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Pictures featuring dickgirls/herms/shemales. (unless it's /a/, /ah/, /toon/, or /c/ material)

Hyper material is now allowed again, provided hyper and non-hyper stuff is kept to SEPERATE threads.

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[-] [+] No.5227
File: 35580.jpg -(565391 B, 1200x1845)
565391 565391 No.5227 5227 1
Source: IDK

Anyone know where i can get more of this?

File: 35578.jpg -(257438 B, 1200x923)
257438 257438 No.5228 - Link Reply Report 5228 2

here's the other pic i have...

No.5234 - Link Reply Report 5234 2

>>5227 someone needs to find this PLEASE!!

No.5235 - Link Reply Report 5235 2

I think it was "Goldcat Empire" by Dandelion or something like that. Don't quote me on that though, I'm probably wrong. I don't think it was ever released, much less created. It was hyped up, then abandoned a year or so ago. I haven't heard anything about it since.

File: 35581.jpg -(912772 B, 953x1465)
912772 912772 No.5254 - Link Reply Report 5254 2
File: h_1296287433731.jpg -(2076856 B, 1429x2197)
2076856 2076856 No.5255 - Link Reply Report 5255 2
File: h_1296287470939.jpg -(1146466 B, 1524x1172)
1146466 1146466 No.5256 - Link Reply Report 5256 2
File: h_1296288266550.jpg -(134418 B, 1680x1529)
134418 134418 No.5257 - Link Reply Report 5257 2

...and that's all the herms he ever did as far as I know. The story a few years ago (I may be out of date here) goes that channers kept trolling him and poof, no more herms from him, ever. That could have been BS made up by channers, though.

This project is mostly found on the Internet under "Goldcat Empire" but yeah, not much came of it other than the first chapter of a comic called "Hazy Glowing: Legends of Goldcat Empire". You can look up most of the other stuff he did under the name "Sascha Schätzchen". To the best of my knowledge none of the other stuff is herm.

No.5266 - Link Reply Report 5266 2



Beg your pardon?

No.5268 - Link Reply Report 5268 2

>>5266 I'm sure it's a bit more innocent in the artist's native German.


No.5287 - Link Reply Report 5287 2

>>5257 what a moron. anyway that comic had no herm content yet some of these appear to be from a comic...

No.5294 - Link Reply Report 5294 2

>>5287 Yes, the artist can draw in a comic style and has drawn a couple of small-run published comics in German. That doesn't mean that the images are from a comic that was ever completed, much less released. These images are all that are known to exist.

File: 35580.jpg -(565391 B, 1200x1845)
565391 565391 No.6045 - Link Reply Report 6045 2
File: 58222.jpg -(537594 B, 960x738)
537594 537594 No.6477 - Link Reply Report 6477 2
Source: Google.com image search

First off. I was able to find a good collection of Goldcat Empire pictures on Google image search. Ever since I seen a theme for Goldcat Empire on here, likely a year or so ago, I've been able to easily find the same pictures I've always had on it. Secondly, there is actually one more page to this so-called comic, which I am providing. If you notice in the background of all the other ones, it's camera flashes and on this 5th one it looks like a crowd they were screwing in front of the entire time. Thirdly, it does look like they have and are doing more for Goldcat Empire.

No.7319 - Link Reply Report 7319 2
Source: 1