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What is the fchan hierarchy?

Xenofur at 25 Jan 2006: 19:18

We realize sometimes it may be complicated to know who is who on Fchan. Even harder for most is to know what to say or do when two Mods give out conflicting information. This, of course, is a natural thing when you have multiple persons interpreting the same set of rules.

There is a definite hierarchy to Fchan, and its staff. This applies not only to what is said and if it conflicts, but also to if there is a personal issue between a user and a Mod.

The moderators on probation are our first line of defense. They are charged with basic policing of the boards and enforcing the rules. They is given very little latitude to interpret the rules. They are also given the authority to place bans. They do have the authority to remove a bans which they placed, but not any other. If you feel you have a problem with them which needs to be addressed by a superior, you may consult with Xenofur.

Xenofur#Admin is the main programmer of Fchan, as well as the site Administrator. He has his hand in all functions of the site, making decisions, writing policy, keeping artists happy, interpreting law, and a thousand and one other duties that he loves to hate. He has the authority to override anyone on Fchan. Unfortunately if you have a problem with him, you are out of luck. There is no one to appeal to. He makes it a point tho to carefully listen everyone out and explain his position, so there shouldn't be many problems with him to have.

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Girly Boys in /m/

fchan#System at 3 Jan 2013: 13:25

In the most simple of terms. Assuming all other rules are followed, such as keeping on topic, no straying into /f/, /a/, /ah/, /h/ or /toon/ territory, and no underage characters.

If the subject, or subjects, of the image displayed on this board, /m/, is an obvious male,  it can be put here.
We define an obvious male as having one penis, sheath, circumcised or not has no bearing, a single sack with two testicles, of realistic proportion, and two properly proportioned breasts. As many of you reading know by simply looking in a mirror, the amount of fat on your bodies is proportionate and often gives you, a male, breasts. We allow for that here. However, remember obesity belongs in other boards.
In the absence of these obvious clues, we look for certain bulges, or other more artistic clues. In some very rare cases it becomes a judgement call on each case-by-case.
Sometimes we make the wrong call, but we do the best we know how to. In those rare situations, we will attempt to fix those problems.

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I've been banned! What do I do now?!

Raven Rivers at 7 Aug 2007: 06:26

First of all, refrain from jumping to conclusions or getting all riled up. Bans are usually placed to get your attention. You more than likely broke an important rule and we want to explain to you why we don't allow said thing on the site. We would like you to understand. So please, email a mod. They will tell you who set your ban and who to contact. There is no way to find out if you don't ask. But it is better to ask by email than to post about it on /dis. Doing so will only mean you have to wait longer, as such threads will usually be deleted.

When you email, be sure to include the ban ID you are given. Also be sure to specify whether the ban is for the image or discussion boards, as that will make a difference.

Please keep in mind that there are times when you may be banned by accident. Either someone clicks the wrong button, you happen to share an internet connection with someone, or something else may have gone wrong. If so, keep calm and talk to a mod or admin. They'll get it worked out as long as you are nice to them and don't throw a fit.

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Re: Trolls

Raven at 22 Aug 2006: 08:28

The troll is a common part of any online community. It is understandable how frustrating it can be to find posts aimed at annoying others when you are trying to view something. However, it is a part of the online world and is something which everyone must learn to accept.

If you feel that someone is being a troll, there are two options at your disposal:

1. Use the REPORT feature to let us know. We will deal with the problem the next time we check the queue.

2. EMAIL a mod. Emailing may result in faster response time if said mod has a notification setting on their client. If unsure, use in conjunction with 1.

Any other methods of dealing with offensive posts are strictly frowned upon. Here are a few examples of what to remember when you encounter such a disruption:

1. Do NOT comment in any way, shape, or form, but specifically..
2. Do NOT flame back
3. Do NOT make a post in /dis warning about the trolls or mocking the people involved

Insistence on any of the above behaviors may lead to BANNING in regard to Rule 0. Rule 0 applies to all people, whether they are fellow posters, artists, trolls, or even people off the boards. It becomes a disruption, one that you are perpetuating, and it makes more work for us. And we really don't like that.

Keep in mind that you are not helping us by attacking someone. You are not helping your fandom and you are definitely not helping yourself. You are just making things worse. So please, if you have a problem, either report it or contact one of us.

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Starting A Thread

Raven at 11 Nov 2006: 13:48

When starting a thread on any board, the image you post MUST contain content suitable for that board. It may not contain content that belongs on another board.

For instance, posting a image with the text, "I don't have any porn of [insert character here], please post some (PIC NOT RELATED)," is not acceptable. In such cases you would use the /req board to ask for something which you do not have.

The one exception is if you have a clean image that otherwise fits the description of what you want, you may post it on your board of choice with the understanding that if it does not receive any material suited for that board, it will be removed after a period of about two to three days and/or after it has received what is concerned too many image-less, text-only posts/bumps. Please feel free to report such threads as "Wrong Board" if you feel they have outlived this themselves.

We take this much more seriously than the occasional out of place image within a thread that has so far remained otherwise on-topic.

Threads which are started with content which does not belong on that board will either be deleted outright or permanently saged.

In regard to duplicate threads, please report them as "Other," and include an explanation and link to the other thread within the new one.

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What Is An #Artist Tag? How Do I Get One?

Nadia# Etoile at 6 Jul 2010: 20:58

Artist tags function in a similar manner to admin/mod tags. They exist to identify an artist from any other individual. In the past we had strict guidelines for #Artist tags. Recently they have been modified to make them more available.

In order to qualify for this tag, email Xenofur with your request. Provide him with a link to your gallery. He will review your gallery, may ask additional actions on your behalf, and will decide if you qualify for an #Artist tag. There are two criteria he will be considering.
1). If you are a commercial artist, who has had sales of your work in the recent past, you will qualify for a tag.
2). If you are not a commercial artist, the staff may review your work and decide if you qualify for an #Artist tag.
In either case you may appeal.

at 24 Oct 2012: 13:29

What is an /artist/ board for?

at 24 Oct 2012: 16:15

/artist/ is a place for individual artists to show off their art in a dedicated space (as opposed to posting in /m/, /h/, /f/ or what have you and coming off as self-aggrandizing or whatever).

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Final Word on Cub Images

Hellfire at 28 Oct 2008: 23:56

The issue of cub images has once again come to the attention of fchan's moderators and administration, and there still seems to be much confusion on the issue.  It is simple fact that no further discussion will change our stance on this particular issue.  You are welcome to come to IRC and discuss it, however, READ THIS MESSAGE IN ITS ENTIRETY before doing so.  Hopefully, it will answer your questions beforehand.  Also, please be forewarned this message contains a lot of information and the lazy can skip right to the final paragraph if the above disclaimers were not enough.

Now, let me begin by saying I am not an administrator here, nor am I a moderator.  I am typically just the guy who helps out behind the scenes, mostly with technical issues, and I am certainly not a lawyer.  I have, however, been privy to the information discussed with real lawyers, and will repeat some of that information here.

As the law stands today, under 18 USC Section 1466A, cub and loli images are illegal.

      http://uscode.house.gov/download/pls/18C71.txt (Retrieved 28 October, 2008)
      18 USC Sec. 1466A
      (a) In General. - Any person who, in a circumstance described in subsection (d), knowingly produces, distributes, receives, or possesses with intent to distribute, a visual depiction of any kind, including a drawing, cartoon, sculpture, or painting, that -
         (1)(A) depicts a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct;
         (B) is obscene; or
         (2)(A) depicts an image that is, or appears to be, of a minor engaging in graphic bestiality, sadistic or masochistic abuse, or sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal, whether between persons of the same or opposite sex; and
         (B) lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value;
      or attempts or conspires to do so, shall be subject to the penalties provided in section 2252A(b)(1), including the penalties provided for cases involving a prior conviction.

Additionally, 18 USC Section 1466A(c) states that it is NOT required that the minor depicted actually exists.  Fictional characters _are_ covered under this law.

It has also been discussed that a US Supreme Court decision in Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition declared this law unconstitutional, and this is _not_ correct.  I will not post the text of the decision here, but more information can be accessed at the following website: http://supct.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/00-795.ZS.html For those that do not want to read, this ruling affected 18 USC 2256(8)(B) and 18 USC 2256(8)(D). Specifically, it found that these laws extended to images not obscene under the Miller standard (Miller v. California, http://supct.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/historics/USSC_CR_0413_0015_ZS.html) and was inconsistent with a previous ruling made in New York v. Ferber (http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/historics/USSC_CR_0458_0747_ZS.html). While the cub image discussion is not relating to 18 USC 2256 specifically, it is debatable whether cub images pass any of the requirements made by those rulings, specifically the Miller standard.  Also, it would be good to keep in mind that the law in question here is 18 USC 1466A!

It should also be noted that there is still an ongoing case in Iowa that does relate directly to 18 USC Section 1466A.  In Iowa v. Handley, a man is currently facing charges under 18 USC Section 1466A due to alleged possession of obscene manga.  In a ruling by an Iowa District Judge, subsections 1466(a)(2) and 1466(b)(2) of 18 USC 1466A were declared unconstitutional, which are the clauses defining obscenity as it relates to the law.  However, in this case, the Miller standard applies.  This has not changed our predicament at all, most notably as the greater portion of the law is still in effect and also because of the fact that our servers reside in Illinois, not Iowa.

A final note here, as if the law were not enough, fchan is a free service.  While we do our best to provide you with a service that fits your wants and desires, there is a limit.  We may not be perfect in all cases, but we make a good faith effort to respect the law.  Also, this service is already expensive and time consuming to operate.  While I do not mean any offense, to put it bluntly, we simply do not care enough about your particular fetish to risk serious financial loss and possible jail time.  It is not worth that much to us, and we would prefer, rather, to be able to continue operating this service in the future.  Now, if you've read this far, thanks for your time and understanding on this issue.

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Revised DNP List Procedure

Nadia# Etoile at 6 Jul 2010: 21:00

Because of issues with certain people trying to impersonate artists, it is important for us to do our best in confirming the identity of those requesting an addition to the DNP list or an artist tag. Otherwise, we run the risk of allowing someone else to run around using your name or taking control over your work. I think we can all agree this would be a very bad thing.

DNP requests may be EMAILED to either Xenofur or Nadia, and they will be immediately processed after confirmation of identity. Artist tag requests may also be EMAILED to either of them, and they will be given out if your application is approved by staff vote.

We will need a link to your online gallery and/or website(s) and will also need to see one of the following:

1. The email address you are mailing from listed on the gallery/website

2. A post to your gallery/website confirming your request for DNP or artist tag
2a. (Fur Affinity users may confirm, instead, by sending a note to "Xenofur" but an EMAIL is still also required!)

Please keep in mind that the DNP list is limited to artists. Only the artist (or, in rare cases, their legal representative) may add his or her self to the DNP list. There are only two possible exceptions to this:

1. If you own a commercial website. Commercial art is always DNP whether you are listed or not, but if your site is not listed and you would like it to be, it shall be added without question.

2. If you have filed a trademark on a character. This is incredibly rare, but we are open to the possibility. If you have been issued a federal trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (or the equivalent in your country of residence), please contact an admin by email for information.

Lastly, any request may be subject to additional requirements as may be needed to confirm your identity.

NOTE: Please allow at least a week between attempts to contact Administrators for DNP or Artist Tag requests.

at 13 Aug 2011: 20:06

What about users who place on their website "Please do not post on other websites" and do not specifically know about f-chan. While they are not on DNP, they state DNP on their webpage in big letters. And even when a user brings it to the topic that the website, with link, states such, the users continue to post such.


This is one such instance. I haven't been here in a long time, I don't know if management changed, but I'd like to know if the rule still exists. "If it's paid for, if it's from a site that says Do Not Post, If the art itself has 'Do Not Post' on it, then don't post it."

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My Image/Thread Was Deleted. WHY?!

Nadia# Etoile at 6 Jul 2010: 20:55

This comes up quite often. Sometimes, it just isn't very obvious why something is deleted. It may be obvious to us and to other users, but not the person posting it. This can lead to confusion and frustration. We would like to offer everyone the chance of an explanation, but we also don't want to have it cluttering up or disrupting the boards.

If you notice that something you posted has been removed, feel free to EMAIL Xenofur or Nadia, regardless of who deleted it. Be sure to include the image(s) in question as an attachment (very important) and a link to the thread (if it still exists; also very important). We will try our best to explain why it may have been removed, but keep in mind that if we do not know which staff member made the deletion, we may not be able to help you. It is simply the nature of a site like this.

Please do not complain within the thread or on /dis. Such threads may be deleted or stopped without notice, and we reserve the right not to answer the question there due to time constraints.

Again, EMAIL is the way to go with any question regarding a rule. I cannot stress that enough. The only exception is IRC, but we cannot guarantee a response if we don't happen to be available at the time you message us.

at 10 Feb 2011: 00:28

How does one e-mail Nadia? They aren't shown anywhere on the home page.

at 11 Feb 2011: 10:08

Her email is on the site. You have to look for it.

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nekomimi and other kemonomi (rev2.1)

Nadia# Etoile at 6 Jul 2010: 21:01

Catgirls? Are they Furry or not?
A rhetorical question which is not open to discussion anymore, so, do not answer at the end of this post. Period.

They are called 猫耳 [nekomimi], which for the Kanji impaired, means 'Cat Ears'. Some places erroneously call them 猫娘 [nekomusume] 'Cat Maiden'. Do not make that mistake as it makes you look and sound like an idiot.
Of course, if you would rather be safe, you can get away with calling them 獣耳 [kemonomimi], or, again for the Kanji impaired : 'Animal Ear' (けものみみ), which does include all forms of animals with mostly human characteristics.
Including, but not limited to, ホロ from 狼と香辛料, フラン from ファイナルファンタジーXII, 犬夜叉, 菖蒲, and 七宝 from 犬夜叉, バギ from 大自然の魔獣 バギ, ミンク from ドラゴンハーフ... And so on... I could type all day characters from series.
Or, you could just look up FireFox-tan if you want something more mainstream Eigo.

For the record:
***Not only are they Furry, but they Predate Furry.***

How about I explain it in a way that most people should be able to understand.

Humans are animals. They are a primate. A primate who grew to walk straight and shed most of their fur, but retaining their hair. There are other animals which have shed away many of the same features which separate humans from other primates/animals.
We, who deal with this fandom, like to ignore that fact. The fact that a human is not any different from any other animal, other than the ability to be extremely stupid.

A catgirl is a cat, with certain human attributes applied. More than most of you are used to. Creating a very cute response similar to the racism I grew up with and witness in the real world every day.

You do not like skin, no problem. But demand all artists draw fur, not just place a solid color or pattern over what should be fur.
What is wrong with two sets of ears?
And, why not start a crusade to remove plantigrade from the fandom? Let us return even the noble raccoon to the days of pure digitigrade.
Demand that artists depict realistic paws, both in size and function.
Not all animals have a muzzle/snout either. Do we remove them?
Creatures of fantasy? Dragons, Centaurs, and even Tauren. What of them? I can logically remove all of them because of one reason or another.


The simple truth is, this fandom has too many who have transferred their own racist and bigoted concepts to specisism, and brought them into their hobby. They demand so much they must be accepted themselves, but refuse to be as open minded as they claim they themselves are.
You wish to be part of any group which will actively separate another group for reasons only as solid as because they are different than me, then please feel free. But, do so in another fandom. this Furry Fandom has enough mud clouding the water.

*** Regarding Apparent Age ***
We are aware that many people here may feel that most kemonomimi may be seen by their standards as underage. this has been covered more than enough times in previous discussions in /f. Many who use fchan do not have enough experience with the Asian female body, or people, to understand the difference between giant breasted and big hipped porn-stars of the western world and the tiny breasted, slim and petite bodies more often idolized in the eastern societies. We accept this.
Please do not complain about ages as you may see them in threads. The final arbiter of ages as presented will be left up to the Moderation team, with the admins having the final word. If you do not agree with their decisions, feel free to email them, but do not cloud the boards with your complaints.
Do not abuse this, as posting what is obviously underage sexual work will result in posting rights being removed. And, if a member of staff posts an image, do not complain about it.

*Now, here is the official ruling on this long standing argument:*

We will consider any posts in any kemonomimi thread which argues, complains, whines, or otherwise speak of any form of kemonomimi in a negative manner, or states or implies they are not furry, as spam and harassment, and shall be handled accordingly, as in banned from posting for a minimum of a month.
Complaining/arguing about this decision will also be treated as spam and harassment.

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