 33877 2

Rammot. He is like, the Joker if he was an ant/rabbit/shrike hybrid... and even more psycho crazy.

File: Welfin_R.jpg -(59883 B, 640x800)
59883 59883 No.33878 - Link Reply Report 33878 2

Welfin, the great manipulator - he has great plans but easily falters when confronted.

File: Zazan_card_2.jpg -(162556 B, 640x800)
162556 162556 No.33879 - Link Reply Report 33879 2

Zazan's ultimate form - and yes, she is a woman despite the looks. :D

File: canine_list_11-16-14.jpg -(2293434 B, 1033x4500)
2293434 2293434 No.33885 - Link Reply Report 33885 2

For those who care I'm taking up the dog list again

No.33892 - Link Reply Report 33892 2



I am gonna do that website someday... otherwise, it's quite hard to find references since Fchan does not come up in most google searches.

File: tmp_1811-1506722_776992599014739_3669463745648983381_n-1287466743.jpg -(31915 B, 492x600)
31915 31915 No.33908 - Link Reply Report 33908 2


Everest, the newest member of the Paw Patrol.

File: Lori.jpg -(77696 B, 640x480)
77696 77696 No.33921 - Link Reply Report 33921 2

>>33885 Lori from Palm Town (Maple Town season 2).

File: c_1416778184980.jpg -(305924 B, 1200x900)
305924 305924 No.33922 - Link Reply Report 33922 2
File: vlcsnap-2014-11-27-11h54m04s15.png -(164268 B, 480x360)
164268 164268 No.33948 - Link Reply Report 33948 2
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvA74y8vtBg

>>33885 How about this vixen?

File: canine_list_12-2-14.jpg -(2544294 B, 1033x4500)
2544294 2544294 No.33965 - Link Reply Report 33965 2

Thanks for the help!

File: vlcsnap-2014-12-03-14h06m08s62.png -(207573 B, 480x360)
207573 207573 No.33970 - Link Reply Report 33970 2
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=To0yLXbbWPc

>>33965 Another russian vixen. Yes, she's skinny, topless, breastless and wearing pants, but she's graceful.

File: Bojack.Horseman.S01E10.720p.WEBRip.x264-W4F.mkv_snapshot_04.36_[2014.10.13_21.48.38].jpg -(133600 B, 1280x720)
133600 133600 No.33981 - Link Reply Report 33981 2


Dunno how much we could count Jiji since she is a fan-character for a fan-made animation after all.

You should add this gal to the reptile list, though. :) "Crew Members ONLY!" (Bojack Horseman, S01E10)

No.33994 - Link Reply Report 33994 2

I did not that. I will get rid of Jiji next time I update it if that is the case. I not the one that updated the reptile list but I could give a shot.

File: Reptile_and_Amphibian_list_12-7-14.jpg -(2561327 B, 1033x2920)
2561327 2561327 No.34009 - Link Reply Report 34009 2

I'm still updating it but I thought it needed to be posted with what I have now.

File: Reptile_and_Amphibian_list_12-8-14.jpg -(2815441 B, 1033x3200)
2815441 2815441 No.34018 - Link Reply Report 34018 2

Well here it is finished.

If you happen to know the name of the Dragon MILF from Donjon Crépuscule (Dungeon Twilight), a french comic series please tell me.

File: Reptile_and_Amphibian_list_12-23-14.jpg -(3021062 B, 1033x3329)
3021062 3021062 No.34145 - Link Reply Report 34145 2


File: bunny_list_12-27-14.jpg -(3459171 B, 1033x3600)
3459171 3459171 No.34171 - Link Reply Report 34171 2

I wanted to update the bunny and canine list before the new year

File: canine_list_12-27-14.jpg -(3083904 B, 1033x4500)
3083904 3083904 No.34175 - Link Reply Report 34175 2

I forgot to take Jiji off. I will remember it next time

File: 035d245e3a90e9cc1c44c921e4cd0d22.jpg -(671512 B, 1076x2054)
671512 671512 No.34424 - Link Reply Report 34424 2
File: Dungeon_T_NBM____itsGucci_-_068.jpg -(1354560 B, 1680x2391)
1354560 1354560 No.34425 - Link Reply Report 34425 2


Sorry, must have missed this. Her name is Ormelle.

Also, you might wanna correct Orochiuno to Orochi-Onna.

File: Dungeon_-_The_Early_Years_v1_-_itsGucci_-_056.jpg -(1000326 B, 1680x2304)
1000326 1000326 No.34426 - Link Reply Report 34426 2

And I cannot believe I forgot to mention the sultry sexy snake assassin Alexandra from Dungeon - The Early years.

Sadly Dungeon is a lot like webcomics - it started out fun and whimsical, then got grimdark and started doing time-skip stories, introducing and dropping characters, and by the end totally forgot what it was supposed to be about.

No.34428 - Link Reply Report 34428 2

It's the Trope called "Cerebus Syndrome" the term for a series that starts of funny and light hearted but then experiences a tonal shift to darker and more serious material. It was named for the underground comic Cerebus the Ardvarkk which started as a tongue in cheek send up Conan the Barbarian and "Funny Animal" comics but as the run progressed and the creator gradually became more mentally disturbed (not metaphorically, he was in an institution for a while) became darker and more philosophical with entire issues dedicated to wall of text monologues about politics and the meaning of life.

Web comics suffer it most often because they are often are "hobby" works and ageing creators decided they want to explore new routes of story telling but keep using the same characters. So the situation or setting is made darker or characters are forced to "grow up" even if it makes no sense or contradicts the world they live in.

File: Dungeon_Zenith_-_V-_Back_in_Style___itsGucci_-_023.jpg -(1160995 B, 1680x2313)
1160995 1160995 No.34444 - Link Reply Report 34444 2

Heh, yeah... I read about that. (I read Cerebus, too).

The French write more mature stories anyway, so they oftem get more grimdark faster.

Dunn btw whether you included Isis and the Kochak gals on the cat list. I love their designs, but prefer this artist (Boulet) to the original. And yeah, already R34ed them. :)

File: D3DbYiq_-_Imgur.png -(228653 B, 1920x1080)
228653 228653 No.34538 - Link Reply Report 34538 2

I came across a full body reference of the Capybara female from Space Dandy.

File: 800px-NewSonicAgeRules.png -(282025 B, 800x343)
282025 282025 No.34542 - Link Reply Report 34542 2

LOL! I came across this old guide to draw Sonic characters on furaffinity if you want to draw them yiffing.
Now I understand the amount of human proportioned pics of Sonic and c.

File: Mother_VS_Daughter_by_felifan.jpg -(438081 B, 2260x1980)
438081 438081 No.34566 - Link Reply Report 34566 2
File: nicole-watterson-image-nicole-watterson-36199486-1024-663.jpg -(100408 B, 1024x663)
100408 100408 No.34588 - Link Reply Report 34588 2
File: Watership_Down_charas_part1_by_shuvuuia.png -(597412 B, 954x2124)
597412 597412 No.34613 - Link Reply Report 34613 2
File: Watership_Down_charas_part2_by_shuvuuia.png -(626364 B, 976x1939)
626364 626364 No.34614 - Link Reply Report 34614 2
File: Watership_Down_charas_part3_by_shuvuuia.png -(54632 B, 639x960)
54632 54632 No.34615 - Link Reply Report 34615 2
File: Watership_Down_charas_part4_by_shuvuuia.png -(667906 B, 1194x1632)
667906 667906 No.34616 - Link Reply Report 34616 2
File: Watership_Down_charas_part5_by_shuvuuia.png -(268303 B, 666x1237)
268303 268303 No.34617 - Link Reply Report 34617 2
File: Watership_Down_charas_part6_by_shuvuuia.png -(112809 B, 1488x1437)
112809 112809 No.34618 - Link Reply Report 34618 2
File: charactors_img.jpg -(162855 B, 940x747)
162855 162855 No.34725 - Link Reply Report 34725 2

From the Anisava site

No.34750 - Link Reply Report 34750 2

What is this Anisava?

Nice, I knew those artworks from Watership down - note though, they are fan-made, not official, even if they are very accurate. I love the series, have the whole thing in giant DVD bundle. :) You can get it cheap on ebay.co.uk


Awesome, thanks Lucedo!

If you have some good sources for anime cartoon ref sheets, let me know. Especially looking for The Skullman and Devilman/Devil Lady refs.

File: Journey_06.gif -(42985 B, 256x316)
42985 42985 No.34831 - Link Reply Report 34831 2

So what would be the proper way to add suggestions to these lists? I keep spreadsheets listing any and all furry females I find info on (not considering webcomics or similarly internet originated characters), and while there are quite a few I'd never heard of there are also a number of females not yet on those lists. I considered posting a screenshot for each one but I don't want to tank this thread with dozens of posts, especially since it's about charts not individuals screens. It wouldn't be a problem for, say, the Primate List in which I's count 7 additions, but the Canine List additions would be considerably more. In that case should I use the screenshots thread then?

Pic related; the female fox is Leona from Frogger's Journey: The Forgotten Relic for the Game Boy Advanced

No.34866 - Link Reply Report 34866 2


You can always make a new thread for the purpose of posting screenshots of all canine ladies. Ultimately I'd say this place is unsuited for - especially long-term - storage of such lists. I plan to make a website and use Photobucket to store the screenshots, myself, but OspreyX already has a similar place, even if his selection is more narrow.

File: c_1429617809857.rickgriffin_oliviacharactersheet.jpg -(643202 B, 1113x711)
643202 643202 No.35100 - Link Reply Report 35100 2
File: villain-step02.jpg -(68535 B, 664x733)
68535 68535 No.35215 - Link Reply Report 35215 2
File: sonic_and_his_friends__sonic__by_9029561-d75i1lz.png -(1216216 B, 1024x1032)
1216216 1216216 No.35258 - Link Reply Report 35258 2
File: c_1432502023820.png -(72395 B, 500x597)
72395 72395 No.35293 - Link Reply Report 35293 2
File: ventura_werewolf_sketches_by_wolfmarian-d4mzxyn.jpg -(137410 B, 900x669)
137410 137410 No.35336 - Link Reply Report 35336 2
File: __carey_jess_by_pidgeonspen-d8lmm9y.png -(968596 B, 2500x1800)
968596 968596 No.35355 - Link Reply Report 35355 2
File: rouge_the_bat___character_sheet_by_scificat-d74pm8i.jpg -(1253727 B, 1820x1230)
1253727 1253727 No.35593 - Link Reply Report 35593 2
File: bunny_evolution__design_test__by_skyshek-d66rz0v.jpg -(531333 B, 2092x1479)
531333 531333 No.35858 - Link Reply Report 35858 2
File: age_chart____virgy____by_ladysomnambule-d7g73mp.png -(378846 B, 1280x618)
378846 378846 No.36057 - Link Reply Report 36057 2
File: horridus_tmnt_by_joshdancato-d3buldm.jpg -(418596 B, 1600x1353)
418596 418596 No.36209 - Link Reply Report 36209 2
File: c_1446192478452.matiu_rita_ref_normal_attire.png -(276003 B, 1660x898)
276003 276003 No.36357 - Link Reply Report 36357 2
File: fox_skunk_fu_clothing_sheet_by_bond750-d5xcufm.png -(273976 B, 1024x725)
273976 273976 No.36399 - Link Reply Report 36399 2
File: Fox.png -(742670 B, 604x800)
742670 742670 No.37311 - Link Reply Report 37311 2
File: c_1465642624519.jpg -(85250 B, 1280x983)
85250 85250 No.37709 - Link Reply Report 37709 2
File: c_1465807609817.jpg -(94374 B, 890x779)
94374 94374 No.37731 - Link Reply Report 37731 2
File: cowabunga__horridus_by_joshdancato-d41bj5a.jpg -(200473 B, 1600x612)
200473 200473 No.37856 - Link Reply Report 37856 2
File: Bunny_List_2016.jpg -(987788 B, 1033x3600)
987788 987788 No.38079 - Link Reply Report 38079 2


I have updated the bunny list by filling in a row and updated the image for Judy Hopps.

File: headvolution.jpg -(78169 B, 636x1067)
78169 78169 No.38140 - Link Reply Report 38140 2
File: many_faces_of_klonoa_by_guntzorgantz-d4p6eko.jpg -(64680 B, 900x264)
64680 64680 No.38392 - Link Reply Report 38392 2
File: Tiny_Toons_evolution.jpg -(118910 B, 600x691)
118910 118910 No.38464 - Link Reply Report 38464 2
File: CU06vydWoAErSHQ.jpg -(19910 B, 600x338)
19910 19910 No.38491 - Link Reply Report 38491 2
File: gradation_sonic_by_jackydik-d6bomod.png -(656776 B, 1191x670)
656776 656776 No.38568 - Link Reply Report 38568 2
File: _spark___reference_sheet___colored_by_slavedog554__by_megawolf77-d8x6m5i.png -(828182 B, 3200x2400)
828182 828182 No.38932 - Link Reply Report 38932 2
File: color_sheet__scratte_by_wolfwrathknight-d68qcqi.png -(418484 B, 800x648)
418484 418484 No.38973 - Link Reply Report 38973 2
File: tumblr_oj7uo3AH8T1rtr7mwo1_500.jpg -(196957 B, 450x750)
196957 196957 No.38980 - Link Reply Report 38980 2
Source: http://trackertd.tumblr.com/post/155351914399/ive-made-a-guide-to-classic-sonic-because-i-was
File: Duck_family_tree.jpg -(246312 B, 1024x768)
246312 246312 No.39424 - Link Reply Report 39424 2

Donald's brother in law XD

File: tutorial___lola_bunny_turnaround___color_by_jawproductions-d7lobaa.png -(167671 B, 1024x432)
167671 167671 No.39670 - Link Reply Report 39670 2
File: charly_ref_sheet_by_galaxydigi11612.jpg -(522216 B, 1280x800)
522216 522216 No.39675 - Link Reply Report 39675 2
File: light_reference_sheet_by_galaxydigi11612.jpg -(431166 B, 1280x800)
431166 431166 No.39676 - Link Reply Report 39676 2
File: c_1496521476304.vallhund_ref-deahtthehuskysfw02.png -(598767 B, 1280x800)
598767 598767 No.39682 - Link Reply Report 39682 2
File: Why_Your_Sonic_OC_Sucks.png -(1645385 B, 720x4392)
1645385 1645385 No.39727 - Link Reply Report 39727 2
File: Hiragra_by_bumbershoot.jpg -(36234 B, 600x421)
36234 36234 No.39754 - Link Reply Report 39754 2
File: 800px-FoxyBingoFox.jpg -(34677 B, 800x272)
34677 34677 No.39887 - Link Reply Report 39887 2
File: evolution_of_bugs___2010_by_stranglynormal-d8qjmu6.png -(997335 B, 2267x785)
997335 997335 No.39912 - Link Reply Report 39912 2
File: Jarruus_Ref_Sheet_complete_by_aliancedragoncomandr.jpg -(1151820 B, 1600x2767)
1151820 1151820 No.39913 - Link Reply Report 39913 2
File: bunnies.jpg -(3931818 B, 1250x5870)
3931818 3931818 No.39932 - Link Reply Report 39932 2
Source: http://biglistof.info/Bunnies.html
File: Daniel_and_family.png -(256435 B, 1000x654)
256435 256435 No.39970 - Link Reply Report 39970 2