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Pictures featuring dickgirls/herms/shemales. (unless it's /a/, /ah/, /toon/, or /c/ material)

Hyper material is now allowed again, provided hyper and non-hyper stuff is kept to SEPERATE threads.

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[-] [+] No.4950
Artica Sparkle 
File: e60fd30c746dabba2de45a4f88e92712.jpg -(113613 B, 800x557)
113613 113613 No.4950 4950 1

self explainatory

File: h_1294020126404.faint_arctica.png -(604989 B, 1000x750)
604989 604989 No.4951 - Link Reply Report 4951 2

right down my alley

File: h_1294020220837.dark-goddess_comm_artica.jpg -(183322 B, 780x1271)
183322 183322 No.4952 - Link Reply Report 4952 2
File: h_1294020358845.jpg -(618165 B, 1090x800)
618165 618165 No.4953 - Link Reply Report 4953 2
File: a57ffc0dec148e75e6ffee905f92edc3.jpg -(520656 B, 800x941)
520656 520656 No.4954 - Link Reply Report 4954 2
File: h_1294020506902.artica_artica-sera.jpg -(145004 B, 1280x989)
145004 145004 No.4955 - Link Reply Report 4955 2
No.4956 - Link Reply Report 4956 2

i have the transformation around here somewhere....

File: h_1294020795837.jpg -(416243 B, 900x672)
416243 416243 No.4957 - Link Reply Report 4957 2
File: c.jpg -(134474 B, 1000x715)
134474 134474 No.4958 - Link Reply Report 4958 2


File: commarti.jpg -(148282 B, 800x800)
148282 148282 No.4959 - Link Reply Report 4959 2


File: 001.jpg -(547853 B, 960x1200)
547853 547853 No.4960 - Link Reply Report 4960 2


File: h_1294021196962.half.7-car-pileup_complete.jpg -(20505 B, 255x300)
20505 20505 No.4961 - Link Reply Report 4961 2

i give you the birth of artica

File: h_1294021239922.half.7-car-pileup_complete_revised.jpg -(20619 B, 255x300)
20619 20619 No.4962 - Link Reply Report 4962 2
File: h_1294021318298.7-car-pileup_complete_closeup.jpg -(750610 B, 1206x1000)
750610 750610 No.4963 - Link Reply Report 4963 2

sorry they are not any bigger

File: hermwuf.png -(295409 B, 500x706)
295409 295409 No.4966 - Link Reply Report 4966 2


File: h_1294125051825.iggi_casid.gif -(390498 B, 773x1000)
390498 390498 No.4969 - Link Reply Report 4969 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5030317/
File: h_1294125329794.artica_artica-sera.jpg -(145004 B, 1280x989)
145004 145004 No.4970 - Link Reply Report 4970 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5025881/
File: artica10.jpg -(98061 B, 675x800)
98061 98061 No.5055 - Link Reply Report 5055 2

pic 1 of 2.
Never say I didn't contribute, internet.

File: artica9.jpg -(58109 B, 658x800)
58109 58109 No.5056 - Link Reply Report 5056 2

pic 2 of 2

No.5345 - Link Reply Report 5345 2

What's up with Artica? Is she just really popular or is her creator just really into commissions? I see a lot of (awesome) artwork of her but almost never by the same artists.

No.5347 - Link Reply Report 5347 2

Artica is really into commissions. I know hir on SL (and have hir on steam) and yeah it's all commission work.

File: h_1298092132974.jpg -(69339 B, 800x800)
69339 69339 No.5349 - Link Reply Report 5349 2
No.5350 - Link Reply Report 5350 2

>>5349 godlike

No.5361 - Link Reply Report 5361 2

No more? This is good stuff!

File: Makena_and_Artica_by_kittentits.png -(1075806 B, 1500x1200)
1075806 1075806 No.5367 - Link Reply Report 5367 2
File: h_1300132969023.fudchan_sc07_artica_final_low.png -(795735 B, 613x950)
795735 795735 No.5401 - Link Reply Report 5401 2
File: h_1309908333554.7-car-pileup_complete.jpg -(530169 B, 800x943)
530169 530169 No.6136 - Link Reply Report 6136 2


Bigger sequence inc.

File: h_1309908653250.7-car-pileup_complete_revised.jpg -(536711 B, 800x943)
536711 536711 No.6137 - Link Reply Report 6137 2
File: h_1309909294774.7-car-pileup_complete_closeup.jpg -(750610 B, 1206x1000)
750610 750610 No.6138 - Link Reply Report 6138 2
No.6143 - Link Reply Report 6143 2

Shi's definitely one of my fave furry characters.

No.6160 - Link Reply Report 6160 2

Whats the FA account?

File: 40c029770a3bc94e34693e73d05e07a5.jpg -(298290 B, 686x800)
298290 298290 No.6162 - Link Reply Report 6162 2
No.6164 - Link Reply Report 6164 2



No.6165 - Link Reply Report 6165 2

Thanks. There is also a story that goes along with the transformation.

No.6166 - Link Reply Report 6166 2

And here is the story that goes with the transformation.

Born into the world as a water jogauni, she led a fairly normal life in her tribal village with all her family, friends, and others of her tribe, the Pani. During a particularly harsh winter when she was was eighteen years of age, the female jogauni, Artica, wound up separated from her hunting party and had to seek refuge in a nearby cave as the cold winter night set in. The terrified jogauni wandered into the first cave she found to escape the dark cloudy skies, the first flakes of an incoming blizzard falling from the clouds above.

Artica waited at the entrance of the cave for some time, looking around and shouting out for her friends until the wind started to pick up, howling into the cave with a bone-chilling coldness that seemed to tear right through her thick, warm fur. She sought to flee the cold and went deeper and deeper into the cave, using her paws on the stone walls to guide herself while peering into the darkness ahead. The further she traveled the more she say of a very faint light at the end of the path she had taken, the girl squinting and moving quicker now with the pit-pat sounds of her footpaws hitting the stony floor. Curious and slightly hopeful, she kept moving closer growing curious as to where the light was coming from.

A few minutes later Artica stumbled into a large open room filled with a diffuse bluish-white light. She gazed around over the sparkling crystal of the stalactites and stalagmites adorning the area, moving past them until she came upon a grand flowstone in the center of the room. The flowstone itself lit the room with that eerie light, seeming to hover above a small pool of what she guessed was water. The closer she got to the pool and stone, the loudly the faint clinking noise of ice hitting ice emanating from the flowstone rung in her ears until she was suddenly engulfed in a blinding flash of light. The young jogauni cried out in surprise as she found herself being quickly surrounded by some strange creature that had sprung forth from the pool and started wrapping its way around her body.

Artica could only stand there, gasping and immobilized with both fear and shock, uncertain as to what was to happen next...

No sooner than had Artica noticed the slime creature was wrapping around her form and pooling at her footpaws, did she feel a sudden rush of quite unusual sensations starting to perk at her hindclaws, slowly moving inward. She felt something almost like a voice concentrating in the back of her mind while she frantically looked around at the creature, pulling on her legs but finding them being held fast by the icy slime creature that had suddenly pulled up around her. "Nya...." she huffed and blinked a couple times, shaking her head as though she were trying to rid the memories of a bad dream she'd just awoken from, finding more and more of her form being surrounded by the creature, a tingling sensation building beneath her fur wherever it touched. Time slowly seemed to slip away from her as she pulled hard on the spear she still head before the creature tugged back, easily wresting it from her grip.

A tendril from the creature was buildilng up behind her, out of the female's view and slipping up just behind her head while shi wrestled about, growing frantic and uttering a sharp cry, or at least she though she did as the creature stuffed that thick tendril up into the water jogauni's open maw. The tendril would hold her maw open no matter how hard she tried to bite into it, like she was biting into jello but not breaking through it before a sudden chilly spray of slime splattered down into her throat, making her convulse and roll her eyes back. "W..what is happening..." she thought to herself, the female's mind racing and fading in and out the more slime that was sprayed into her throat and down to her belly, barely noticing the slime had tugged and pulled her pants free, exposing her nethers. The cold press of something up between her legs snapped the jogauni back to reality, her eyes widening with her paws trying to move, feeling frozen and stuck, not listening to her mind as she muffled another scream against the slime creature, arching her back and shaking roughly.

Moments later the slime creature heaved a thick tendril of its form upwards, spreading Artica's slit open wide as it delved into her warm body, making her convulse again and roll her eyes back. Her mind was now slipping in and out as she was struggling to keep control of herself, feeling it all starting to slip away at the same moment her fur started to change around her footpaws, turning lighter and lighter until the prior grey fur was turning a snowy white. "Oh god..." was the only thing she could think, muffling the words as well with the creature pushing deeper inside her body, soon kissing the end of her warm, tight tunnel and then slipping further, invading the very depths of her womb. "No...!" shi tries to shout and folds her ears back, arching her back further from the rush of aroused sensations flooding the girl's confused mind, struggling with her own body now as shi slumps into the hold of the icy slime creature, more of the slime oozing into her maw, rapidly starting to change her from the inside out. The icy presence was rapidly infiltrating her body, fililng her womb with the cold slime along with her belly and then it happened, a sudden sharp sensation pinging between her legs the more the poor girl's pussy was stretched open, making her writhe. She couldn't see it though she did feel something strange tingling between her legs as a sheath started to form and press out from the jogauni's pubic mound with her DNA and who she was changing faster and faster.

The last thing she would remember was her mind and body being wracked in climax, the jogauni's mind fading into a pool of disorganized thoughts before the creature slowly started to dissolve away in form, leaving her body and parts of her mind changed forever.

What seemed like hours to the jogauni seemed to pass as shi was held in the grips of the slime creature, her mind slowly fading in and out as shi struggled to deal with what had happened to hir. Hir eyes blinked several times while looking over hir changed form, the brilliantly colored fur replacing the darker of hir former self. "oh..my head.." shi muttered to hirself as hsi runs hir paws over hir form, the paw slipping downwards and stroking along the sheath shi noticed had formed on hir body. "N..no..what..is..." shi says in a confused tone as the creature set hir back down with hir saliva dripping from the tendril that had ravaged and filled hir maw.

A sudden jolt ran through hir body at the touch to the sheath, rather sensitive for it being new as shi squeeze the bits and yowls out, tentatively poking at the furry sac that had formed as well, the water jogauni having been transformed into some sort of herm with an unusual chill running through hir veins. "Why..does this feel..so good.." shi wonders as hir mind wanders in and out, stroking hir sheath when the tip of hir new cock poked free to hir surprise, the herm gripping it lightly and rubbing as shi moans out and curls hir fingers around hir furry sac, squeezing it gently as well.

"ooh..." shi moans again and started stroking the length slowly with the intense sensations crawling over hir form to further cloud hir mind, still sitting in what remained of the spent slime creature while shi slips hir figners further back, pushing a few into hir pussy and spreading hir folds open several times as shi pumped and pawed at the member. It wouldn't take long there as shi kept going, pumping harder and harder until an intense sensation started gripping hir form, muscles tightening and before shi knew it shi was watching a thick cream spraying out from the tip, the herm cumming onto the ground in front of hir before shi slumped back and closed hir eyes, passing out in the slime and wondering what shi had become and what lay in store for hir now.

No.6828 - Link Reply Report 6828 2

Who wrote that story?

No.6847 - Link Reply Report 6847 2


No.6848 - Link Reply Report 6848 2

i want her inside me

No.6865 - Link Reply Report 6865 2

Great story except for the hir/shi thing =|

File: 0articaoffice.jpg -(469800 B, 1123x749)
469800 469800 No.7143 - Link Reply Report 7143 2

probably one of my favs

File: 0articapaw.png -(255169 B, 600x900)
255169 255169 No.7144 - Link Reply Report 7144 2
No.7306 - Link Reply Report 7306 2

Its amazing how many Herms their really are, compared to the same 'Popufur' herms that only get uploaded.

No.7572 - Link Reply Report 7572 2

I'd love to adopt this character as my own to really do some damage

File: h_1348010997527.artica_1343342497.duskfall_linneaartica2.png -(677180 B, 882x756)
677180 677180 No.7845 - Link Reply Report 7845 2
File: h_1348275747357.artica_artica_kint_small.jpg -(627355 B, 850x1100)
627355 627355 No.7864 - Link Reply Report 7864 2
File: 4942545@400-1292373987.jpg -(114664 B, 333x400)
114664 114664 No.8663 - Link Reply Report 8663 2
File: articacom.png -(565112 B, 900x720)
565112 565112 No.8724 - Link Reply Report 8724 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/weskers/
File: sethcore1.png -(660437 B, 1000x750)
660437 660437 No.8725 - Link Reply Report 8725 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/weskers/
No.8726 - Link Reply Report 8726 2

why is nothing showing uo when I try and bring up a thread?

No.8742 - Link Reply Report 8742 2

>>6138 Can someone explain how an Ooze gave her nipple piercings? It may be able alter her body, but I doubt Ooze monsters in caves just have rods and piercing equipment kicking around. Maybe they do, who knows?

File: ARTICA_MILITARY.jpg -(143938 B, 628x800)
143938 143938 No.8759 - Link Reply Report 8759 2
Source: Source

Enjoy this. /h barely gets any attention. Bit sad, honestly.

File: ARTICA_A.png -(604989 B, 1000x750)
604989 604989 No.8760 - Link Reply Report 8760 2
Source: Source

Have another.

No.8808 - Link Reply Report 8808 2

>>8760 that ones already on here. near the top of the page.

No.10383 - Link Reply Report 10383 2


File: h_1614385271709.hyattlen_artica_1.png -(1091181 B, 1000x758)
1091181 1091181 No.10426 - Link Reply Report 10426 2
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40773615/