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Pictures featuring dickgirls/herms/shemales. (unless it's /a/, /ah/, /toon/, or /c/ material)

Hyper material is now allowed again, provided hyper and non-hyper stuff is kept to SEPERATE threads.

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[-] [+] No.5751
Herm on herm (inside one another) 
File: 1209666548strypenakomiskp5.jpg -(47260 B, 800x478)
47260 47260 No.5751 5751 1

I don't know if there are any out there, but does anyone have pictures of two herms doing each other? Preferably inside their vaginas but anal will be fine.
Also try to keep them semi realistic, no hyper please.

Pic unrelated

No.5772 - Link Reply Report 5772 2

ive always wanted to see something like this, and i did see one gay flash with two dogs penetrating each other.. i wonder what happened to that

No.5841 - Link Reply Report 5841 2

Is there nothing out there?

File: herraardy_dispari04.jpg -(348810 B, 1000x684)
348810 348810 No.5842 - Link Reply Report 5842 2

There! Now quit yer bitchin'!!

File: 04a6b24f3d0fd1b8d1ae9510316a3c0c.jpg -(156889 B, 800x581)
156889 156889 No.5843 - Link Reply Report 5843 2
File: 4da6b7921c0b8023a1e0649412a8ba92.jpg -(142946 B, 750x750)
142946 142946 No.5844 - Link Reply Report 5844 2
File: 7afc717990f7cea8b9456cd609b6e203.jpg -(111294 B, 584x800)
111294 111294 No.5846 - Link Reply Report 5846 2
File: 83c14905c309fa6fa59a008d9b5f9a3c.jpg -(86723 B, 685x800)
86723 86723 No.5847 - Link Reply Report 5847 2

Enjoy but a sample of my vast herm collection.

No.5859 - Link Reply Report 5859 2

>>5842 I believe he was looking for two herms simultaneously fucking eachother, not simply one fucking the other.

No.5860 - Link Reply Report 5860 2


Yes, that was what I was looking for and sorry, I'm a female.
Since there doesn't really seem to be any, I think I'll try drawing it.
Thank you to those who tried...

No.5868 - Link Reply Report 5868 2

What you're looking for is out there. I used have a couple of pics, but I can't find them. Good luck and good hunting.

No.5919 - Link Reply Report 5919 2

Thank you!

File: sok_and_kai.png -(2297416 B, 2000x2000)
2297416 2297416 No.5926 - Link Reply Report 5926 2

I guess I can share this picture I had commissioned by White-Devil.

No.5943 - Link Reply Report 5943 2

Does anyone know the source for this never seen this b4.

No.5953 - Link Reply Report 5953 2

facepalm Not only did he say the artist he also said "just commissioned" so it's no wonder you never saw it. In short IT'S NEW!

No.5954 - Link Reply Report 5954 2

oops miread that. he still said who made it

No.5955 - Link Reply Report 5955 2

Was browsing on a shitty mobile browser that doesn't always display text my bad.

File: H+__30.jpg -(28484 B, 600x450)
28484 28484 No.6262 - Link Reply Report 6262 2

I like this one a lot :3

File: DainKai.jpg -(488268 B, 1000x1000)
488268 488268 No.6275 - Link Reply Report 6275 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dainichi/
No.6285 - Link Reply Report 6285 2

The only ones that I have are on the DNP list so I'm sorry but I can't post them.

File: enstormy.jpg -(82183 B, 798x617)
82183 82183 No.6907 - Link Reply Report 6907 2
File: Hexcolor.jpg -(112717 B, 576x410)
112717 112717 No.6908 - Link Reply Report 6908 2


No.8057 - Link Reply Report 8057 2

I do have a pic that fits what the OP is looking for. The problem is, it's not furry in any way shape or form, should I post it anyway, or do I need to worry about being banned?

No.8058 - Link Reply Report 8058 2

Maybe post a link or something? Cuz yeah, it'd probably get taken down if you uploaded it but I'd definitely be interested in seeing it too haha.

File: h_1352747972851.rokemi_neferseries3.png -(329820 B, 990x765)
329820 329820 No.8059 - Link Reply Report 8059 2

If you say so, It's specifically a page from the comic "Reciprocal Corroboration" by the futa artist Nobody In Particular. There is only one page in it that fits what you're looking for though the page is here: g.e- hentai. org/ s/9c0680728a/39688-20 (remove the spaces)

The pic I uploaded is unrelated, it's just to stop f-chan from thinking I'm a spambot

File: h_1353522860489.vannypanny_1339346886.png -(344866 B, 734x894)
344866 344866 No.8094 - Link Reply Report 8094 2
No.8095 - Link Reply Report 8095 2

It's physically possible, if this makes for good reference: http://www.youporn.com/watch/115937/hermaphrodite-fuck-nl/?from=search_full&pos=1 (~8 minutes in)

So unimaginative artists, probably

No.8205 - Link Reply Report 8205 2

wholy fk thats hot, didnt know people that developed both ways existed

File: 8a1f84779631172714e6550eba13fd22.jpg -(1048082 B, 1280x1280)
1048082 1048082 No.8219 - Link Reply Report 8219 2
File: 307b083f9a8d3cc91b39d036651b0ecb.jpg -(444779 B, 716x850)
444779 444779 No.8220 - Link Reply Report 8220 2
File: 98994eb93d1ebc4d86bf3851f59d9805.jpg -(233025 B, 880x768)
233025 233025 No.8221 - Link Reply Report 8221 2
File: ca364adc7a180588ba8f1a37359566ad.jpg -(267215 B, 1200x1200)
267215 267215 No.8222 - Link Reply Report 8222 2
No.8394 - Link Reply Report 8394 2

Sorry to burst you kids' happy naive little bubbles, but that's totes fake. The few genuine cases of genuine hermaphroditism/intersexuality or clitormegaly that exist certainly don't result in an admirable-sized wang above a wholly feminine vulva. Any porn videos of that type are just actresses (of variable skill - these ones are moderately good, I came but I was laughing as I did) with prosthetics. Often not very-well attached ones, which is why you will generally see them otherwise-inexplicably hanging onto their wangs right at the base for much of the show, so that they don't fall off... again and again and again... as the combination of cheap adhesive and copious sweat makes for a not very solid combination.
The right-at-the-last-second sort-of-cumshot was likely just a little bit of ooblek that was pippetted down a hole in the middle of the strap-on just before the camera rolled and squeezed out by the actress... hence no three-foot-squirt moneyshot all over the partner's face. Never underestimate the power of editing.

File: 52f1a0dbc5e6670c190fef5ae00f5645.jpg -(549451 B, 800x1200)
549451 549451 No.8806 - Link Reply Report 8806 2

>>8394 Sorry to burst YOUR bubble, but we don't care. If we were here for the realism, we literally wouldn't be :)

We're here for the fantasy. Pic entirely related.

Also... when it comes to the animal kingdom, there is much evidence to support that Hermaphrodites exist. They can't exist in humans however, or not just in any human, because We're built to be much smaller, and as such it's harder to put such things in.

However, like I said... if we were here because we wrongly think that masturbation or atleast admiring of lovely explicit images has to be about realism, then this site literally wouldn't exist. Literally. Infact... 80% of the porn industry wouldn't either. All that would be left is homemade stuff, Pornstars wouldn't exist.

Realism? Realism's for chumps, I like things better with herms, nuclear laser sharks and every video game ever.

No.8807 - Link Reply Report 8807 2

That person was just replying to the other ones who thought it was real.. no need to be a jerk about it.

No.8809 - Link Reply Report 8809 2

>>8806 Is there seriously porn of nuclear lazer sharks? And yes, it has a 'z'. You don't say 'laSer', you say 'laZer'. I don't care what dictionaries say. They're wrong.

No.8810 - Link Reply Report 8810 2

Laser is spelled with an S you tard, this is because it is an acronym

>Amplification by the
>Emission of
File: 1006a02b243c25b1041a09d9c2726e11.jpg -(57054 B, 800x502)
57054 57054 No.8830 - Link Reply Report 8830 2

Shut up and post some copulating herms.

File: 307b083f9a8d3cc91b39d036651b0ecb.jpg -(444779 B, 716x850)
444779 444779 No.8831 - Link Reply Report 8831 2
File: 58759354140f705c3031ee0e3ef644bd.jpg -(685016 B, 800x800)
685016 685016 No.8832 - Link Reply Report 8832 2
File: aggrobadger_05-2906-taki.png -(1152709 B, 1600x1000)
1152709 1152709 No.8833 - Link Reply Report 8833 2
File: aldergames_urta_rosalin.png -(868829 B, 1125x822)
868829 868829 No.8835 - Link Reply Report 8835 2
File: alishka_ia48_silverdragon_shaded_flat.png -(625406 B, 800x678)
625406 625406 No.8836 - Link Reply Report 8836 2
File: alishka_ia49_silverdragon_shaded_flat.png -(488127 B, 900x529)
488127 488127 No.8837 - Link Reply Report 8837 2
File: alishka_ia50_silverdragon_shaded_flat.png -(640372 B, 700x862)
640372 640372 No.8838 - Link Reply Report 8838 2
File: 8c64e170926fd7106fb0dce05bf90272.jpg -(148348 B, 800x618)
148348 148348 No.8870 - Link Reply Report 8870 2
No.8951 - Link Reply Report 8951 2

Really? Out of all these images not a single one matching the artists request?

No.8976 - Link Reply Report 8976 2

>>8951 I meant the OP's request, obviously. And for anyone who doesn't understand that request, it wasn't for one herm fucking another herm, it was for both herms simultaneously penetrating each other.

Every pic in this thread is of one penetrating another, never both penetrating each other.

No.9001 - Link Reply Report 9001 2

I was responding to a couple of people who seemed convinced it was real, dipshit. It wasn't a comment on whether it was hot / fappable or not.

Honestly, it's like no-one round here is able to read some days.

Also, whilst some true hermaphrodites exist, it's mainly in smaller, simpler animals where a lot more of the body is given over to the reproductive system (so much for "can't fit it all in") and they're more widely distributed throughout the environment so they can count themselves lucky to actually find a mate... thus it's a better idea to end up with two sets of fertilised eggs rather than one, and, in a crisis situation, they can self fertilise.

There's very few examples of it in the whole of the vertebrate order, and basically nothing in mammalia, except where something close to it has gradually evolved for some reason (e.g. spotted hyenas). The way our reproductive tracts develop as foetuses just doesn't allow it (you do get a spectrum rather than a clearly defined either/or, but that doesn't automatically mean you can get "both") except in the one or two chance chimeras that might come along each year (thanks to just how many humans are on the planet now, the probability has increased), and the conflicting hormones in those cases mean it's unlikely either set is fully fertile, let alone both.

Most intersex individuals are in-betweens, like stopping a video of one sex morphing into another partway through.

HOWEVER, it doesn't mean we can't fantasise about it, draw the art, fap over it, yknow? Jeez...

File: raishi2.png -(274900 B, 620x876)
274900 274900 No.9122 - Link Reply Report 9122 2

Quit with the passive aggressive rants of boner killing.

File: h_1429587623113.venowolfe13_1394816364.iko_articajen.jpg -(175410 B, 1280x989)
175410 175410 No.9132 - Link Reply Report 9132 2
File: herm_artica.jpg -(298290 B, 686x800)
298290 298290 No.9137 - Link Reply Report 9137 2

This is the closest thing I have in my personal collection, but I know I have seen pics of them both penetrating at the same time. I will look.

File: H-050.jpg -(165652 B, 1280x885)
165652 165652 No.9243 - Link Reply Report 9243 2
File: UKQs24f.jpg -(131372 B, 850x742)
131372 131372 No.9792 - Link Reply Report 9792 2

Less arguing, more fapping

File: p9J7r1E.jpg -(158606 B, 2000x1146)
158606 158606 No.9793 - Link Reply Report 9793 2
File: furryfutaMBRhelpinghand_U18chan.jpg -(295646 B, 1153x895)
295646 295646 No.9833 - Link Reply Report 9833 2