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Lesbian or solo female pictures. (no males or herms allowed)

(for deletion)

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[-] [+] No.32596
File: z32.jpg -(53114 B, 700x508)
53114 53114 No.32596 32596 1
Source: Unknown

Do i need to explain? :3

File: f_1360410931653.kadath_puzzle_s_bedroom_eyes_part_iii_by_kadath_kaylii.jpg -(285931 B, 773x1000)
285931 285931 No.32599 - Link Reply Report 32599 2
Source: Kadath
File: swgfennecgirl002.png -(2003125 B, 1173x1035)
2003125 2003125 No.32621 - Link Reply Report 32621 2

A thread that I can really get behind!

File: Baileyprone001.jpg -(413862 B, 1070x842)
413862 413862 No.32622 - Link Reply Report 32622 2
File: rubberducky001.jpg -(333240 B, 1176x1104)
333240 333240 No.32667 - Link Reply Report 32667 2

Less "blah blah." More tail!

File: 24916.jpg -(115642 B, 391x524)
115642 115642 No.32674 - Link Reply Report 32674 2

wow they removed the pic just because it contained a toon character despite being on topic, way to go moderators that's why this site is slowly dieing.

No.32676 - Link Reply Report 32676 2


Thats been my main issue with this site, post a female in toon, and its ignored by m/m lover, post it here, its deleted. Whats the point?

No.32677 - Link Reply Report 32677 2

The pic would have been deleted ayway by the mods even if no one said anything. Even though it was on topic, it was not the right image to put on this board sinice it contained Toon Characters, even the mods themselves would have said so. I wonder what kind of a reaction would this site get if the mods decided to shut down the fchan sites due to the rules being broken numerous times. even though it won't happen

File: f_1361343185547.jpg -(214194 B, 1000x1062)
214194 214194 No.32680 - Link Reply Report 32680 2

The image was fine. It was on topic.

No.32681 - Link Reply Report 32681 2

True. But it was toon and I thought toon had its own section unless the rules changed and were allowed to post anything

File: 51447.attach.jpg -(125575 B, 1000x706)
125575 125575 No.32690 - Link Reply Report 32690 2

Im running out of content and since this really isn't a purely a discussion thread ill try and conclude my case here.

I just read all the rules, and the rules FAQ and the only mention that of what CANT be posted in female is clearly displayed in the chart, which does NOT explicitly state that toon can not be placed into female.

The only mention (including faq's) of any rule that MAY be considered exclusionary of toon in non-toon boards is "content that would be better suited in another board"

Now, lets first look at the most obvious arguments of "well its toon and there is a toon board" you could use that same counter argument of "well its female so it belongs in the female board" rendering both arguments invalid.

However the rule isn't explicitly for individual images and would by its wording imply that the limitation on subject matter is predominantly targeted at thread topics. This thread, is "Presenting" and its filed in "Female/lesbian". Clearly for a number of reasons this is not a thread issue, as the thread does not explicitly target toons, nor does it by nature exclude them (and im the author so i would know).

The next case in point is the total number of criteria used to quantify what the image is as it relates to both the thread and the board. We know female allows 1: female, 2: lesbian. Limited by the rules as to no 1: alternative 2: hard, 3: male 4: herm 5: straight, and by subject of thread 6: specific pose.

The image, which sadly is no longer being displayed for reference, violated absolutely no rule written anywhere in the "rules" section of the entire website. If it is the intent of the administrative body of the website to EXPLICITLY limit ALL toon images REGARDLESS of content to the toon section of the website then it would/should be after this many years listed EXPLICITLY in the rules section that you seem to constantly refer to.

Further more, nowhere in the rules does it provide power in any capacity to tradition or community dictation outside administrative accounts except for in subject defined by topic for any non administrative member to limit based on personal prejudice or tradition any material whatsoever on their own criteria beyond the rules over another. Or in other words... You cant tell someone what they can not post unless your an admin.

Now that we have had a proper education on the actual rules of the website let us have more content yes?

No.32700 - Link Reply Report 32700 2

Okay then never mind I'll just keep my damn mouth fucking shut from now on. I just thought about posting rules and all that, cause I have seen other TOON images in other threads example: Krystal from starfox. Etc. And people tell others that Krystal doesn't belong in Female. You know this is twice I have gotten bitched at from people just because I thought I was following the rules. So I think from now on if someone post an image that dies not belong in a thread in anyone of those categories, no one mentions a single word about it. Let the Mods deal with it from now on. With that being said I apologize for thinking that image didn't belong. However if any of you guys visit the TOON section you should see that particular image in the Sonic girls 3 or reboot, my thread i made

No.32701 - Link Reply Report 32701 2

Anyone see one between 07'-09' with a partially clothed cat or canine with dark fur, on her knees and bending down real low and facing left, with one hand holding herself open and pushing a thong out of the way? Sorry for no content.

File: f_1361702504862.pornography_prepose2.jpg -(1455455 B, 1000x1061)
1455455 1455455 No.32707 - Link Reply Report 32707 2
No.32727 - Link Reply Report 32727 2

>>32707 Source please :)

No.32730 - Link Reply Report 32730 2

On FA they go by Pornography: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/pornography/

No.32733 - Link Reply Report 32733 2

>>32690 http://fchan.us/faq/#1278468119

No.32735 - Link Reply Report 32735 2

So I was right about the image not belonging in this thread

No.32739 - Link Reply Report 32739 2

then i highly recommend they update the rules page.

File: a8ae.jpg -(59215 B, 468x600)
59215 59215 No.32741 - Link Reply Report 32741 2

>>32739 I highly recommend you follow Rule #8.

Either, way, I've updated the chart. No more chatter without on topic images.

File: crawling.jpg -(184261 B, 682x666)
184261 184261 No.32771 - Link Reply Report 32771 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kaiyuko/
File: kimmypresenting2013_001.png -(986427 B, 656x1079)
986427 986427 No.32817 - Link Reply Report 32817 2
Source: Os

How's this? Just finished her tonight!

File: Rikutida.jpg -(125443 B, 651x795)
125443 125443 No.32823 - Link Reply Report 32823 2

>>32817 Thanks for all your work, Os!
I like her a lot. Especially how you made her body soft and pliable looking, but not fat. Bent over that tail would be heaven! Her teeth and smile are also quite alluring.

File: 5b02a2edc2f51d10065d8a3063242ced.jpg -(64396 B, 800x658)
64396 64396 No.32828 - Link Reply Report 32828 2
File: f_1365323878928.jijix_billiedisplay[1].png -(714854 B, 1001x1227)
714854 714854 No.32937 - Link Reply Report 32937 2
File: 4.jpg -(47864 B, 600x692)
47864 47864 No.32943 - Link Reply Report 32943 2
File: 11.jpg -(101953 B, 800x800)
101953 101953 No.32944 - Link Reply Report 32944 2
File: f_1366359304112.jpg -(269293 B, 724x605)
269293 269293 No.33024 - Link Reply Report 33024 2

Very sexy.

File: Filly03.jpg -(410517 B, 554x700)
410517 410517 No.33865 - Link Reply Report 33865 2
File: inthemood.jpg -(596250 B, 1050x1168)
596250 596250 No.33923 - Link Reply Report 33923 2
No.34106 - Link Reply Report 34106 2

>>32741 You guys do know that your schizophrenic modding is what's causing the slow death of this site, right? But hey, don't let me be the one to rain on your little power-trip parade. Just telling you what your other loyal minions are too cowed to say. This asinine categorization of posts and what shall and shall not be posted where is why so many other sites are doing better than you guys. The anal clamping down of any discussion "without any on-topic images" causes members to seek out communities that are more receptive to them. If you don't get with the times, FChan, you'll soon find yourself out on the curb, a hollow shell of your former self, holding out a dirty tin cup, hoping enough sympathetic coins will fall in it each month to pay your bandwidth costs.

No.34112 - Link Reply Report 34112 2


>You guys do know that your schizophrenic modding is what's causing the slow death of this site, right?

Nope. Still don't, because it isn't. It's actually socially retarded attention whores like you trying to break as many rules as you can before you get banned that's the cancer that's killing the fandom. Make your own site if you don't like fchan's rules, but constantly trying to flout every rule because you demand special treatment and permission to break any rule you consider stupid only makes people more determined to stuff you in the ghetto, and eventually they'll resort to stuffing you in a shallow grave if you push them too far.

And nothing of value will be lost.

No.34132 - Link Reply Report 34132 2

Wow, thank you. That is very kind of you.

File: Ychan_-_f_-_mares_-_123446.jpg -(69129 B, 617x800)
69129 69129 No.34142 - Link Reply Report 34142 2

i like fchan because pictures are grouped for example horses,foxes,tailholes, spread pussys,... .on other sites you will only ffind categories for female,male,... .

File: f_1379476273707.ridiraccoon_cass.png -(1018031 B, 1280x1024)
1018031 1018031 No.34143 - Link Reply Report 34143 2


Some things need to be said, and some feelings need to be hurt. People who honestly believe the fact that mods are mere mortals, instead of the psychic precognitive superheroes needed to meet their standards of perfect and instantaneous enforcement, entitles them to break any rules they can get away with breaking because "someone else got away with it," are opportunistic scum whose only distinction from rapists is the lack of an unguarded moment with anyone physically weaker than themselves.

File: f_1379605249029.jpg -(203965 B, 1280x770)
203965 203965 No.34160 - Link Reply Report 34160 2
Source: Ssthisto

this count?

File: corn_x_001.jpg -(125434 B, 500x598)
125434 125434 No.34170 - Link Reply Report 34170 2
No.34202 - Link Reply Report 34202 2

>>32817 My ex-girlfriend used to do that for me. It was hotter than the sun, and so is that pic.

File: necrodrone13_airlia_lowres.jpg -(120995 B, 1000x758)
120995 120995 No.37628 - Link Reply Report 37628 2
File: thenaughtyowlette_afin.jpg -(312763 B, 1200x1013)
312763 312763 No.37649 - Link Reply Report 37649 2
File: cheriidisplay_2014001.png -(1255628 B, 1023x846)
1255628 1255628 No.37652 - Link Reply Report 37652 2
File: f_1441653822910.png -(641635 B, 833x595)
641635 641635 No.37744 - Link Reply Report 37744 2
File: MarbleSoda_sss.jpg -(1921921 B, 2000x2400)
1921921 1921921 No.37758 - Link Reply Report 37758 2
File: 1b366e840afa7a7a3370844693db9459.png -(1241544 B, 1280x979)
1241544 1241544 No.37788 - Link Reply Report 37788 2

anyone know if theres more of this girl?

File: f_1448107763312.kv1nn4_teefkini.jpg -(302509 B, 672x1131)
302509 302509 No.38110 - Link Reply Report 38110 2
File: f_1449588820555.carex_pleased_akky_rs.png -(6269939 B, 1106x1440)
6269939 6269939 No.38171 - Link Reply Report 38171 2
Source: Carex
File: nari-kitsune-Surprise.jpg -(2415619 B, 3111x2173)
2415619 2415619 No.38343 - Link Reply Report 38343 2
0 No.38352 - Link Reply Report 38352 2
Source: awkwardlybisexual.tumblr.com
File: c5edfaf543b60bdefde2c67dc27e1bc0.jpg -(66362 B, 700x847)
66362 66362 No.38353 - Link Reply Report 38353 2
File: Baileybooty001.png -(1994031 B, 1066x1477)
1994031 1994031 No.38358 - Link Reply Report 38358 2
Source: www.furaffinity.net/user/Os
File: shore.jpg -(132701 B, 1280x1043)
132701 132701 No.38480 - Link Reply Report 38480 2
Source: https://e621.net/post/show/573627/2014-3-3_eyes-anthro-ass_up-bedroom_eyes-black_nos
File: PerditionCommandosFinal.png -(1161503 B, 1044x1206)
1161503 1161503 No.38514 - Link Reply Report 38514 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19196444/
File: cc112565-cd64-45ca-a634-d596cf1c60a7.png -(1434736 B, 1280x1280)
1434736 1434736 No.38708 - Link Reply Report 38708 2
File: 53644b15448ca63491b3b3dffadaab46.jpg -(232443 B, 750x588)
232443 232443 No.38787 - Link Reply Report 38787 2
File: f_1468064848018.jpg -(89136 B, 644x817)
89136 89136 No.38942 - Link Reply Report 38942 2
File: 07122016maiza001.png -(532681 B, 1230x1681)
532681 532681 No.38961 - Link Reply Report 38961 2
File: 07162016shaytalis002.png -(866820 B, 1291x1843)
866820 866820 No.38966 - Link Reply Report 38966 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20586064/
File: 616dd591-b790-439b-981c-7d1612351b79.png -(667160 B, 1000x1727)
667160 667160 No.39122 - Link Reply Report 39122 2
File: pixiv40844298.png -(867667 B, 1260x825)
867667 867667 No.39247 - Link Reply Report 39247 2
File: tumblr_ojgzblqVdu1spud3zo1_1280.jpg -(186965 B, 1200x950)
186965 186965 No.39407 - Link Reply Report 39407 2
File: sexy_Ayris.jpg -(411955 B, 1280x800)
411955 411955 No.39423 - Link Reply Report 39423 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/blaiky/

artist Blaiky

File: 07354e0164b86cfa4b5454f9044af71e.png -(890635 B, 800x1185)
890635 890635 No.39560 - Link Reply Report 39560 2
File: f_1493207327846.jpg -(77554 B, 800x800)
77554 77554 No.39602 - Link Reply Report 39602 2