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Zetacreations animal dildos

at 1 Mar 2006: 17:19

So, who here has bought one of Zetacreations' animal dildos?
( http://www.zoofur.com/animalp.html )

And who has wanted to get one, but decided not to, or postponed? What were your reasons?

I'm asking because the dildos are made from that really stinky cheap "jelly" ... or maybe they're PVC. Either way, they smell. Some people don't mind the smell, some people probably even like it. I can't stand it.

I bought one of these, and it felt good, don't get me wrong, but I had to throw it away because it even transferred its smell to whatever you stored it with.

So I've been gently asking the Zetacreations people to offer silicone dildos, because they don't smell, and they're nonporous, and you can boil them, and they hold heat better, and all the rest (silicone toys last longer too). I haven't gotten a reply about that, though. I don't know if they're considering it or not.

But let's see how much interest there is. How many people here would buy silicone animal dildos if they were available?

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Anyone got Steam?

at 21 Feb 2019: 07:17

Yeah, Steam's the king of PC games for a reason. Anyone wanna play with me? Bronzeheart92 is my profile. See you there.

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Chat based Roleplay?

at 12 Jan 2016: 17:46

I'd like to know if there is someone intereste in hoking up a roleplay story,i'd prefer a classic fantasy set-up (the other characterm ust be a Dwarf and Top)  i mean with another character and a Game Master, all text based (in a chat or in a forum).

If not here, any suggestion where i might ask for?

at 1 May 2016: 19:49

You want to go to f-list.net for this.

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New Furr

at 18 Sep 2013: 22:53

Sup peeps, been a lurker for a while now and finally dropped a pair to post here.

To make a long and boring story short, I stumbled across fchan when I was in my last year of highschool. Simply entering random things in the url. Originally it was with '.proboards' but then I did 'chan' as well. That was about... maybe three years ago now?

Anyway, pawing material is great, but I want a little more... so I simply ask. Any other roleplayers on fchan?

Also before anyone asks, I have tastes just like the next furry, but I like most things, wether it be /m/, /f/, /h/, /s/, /a/, or /ah/... or pretty much all things here including toon lol.

fchan#System at 19 Sep 2013: 04:19

fchan isn't a hook-up site. We don't support roleplaying. There are plenty of other avenues for that if you must.

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Can't open threads in /ah/

Raith at 31 Jul 2013: 02:36

Hey about two days ago i got on and tried to open a thread under /ah/ but it just loads and then all the pictures up and vanish leaving only the top banner and info for ad space. I tried it on my phone and it steal worked. Also the control panel will not show up when i go to /ah/ either. Can someone please help me resolve this?

Raith at 31 Jul 2013: 23:09

NVM i finally figured it out and now it is working perfectly

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Good furry (straight) comics?

Caed at 5 May 2013: 21:34

Anyone know of any good comics around here?   I've seen Naylor, Schwartz, and Hardiman already.  (I miss skunkworks...)

at 14 May 2013: 16:52






at 17 May 2013: 21:40

I don't think too many artists are able to draw good furry straight comics anymore, OP.  Everything is either gay or shit-tier art with self-insertions.  :(

Skunkworks#c15ozSDk0U at 17 May 2013: 21:42

Sorry, but there's no more Skunkworks comics.  Will put them all in one book later this year and that'll wrap that all up.

at 3 Jul 2013: 20:15

Sad but true, i find more quality in non-straight comics =[

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Synthetic marijuana/Spice thread.

at 1 Mar 2013: 11:14

Does anyone smoke, like smoking, have friends that smoke it, or know anything about it? I find that many people either know nothing about it,
or just quickly dismissed it as dangerous as fuck because of news headlines of random 15 year olds OD'ing themselves.


fchan#System at 4 Mar 2013: 11:32

We don't endorse any form of drug use here.

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Where to Meet Single Fury Girls IRL

at 6 Nov 2012: 22:54

Single Furry guy looking to meet a single Furry girl.  I'd like to meet one somewhere but don't know where to go.  I would like to meet a girl that likes the same things I like.  Kinda would like to settle down meet my other half.

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at 7 Nov 2012: 18:14


I hope you're prepared for disappointment.

Deleted! at 8 Nov 2012: 02:39

Notice: Enough with the "Mom Jokes".

at 8 Nov 2012: 14:46

Pounced really isn't that bad. I met my mate there, and we've been together for almost 2 years, Just use discretion.

Deleted! at 9 Nov 2012: 11:43

Thread stopped due to comments being dumber than advertised.

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Asteroid Coaster at 1 Nov 2012: 02:10

Does anyone know of an insanely long list of furry or christian newsletters? I remember seeing one of these years ago, (All I remember is the solid black background, the white checkboxes, and how it seemed to stretch on and on forever, checkbox after checkbox to sign someone up for hundreds, maybe even over one thousand furry or christian newsletters), but I've googled it + tried looking up such a thing on other sites for an hour straight now, and have had no luck finding it. Help, please? Winner gets a paid Minecraft account; if you already have a paid Minecraft account, then feel free to use this second one for revenge on any servers on which you were wrongfully banned, admins abused you, or whatever you want.

at 3 Nov 2012: 02:29

Please respond

Asteroid Coaster at 3 Nov 2012: 02:29

Please respond

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fchan#System at 3 Nov 2012: 07:20

Obviously not.

We don't support revenge or vengeance here.

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There's a taste of moe in my Firefox

at 15 May 2012: 19:25

Does anyone else see this?: http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/home?as=u

at 23 May 2012: 05:13

See what?

at 24 May 2012: 13:50

This - http://i.imgur.com/gE63p.jpg

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