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Painter: Width: Height: Source:

Art critique and advice; beginner artists are welcome to post here; includes an oekaki. (NO FLAMES)

Artists, read before posting!

Before you post your art to ask for critique, please read these tutorials. They explain the basic principles of drawing and figure drawing. Most posts where these basics are missing will never get a response, as people are quite frankly sick and bored of explaining over and over that you would have to pretty much learn how to draw first, before you could improve.

Courtesy of Arne Niklas Jansson: Basic and comprehensive drawing and painting tutorial
Courtesy of Bakaneko: Figure Drawing Basics, Further Anatomy, Hands

These were brought to my attention by Aeresque#Artist. Courtesy of Scribd: Drawing the Human head, Drawing Dynamic Hands, Dynamic Figure Drawing
And for those of you who want it a bit easier, we also have the whole thing as one neat rar with all three books in pdf form.

NEW! These were brought to my attention by MajorTom in #fchan. Courtesy of Andrew Loomis: Creative Illustration, Drawing the Head and Hands, Eye Of The Painter, Figure drawing for all it's worth, Fun with a Pencil, Successful Drawing, Drawing Dynamic Hands.

If you think you know a good basic tutorial that would fit in here, feel free to contact me under Xenofur in IRC and I will add the link.

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My attempts 
File: kalash_wooden_stock.png -(98398 B, 812x1066)
98398 No.1678 1678

Hello, I started my "adventure" with tablet few weeks ago and this is my latest work.
I drew it in paint, got photoshop but I cant get used to it. And I have some nasty habits from using pencils and only sketching.
Could I ask you to critique and maybe some advices how to make my works more visable and clear? Even as an author I have problems to see details sometimes.

No.1679 - Link Reply Report 1679

Don't know about photoshop, but sai is an incredibly easy and intuitive tool for sketching and linearting. Check it out and draw something with pressure sensitivity, you'll see the difference.
Also, stop with the chicken scratching, man. I think you know very well yourself that's the main reason your sketches don't look as clear as they could. You'll have to get used to drawing with longer and smoother lines eventually. Have more confidence in your drawing!

File: unfinished.jpg -(337565 B, 1024x1024)
337565 No.1688 - Link Reply Report 1688

OP here, thanks about sai annon, pretty nice program. I gave it a try and made this art "recently", unfortunetly I dont have time to finish (alot of welding courses in this and next month...) , and its not furry related - still its made by same person and hopefully shows something more.