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Outdated banner ads

at 9 Nov 2015: 11:35

Hey some of your banner ads are really outdated, linking to dead sites, artists that no longer exist, and offers no longer valid (ahem "Jazz Cat T-shirts"...)

Would y'all perhaps want to run a check through'em and remove the outdated ones?

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CharlesEt at 22 Feb 2017: 20:55

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Chat based Roleplay?

at 12 Jan 2016: 17:46

I'd like to know if there is someone intereste in hoking up a roleplay story,i'd prefer a classic fantasy set-up (the other characterm ust be a Dwarf and Top)  i mean with another character and a Game Master, all text based (in a chat or in a forum).

If not here, any suggestion where i might ask for?

at 1 May 2016: 19:49

You want to go to f-list.net for this.

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Page 0 only

Ryan at 7 Nov 2015: 10:58

I can only see page 0 on all of the boards. I can't see any more whether I click next or a specific page. Is this happening to anybody else?

Xenofur at 7 Nov 2015: 14:04

Yep, i broke it. Sorry.

Xenofur at 7 Nov 2015: 14:21

Fixed in code. As more replies are added to all the boards they'll eventually fix themselves.

Ryan at 7 Nov 2015: 14:59

Female and Toon seem to be working, so looks like it's on its way. Tried Male, Clean, and AltHard and they are not, so I suppose I'll just check tomorrow. Thanks.

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Dealing with annoying requests

at 21 May 2014: 22:07

Being an artist, I get a lot of people bugging me on my art pages for free art, or pester me to draw something they want to see.

I politely decline them, but then there are artists who are just outright rude with the person who pestered them. Sometimes they draw something to mock them or just say "no" very bluntly.

I am told it's because the artists can afford to be rude because they're able to deal with any backlash that may occur. I might be reading into things too much and it's something I should disregard.

at 22 May 2014: 18:09

If you don't have that already, put up some notice that "No, sorry, I don't do comissions for free". Anyone who ignores that can live with a very blunt no. I mean, either they didn't bother reading your page before bothering you, or they just don't care.

at 28 Oct 2015: 16:12

Artistry is like any other profession.

If you're a landscaper, and a stranger walked up to you and asked you to mow his lawn for free, would you do it?

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Seriously, Please Read and Share!

A.W. at 2 Apr 2015: 02:58

Is anyone aware of a furry version of yelp, or trip advisor, or angie's list but for furry artists, authors, businesses, etc.?

I've seen plenty of posts both promoting and detracting from vendors of all kinds, but there does not seem to be a centralized hub where people can share their experiences with one another.

I, personally, have had both good and bad experiences with vendors over the years... From prompt on-time delivery of goods -- to a lack of communication and falling off the face of the earth after being paid.

If no one is aware of such a webpage, who would be with me in creating such a page?

I feel the community could seriously benefit from a singular resource - fed by honest user reviews - to show and tell which artists, businesses, etc are reliable and trustworthy, and which one's may need to rethink their approach. No one likes to get a lemon in any sense of the word, but a central website that showcases an artist's name, websites, contact info, and user reviews could help the community as a whole grow stronger.

By supporting artists who are getting strong, positive reviews, and providing feedback on what anyone who is underperforming can do to improve, we will create a website that fosters trust, understanding, and helps build everyone up over time. Furthermore, if anyone has the talent and skills to be a marketer, promoter, manager, agent, or other support role for a vendor, perhaps we could set that in place as well? I imagine it is hard to be an artist and do EVERYTHING by yourself. That is why you may need a small, experienced staff to help support you. If we all work together, we can bolster the value that everyone in the community has to offer.

We all learn from our mistakes, and we all continue to thrive on what we do well.
Why not have one place where all of this is possible?

at 28 Oct 2015: 16:08

Someone needs to invent the IHDb - internet human database; where everyone can review and rate individual humans.

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Dunno where to go

at 7 Oct 2015: 16:30

So I want to post my art in some DA-like website but there's so many of them, and the 3 websites I know sucks:
- Deviantart doesn't allow any NSFW stuff
- Inkbunny doesn't allow human porn stuff, even drawn... (and seems to be ruled by assholes)
- Furaffinity is apparently ruled by nazis (heard this by googling at FA)
- Sheezyart... well who cares about sheezyart today...

Any other websites like this i can try ? Thankies, /dis/, you're my only hope.

at 14 Oct 2015: 11:13

What about Weasyl?

at 15 Oct 2015: 09:33

if you wanna get noticed post on FA, its the biggest site by far and if you rather believe some dramafags that you happened to stumble over through a google search than trying to find it out yourself then there is no helpign you

Martin Gerhan at 28 Oct 2015: 16:03

Honestly, I think Tumblr would be your best bet. Large all-encompassing communities, as opposed to smaller interest-specific communities, seem to be the future of how we interact online. Just look at the decline of personal home pages in favor of Facebook as an example.

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Furry Movies?

at 15 Dec 2006: 01:34

Are there any furry hentai movies? I've never been able to find any.

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at 22 Jun 2010: 16:57

make one

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INFECTIOUS at 5 Jul 2010: 19:15

go to wildcritters.com  and search flash, there are several nice flash movies of furry toons having sex!!!!!!!

razorwire at 8 Jan 2011: 05:51

i am new to this site and found the furry movie as a artist myself i find that any form of animation has its little bumps. some is harder to draw than others i know this because i have studied anime 2d 3d and sketech art for a few years and i have the deepest respect for those who put there art on the line for people to critisize.

Gideon Kalve Jarvis at 15 Jul 2011: 04:40

There is, actually, a reasonably "furry" content hentai anime out there.  It is "The Boundary Between Dream and Reality," which I believe has been referenced already in this thread.  More information about it can be found here: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=4058

http://www.animenation.net/forums/archive/index.php/t-208494.html also lists off several anime with erotic furry content, which viewers might find of interest.

Of course, if you are more inclined towards old-school American animation, then you might check out Fritz the Cat: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_the_Cat_%28film%29

There are also other series that I would add to that listing as having some furry content:
Valkyrie Princess Catue (AKA Princess Knight Catue)
Shoujo Senki Soul Eater
Ikusa Otome Suvia
(Post truncated.)

Silver at 30 Sep 2015: 17:02


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Fluttershy and Twilite Sparkle .swf

Chris Hanssen at 2 Aug 2015: 19:06

Does anyone know of an .swf thing where you see Fluttershy was dancing and stripping in front of her computer and then she acts shy at first then gets into it and then the camera pans to see Twilite Sparkle shocked expression.

Does anyone know what I am talking about and does anyone know where I can find it?  I appreciate the help and thanks.

at 3 Aug 2015: 08:13

I wouldn't mind seeing this. I don't think I've ever come across it.

riox at 17 Sep 2015: 10:41

The one you look for:

The one with Pinkie Pie:

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in memory

at 23 Jun 2015: 13:44

Just wanted to let everyone know to give their final goodbyes to Doug Winger, who passed today due to complications with COPD

at 7 Sep 2015: 16:50

That sucked.

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The-Kaiser at 14 Jan 2016: 11:41


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Sexual preference websites

at 4 Aug 2015: 06:29

You know, I'm looking for sexual preference websites. Where you can browse for characters and what they're into.. I knew the name back then, but I don't anymore. Can you help me out here?

at 14 Aug 2015: 21:47


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