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Pictures featuring dickgirls/herms/shemales. (unless it's /a/, /ah/, /toon/, or /c/ material)

Hyper material is now allowed again, provided hyper and non-hyper stuff is kept to SEPERATE threads.

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[-] [+] No.7440
Something New... At Least I think... Flash 
File: CoC_Char_Viewer4.12.swf -(3820863 B, 0x0)
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So I had an idea for a challenge, and it has two parts. The first part is related to Nimin and the second is related to Corruption of Champions. The challenge is to use everything you get in each game and are not allowed to release yourself unless it is related to adventuring. Which means in Nimin, you can't do any prostitution.
Now I'll list all the rules: no releasing yourself; use everything that boosts things and nothing that will reduce anything; you may do whatever you want as long as they don't break the first or second rules.

After 100 days, post your description for Nimin and picture and description for C.o.C. I have posted the C.o.C. character viewer.

Nimin - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8114884/
C.o.C. - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8144595/

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You began your journey as a human, but gave that up as you explored the dangers of this realm. You are a 4 foot 9 inch tall dog-morph, with a normal waistline and decently visible muscles. You are currently wearing your sexy black chitin armor-plating and using your large claymore as a weapon. Under your thick, neon pink fur you have a human-shaped head with dark green skin. It has a somewhat masculine, angular jawline. A pair of floppy rabbit ears stick up out of your very long, neon pink hair, bouncing around as you walk. A slowly undulating tongue occasionally slips from between your lips. It hangs nearly two feet long when you let the whole thing slide out, though you can retract it to appear normal. A small pair of pointed horns has broken through the fur on your forehead, proclaiming some demonic taint to any who see them.You have a humanoid shape with the usual torso, arms, hands, and fingers. A pair of tiny-yet-beautiful bee-wings sprout from your back, too small to allow you to fly. You have noticeable thighs that give you a graceful stride, and your wide ass wobbles enticingly with every step. A long shark-tail trails down from your backside, swaying to and fro while giving you a dangerous air. Your legs are muscled and jointed oddly, covered in fur, and end in a pair of bestial hooves.You have three rows of breasts, the topmost pair starting at your chest.

--Your uppermost rack houses two tits with one 2.3-inch nipple each. They could easily fill a big EE-cup bra.
--The second row holds two jiggly breasts with one 2.3-inch pierced cherry-like nub each. They could easily fill a EE-cup bra.

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Biggus Dickus! XDDD

File: Naga_Test2.png -(207973 B, 800x1000)
207973 207973 No.7542 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 7542 2

HAHAHAHA! I did the graphics for the char viewer and the guy who programmed it in flash ran away.

No.7556 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 7556 2


Aw. :<

No.8382 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 8382 2

So, this thread just led me to discover Nimin...

...came SO hard. Much recommended, for one handed play...

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