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Lesbian or solo female pictures. (no males or herms allowed)

(for deletion)

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[-] [+] No.37345
GIFs, flashes, and other animated content Flash 
File: f_1429579060439.gif -(138779 B, 398x420)
138779 138779 No.37345 37345 1

It's a damn shame that there's not a lot of animated content on /f/ compared to the other boards. Let's try and fix that, shall we? Post all of your gifs, webms, swfs, and other animated files in this thread.

File: Cat_girls.swf -(4809537 B, 0x0)
No.37346 - Link Reply Report 37346 2

I can get behind this thread.

File: washaflashFsolo.swf -(944275 B, 0x0)
No.37347 - Link Reply Report 37347 2
No.37395 - Link Reply Report 37395 2

>>37345 gawsh darnit. i see this artists work occasionally like to know who it is. cant blow it up to read the name. anybody?

No.37399 - Link Reply Report 37399 2

>>37395 Ajin

No.37403 - Link Reply Report 37403 2

gracias senor.

File: cunniginglus.swf -(8366882 B, 0x0)
No.37478 - Link Reply Report 37478 2
File: http_3A_2F_2F38.media.tumblr.com_2F55ed3843ae6fe8a81acd4b249c1eb431_2Ftumblr_n62au5XuNL1ryjrhso1_1280.gif -(971855 B, 1000x625)
971855 971855 No.37513 - Link Reply Report 37513 2
No.37546 - Link Reply Report 37546 2

>>37513 who made this?

No.37552 - Link Reply Report 37552 2

Oh my god, I've fallen in love with this gif.

File: f_1436355217262.skybrigidrain_bedroom_yiff.swf -(8073789 B, 0x0)
No.37573 - Link Reply Report 37573 2

This one is a personal favorite of mine. I just wish there was more to it, like some tribbing or 69ing.

No.37587 - Link Reply Report 37587 2

artist is simx
simx-art tumblr

File: f_1441206981137.kaon_cindyskunk.swf -(9893608 B, 0x0)
No.37735 - Link Reply Report 37735 2
No.37836 - Link Reply Report 37836 2

I remember seeing a gif some time ago of a cat girl dancing in a red crop top and jeans, anyone have that picture or know the source.

No.37837 - Link Reply Report 37837 2

I remember a seeing a gif of a cat girl in a red crop top and jeans, anyone know what I'm talking about?

File: berry-purgy.swf -(6145436 B, 0x0)
No.38401 - Link Reply Report 38401 2

Much-needed bump. Why is there so little animated /f/ content?

No.38413 - Link Reply Report 38413 2

because the term "fur fag" though it be rude its acurate, the majority of furries are gay, bisexual or overloaded by the unessisarily "sexyily" drawn images untill they start thinking theyre gay because theres too much of it around.

No.38416 - Link Reply Report 38416 2

Is there any more to this animation? Could you point to actual source (this may be something I'm willing to support on the artist's Patreon). Thanks.

File: f_1460823372296.gif -(810774 B, 572x434)
810774 810774 No.38660 - Link Reply Report 38660 2
File: fuck_machine_unknown_artist.swf -(8616355 B, 0x0)
No.38929 - Link Reply Report 38929 2

Does anybody know the artist for this? I've been looking for ages.

No.39147 - Link Reply Report 39147 2

>>38413 actually the majority has never been more gay then strait. although ya there is a big percentage. but if you research pols from sites and cons have never been higher than 31% most not going above 25%. even this site reflects more hedero post if you do a lil math. i fact most gay males actually admit the character or characters who inspired them were usually female as they are usually more sexually depicted in cartoons. i thinck the term is just so popular cuz it's both 3 letter words that start with F. so i disagree

File: f_1479623532854.jerberjer_sheilafinal.swf -(228307 B, 0x0)
No.39273 - Link Reply Report 39273 2
File: f_1492859291531.benezia_boob_jiggle_3.swf -(91061 B, 0x0)
No.39594 - Link Reply Report 39594 2

C'mon guys, keep it going! We need more!

File: 867562_-_Denny_s_MEME_Nannerpuss_animated_banana_mascots.gif -(1109910 B, 640x496)
1109910 1109910 No.39631 - Link Reply Report 39631 2

>>39147 Alliterations always amuse. Popular for parody. Furry Folk have Fags same as any other 'group'. Perhaps the Furs have a radical self expression that say, the folk that run the local DOT or License offices... they have just as many 'percentage' as any other measure - taboo largely shuts those expressions out in those mainstream places still....

In other news: Random Banana

No.39869 - Link Reply Report 39869 2

Sorry for the triple post guys my phone kinda went wonky

File: f0f3c7c6a6c22fd5df5b37aa86ea75e8.gif -(2247069 B, 512x379)
2247069 2247069 No.39873 - Link Reply Report 39873 2

Hells yeah

File: Josieriding001small.gif -(128684 B, 315x422)
128684 128684 No.39973 - Link Reply Report 39973 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25835242/
No.40057 - Link Reply Report 40057 2

Does anyone else remember flashchan.ru... it used to be the best animated site but it disappeared, idk what;s at the address now they had literally gigs of swfs

File: zelleoiling001full.gif -(231176 B, 565x650)
231176 231176 No.40080 - Link Reply Report 40080 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26725328/
No.40159 - Link Reply Report 40159 2

I remember... RIP

No.41912 - Link Reply Report 41912 2

Chrome is being a little bitch and won't let me open the .SWF files. Any suggestions?

No.41916 - Link Reply Report 41916 2

Use Internet Explorer. You have a better chance for opening flash files.

No.41917 - Link Reply Report 41917 2


Grandpa, what's Internet Explorer?

Grandpa, what's Flash?

No.41930 - Link Reply Report 41930 2