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Art critique and advice; beginner artists are welcome to post here; includes an oekaki. (NO FLAMES)

Artists, read before posting!

Before you post your art to ask for critique, please read these tutorials. They explain the basic principles of drawing and figure drawing. Most posts where these basics are missing will never get a response, as people are quite frankly sick and bored of explaining over and over that you would have to pretty much learn how to draw first, before you could improve.

Courtesy of Arne Niklas Jansson: Basic and comprehensive drawing and painting tutorial
Courtesy of Bakaneko: Figure Drawing Basics, Further Anatomy, Hands

These were brought to my attention by Aeresque#Artist. Courtesy of Scribd: Drawing the Human head, Drawing Dynamic Hands, Dynamic Figure Drawing
And for those of you who want it a bit easier, we also have the whole thing as one neat rar with all three books in pdf form.

NEW! These were brought to my attention by MajorTom in #fchan. Courtesy of Andrew Loomis: Creative Illustration, Drawing the Head and Hands, Eye Of The Painter, Figure drawing for all it's worth, Fun with a Pencil, Successful Drawing, Drawing Dynamic Hands.

If you think you know a good basic tutorial that would fit in here, feel free to contact me under Xenofur in IRC and I will add the link.

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[-] [+] No.1440
Two weeks of practice created this, what do ya think? 
File: IvanUpperBody.jpg -(302958 B, 705x1280)
302958 No.1440 1440

I'm new to arting, and I wanna know why you think! I know the muzzle is all sorts of wrong, and a ton of other stuff too. But, how do I fix it?

No.1441 - Link Reply Report 1441

It looks very... flat. You need to add more dimension somehow.
There are many ways of doing this...

  • First of all, shading!
    - More shading around the muzzle, plus a tapering effect towards the nostrils will make it look a lot better.
    - Tons of shading and darkening on the shirt/top. Wrinkles!
    - I can tell you tried to do shading, especially on the hair. The thing is that every portion of the body must have shading in a similar fashion. When you add shading, there has to be a certain point from which the light comes. I would recommend for you the upper-right. That means the upper-right portion of his ears, hair, face, eyes, muzzle, shirt, and arms must ALL be brighter than the center of the objects. The lower-left portion must be darker.
  • Secondly, a much more natural pose would be better.
    - While I'm not saying you should scrap this entire work, you need to pick a better pose. The character looks tense, and his facial expression doesn't match his body language. Drawing works really well with a reference picture. If you're drawing anthropomorphic animals then don't be afraid to look up pictures of human male models (not naked, just posing), or even other furry artist's works.
    - I would suggest a leaning pose, and to do this you would be better off adding in legs, and creating a shadow down and below a wall where your character is leaning.

I like the coloring, and the outfit. That is very well done!

A great background can also make for great character art. Try throwing in some familiar objects for your character to lean or sit on. Such as the edge of a bed, a lamp post, a car, etc. Great backgrounds help tell the story!

(Some SUPER picky stuff):
The shirt is missing buttons.

  • Note: If this is a men's shirt, the buttons would be on the character's right side (the left side of the picture), and the holes for the buttons would be on the character's left side. While if this a WOMEN's shirt (blouse?), the buttons would be on the character's left side and the holes on the character's right.

Overall I'd like to say that if you've only been drawing for two weeks, you are definitely a much better artist than I was. This is a very good drawing for your minimal amount of practice. I think you could very well become a great artist if you set your mind to it and take down a few tips from pros!

Remember: Take a look at other people's art. Write down some things that you like about their art. Maybe even try to re-draw their art (just please don't re-publish this and claim it as your own). I like to draw cars, so I'll look up an image of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini and sketch it while looking at that picture. Then the next day I'll look at the picture before, then close the picture and try to sketch it from memory. The third time I try to sketch it without looking at all, and this one usually comes out much better than if I had never looked up a picture at all!