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WTF, now I cannot post Youtube links?

Swift at 7 Feb 2014: 15:57

This is ridiculous. I try to post a video link in the [c] and I get this:

"We're sorry for this inconvenience, but due to a recent influx of childporn spam on the boards, we are forced to temporarily suspend the ability to post links directly.

This is a temporary measure and the restriction will be lightened soon as we implement further measures."

Yeah, then please tell me how the Anonymous guy a few hours earlier COULD post a youtube link in the SAME thread?!? WTF? Does the board actively punish people who actually post here under a nickname?

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Richardhem at 23 May 2017: 14:29

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Chat based Roleplay?

at 12 Jan 2016: 17:46

I'd like to know if there is someone intereste in hoking up a roleplay story,i'd prefer a classic fantasy set-up (the other characterm ust be a Dwarf and Top)  i mean with another character and a Game Master, all text based (in a chat or in a forum).

If not here, any suggestion where i might ask for?

at 1 May 2016: 19:49

You want to go to f-list.net for this.

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Upload Link Pre-populated with SPAM

at 31 Jan 2014: 08:17

Hello, I recently tried uploading image, but kept getting a "too many characters in text field". At first I thought maybe it was because I had not filled in all the available fields, perhaps there were hidden characters in them, but that was not the case. Even after purging my cookies and cache, I still have this "http//www.pathefilms.ch/...
in the "link" field, and in this post, in the "Name" field. Is this an external hack, or some strange ad thing, or what? Thanks.

HorseMage at 7 Feb 2014: 22:19

Hi, found out that it was a auto-insert URL in FireFox that I had put in several weeks ago and forgot about. *blush thru fur* Once I "down-arrowed" and deleted it, it went away. Sorry fur the mild drama, XenoFur. Thanks!

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Unsure about YCH?

at 31 Jan 2014: 22:56


I saw this and thought it was pretty well near what I want to pair my husky with as a first commission type thing, but I'm a little suspicious, the artist has barely any followers and this is their first YCH which looks (suspciously) better drawn than his other pictures.

thoughts? I've got 80 bucks or so I'm really thinking I might throw at it.

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newly realized furry

at 31 Jan 2014: 22:35

so yea, im gay, and loads of my gay friends are furry and after some time i kinda figured im a furry too. what happens now? a party? my friend suggested an otter as my animal, energetic and happy with a slutty streak. is that even a thing?

i think im going to be more lost being a furry then just having lots of furry friends haha

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Can we IP ban the pedo?

at 15 Jan 2014: 11:42

I can understand if their was a few posts every now and then and chalk them up to spam. But for quite some time now, their have been posts with real little children posing half nude with a link to who knows what site. Obviously I have been reporting them, but can't their be a system in which new picture threads have to be pre-approved, or ban their IP or something? I normally wouldn't make a big deal about this but it seems that for months now this problem has been going on.

Ryoku#ejG2MLTRdQ at 20 Jan 2014: 12:24

its a TOR troll. someone is making an effort to get the site blacklisted or worse completely pulled. the mods need to step up and deal with this by being more active on the site for a few weeks until the asshat gets board. unfortunately banning IPs won't do anything because they'll just pop up from a new address and start their work over again and the worst part is its a one button job useing TOR.

the links are as bad as they seem too. I fired up TOR to see what they linked to and it is infact kiddy porn. I've reported two of the links to the hosts of the content but I have little hope that anything is going to happen on that end because its on international servers who don't respond to DMCA complaints and in some cases alligations of kiddy porn but hopefuly 1-2 of these ugly file drops will get deleted.

in the mean time keep reporting them, if you are frequent user to the site then volentere to filter this crap out to the apropreate mod. I can only breeze threw the site 2-3 times a week so I wouldn't be a very good candidate but if someone can commit to scrubbing the filth off at least once a day we'll make a dent in it big enough that it is an effort to more actively control the siege.

Xenofur at 20 Jan 2014: 13:57

I just did some changes to the board software that should address this quite efficiently.

That said, >>2 is right. The best way to handle this is to report it to us.

at 21 Jan 2014: 09:36

There's another furry imageboard that gets the same exact images and links posted. It's happened for months now.

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Expand all images

at 20 Jan 2014: 04:08

I made this to add an option  in the control panel to expand all images in a thread.



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Where's mah Puzzlebox thread?

at 15 Sep 2013: 04:03

There was a thread about Puzzlebox and its wiki here but looks like it's gone now. What happened?

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at 5 Oct 2013: 16:51

Calm Down.

5Report (sage)
at 7 Oct 2013: 10:01

Sorry. Had a browser malfunction there.

at 2 Dec 2013: 10:43

What is puzzle box?

at 23 Dec 2013: 09:02

Puzzlebox was a science fiction MUCK with some pretty awesome worldbuilding. I never got to join it but the wiki they had  was just plain fun to read.

I first made a thread about it here in hopes that somebody still had an archive of its wiki (you can browse parts of it  using the Wayback Machine  but that copy is sadly incomplete). One of the veterans of Puzzlebox responded saying they'd ask their associates for a copy but the next time I visited /dis/ the thread was gone (along with several others, for whatever reason).

at 23 Dec 2013: 09:04

By the way, why is linking The Internet Archive not allowed?

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fanarts allowed?

at 17 Dec 2013: 01:47

I'm really really new to this site and I have one big question. Are fanarts of existing series allowed?
For example: Digimon, Lion King, TMNT, such things?
Or original content only?
I know there's a rule to not post art from certain artists, but does this apply for cartoons or comic books, too?

thanks a lot

at 18 Dec 2013: 01:29

I'm just a user, but, yeah, fanart's allowed, other than whatever exceptions the rules and DNP have.
Fan art's allowed if it's not art you have to pay for, at least. ( http://fchan.us/home.html#rules rule 4b ) It's a no-piracy rule, basically.

I mean, look at http://fchan.us/toon/ for example. All dat fan art

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Identifying Signatures on DNP stuff

at 16 Nov 2013: 01:40

I THINK this is the right place for this, I'm not entirely sure.
I have a few images that I want to know the artist of. Unfortunately, the pictures are from Sexyfur and are therefore DNP. Some of the pictures DO however, have a signature.
Surely, just the signature cut out of an image for the purpose of identification is allowable right??

Several more of the images, however, lack a signature (Why, I'll never know), and so I was wondering how good some of you are at identifying art styles. if ya'll are pretty good at that, I could grab random representative 100p x 100p samples from the images and post those as well.

I claim fair use under the safe harbor in the DMCA.

Anyways, here is the signature batch: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/35UQT2YSG/sig.png.html

Numbered as so:
1 | 2
3 | 4

at 12 Dec 2013: 02:28


4Report (sage)
Swift at 13 Dec 2013: 03:08

Are we really still doing this? I mean, Sexyfur's artist still believes people are going to pay him money for his porn when they can find much better furry porn for FREE on Furaffinity, VCL, anywhere? The guy is a tracer, anyway. He just puts animals heads on traced art of human models... It's painfully obvious.

at 13 Dec 2013: 20:20


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