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threads vanishing

at 27 Oct 2014: 04:25

I've tried to start 3 threads on Fchan over the past year, and every time I do they disappear. I come back to check the progress after a few hours and they're just gone. The last thread I started and had vanish was called "Ungulates in drag", posted in M, looking for hooved cross dressers. Pretty straightforward. Image was related, and didnt contain cub, commercial or DNP.
Anyone know why this would be happening?

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JamesSenty at 29 Mar 2017: 21:09

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HenryIsota at 30 Mar 2017: 00:26


Mikkileskar at 30 Mar 2017: 00:42

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Williamapone at 30 Mar 2017: 01:37

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Chat based Roleplay?

at 12 Jan 2016: 17:46

I'd like to know if there is someone intereste in hoking up a roleplay story,i'd prefer a classic fantasy set-up (the other characterm ust be a Dwarf and Top)  i mean with another character and a Game Master, all text based (in a chat or in a forum).

If not here, any suggestion where i might ask for?

at 1 May 2016: 19:49

You want to go to f-list.net for this.

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So how do i make a thread?

thatoneguy at 18 Sep 2014: 05:38

Well, i've used Fchan alot, but recently i've wanted to make a thread or two under the /f/ section. But im not entirely sure how.

Like, do i use the section at the top where you can browse for an image?
What displays as what? Would the subject be the title of the thread? The comment the worded content?

I ask because i wish to learn the ways of the Fchan, so i might do things right on the first go.

at 19 Sep 2014: 06:19

Yes, the section at the top, and exactly as you say, the subject's the title, the comment's the worded content.

at 8 Oct 2014: 02:33

o___o i got an answer to this the day after? Lol
THANK YOU kind fellow. I wasnt sure, and there isnt a 'guide' for things, only general rules.

This site could really use a "How to post" guide for total novices like myself.

Thanks again. Maaany many thanks!!!

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Fetish, fandom, or other?

Optimus Prime Deluxe at 4 Jul 2014: 17:35

If furry is NOT a simple fetish, then WHERE EXACTLY IS EVERYTHING?
Where are the NON-SEXUAL comics?
Where are the NON-SEXUAL games?
Where are the NON-SEXUAL movies?
Where are the NON-SEXUAL books?

Oh I know they get made, BUT THEY DON'T SELL. Look at Alpha & Omega: 1 film and FOUR straight-to-DVD pieces of shit.

2Report (sage)
at 13 Jul 2014: 19:13

Fandom. And I like it because it's cool. Furry is just a side fetish if anything.

3Report (sage)
at 20 Jul 2014: 03:21

it's a fetish for some but not for all.  most people just like getting their rocks off.  you're on a porn site ffs

Minotaur at 6 Oct 2014: 06:54

Off the top of my head...

NON-SEXUAL comic...

Cheap Thrills... Hasn't been updated since December os 2012, but a very in depth comic about relationships, families etc. There is romance but no sex scenes, tasteful nudity, etc.


NON-SEXUAL games...
(Post truncated.)

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Flash thread woes

at 1 Sep 2014: 17:52

Would it be at all possible to mandate Flash threads and discussions about Nimin, Corruption of Champions, and all the rest of the text-based RPGs be kept separate? Seems like every sodding thread labeled "Flash" just turns into a mess of discussion about these games instead of posting, yaknow, things made in Flash with visual stimulus.

People have a right on this to be able to chat about that and link updates and so forth, but ever since someone found it, that's the only thing Flash threads are about. I'd like to actually be able to see flash creations that aren't text-adventure games. Could we possibly get a separation here so those like me looking for visual flash games or loops can actually find those instead of a wall of "How do I ____ in Nimin/CoC?"

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Proof that we furries are bad XD

bunny at 27 Jul 2014: 05:27


currently this guy, was accusing us of hacking, and threatening us with reddit... LOL, this guy is so dumb, his proof is of a bot that seems to be glitching and just sat there to stare at us.

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at 22 Jul 2014: 09:25

Mod(s), what have you done to this thread and why? It looks as though you've deleted all the posts created past a certain date. Again, why is that?

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Works Like Greg Howell

at 22 May 2014: 22:12

I am sure that there are just a few people out there who have read Mr Howell's works and I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for novels/stories that have similar styles?  And if you have not read any of his stories, I highly recommend reading his Light on Shattered Water and Storms on Open Fields novels.  Very in-depth, fun to read and very hard to put down.

Greg Howell's story page for reference.

at 22 May 2014: 22:13

Did not intend to double post.  Please remove this if possible.

at 4 Jul 2014: 17:36

Never heard of him. Is his work of a sexual nature? If not, forget it, not interested.

at 7 Jul 2014: 21:40

They are certainly not bedtime stories.  Some of them are definitely erotic like his old story of "The Human Memoirs" and his Light on Shattered Water series.  But they are not strictly about that.  His stories are more about the interactions of humans in a non-human world and how they cope with it.  A one of a kind type of story in my opinion.  That is why I am looking for more works like his. 

Another writer that I have found in the mean time that feels similar is the works of Fel (James Galloway) but his stories are a lot less "furry".

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at 4 Jul 2014: 01:14

new ll


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Expand all images?

at 13 Apr 2012: 11:36

Here it goes:

javascript:a=document.getElementsByClassName('zoom');for(var i in a)a[i].onclick()

Is this allowed? I know it consumes more bandwith, but I find it really hard to fap to a thread otherwise. It's a standard feature in many *chans really.

If you don't want me to do that, you could do some work on an usable interface. For example, make a single click on the thumbnail expand it instead of making me hunt for a 40x40 button (newfapchan does this), or easy keyboard navigation for single-handed browsing.

(PS it might not work when copied in the address bar, you should put it in a bookmark)

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at 8 Aug 2012: 14:53

Well, after almost 4 months I discovered that there actually IS an "Expand all images" link on Firefox, but it doesn't appear on other browsers. I'm no web developer expert but after investigating a bit the problem seems to be caused by using Iterator(), which is only available in Javascript 1.7, which is only implemented in Firefox. Yay for cross-browser compatibility.

Any chance the developers of this site could add a quick workaround for the rest of the users?

OP at 13 Apr 2013: 06:59

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday my dear thread,
happy birthday to you!

at 13 Apr 2013: 11:50

I find it easier to just open pictures with the middle mouse wheel, i.e. in a new tab. Then, when you are ready, you can just go through all the tabs.

at 20 May 2014: 07:59

a=document.getElementsByClassName('zoom');for(var i=0;i<a.length;i++)a[i].click()

on firefox for me

at 4 Jun 2014: 11:15

I'm probably going to sound stupid but I don't care cause I need to learn. How can I use that script on the website?

If you just give me a keyword to google for I'll be happy.

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