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Painter: Width: Height:

Art critique and advice; beginner artists are welcome to post here; includes an oekaki. (NO FLAMES)

Artists, read before posting!

Before you post your art to ask for critique, please read these tutorials. They explain the basic principles of drawing and figure drawing. Most posts where these basics are missing will never get a response, as people are quite frankly sick and bored of explaining over and over that you would have to pretty much learn how to draw first, before you could improve.

Courtesy of Arne Niklas Jansson: Basic and comprehensive drawing and painting tutorial
Courtesy of Bakaneko: Figure Drawing Basics, Further Anatomy, Hands

These were brought to my attention by Aeresque#Artist. Courtesy of Scribd: Drawing the Human head, Drawing Dynamic Hands, Dynamic Figure Drawing
And for those of you who want it a bit easier, we also have the whole thing as one neat rar with all three books in pdf form.

NEW! These were brought to my attention by MajorTom in #fchan. Courtesy of Andrew Loomis: Creative Illustration, Drawing the Head and Hands, Eye Of The Painter, Figure drawing for all it's worth, Fun with a Pencil, Successful Drawing, Drawing Dynamic Hands.

If you think you know a good basic tutorial that would fit in here, feel free to contact me under Xenofur in IRC and I will add the link.

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[-] [+] No.1570
Wanted some opinions/constructive critics 
File: hat_jetzn_wetsuit_copy.jpg -(2222399 B, 2480x3508)
2222399 No.1570 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1570
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8479268/

In the last few days i spent my...creative energy towards anthro-pics and now i just wanted to know what you guys think of this...

[-] [+] No.1315
First furry drawing, constructive critique please? 
File: Sketch1.jpg -(261346 B, 482x671)
261346 No.1315 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1315

fchan made me want to try and I did...more or less sucessfully >>

I'm not extremely experienced when it comes to human anatomy (read up on the basics of course, took a few figure drawing classes and practiced in private, but the majority of my drawing time is taken up by animals) so I'm afraid the poses look a bit stiff and unnatural, what can I do to change that? /Things I should pay more attention to in the future?
->All critique on the anatomy/proportions is welcome, though I'd rather not have you comment on the subject (I don't care if you don't like lions/wolves/gays) and/or the shading (which is half-arsed and messy, being awake at 2am does that to me.)
Also: No flames! Don't tell me it sucks and run off, either give me tips on how to improve or don't comment at all, thank you.

No.1543 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1543

Great job but the only thing that really bugs me is the thumb. It's too long and it makes the hand look unnatural and even uncomfortable. The right arm on the wolf also looks kinda off, the perspective just looks weird to me, I'd suggest finding a reference or even taking a picture of your own arm in the same position to help out

No.1565 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1565

Thank you for taking the time to write something -even though it's one year too late to make a difference xD
Haha, back then I thought this was pretty good, now I look at it and think 'oh dear god, this monstrosity needs so be destroyed'.

[-] [+] No.1317
First Sonic Drawing 
File: Untitled-3.jpg -(179682 B, 537x441)
179682 No.1317 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1317

First furry-anything drawing really.Yeah, another Sonic in a sea of childhood-ruining Sonics : /
I think the biggest mistake I made was restraining the chest size to within the peach colored fur. imo it looks slightly awkward. I also forgot to make the canvas bigger than the final size, so the lines aren't as sharp as they could've been. Other than that there's probably a million other smaller things I can improve on, so please critique this.

No.1318 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1318

Your biggest mistake was drawing anything Sonic related.

No.1320 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1320

Yup, I know :D

[-] [+] No.1428
Digital Sheep  
File: Sheepish.jpg -(31306 B, 1000x750)
31306 No.1428 - Expand Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1428
Source: Omnicrom1

Worked out this pic in OpenCanvas, I think I managed to convey a certain softness of the figure w/ midtones, any additional advice is appreciated.

Also i might start doing commisions so let me know if you'd be interested.

6 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
File: Nazi_Gorillas!.jpg -(163223 B, 1754x1240)
163223 No.1438 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1438

Nazi gorillas

File: Untitled_5.png -(97087 B, 780x640)
97087 No.1551 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1551
Source: omnicrom

update with some new work

File: Untitled_6.png -(97537 B, 800x600)
97537 No.1552 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1552

and some more

File: Untitled_7.png -(96976 B, 800x600)
96976 No.1553 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1553

last one for today

File: Squirt.jpg -(116414 B, 1219x1000)
116414 No.1554 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1554

forgot to aggregate some of the stuff I posted some of the other threads from a couple of months ago

[-] [+] No.1451
A fox bitch 
File: fox_bitch.jpg -(126747 B, 569x633)
126747 No.1451 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1451

Yes, I used Daz and Photoshop. I'm not trying to be Michelangelo, I'm trying to make something I can fap to. I only drew it because 3D pics are banned almost everywhere and because I wanted real feet with actual claws.

So is there any hope for any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism or am I wasting my time?


No.1455 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1455

The head doesn't fit seamlessly with the body, there's a disconcerting division of styles. So, where did you trace the body from?

No.1473 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1473

Personally, i dont think there is anything with the head, however the right knee, leg looks a little odd with the white. there is no defanition where the knee ends or begins, but i do understand that it you are trying to give a 3d look, well, thats all i can think of, it looks great otherwise, happy drawing~!!

[-] [+] No.364
Critique of my latest WIP 
File: Lovins_copy.jpg -(147520 B, 894x691)
147520 No.364 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 364
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jardenon/

this is a hard pose for me because of the foreshortening involved as well as the angle. I seem to be having trouble with the proportions mainly on the female...can anyone give me a hand with this?

No.481 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 481

Why do you finish these up within such a short time of posting them here? It seems kind of useless.

The face on the chick is kind of bugging me, particularly the bump on the far side of her face. It looks like an absurdly bulging brow, which has very little place on a female character.

Them shoulders are pretty huge too.

Something I'm worried about is how the junk is the only portion you put much effort into. The breasts and the genitals are all polished up fairly well, but then everything else is just thrown on as an afterthought. I get the idea that you may find it arousing or you really don't care enough to work on anything else, but it looks really, really shoddy. Furries ain't gonna care, but artists will.
Try not to fall into the trap of only finishing what you want to finish as fap fodder and then losing interest in the rest of the image. In any case that you do it, it's kind of pointless to post for critique.

Brush up on the anatomy of the buttocks down to the toes. The torsos are acceptable, but the butt and thigh on the girl look really strange.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
No.681 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 681

oh holy shit it's a lady

I glanced over it quickly and it looked like a dude getting plowed

ladies should not be mannish unless you are deliberately going for that

[-] [+] No.1508
Proportion problems 
File: Dragon.png -(802481 B, 1500x1300)
802481 No.1508 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1508
Source: Jardenon

I need help determining whats wrong with his head and his lower wing. can somebody show me a better way of doing this pose? cause I really like it.


No.1515 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1515

Its awfully hard getting help around here it seems.

No.1518 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1518

Yes it is.

Any worthwhile posters that still come around are not here 98% of the time.

No.1520 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1520

Well ill keep hoping someday ill get a good second opinion on this.

No.1544 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1544

I guess the head could be slightly bigger or make the neck not as thick, though that's probably just my bias. Asides from that I can't find much wrong with it. If you're unhappy with the pose see if you can find a ref online of an animal in a similar pose and work off of that. If you're still unhappy with it practise drawing him in different poses to get a handle on how the character's body works and what you want the proportions to be like.

[-] [+] No.1539
First TF 
File: tf.jpg -(398294 B, 900x582)
398294 No.1539 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1539

Studying for finals got so boring that I decided to spill my woes into some mature art.
I've never painted anything pornographic before, so I feel like i've crossed a pretty thick line.

This is a Dragon TF. It's got allot of crazy shit going on and it's very loose - about the point at which I'd show it around to some buddies and get feedback before polishing in. Unfortunately, showing this off to my circle of friends would yield some pretty shitty ramifications LOL.

Illustrating the action of a transformation proved to be extremely difficult, so I don't really know if that reads.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

[-] [+] No.1171
Rant: Facial expressions 
File: 1278640509186s_____A4.jpg -(7099 B, 174x200)
7099 No.1171 - Expand Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1171

This isn't a request for critique, but rather a critique I have for artists (especially up-and-coming ones) that are making explicit art.

Please, please study facial expressions.

It annoys me so much when I see the generic 'amused' expression all over the place, especially during intense sexual/sensual moments. STOP IT!
It comes down to suspension of disbelief - If your subjects' facial expressions do not match what's happening in your scene, the suspension of disbelief is broken, and you lose the interest of your audience.

The most glaring example of this is in O-Face pictures. I can't tell you how many pictures I've seen on this site and others depicting an orgasm, where the characters look as though they've just been told a mildly amusing joke.

TL;DR study faces. Examples to follow.

<-- First example. Excellent.

11 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.1490 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1490

all I read is "hey I´m OP, I dont even try to draw, but guess what, I advice superior persons how to draw!"

No.1491 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1491

Are you honestly being butthurt just to be butthurt?

I doubt you're Kyma or Adam.

No.1496 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1496


Stop being an idiot. You don't need to be an artist to know how something should look, and he didn't say he wasn't, anyway. You strike me as a whiner if you think he's being a douche for presenting legitimate critique.

tl;dr stop being dumb

No.1536 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1536

I'm surprised to see this thread still around. Although, I suppose /crit/ doesn't get too many submissions compared to the other boards :<

Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely shit at drawing. I'm trying to get better, but fuck it's hard (heh. heh....). Still, pointing out stylistic elements that don't work well doesn't require a good artist. It just takes someone who's willing to look, and speak.

In related news, I've been watching a live streamer recently who does a really amazing job with faces, all the time. Her FA is Jailbird ( http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/jailbird ). You guys should all go give her some love.

File: derpy1.png -(136163 B, 586x586)
136163 No.1537 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1537

Am i doin it rite?

[-] [+] No.1458
Some constructive critisism if you please 
File: Bondage_01.jpg -(469343 B, 1953x3004)
469343 No.1458 - Expand Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1458

So it's my first time here and my first time at drawing adlut material.

Whilst I am not hugely satisfied with the piece it is only the first draft, the image's subject has encouraged me to stick it up on here and see what people think. So here I am.

Comments, complaints and constructive advice all welcome.

Thank you.

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.1511 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1511

I smell a samefag

File: bondagething.jpg -(59621 B, 579x538)
59621 No.1512 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1512

All right then, concrit (and also my first post on Fchan, woo). In my opinion this image is boring. Drawing is a visual language and your image always needs to tell some sort of story, even if it's just supposed to be spank fodder. Who is this character and why is she in this situation? Is she enjoying it or not? I can't figure out whether she's supposed to be cheerfully showing herself off to the viewer or struggling and squirming in humiliation, and that's a pretty important distinction.

I'd suggest thinking about the situation you want to convey and starting over with a new pose that is designed to show that story. Pic related is two possible approaches. #1 (unwilling) has the character struggling - note that with a 3/4 view you would be able to see some of the spreader bar and I've pulled the tail up over it to highlight its existence and add a bit more flavor. #2 (willing) is more like your still pose, but with body language to show that she's quite happy where she is and enjoying the looks she's getting.

Tl;dr: give your character a personality, the work will be a lot better.

No.1513 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1513

I assure you that posting was not mine. In the case of posting it in other threads, however, it's evident that people are simply skipping over said information and thus it needs to be brought down into their threads.

No.1514 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1514


I can see what you mean and I can already see the way in which your sketch conveys a lot more about the scene. Thanks very much for the advice and I'll give it a go.

No.1535 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 1535


Yes some people suck and need to have that told to them, but for the most part it just gets posted in every single thread here regardless of art quality.

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