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Favorite Furry Trait

at 14 May 2009: 19:25

I was thinking about this myself and I got to wondering... if you could have any single physical furry trait, what would it be?

Personally I'd have a hard time deciding between a real tail or a knot. Both are very hot :3

How about you?

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at 24 Nov 2017: 19:40


at 24 Nov 2017: 19:41


at 24 Nov 2017: 19:42


krsierus at 25 Nov 2017: 01:27

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kzsiefgx at 25 Nov 2017: 02:23

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Chat based Roleplay?

at 12 Jan 2016: 17:46

I'd like to know if there is someone intereste in hoking up a roleplay story,i'd prefer a classic fantasy set-up (the other characterm ust be a Dwarf and Top)  i mean with another character and a Game Master, all text based (in a chat or in a forum).

If not here, any suggestion where i might ask for?

at 1 May 2016: 19:49

You want to go to f-list.net for this.

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New Furr

at 18 Sep 2013: 22:53

Sup peeps, been a lurker for a while now and finally dropped a pair to post here.

To make a long and boring story short, I stumbled across fchan when I was in my last year of highschool. Simply entering random things in the url. Originally it was with '.proboards' but then I did 'chan' as well. That was about... maybe three years ago now?

Anyway, pawing material is great, but I want a little more... so I simply ask. Any other roleplayers on fchan?

Also before anyone asks, I have tastes just like the next furry, but I like most things, wether it be /m/, /f/, /h/, /s/, /a/, or /ah/... or pretty much all things here including toon lol.

fchan#System at 19 Sep 2013: 04:19

fchan isn't a hook-up site. We don't support roleplaying. There are plenty of other avenues for that if you must.

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Spreading the word: Stolen Original Art!

Deleted! at 13 Aug 2013: 12:50

Um, No. We don't do this kind of thing here.

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fchan#System at 14 Aug 2013: 14:23

No offense.

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Masturbation Timeline?

Minotaur at 5 Aug 2013: 13:37

So, I sometimes go on a marathon pawing off session. If you are interested, I could post the timeline here...

Nothing live, just a bunch of time stamps of my pawing off time.

Anybody want to see?

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at 9 Aug 2013: 11:32


3Report (sage)
at 9 Aug 2013: 11:33


at 10 Aug 2013: 03:00


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Preet Preet Poot at 3 Aug 2013: 20:48

Why do the mods keep deleting my threads? I'm like the ONLY person still posting here, you ought to be thankful!

Conejo at 3 Aug 2013: 23:37

Post more Conejo please...

at 4 Aug 2013: 19:43

HAHA. See, umm, fchan only exists for the posting of furry porn.

Intelligent discussion, criticism, ideas, and the like are unwanted and unnecessary WASTE PRODUCTS that get in the way of fapping. That's why /dis/ was made: to serve as an outlet for this wasteful "depth". Fortunately, for the past year or so, fchan's /dis/ no longer contains unsettling threads about faggot topics like "Furry Child Molesters" and the rise of such instances in the news. Or why anthropomorphism is just another bland consumer product of homogeneous and anti-individualistic society where the fandom's commercial interests in providing ephemeral masturbation material is its highest goal.

The human species can do without this dangerous, anti-humanistic furfaggotry that, thankfully, has been entirely purged from this system along with their troublesome posters.

at 5 Aug 2013: 01:26


Does this mean we have reached Peak Faggot? 

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at 1 Aug 2013: 05:14

im looking for a pic with lots of dinos the request page seems to be broken.

T. Roll at 1 Aug 2013: 06:31


at 2 Aug 2013: 06:30

a dino tf. i think all females.

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fchan#System at 2 Aug 2013: 08:46

Request page fixed.

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Can't open threads in /ah/

Raith at 31 Jul 2013: 02:36

Hey about two days ago i got on and tried to open a thread under /ah/ but it just loads and then all the pictures up and vanish leaving only the top banner and info for ad space. I tried it on my phone and it steal worked. Also the control panel will not show up when i go to /ah/ either. Can someone please help me resolve this?

Raith at 31 Jul 2013: 23:09

NVM i finally figured it out and now it is working perfectly

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Good furry (straight) comics?

Caed at 5 May 2013: 21:34

Anyone know of any good comics around here?   I've seen Naylor, Schwartz, and Hardiman already.  (I miss skunkworks...)

at 14 May 2013: 16:52






at 17 May 2013: 21:40

I don't think too many artists are able to draw good furry straight comics anymore, OP.  Everything is either gay or shit-tier art with self-insertions.  :(

Skunkworks#c15ozSDk0U at 17 May 2013: 21:42

Sorry, but there's no more Skunkworks comics.  Will put them all in one book later this year and that'll wrap that all up.

at 3 Jul 2013: 20:15

Sad but true, i find more quality in non-straight comics =[

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Fur words

at 6 Mar 2013: 09:37

Does anybody else have "furwords" that they use? Was just curious to see what was out there. Here are mine: furson(s), everyfur, shamefur, twopaw, smallpaw, fourpaw, non-talky

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at 6 Mar 2013: 15:34

Lol retaurded...

Nothing wrong with creativity and imagination :3

at 6 Mar 2013: 19:08


Okay, I admit I chuckled.

at 16 Mar 2013: 02:06

I speak of "pawing off" with at least a few furry friends, but not others.
Twopaw, smallpaw, fourpaw, and non-talky are new to me. I'm not sure how some of them would be used?

I have a friend who likes Homestuck's Nepeta, her use of cat punning and similar, so purrhaps, furriends, and the like are pawssibilities when talking with him.

at 16 Mar 2013: 08:37






(Post truncated.)

at 3 Apr 2013: 06:02

Brohoof, everypony... wait wrong site.

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