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[-] [+] No.31474
Furry Screenshots 22 
File: Stan.Lees.Mighty.7.HDTV.x264-QCF.mp4_snapshot_00.47.18_[2014.03.02_12.35.44].jpg -(52017 B, 720x404)
52017 52017 No.31474 31474 1

Starting a new one so that old one doesn't get deleted (due to being too long)

Stan Lee's Mighty 7 is a new direct-to-DVD movie - story is rather terrible and animation much like the 90ties, but the invading aliens, the Taegons, are rather cute lizard-men. :)

Marked for deletion (too big - automatic).
File: Stan.Lees.Mighty.7.HDTV.x264-QCF.mp4_snapshot_00.57.23_[2014.03.02_12.36.15].jpg -(24356 B, 720x404)
24356 24356 No.31475 - Link Reply Report 31475 2
File: Stan.Lees.Mighty.7.HDTV.x264-QCF.mp4_snapshot_00.46.56_[2014.03.02_12.34.37].jpg -(23377 B, 720x404)
23377 23377 No.31476 - Link Reply Report 31476 2
File: Stan.Lees.Mighty.7.HDTV.x264-QCF.mp4_snapshot_00.57.34_[2014.03.02_12.36.47].jpg -(23414 B, 720x404)
23414 23414 No.31477 - Link Reply Report 31477 2
File: Stan.Lees.Mighty.7.HDTV.x264-QCF.mp4_snapshot_00.57.30_[2014.03.02_12.36.35].jpg -(29209 B, 720x404)
29209 29209 No.31478 - Link Reply Report 31478 2
File: vend1.png -(299703 B, 457x529)
299703 299703 No.31479 - Link Reply Report 31479 2

Some of you might remember the Rackham Confrontation miniature-game, and the PC Game Confrontation that it spawned. If for nothing else, then the sexy Wolfen Vestals and Sybils!

There is a sequel out now, called "Aarklash: Legacy", and one of the playeable characters of your party is Vendaroo, a Wolfen Priestess of Vile-Tis!

File: Rahzar03.jpg -(21692 B, 624x352)
21692 21692 No.31494 - Link Reply Report 31494 2

The new Rahzar on TMNT is wicked awesome. :)

File: Rahzar05.jpg -(17553 B, 624x352)
17553 17553 No.31495 - Link Reply Report 31495 2

He is basically an undead werewolf, with flesh barely hanging on to his skull.

File: Tiger_Claw01.jpg -(15348 B, 624x352)
15348 15348 No.31496 - Link Reply Report 31496 2

PLus, meet Shredder's newest mutant - the asian assassin Tiger Claw!

File: Tiger_Claw03.jpg -(16954 B, 624x352)
16954 16954 No.31497 - Link Reply Report 31497 2
File: Tiger_Claw04.jpg -(20261 B, 624x352)
20261 20261 No.31498 - Link Reply Report 31498 2

Sorry for the mishmashed resolution on the pics above. Video card died and my widescreen monitor displays things only in non-widescreen resolutions, so I had to modify my media player...

File: Superboy50p09.jpg -(353951 B, 954x1488)
353951 353951 No.31502 - Link Reply Report 31502 2

Lady Tawna and Prince Tuftan, from DC Comics Superboy, issue 50.

File: Superboy50p14.jpg -(321370 B, 942x1472)
321370 321370 No.31503 - Link Reply Report 31503 2

Nosferata the Bat Queen, and Dr. Canus - same issue. These characters appear in a storyline set on a Dr. Moreau-ish island, during Superboy Volume 3. 50-55.

File: Kamikaze_Cat___01_July_1987.jpg -(359267 B, 965x730)
359267 359267 No.31512 - Link Reply Report 31512 2

There are lots of obscure furries in comics.
I'm still finding new (old) stuff.

File: Tooth___Claw_AltCover2.jpg -(260655 B, 667x1000)
260655 260655 No.31517 - Link Reply Report 31517 2

Google tooth and claw comic to find the artist site Mark Pacella with all the comics pages.

File: La_Gata_Mini_cuban_animation_collage.jpg -(1024156 B, 1864x1800)
1024156 1024156 No.31538 - Link Reply Report 31538 2

La Gata Mini Cuban animation
Allmost a cross between Sawyer & Kendall on you tube.


File: Star.Wars.The.Clone.Wars.S06E08.WEBRip.x264-2HD.mp4_snapshot_07.35_[2014.03.08_12.48.34].jpg -(27576 B, 720x306)
27576 27576 No.31544 - Link Reply Report 31544 2

Wow, I never expected this to happen, but... Jar-Jar has a girlfriend. What's more, she is a QUEEN and she is a hot anthro!


Agreed! Too bad that the resolution is terrible... hope we can find it in a better format.

File: Star.Wars.The.Clone.Wars.S06E08.WEBRip.x264-2HD.mp4_snapshot_06.17_[2014.03.08_12.47.24].jpg -(29360 B, 720x306)
29360 29360 No.31545 - Link Reply Report 31545 2

Her name is Queen Julia, btw, and her species is Dagoyan.

File: Star.Wars.The.Clone.Wars.S06E08.WEBRip.x264-2HD.mp4_snapshot_06.12_[2014.03.08_12.48.23].jpg -(23583 B, 720x306)
23583 23583 No.31546 - Link Reply Report 31546 2

A close-up of Queen Julia.

File: 21_copy.jpg -(1127471 B, 1280x2008)
1127471 1127471 No.31594 - Link Reply Report 31594 2

D'awwww.... Cutified/pacified Sekhmet (oddly called Hathor, though she was not that in Mythology) - is adorable. Also, she speaks like a LOLcat. :)

Scene from Marvel's Heroic Age: Prince of Power #3

File: pop_20-21_copy.jpg -(1794189 B, 2560x1975)
1794189 1794189 No.31595 - Link Reply Report 31595 2

Sekhmet is quite sexy in her original form, if you are not bothered by the blood-stained bras, that is. :P

File: buttload-of-screencaps-gadget-hackwrench-29902658-720-540.png -(901770 B, 720x540)
901770 901770 No.31598 - Link Reply Report 31598 2
File: tumblr_mevspcuvBi1r6h8m0o1_1280.png -(166707 B, 520x288)
166707 166707 No.31606 - Link Reply Report 31606 2
File: c_1394961880410.jpg -(50170 B, 640x360)
50170 50170 No.31612 - Link Reply Report 31612 2

At least the foot fetishists out there will love this new version of her.

File: tumblr_mlrf7ogRwE1qhansmo6_1280.jpg -(72164 B, 1280x720)
72164 72164 No.31617 - Link Reply Report 31617 2
File: Lola_Kitty.png -(174515 B, 635x309)
174515 174515 No.31619 - Link Reply Report 31619 2
File: Sally_in_Heads_or_tails.png -(854320 B, 1000x768)
854320 854320 No.31664 - Link Reply Report 31664 2
File: SonicPinkSally.jpg -(56481 B, 640x480)
56481 56481 No.31665 - Link Reply Report 31665 2

They were so young!

File: dragon-commander-1024x576.jpg -(127728 B, 1024x576)
127728 127728 No.31709 - Link Reply Report 31709 2

Sexy, busty Prospera from Divinity - Dragon Commander. Man, not only is she the only person on the council who is not a loon, fanatic or greedy asshole, she also treats you with respect and speaks her mind without talking down to you. Sigh... I wish I could romance her instead of the lizard princess (who looks more like a Na'vi than a lizard woman - as if she was from a totally different race).

File: Body_Lizard_counselor_Jeroen_Van_Hoorebeke3.jpg -(623249 B, 3000x1477)
623249 623249 No.31710 - Link Reply Report 31710 2

Official model of Prospera from the game's designer. Sadly her mouth is stuck in a weird position...

File: queen_Spinlyn.jpg -(207482 B, 1278x732)
207482 207482 No.31724 - Link Reply Report 31724 2

A new gal from LEGO Legend of Chima - Queen Spinlyn of the spider tribe. Yes, she is a drider- below the waist she has 6 more legs and a large abdomen.

File: Callie-Briggs167.jpg -(37672 B, 640x480)
37672 37672 No.31782 - Link Reply Report 31782 2


File: Cosmic_Carnage__32X___E__[!]004_copy.jpg -(278536 B, 640x480)
278536 278536 No.31788 - Link Reply Report 31788 2

Naja, sexy half-cyborg cobra gal from Cosmic Carnage, a beat-em-up game!

File: Cosmic_Carnage__32X___E__[!]001.jpg -(292058 B, 640x480)
292058 292058 No.31789 - Link Reply Report 31789 2

More Naja.

File: Cosmic_Carnage__32X___E__[!]147.jpg -(317621 B, 640x480)
317621 317621 No.31796 - Link Reply Report 31796 2

Naja vs. Naja - "so close I can almost touch you"...

I have mastered all her special moves now, and hopefully I can put a sprite sheet together.

File: Tigress-master-tigress-16949114-1560-1512.jpg -(258627 B, 1560x1512)
258627 258627 No.31797 - Link Reply Report 31797 2

Tigress doing her impression of Spock.

File: Yetta.jpg -(136349 B, 300x400)
136349 136349 No.31801 - Link Reply Report 31801 2

Yetta, a Gimlinopithecus alien from Ben 10: Omniverse

File: Anur_transyl_citizens.png -(1636339 B, 1366x768)
1636339 1636339 No.31802 - Link Reply Report 31802 2

An unnamed female of the werewolf-like Loboan species from Ben 10.

She is is sadly not particularly attractive. The art direction for this franchise seems rather uninterested in depicting attractive female aliens for some reason, or at least those of less human-like species.

No.31803 - Link Reply Report 31803 2

It depends what you find attractive really. I don't find that Loboan particularly unattractive myself. The art direction doesn't seem particularly interest in "sexy" Alien designs as it is in "cool" alien designs, which makes sense for an action/adventure cartoon with action figure tie-ins

File: Ben.10.Omniverse.S01E28.Rules.of.Engagement.720p.WEB-DL.x264.AAC.mp4_snapshot_04.25_[2014.04.02_20.36.15].jpg -(100168 B, 1280x720)
100168 100168 No.31804 - Link Reply Report 31804 2


Don't get me wrong, she's not hideous, but she's a bit of a plain Jane for my tastes. She wouldn't turn many heads on the street, but I wouldn't kick her out of bed either. If she had a good personality I'd even cuddle with her till morning and maybe even make breakfast before slipping out the back door.

Actually, I think it's her eyes. They remind me so much of Brak from Space Ghost. She looks like she could be the offspring of Brak and Fluffy the Cute Werewolfette from Johnny Bravo.

I'd like to see a few female aliens like this perky-breasted reptilian (non-)character from the Sumo Slammers game in the Ben 10 universe... universes.. uh, "universii"?

File: Fairy_Hare__Anime.png -(190855 B, 480x354)
190855 190855 No.31810 - Link Reply Report 31810 2
File: Mum_Mew__Anime.png -(190695 B, 479x355)
190695 190695 No.31811 - Link Reply Report 31811 2
File: 500px-Mummeweyes.jpg -(18001 B, 500x387)
18001 18001 No.31812 - Link Reply Report 31812 2
File: monster-rancher_512x288.jpg -(19215 B, 512x288)
19215 19215 No.31813 - Link Reply Report 31813 2
File: Hoppity_Hooper_Susan_Swivelhips.jpg -(416409 B, 2064x2142)
416409 416409 No.31815 - Link Reply Report 31815 2

Another dog girl from jay ward production.
Hoppity Hooper susan swivelhips the boing girl.
They won't make cartoons like this any more ....

File: tumblr_n3hze6OuBz1sntotwo1_1280.png -(686960 B, 689x633)
686960 686960 No.31819 - Link Reply Report 31819 2
File: Kuphulu_and_a_crowd.png -(1481354 B, 1366x707)
1481354 1481354 No.31820 - Link Reply Report 31820 2


Really? I find her rather attractive, actually. As is the other Loboan gal on the left. :)
I quite like Derrick Wyatt's work. He was great on Animated too. As I don't like the Ben10 series much ever since it stopped being serious sci-fi and has gone back to being silly like the first series, I mostly just watch the episodes for the awesome alien designs

Also, don't forget, Derrick gave us K8-E the sexy kineceleran gal. :P

File: Ben.10.Omniverse.S01E28.Rules.of.Engagement.720p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-iT00NZ.mkv_snapshot_04.25_[2013.04.04_21.45.14].jpg -(146819 B, 1280x720)
146819 146819 No.31821 - Link Reply Report 31821 2


You do know she is basically a R63 of Blackheart?
Yes, the Marvel villain, Ghost Rider's enemy, son of Mephisto. :D

File: Guardians_of_the_Lost_Code_Brejes.jpg -(102796 B, 720x960)
102796 102796 No.31822 - Link Reply Report 31822 2


I was thinking she looked familiar! I guess we know which Marvel vs. Capcom character is a favorite of this mysterious "DERRICK-W" fellow?

I do like his alien female designs, just not so much when he does anthro. Something about the angular style work better for aliens, but for more familiar species like furry mammals? Ehhh... I dunno. Some of the male Loboan's DO look pretty good though.

<--- to the left, warrior form of an unnamed female "Brijes" from Guardians of the Lost Code, a Digimon-esque Mexican animated movie.

File: Ben.10.Omniverse.S01E27.The.Frogs.of.War.Pt.2.1080p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-iT00NZ.mkv_snapshot_00.18_[2013.03.20_22.09.53].jpg -(240876 B, 1920x1080)
240876 240876 No.31823 - Link Reply Report 31823 2


I plan to do some Loboan orgies now that we have so many designs to choose from. :)
And yeah, his style is quite angular. But I still like his designs. Also, the Way Bads (mutated Tok'ustars) - some of the gals look nice, especially this dragon-like one with the tail, and the one modelled after Scanty from Panty and Stocking.

Wow, that's a nice sleek foxy! Any other anthros of note from that Guardians of the Lost Code movie?

File: Team2.jpg -(186229 B, 640x465)
186229 186229 No.31825 - Link Reply Report 31825 2

Just managed to extract this from the Tunnel Riders website (man, I detest Flickr, what's wrong with allowing simply right-click-save of pics?)

The lemur and octopus gals look neat. The CGI is pretty good too overall. Too bad this movie seems to be stuck in development hell.

File: dvd_snapshot_13.35_[2014.04.05_18.58.16].jpg -(50903 B, 720x576)
50903 50903 No.31828 - Link Reply Report 31828 2

Remember Gmork from the Neverending Story? I am sure I wasn't the only one who pissed himself whenever he appeared in the movie... He was one scary wolf.

Well, not only is he back in the animated series, he also became an anthro wolf! And a recurring antagonist. Huh.

File: Ben10-Omniverse-48-The_Vampire_Strikes_Back.flv_snapshot_07.40_[2014.04.06_11.50.42].jpg -(48604 B, 854x480)
48604 48604 No.31830 - Link Reply Report 31830 2

Newest Ben10 Omniverse episode has more of the Loboan gals!

File: Ben10-Omniverse-48-The_Vampire_Strikes_Back.flv_snapshot_10.48_[2014.04.06_11.56.40].jpg -(39261 B, 854x480)
39261 39261 No.31831 - Link Reply Report 31831 2

After possessed by Lord Transyl, she gets knocked into a window, ouch...

File: Amazing_Heroes__164-p056_Critters_Comcs.jpg -(309416 B, 1292x1415)
309416 309416 No.31885 - Link Reply Report 31885 2

Blast from the past.
Lizards from Critters Comics 1987,Fantagraphic Comics

No.31893 - Link Reply Report 31893 2

>>31885 Okay, now I need a link to some of those comics! Critters especially!

File: DestriiKiss1.jpg -(233690 B, 600x476)
233690 233690 No.31895 - Link Reply Report 31895 2

From the Doctor Who comic: the warrior fish woman named Destrii. She was the eighth Doctor's final companion, and the ninth Doctor's first. It was actually planned for her to be alongside the Doctor at the beginning of the new Who series until the BBC stepped in and decreed that the ninth Doctor should only be seen traveling with Rose Tyler as his companion. Since the writers weren't able to give her a proper send off as a companion, the final story had her and the eighth Doctor walking off into the sunset toward further adventures untold...

File: Thundercats_-_Dogs_Of_War__2-08.jpg -(548167 B, 1024x1563)
548167 548167 No.31901 - Link Reply Report 31901 2

Seconded. Can you link us a torrent of that Critters comic? Searches only bring up that Gremlins ripoff movie...


She's cute! There were some fish-women on New Who too, plus Madam Vastra and the Silurians, but they were too human-faced for my liking.

Here is someone obscure - Lady Diablador, one of the new villains from the Wildstorm Thundercats comic "Dogs of War". Man, we need more anthro afghan greyhounds like her!

No.31907 - Link Reply Report 31907 2

>>31901 Is she in any other comic or show? How many issues is Wild Storm? Will she be a recurring character?

File: Looney_TPage6.jpg -(296031 B, 564x876)
296031 296031 No.31912 - Link Reply Report 31912 2

Girl Dog from DC Looney Tunes issue #77

No.31919 - Link Reply Report 31919 2

She's only exclusive to the comics, she did not appear in the original show (nor the comic's bad writing, for that matter).

No.31920 - Link Reply Report 31920 2

I'm not sure how many issues were made, but I would not recommend looking into them. From what I've heard, they are not exactly the most awful things in the world but the plots were very badly written and were not entirely faithful to the original show. You know, like the 2011-remake.

File: Thundercats_-_Dogs_Of_War__5-14.jpg -(503961 B, 1024x1584)
503961 503961 No.31943 - Link Reply Report 31943 2


This was the Wildstorm comics era, around 2004 or so, waaay before the new cartoon. It started with "The Return" which continues the old toon's story but is more mature and "grimdark" - so naturally the fans hated it. Yes, it's not great and has a lot of fanservice, but compared to what we had with Transformers at the time (Michael Bay and dreamwave's G1 cartoon-slavish ongoing comics) it could have been much much worse. Then again, I found Thundercats fans are a horrible lot - most of them hate the awesome new cartoon too (which frankly, having seen both the old and new, I much prefer to the original).

Lady Diablador only appears in the Dogs of War 5-parter. She is the stereotypically evil lover of Doverlord, the also stereotypically evil overlord of the Dog armada. She only appears a few times to torture Lion-o with an electric shocker, and to knock out Mumm-Ra with a sneak attack. She dies in the last issue - when Doberlord fires his electric fork at Lion-O, Wilykat pushes Diablador into the way and she gets electrocuted.

File: The_Real_Houswives_of_Venus.jpg -(118013 B, 1920x1080)
118013 118013 No.31944 - Link Reply Report 31944 2

From the latest Simpsons episode. Cute octopus gal there!

No.31945 - Link Reply Report 31945 2

The Thundercats-fans is not a horrible lot (most of them at least), they have every right to hate the "awesome" new cartoon and they have a good reason, too. If you have seen KaijuCeaser's insightful comment on TV Series Finale, you would understand why.

And holy shit, Diablador's eyes exploded! I know the Thundercats-comics were dark but damn! Cheesy line on Doberlord's part, though.

File: Skales_Jr..jpg -(133905 B, 1920x1080)
133905 133905 No.31953 - Link Reply Report 31953 2

Hilarious - turns out Skales, the current leader of the Serpentine on Ninjago, has a wife and kid! Pink snake-woman... pity they have no toy of her.


I have been on their forums, and man... as a TF fan I hate the Michael Bay movies, but anything I said about them was kind and rational compared to what went on there. First they complained Tygra was stealing the show, then when Lion-O did save the day they complained about him getting all the focus. I did not stay long enough to learn what they thought about Pumyra's new portrayal...

And yeah, I consider people who complained about Kaynar and the rest getting actual NAMES kinda not the best representation of a fandom. Even as a kid I thought the name "Jackalman" or "Vultureman" were silly and made no sense, considering the mutants had multiple members of the same race in their army. Were all the jackals called "Jackalmen"? :D
Yeah, the comic is dark. On the next page, Lion-O disarms Doberlord and starts a long speech about how he will stand trial and answer for his crimes - only for Mumm-ra to stab the guy in the back with his own fork, telling Lion-O how lucky it is HE is not a good-guy or they'd have died of boredom listening to his speech...

File: Skales_and_family.jpg -(146762 B, 1920x1080)
146762 146762 No.31954 - Link Reply Report 31954 2

D'awwww... that's adorable. :) Happy snake family!

No.31955 - Link Reply Report 31955 2

Since I have never trend upon the TC-forum soil (in fear of positive feedback to the awful remake), I'll take your word for it. But I must disagree about the Mutants' names. I thought Jackalman and Monkian's new names are the most irregular, they do not represent the characters at all. As seen in the original show, almost every character has a name that have a connection to them. Take Vultureman's new name, for example. The name "Vultaire" actually fits him because he is a vulture while the names "Kaynar" and "Addicus" just... has no meaning. Too "normal." And while at it, why didn't Slithe and Ratar-o change their names as well? Because the writers couldn't think of any? The point is, that if they can't think of any better names that has characteristics, then don't bother giving them new names AT ALL.

Here's my take on a good remake; Vultureman and Jackalman's names should be kept. BUT. There will be an explanation as to why they're called that, because both you and I know that that can't be their actual names. Perhaps they have real names but they chose to go by a different name for reasons known only to them. Perhaps it has something to do with their experience as mutants, being "freaks" of their own kind.

Sorry for the ramble. I would get be too agitated over the remake due to my bad experience with it when I shouldn't be, especially since it has been deservingly dead for over than two years. I need to let this go, but I HATE it so much. lol

That's adorable. ^ ^

No.31956 - Link Reply Report 31956 2


I guess different tastes - I never cared much for the old toon, I found it MOTU-levels silly even as a kid. The new show, IMHO was simply epic and gave characters more depth. I especially liked the backstory - Mumm-Ra's mutant army being created from animals kinda explains all the animal-races on (New) Thundera. And heck, Mumm-ra himself was awesome. Too bad we never got a toy of his armored lich-like form.

Here is why I think you and a lot of other fans hated the show - 'cause Thundercats has been basically dead since the eighties, and that was the one and ONLY version of it save for the (also hated) Wildstorm comics. But people like me, who watched and liked Transformers of Turtles have had 5 or 10 new series since our "Generation 1" - we got used to change. I don't like all Transformers reimaginations - I watched Prime but never liked it particulary, I loved the latter half of Beast Wars and Beast Machines, absolutely love Animated, and hate all the japanese anime versions like Armada or Energon.
For you Thundercats fans, this was new, and your reactions reminded me of what I saw when Beast Wars, the first Transformers reboot came around, or how the MOTU fans reacted to the new cartoon. Unfortunately for you, unlike Transformers or TMNT, Thundercats is not likely to ever get a chance to be restarted again, so any hopes of a good new series are probably lost.

File: tumblr_n2ta0gQQh81sgpajbo6_1280.png -(439484 B, 700x465)
439484 439484 No.31970 - Link Reply Report 31970 2

There is a blog on Tumblr called Lesser Known Waifus where you can suggest lesser known females from comics, anime, manga, cartoons, and video games.

I recommended Maggie Reed and this is one of the screenshots.

File: daily.jpg -(62062 B, 400x240)
62062 62062 No.31975 - Link Reply Report 31975 2

I'm just wet in anticipation for this game.

File: tumblr_n4eswdxnMG1sgpajbo2_400.png -(164564 B, 400x304)
164564 164564 No.31981 - Link Reply Report 31981 2

I have also sugested Kimbla from Aladdin on the Lesser Know Waifus Tumblr blog and here are some screenshots from that post.

File: tumblr_n4eswdxnMG1sgpajbo4_500.png -(304292 B, 456x346)
304292 304292 No.31982 - Link Reply Report 31982 2
File: tumblr_n4eswdxnMG1sgpajbo6_500.png -(293313 B, 456x346)
293313 293313 No.31983 - Link Reply Report 31983 2
File: aladdin_kimbla.png -(317313 B, 456x346)
317313 317313 No.31984 - Link Reply Report 31984 2
File: Cadbury_Bunny.png -(371049 B, 470x360)
371049 371049 No.31989 - Link Reply Report 31989 2
File: Foxy.png -(144380 B, 480x360)
144380 144380 No.31990 - Link Reply Report 31990 2
File: Masks_of_Power_goblins00.jpg -(510288 B, 1173x1539)
510288 510288 No.31991 - Link Reply Report 31991 2

Thanks for the screens, Lucedo. She has kind of a goofy look with that big nose, but I guess with a bit of a redesign I could make her look attractive...
I wish Disney would release the series on DVD - we only have VHS screencaps of Mirage, too... DVD/BR quality would be much preferable. Do you know if perhaps any channel still airs the series nowadays?

Here is something sent by my good friend Raziel - some rather obscure anthros from a MOTU mini-comic. They are actually small goblins wearing masks that grant them these larger, more muscular (and oddly, naked) forms.

File: Toodles_Tom_Jerry_show.jpg -(62811 B, 1355x798)
62811 62811 No.32003 - Link Reply Report 32003 2

Well, I'll be... other than failing to measure up to the classic shorts (or even the Chuck Jones ones), the new Tom and Jerry show managed to ruin Toodles Galore too. Remember her as the tall, lithe, sexy white pussy?

Well... this is how she looks now. Geez, she's basically a kid, given her incredibly short size, and she is ugly to boot as well. :( Not to mention her horrible accent.

File: ZOOT_CAT_1.png -(328101 B, 640x480)
328101 328101 No.32005 - Link Reply Report 32005 2
Source: http://tralfaz.blogspot.com/2013/08/now-youre-callin-jive-jackson.html

>>32003 Toots on the other side...

File: Toots.jpg -(32574 B, 547x403)
32574 32574 No.32006 - Link Reply Report 32006 2
Source: http://www.trilulilu.ro/video-animatie/tom-and-jerry-tales-kitty-cat-blues

>>32005 ...was left almost ountouched

File: vlcsnap-2014-04-27-00h47m21s136.png -(768311 B, 720x540)
768311 768311 No.32016 - Link Reply Report 32016 2

Lysa, queen of the Lizard-people - she is the only ever named Lizard Woman from the Flash Gordon cartoon.

File: tumblr_n4eswdxnMG1sgpajbo7_500.png -(342224 B, 456x346)
342224 342224 No.32032 - Link Reply Report 32032 2


Aladdin is not currently airing on television and I heard that 3 of the episodes that centered around Jasmine appeared in a DVD called Jasmine's Enchanted Tales: Journey of a Princess. Other than the selected episodes, we have no choice but to circulate the tapes from the Toon Disney airings of Aladdin.

No.32034 - Link Reply Report 32034 2

>>32016 Year of this cartoon?

No.32035 - Link Reply Report 32035 2


Almost as ancient as me! From 1980! ;)

check for this on the Wiki


No.32049 - Link Reply Report 32049 2

Excuse me has anyone listed/documented/saved the previous Furry Screenshots threads?
You know, like plus4chan.

No.32053 - Link Reply Report 32053 2

Well many of the threads are still around for you to look through.

Furry Screenshots 8 - fchan / clean http://fchan.us/c/res/19198.html
Furry Screenshots X - fchan / clean http://fchan.us/c/res/20332.html
Furry Screenshots 11 - fchan / clean http://fchan.us/c/res/20749.html
Furry Screenshots 12 - fchan / clean http://fchan.us/c/res/21225.html
Furry Screenshots 13 - fchan / clean http://fchan.us/c/res/21735.html
Furry Screenshots 14 - fchan / clean http://fchan.us/c/res/22221.html
Furry Screenshots 15 - fchan / clean http://fchan.us/c/res/22561.html
Furry Screenshots 16 - fchan / clean http://fchan.us/c/res/23363.html
Furry Screenshots 18 - fchan / clean http://fchan.us/c/res/25119.html
Furry Screenshots 19 - fchan / clean http://fchan.us/c/res/26460.html
Furry Screenshots 20 - fchan / clean http://fchan.us/c/res/28763.html
Furry Screenshots 21 - fchan / clean http://fchan.us/c/res/29586.html
Furry Screenshots with Links http://fchan.us/c/res/21229.html
Furry Screenshots with Links 2 - fchan / clean http://fchan.us/c/res/26203.html
Furry Screenshots with Links 2 [Flash] - fchan / clean http://fchan.us/c/res/26174.html

File: cheerass1.png -(995705 B, 940x711)
995705 995705 No.32056 - Link Reply Report 32056 2

I love care bears. So here is a nice high def screen cap of cheer bears ass ;)

theres a few close up ass shots in the new series. but not as many as there were in the old 80s one. anyways, enjoy that soft furry fluffy ass...

File: Dog.With.a.Blog.S02E15.Whos.Training.Who.720p.HDTV.x264-QCF.mkv_snapshot_22.15.jpg -(260235 B, 960x1080)
260235 260235 No.32057 - Link Reply Report 32057 2

This is from a recent episode of Dog With A Blog (one of the Disney Channel's family sitcoms), which has Stan the talking dog engrossed in reading a children's eBook called Rockstar Rabbit. What's interesting is that Rockstar Rabbit appears to be female, but is clearly referred to by the show as being male...

Is it a simple mix up, or is Disney at the forefront of championing LGBT rights? LMAO :D

No.32060 - Link Reply Report 32060 2

Thanks for the links, but where are the other threads? before 8, 9, 17.
And nobody has made a summary yet? I will.
Kudos to the one that has started this movement on Fchan. :3

No.32062 - Link Reply Report 32062 2


>where are the other threads? before 8, 9, 17.

I found 5-7 using google like I did the first links but I can't find the others.

They are probably gone forever but considering many posts were just reposts from other threads, it's probably no big loss.

File: vlcsnap-2014-05-02-14h09m38s218.png -(337148 B, 480x360)
337148 337148 No.32073 - Link Reply Report 32073 2

This is Lyca from Lavender Castle. She is a... dunno! Tiger-fox-butterfly hybrid?

File: vlcsnap-2014-05-02-13h44m29s183.png -(330026 B, 480x360)
330026 330026 No.32074 - Link Reply Report 32074 2
File: cadbury_bunny_ref_by_miharusthename-d3eewjd.png -(1369524 B, 767x805)
1369524 1369524 No.32082 - Link Reply Report 32082 2

Is there a crossover pic (even clean) of her and the Quickbunny, somewhere?
I think they would make a great couple.

File: daily.jpg -(175911 B, 864x486)
175911 175911 No.32086 - Link Reply Report 32086 2
File: Pirate_2014-05-03_17-29-51-85.png -(2341857 B, 1920x1080)
2341857 2341857 No.32092 - Link Reply Report 32092 2

Yeah, that is why I always suggest leaving threads alone after they have become long enough. If they get too long, they get marked for deletion (it appears in red at the top) and will bump no longer, and sooner or later a mod deletes them.

Back on topic - Managed to play the game and nab some proper screenshots of Bonnie Anne, sexy scottish foxy musketeer from Pirate 101. I uploaded the rest here:



File: ScreenShot038.jpg -(1322486 B, 1920x1080)
1322486 1322486 No.32103 - Link Reply Report 32103 2

Took some screencaps of Wendaroo, the sexy Wolfen priestess of Vile-Tys from Aarklash Legacy (the game is based on the french miniature game Confrontation or Ragnarok).



File: Anubisaur.png -(579027 B, 802x602)
579027 579027 No.32120 - Link Reply Report 32120 2

This is one of the critters I made with Spore.

File: Cavoligna.png -(808444 B, 802x602)
808444 808444 No.32121 - Link Reply Report 32121 2

^And this is the one I made on the neighbor planet.
One thin and one thick.

File: Yvette01.jpg -(32987 B, 480x360)
32987 32987 No.32158 - Link Reply Report 32158 2

Can't believe I almost forgot about this series... Yvette, from Basket Fever. Funny how the girl on the villain team is so much hotter than the one on the good guy team, eh?

File: Basket_-_Complejos_no,_gracias.mp4_snapshot_08.31_[2014.05.12_00.09.08].jpg -(33228 B, 640x480)
33228 33228 No.32168 - Link Reply Report 32168 2

Sorry, her name is actually Yvonne.

File: Puman_Claw02.png -(296734 B, 384x700)
296734 296734 No.32169 - Link Reply Report 32169 2

OMG! Girl, where have you been all my life? :D OK, bit of an exagerration, but I rarely get this excited when finding an obscure character.

Puman Claw from Cutie Honey (the first 1973 series) - man, she is like JLU Cheetah, just mixed with a Chimera (has a snake for a tail). She just made it to the top of my "to draw" list.

File: Yv104-1.gif -(4352046 B, 480x360)
4352046 4352046 No.32170 - Link Reply Report 32170 2

Yes, her name was Yvonne. Also she's one of most slutty cartoon characters ever, not just by design.
I rememer one time her boyfriend wanted to pawn her of after loosing a bet or something, but the reason she got mad about it, was because he wanted to little. Also I'm pretty certain (at least in my dub) that she teased the main girl Linda over breast size.

File: Puman_Claw01.jpg -(49559 B, 1024x768)
49559 49559 No.32172 - Link Reply Report 32172 2

More sexy Puman Claw. :)


LOL that sounds hilarious! If you can find this in english, let me know please!
And yeah, even the official wiki page (in spanish) describes her as a bitch.

File: Cryptic_Writings_Of_M-_06.jpg -(490458 B, 1024x1604)
490458 490458 No.32227 - Link Reply Report 32227 2

Believe it or not, this is from a comic... based on Megadeth lyrics. :) Funnily the lyrics are not even about werewolves. Some mechanic guy has sex with a busty werewolf chick while some guys wanna torch his place but a male werewolf kills them and stuffs them in the trunk. In the end he realizes she is a werewolf, but... they just leave.

File: Cryptic_Writings_Of_M-_07.jpg -(397827 B, 1024x1599)
397827 397827 No.32228 - Link Reply Report 32228 2

One hot sex scene, despite no naughty bits shown.

File: Cryptic_Writings_Of_M-_08.jpg -(390326 B, 1024x1602)
390326 390326 No.32229 - Link Reply Report 32229 2

"Hey, don't leave! ... at least tell me, are you single? Room for one more in the pack?" :D

File: ActionComics768p19.jpg -(280536 B, 958x1496)
280536 280536 No.32232 - Link Reply Report 32232 2

Here's one right up your alley.

File: Tengen_Toppa_Gurren_Lagann_Episode_6.png -(638080 B, 1037x576)
638080 638080 No.32236 - Link Reply Report 32236 2
File: Tengen_Toppa_Gurren_Lagann_Episode_6.png -(807408 B, 1037x576)
807408 807408 No.32237 - Link Reply Report 32237 2
File: pero.jpg -(62841 B, 720x540)
62841 62841 No.32240 - Link Reply Report 32240 2
Source: http://thehande.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/more-captain-n-comparisons/
File: daily.jpg -(62062 B, 400x240)
62062 62062 No.32242 - Link Reply Report 32242 2
No.32246 - Link Reply Report 32246 2

Did you accidentally post the same link twice? If so, please find the one you are missing

No.32248 - Link Reply Report 32248 2

Guys, I could use your help.

There was a French cartoon from about 2003-2006 that had a really deep voiced female anthro dragon on it.

Could you help me out? I really want to find it.
That, plus any other cartoons with female anthro dragons in (I know about Chaotic and it rocks).

No.32249 - Link Reply Report 32249 2

>>32248 Also I just remember she appeared now and then, was purple with red eyes and had a real deep voice.

She was far more anthro than the female out of blazing dragons, for comparison.

And again, if there are any other cartoons with anthro dragons prominent, especially female ones, it would be awesome if you let me know.

No.32250 - Link Reply Report 32250 2

And she was either flat/b-cup, and slim.

Sorry for so many posts. I just rememberd stuff.

No.32253 - Link Reply Report 32253 2

>>32252 But she's supposed to be ANTHRO.

No.32254 - Link Reply Report 32254 2

Anyone? purple scales, red eyes, appeared time to time, french teletoon 2003 -2006 or thereabouts, DEEP ASS VOICE and anthro

File: one_frame.png -(114866 B, 480x360)
114866 114866 No.32264 - Link Reply Report 32264 2


File: Mew_und_Gobi_3.jpg -(130675 B, 526x378)
130675 130675 No.32265 - Link Reply Report 32265 2
File: Gobi_und_Mew.jpg -(122279 B, 525x382)
122279 122279 No.32266 - Link Reply Report 32266 2
File: Zuums,_Mew,_Gobi.jpg -(162560 B, 541x382)
162560 162560 No.32267 - Link Reply Report 32267 2
File: Mew_4.jpg -(110487 B, 524x388)
110487 110487 No.32268 - Link Reply Report 32268 2
File: Mew_9.jpg -(101993 B, 526x384)
101993 101993 No.32269 - Link Reply Report 32269 2
File: 355271135vwoaqa3.jpg -(56266 B, 500x376)
56266 56266 No.32276 - Link Reply Report 32276 2

Dolf De Kraai: Part Hitler, part Napoleon, all evil!

File: 7f760af286_1380206514_Dolf-is-geen-volbloed-kraai_-Zijn-vader-is-een-kraai-en-zien-moeder-is-een-merel__list-noup.jpg -(12260 B, 320x240)
12260 12260 No.32277 - Link Reply Report 32277 2

Seriously, this bitch, for his political interests, killed so many people at once, one time, that even his smithers realized he was working for the evil made feathers.

File: hqdefault.jpg -(19106 B, 480x360)
19106 19106 No.32278 - Link Reply Report 32278 2

"Who, me?"

File: Ugly.Americans.S01E02.An.American.Werewolf.in.America.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi_snapshot_20.29_[2010.10.30_19.53.31].jpg -(47999 B, 624x352)
47999 47999 No.32280 - Link Reply Report 32280 2


Thanks, she looks a bit... weird with that huge head, but that body is neat. LOL, Captain Marvel and the giant frog boobies of DOOM! :D Can you tell me which issue this is from?


Huh... well, to start out, flat OR B-cup? 'Cause B-cup is not flat, if you call a B-cup gal flat that'd be an insult. :D
Second, can you provide more details? Like, what/who else was in the show, what it was about... Was the dragoness just a one-episode character or a regular? Did she wear anything or was naked? I am gonna ask around, I know some french furries...

Chaotic - if you wanna see R34, visits my FA page, I did R34 of a lot of them - Silv, Jorre, Mizkio, Ajara, Na-Inna... man, those gals are awesome, though Jorre is my fav. I am actually sketching a design sheet for her - how she would have looked if she appeared on the show.

Other draggies? Depends on WHAT you consider dragons. I don't even consider the Chaotic Mipedians dragons, they don't have wings or breath fire - they are more like lizardmen/women. I can show plenty of reptilian ladies, like this gal from Ugly Americans - but they are most often not dragons in-show (she is a demoness, for example).

File: 360p_stereo_-_Tara_duncan_Capitulo__23.mp4_snapshot_08.23_[2013.08.08_08.03.15].jpg -(48652 B, 640x360)
48652 48652 No.32281 - Link Reply Report 32281 2


The closest I could find are the dragonesses from Tara Duncan, but they are sadly not anthro (and not very appealing anyway).

No.32282 - Link Reply Report 32282 2

>>32280 All the details I have, I have given. French teletoon, 2003-6, deep voice, anthro, purple scales, red eyes. either flat or b-cup, I can't remember - if there are multiple possibilities you think fit, don't be afraid to list them all.

Also, more anthro than the female from Blazing Dragons.

File: Chroma.jpg -(71139 B, 690x800)
71139 71139 No.32283 - Link Reply Report 32283 2


Okay - I asked a french guy on FA I know, maybe he knows or can guess.
Frankly, toons don't have many anthro female dragons, they tend to look plump and 4-legged there - I can tell you more anthro draggies from games and miniatures, like the sexy Draconum ladies from Mage Knight.

No.32289 - Link Reply Report 32289 2

My french friend suggested this toon - Prince Argai, or also known as Argai: The prophecy, a 2003-2005 french series. But the main villain, the Dark Queen looks like an anthro white cobra, not a dragoness. The deep voice and red eyes fit, but she is obviously a snake and not a dragon.


File: Puss_in_BLithuania_video.jpg -(800115 B, 2294x1940)
800115 800115 No.32290 - Link Reply Report 32290 2

She from Action comics 768 Aug 2000 found it in one of the big sets.
Good pics from Puss in Boots 2002 Lithuania

File: snorkel_pistol.png -(2279062 B, 523x2440)
2279062 2279062 No.32292 - Link Reply Report 32292 2
File: pluckymoonwalker.jpg -(20911 B, 400x300)
20911 20911 No.32293 - Link Reply Report 32293 2
File: Slacker_C2.jpg -(62632 B, 576x656)
62632 62632 No.32294 - Link Reply Report 32294 2
No.32295 - Link Reply Report 32295 2

>>32283 Thanks Swift. I don't think that was it though. The character wasn't in that massive list of scalie fems, apparently, which included the Dark Queen.

Do you know of any anthro lizards fems from cartoons then, like you mentioned? If you post them I'd really appreciate it.


>She from Action comics 768 Aug 2000 found it in one of the big sets.

Who is this?

File: Action_C017.jpg -(856068 B, 2000x1548)
856068 856068 No.32300 - Link Reply Report 32300 2


The frog lady is Heqt or Heqet, egyptian godess of frogs and fertility. This is from a story where she summons a swarm of frogs (forming into one giant frog) to punish mankind for taking her kind for granted and casually dissecting them. Yeah, the head is weird, but that body... nice. :)
Here, attached a (spanish) better quality scan of her. That's the only page she appears on, though.

So, the plot thickens about the dragoness... I will do some french google searches and see what I can find.
As for lizards - most of my finds are on that reptile list ran by Lucedo, and you might wanna browse these Screenshot threads here on Fchan as I posted many of them here. Just a few obscure ones out of memory - sexy Darklore lizard with epic boobs from anime Aquarian Age, Flash Gordon Lizard Women, Orochi-Onna from Gegege no Kitaro, Naja from the game Cosmic Carnage, Boo sisters from Tiny Toons Summer Vacation, many gals from Ugly Americans (most notably the gator secretary gal in pink), Tricerachops from Super Dinosaur, Gila from Spiderman TAS... if you want screens, drop me a mail or PM on Furaffinty and I will be happy to send you pics.

No.32305 - Link Reply Report 32305 2

Thanks. What is Lucedo's List? Is it the grid one I mentioned before? What's the updated one?

File: Reptile_List_7.png -(3244131 B, 1035x2880)
3244131 3244131 No.32306 - Link Reply Report 32306 2

THis is the latest one, yes.

File: Ludmilla.jpg -(47979 B, 400x322)
47979 47979 No.32313 - Link Reply Report 32313 2


Probably not it, but I didn't see it on the updated list:

Ludmilla's dragon form, from the animated movie Bartok the Magnificent (a spinoff sort-of-sequel to Anastasia). Most notable in that her transformation from human to dragon takes the length of an entire Disney style musical number, albeit a twisted one with filthy dungeon rats instead of cute forest animals and a chorus of torture victims instead of sunny townsfolk. At one point her boobs burst outward from the top of her dress the size of beach balls as she wags her tail and slaps some poor bastard chained to a wall...

Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9i6ROv1JKfg

I say, "starting today, the real Ludmilla comes out" indeed.

File: Narissa_in_dragon_form.jpg -(470534 B, 886x565)
470534 470534 No.32314 - Link Reply Report 32314 2

And while on the subject, Queen Narissa's she-dragon form from Disney's Enchanted is quite beautiful. As Narissa herself was intentionally a pastiche of several classic Disney villains, she's basically an updated version of Maleficent's transformation from Sleeping Beauty, but still I think they went above and beyond with her design and animation. To me she's probably the most attractive female creature of that sort ever done with so much realistic detail... though I'm interested to see if Disney's Maleficent can top that, if her dragon form is even shown at all in the movie.

File: 81YEwF-uVCL._SL1297.jpg -(266382 B, 1050x1297)
266382 266382 No.32315 - Link Reply Report 32315 2

The pink flying dragon is Ai-Ai, from the cartoon Bamboo Bears. There is next to nothing out there on her though.

No.32317 - Link Reply Report 32317 2


Doubtful - she lacks the red eyes and deep voice, plus that show is not french.

>>33213 - Heheh, I see we have similar tastes. Yes, I know of Ludmilla, even R34ed her (check my FA page) as she "outgrows" her clothing.

>>33214 - Are you a mindreader? I was just about to mention Narissa. She is beautiful. :) I talked El-Doc into R34ing her (though in his Spyro-like cartoon style) - agreed, she is shapely and sexy, even seems to have a "bump" on the chest where the boobs should be.

No.32318 - Link Reply Report 32318 2


Hey dude! (You have a nickname btw? I feel weird when I dunno which anonymous reply is yours and which isn't... migth wanna use a nick like I do)

I found this informative Wiki site- list of all french animated shows between 2000 and 2009.

Stupid fchan doesn't let me post some links, so try going to french wikipedia, and adding this to the end of the link:


I went through it and googled the likely ones but no dragoness so far. Not giving up, of course... :) It took me half a year to find out the names of the three "Angels" from Kaiketsu Zorori, after all.
But, you might wanna look at the list, maybe one of the titles jogs your memory. Any other details about the show - its style, story, etc - would also help.

And btw, was the dragoness "naked" or did she wear some distinct clothing?

No.32319 - Link Reply Report 32319 2

Sorry, the correct link is:


File: Fritz_the_Cat__1972_[DVDRip][big_dad_e™].AVI_snapshot_01.08.25_[2014.05.21_22.22.47].jpg -(27613 B, 716x464)
27613 27613 No.32323 - Link Reply Report 32323 2

Ah yeah, one more gal for the list... The 'Lizard Leader' of the anarchists/revolutionaries from Fritz the Cat (the credits call her like that, she is sadly never named).

That scene with the candle... no sir, not suggestive at all. :D

File: Katy_Perry_dark_horse_Video.jpg -(162850 B, 1920x1080)
162850 162850 No.32325 - Link Reply Report 32325 2

Egyptian cats
check youtube

File: Skippy,_der_B-_Bushtown_waehlt.png -(377526 B, 500x384)
377526 377526 No.32334 - Link Reply Report 32334 2

Ridiculous. There are like a thousand fanart/rule34 of these two,

File: The_Adventures_of_Blinky_Bill_S03E23_A_Dog_s_Best_Friend.png -(288971 B, 640x352)
288971 288971 No.32335 - Link Reply Report 32335 2

but nobody even knows these two (same producer)

File: Chucklewood_Critters_S01E09_Anything_You_Can_Do....png -(348214 B, 640x360)
348214 348214 No.32336 - Link Reply Report 32336 2

or these two (same year)
(yes, da foxes)

File: Goanna_Girl04.jpg -(43704 B, 640x352)
43704 43704 No.32338 - Link Reply Report 32338 2


Neat poodle gal! I never knew about that one. Frankly there is woefully little Blinky Bill porn either. Here is this shapely "Goanna" (monitor lizard) gal too, she was in one episode but there is no R34 of her.

In general there is very little Blinky Bill fanart out there. Except for swhat Domino432 drew... I am not kidding, he has hundreds of pics, though mostly just scenes drawn from the actual show.


No.32341 - Link Reply Report 32341 2

Right, but Penelope here was not a one shot character. She appeared in almost every episode of season three, more than how often Daisy Dingo appeared in older animation. Deserves at least as much fanart.

File: c757_Daisy_Dingo_movie_star.jpg -(190488 B, 1200x1800)
190488 190488 No.32352 - Link Reply Report 32352 2


You mean the Poodle? That's her name?

To be frank, I really was never a fan of the show, and only watched it whenever nothing better was on - even then, mostly for Daisy. :) The episode where she pretends to be an actress has her in some amazing poses. :)

File: Tara_Duncan_-_The_Gold_and_the_She-DMel.jpg -(130626 B, 945x526)
130626 130626 No.32364 - Link Reply Report 32364 2

>>32249 Is she the one?

No.32366 - Link Reply Report 32366 2

>>32364 Sadly, no. Read the rest of my posts below that one

No.32370 - Link Reply Report 32370 2

So, any luck with checking that link I sent you? Btw, you are french, right?


I already posted that... :)

No.32371 - Link Reply Report 32371 2

>>32370 I'm not quite sure how I would check the link without going through every show on there, which could take some time. If there's a way to speed it up, let me know, not that manual clicking is something I'd avoid.

I am not sure if the dragon was naked or not. I would imagine, given I was told 'more anthro than that Princess from Blazing Dragons' ishe'd probably clothed. Not guaranteed, of course!

File: Nocturna5.jpg -(46338 B, 648x480)
46338 46338 No.32373 - Link Reply Report 32373 2


Do you know if the show was French produced or simply aired in France?
Was it done in traditional animation or computer animation?
Was it a series or a movie?
Was she a major character or minor recurring character?
Anything else you remember about the show? Fantasy, sci-fi, mainly human or non-human characters, or anything else?

File: CDL_01_002_0024.png -(402549 B, 889x500)
402549 402549 No.32374 - Link Reply Report 32374 2

On an unrelated note, I think Cookie from International Hareport is kind of hot. She has that lovely combination of the 'just-enough-of-a-figure-to-be-feminine' and 'I-don't-have-any-clothes-on' qualities I look for in a sexy female character, plus she reminds me of Sandy Cheeks at little bit.

No.32375 - Link Reply Report 32375 2

That's all I know.

No.32378 - Link Reply Report 32378 2

Unfortunately this beauty is locked in the citadel of Netflix and there are no other sources on the net. :(

No.32382 - Link Reply Report 32382 2

try youtubes 2 episodes there is

No.32383 - Link Reply Report 32383 2

Not enough. And the uploader is the director or producer of the show which clearly shows how dismal the situation is x_x

File: screen004.jpg -(99665 B, 640x448)
99665 99665 No.32397 - Link Reply Report 32397 2


Well, I did go through all those shows and googled them, but nothing was similar. I am hoping my french connection can come through.

In the meantime, sexy LIzard Women from Escape from Bug Island! If anyone has a WII and can get me quality screenshots of these swayin'-hips hotties, I'd be happy to R34 them.

File: tumblr_n1pj20NgOo1sw8d3mo8_1280.jpg -(117030 B, 688x387)
117030 117030 No.32440 - Link Reply Report 32440 2
No.32467 - Link Reply Report 32467 2

Hey, dude with the purple french dragoness! I posted the request on plus4chan too, not that they have been particulary helpful so far, but who knows.

One show that came to my mind was the new Flash Gordon series, as it is half-French. I know the dragoness there (Suplha) is NOT anthro and yellow-skinned, but maybe there was another anthro gal on that show?

Just put this in the wiki header.


No.32490 - Link Reply Report 32490 2


Also, you might wanna check Télétoon's "past shows" list on Wikipedia, maybe they ring a bell?

File: MontyBabs.jpg -(36098 B, 360x270)
36098 36098 No.32503 - Link Reply Report 32503 2
File: BusterFire.jpg -(32600 B, 360x270)
32600 32600 No.32504 - Link Reply Report 32504 2
File: Delivery.jpg -(34319 B, 360x270)
34319 34319 No.32505 - Link Reply Report 32505 2
File: Sparta.jpg -(38048 B, 360x270)
38048 38048 No.32507 - Link Reply Report 32507 2
File: Valdrek.jpg -(39113 B, 279x400)
39113 39113 No.32508 - Link Reply Report 32508 2

Valdrek from Dragon Wars.

If anyone could shed some light on this (and if there are any female anthros in this thing, which appears to be a comic series) I would appreciate it

File: The_Shadow.jpg -(13686 B, 576x416)
13686 13686 No.32635 - Link Reply Report 32635 2

Bad girl from Geronimo Stilton.
Is there any fan art of her?

File: molly_by_seethroughguy-d5pndwo.jpg -(1510007 B, 2560x1920)
1510007 1510007 No.32645 - Link Reply Report 32645 2
File: joining_the_pool_are_we__by_seethroughguy-d5pne1j.jpg -(2304297 B, 1920x2560)
2304297 2304297 No.32646 - Link Reply Report 32646 2
File: one_ticked_teen_by_seethroughguy-d5pndqj.jpg -(2627563 B, 1920x2560)
2627563 2627563 No.32649 - Link Reply Report 32649 2
File: Bunny-Ears-and-Carrot-Top-kung-fu-panda-legends-of-awesomeness-27291388-1366-768.png -(1236069 B, 1366x768)
1236069 1236069 No.32683 - Link Reply Report 32683 2
File: Tigress-Moments-kung-fu-panda-legends-of-awesomeness-26709974-1366-768.png -(1244954 B, 1366x768)
1244954 1244954 No.32684 - Link Reply Report 32684 2
File: legen297.gif -(65638 B, 456x332)
65638 65638 No.32700 - Link Reply Report 32700 2
File: Jane_by_Selenmariene.jpg -(807022 B, 1024x768)
807022 807022 No.32701 - Link Reply Report 32701 2

>>32700 Legend Of The Treasure Island!
Not sure if I loved the series or just Jane.

No.32715 - Link Reply Report 32715 2

>>32701 maybe both hee hee I wish they put the whole series on dvd

No.32817 - Link Reply Report 32817 2


The show - especially s2 - was weird, almost psychedelic, full of unexplained drug-trip-like sequences. At the end I did not even know they were still trying to find any treasure or just survive this island - it was almost as weird as the LOST island with caves that switch minds or shrink people...

Btw, found the episodes on Bitsnoop, check there.

File: cleocatra_by_ilovefallingcows25-d6tfcj1.png -(588120 B, 800x572)
No.33057 - Link Reply Report 33057 2
File: jenny_bucky_o_hare_by_ilovefallingcows25-d6v4ga7.png -(210649 B, 251x379)
210649 210649 No.33058 - Link Reply Report 33058 2
File: c_1410028305563.png -(390169 B, 640x480)
390169 390169 No.33283 - Link Reply Report 33283 2

One-time character

No.33287 - Link Reply Report 33287 2

if I recall correctly she was from an episode of Eek The Cat that parodied the terminator movies.

File: Liella.jpg -(64229 B, 1011x588)
64229 64229 No.33288 - Link Reply Report 33288 2

Legends of Chima has a new gal - Liella, lioness who oddly has a tiger for a father. Naturally, Laval is all over her (since apparently there are no other females in the lion tribe)-


Her name is Alice. Crazy stalker/lover of Eeek in one episode (Episode 33:"Shark Doggy Dog / Fatal Eektraction" ).

No.33289 - Link Reply Report 33289 2

Umm You mean she's a Liger? You know the animal you get when a tiger bones a lioness.

No.33290 - Link Reply Report 33290 2

>>33283 It parodied "Fatal Attracion"

File: QueenGidorah-SpaceDandyS02E09.jpg -(76313 B, 1029x578)
76313 76313 No.33300 - Link Reply Report 33300 2

Was just watching Space Dandy S02E09, (man, love this anime... sooo silly and stylish yet) when I had to pause and rewind to be sure I got this right... :)

​Yep... female King... erm, Queen Gidorah with huge boobs, in a pink bikini, with feather headdresses and stockings. :) Hilarious AND sexy.


Nah, I think she is adopted, probably. We will know more in later episodes, she just appeared.

File: SpaceDandy-S02E09.flv_snapshot_13.19_[2014.09.07_22.53.41].jpg -(32898 B, 852x480)
32898 32898 No.33302 - Link Reply Report 33302 2

She can even dance. Kinda.

File: SpaceDandy-S02E09.flv_snapshot_13.21_[2014.09.07_22.53.51].jpg -(36094 B, 852x480)
36094 36094 No.33303 - Link Reply Report 33303 2

Close-up. Hmm, seems like she is wearing Iron Man masks with extra breathers!

File: SpaceDandy-S02E09.flv_snapshot_17.57_[2014.09.07_22.59.44].jpg -(42533 B, 852x480)
42533 42533 No.33304 - Link Reply Report 33304 2

Baby Queen Gidorah! :D

No.39999 - Link Reply Report 39999 2
Source: susan swivelhips


File: PM-008.png -(24317 B, 300x650)
24317 24317 No.40027 - Link Reply Report 40027 2
Source: http://rickandmorty.wikia.com/wiki/Rabbit_Morty
File: 1c6fb39ebdcb6736e05f3cbc38eb8d58.jpg -(104202 B, 640x480)
104202 104202 No.40033 - Link Reply Report 40033 2
File: IMG_20161027_112802.jpg -(226104 B, 1600x1200)
226104 226104 No.40045 - Link Reply Report 40045 2
File: Screenshot_Sephira_ChiefFeathers.jpg -(225794 B, 1920x1080)
225794 225794 No.40046 - Link Reply Report 40046 2
File: Brawlout-choix.jpg -(77594 B, 1200x675)
77594 77594 No.40047 - Link Reply Report 40047 2
File: Brawlout-combat.jpg -(123975 B, 1200x675)
123975 123975 No.40048 - Link Reply Report 40048 2
File: c_1505723876815.jpg -(113667 B, 1280x720)
113667 113667 No.40049 - Link Reply Report 40049 2
File: tumblr_inline_mxclqpR96V1rjm3a5.png -(290309 B, 500x375)
290309 290309 No.40053 - Link Reply Report 40053 2
File: tumblr_inline_msrqakcRUV1qz4rgp.png -(239578 B, 500x375)
239578 239578 No.40054 - Link Reply Report 40054 2
File: tumblr_ow90ase4cf1tht9sto7_1280.png -(1151031 B, 1269x713)
1151031 1151031 No.40058 - Link Reply Report 40058 2

From Sonic Forces

File: tumblr_ow90ase4cf1tht9sto3_1280.png -(817213 B, 1274x709)
817213 817213 No.40059 - Link Reply Report 40059 2

From Sonic Forces

File: tumblr_ow90ase4cf1tht9sto5_1280.png -(995506 B, 1268x709)
995506 995506 No.40060 - Link Reply Report 40060 2

From Sonic Forces