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Art critique and advice; beginner artists are welcome to post here; includes an oekaki. (NO FLAMES)

Artists, read before posting!

Before you post your art to ask for critique, please read these tutorials. They explain the basic principles of drawing and figure drawing. Most posts where these basics are missing will never get a response, as people are quite frankly sick and bored of explaining over and over that you would have to pretty much learn how to draw first, before you could improve.

Courtesy of Arne Niklas Jansson: Basic and comprehensive drawing and painting tutorial
Courtesy of Bakaneko: Figure Drawing Basics, Further Anatomy, Hands

These were brought to my attention by Aeresque#Artist. Courtesy of Scribd: Drawing the Human head, Drawing Dynamic Hands, Dynamic Figure Drawing
And for those of you who want it a bit easier, we also have the whole thing as one neat rar with all three books in pdf form.

NEW! These were brought to my attention by MajorTom in #fchan. Courtesy of Andrew Loomis: Creative Illustration, Drawing the Head and Hands, Eye Of The Painter, Figure drawing for all it's worth, Fun with a Pencil, Successful Drawing, Drawing Dynamic Hands.

If you think you know a good basic tutorial that would fit in here, feel free to contact me under Xenofur in IRC and I will add the link.

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[-] [+] No.1699
File: Litzy-Stormfire.png -(413846 B, 816x1326)
413846 No.1699 1699

I like know you opinion about her design.
Its for a fighting comic.
In Clean you have more pics of her.

No.1703 - Link Reply Report 1703

In my honest opinion, if we are judging on her design, it's atrocious. Red and blue are two contrasting colors that are horrible to combine in most cases. You'd have to have one color dominating the other in order to have a semi-decent looking design. It's leaning towards 50/50 here as far as how those colors are distributed, and it doesn't look good.

Now, colors in general. It doesn't look good the way it is. Since the belt is darker red, perhaps the color of the suit should follow in general. Blue won't look too good on her.

And, since it is a fighting comic that she's in, why does she have a belt? It seems kind of unhelpful, since it can hinder her movements with how low it's hanging. Adding to that, she shouldn't have long things flowing behind her, mainly the tips of her ears. She's already got the hassle of her tail being a potential thing to grab onto in a fight, she doesn't need extra tassels.

File: doc2.png -(285228 B, 428x978)
285228 No.1705 - Link Reply Report 1705

The design is decent. It's simplistic. The blue could be broken up a tad with something as simple as a couple lines, but the belt works fine in that regard. Now, of all you went on a tangent about you neglected to mention how the belt was hanging far too loosely from the hips to actually sustain it's current location. Your opinion is indeed negative, but you failed to show you knew how to do anything besides say it was bad.
Considering this is a fighter, the outfit is viable. The belt and pouch seems to be an extremely reasonable way to carry things. The only thing is, for realism, it could be a tad tighter around the waist. The colors are a tad jarring, a good idea is to mute them a tad.

No.1707 - Link Reply Report 1707


It's not like I have to hold their hand through every step of the design process. Someone says the belt is hanging too low. First thought to come to mind? Make it tighter so that it's reasonably supported. If someone can't figure that out on their own, then maybe they shouldn't be drawing.

Art isn't always about handholding. :p

And my critique was mostly negative because, in my opinion, it's a bad character design, and that's reflected in how I write. They also didn't mention whether or not this character was an important character or not, so how are we to determine whether or not the design is simplistic enough to the character's relevance in the story? If they were important, maybe then would the ear hair actually make some viable sense, as it adds to the clarity of the silhouette of a character. However, if they aren't going to have much of a role in the story, then it would be distracting to have those on there, as it would make them more distinguishable and more of a focus than anything else.

Major characters vs Minor characters 101, the major characters usually have more recognizable features than minor characters, and the ear tuffs are going to be distracting.

No.1709 - Link Reply Report 1709

Sorry, it looks like you don't know what you're talking about. Sorry for bothering you.

OP, please ignore this guy's posts

No.1710 - Link Reply Report 1710


Really? How can you go about discrediting my opinion? I accepted your critique with gusto. I believed that it was better than mine in that it offered more positive criticism, and ways to improve it, whereas mine simply pointed out the flaws. I can't change what I've already posted. However, it does not mean that what I have said is WRONG, or that I don't know what I'm talking about. Because I do. That's why I graduated with an art major. I guess I just never learned the skills to be a good judge. :p

No.1712 - Link Reply Report 1712

Guys, calm down.

In first time, if I request critiques, all people are free of say everything that he/she have in the mind.
Ones can be bad others good, but all the points of view I must read. You can do disscuss about the critiques but always with the respect to the opinion/critiques of others persons.

And now the more important: Litzy.
I test differents colors in the design, the red its impossible of change because I see like the ideal color of the character and for the name. And later dark blue its for give her a form of view that she no is very female. Anyway, Ill test more colors.
And the bag its only an accessory of travel, in the nexts pics (you can see the Clean section of Fchan) you can see that she dont have the bag.
And the tails, you dont believe it, it can be give her more agility like the ailerons of a F1.

Thank you so much for the fanart. This is great!! =)

>>>The colors are a tad jarring, a good idea is to mute them a tad.<<<

Like in you pic, more lighter? Ill test it.

She is the main character. She is searching the killer of the parents for revenge. But she havent experience in the fights, will have hard rivals to progress in the fight and in the personality.

Thank you so much for the critiques. Like I say before, in the Clean section of Fchan you have more pics of her.