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Pictures featuring dickgirls/herms/shemales. (unless it's /a/, /ah/, /toon/, or /c/ material)

Hyper material is now allowed again, provided hyper and non-hyper stuff is kept to SEPERATE threads.

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[-] [+] No.6475
Sergal Herms! 
File: ready-sergal-spooge.jpg -(65528 B, 694x694)
65528 65528 No.6475 6475 1

All your Sergal 'ladies'!
Bonus points for cumming!

File: dolphinKP6224.png -(630810 B, 783x1116)
630810 630810 No.6538 - Link Reply Report 6538 2
File: 0f7c70a5fe4671d80077b1c381a3f089.jpg -(89437 B, 800x621)
89437 89437 No.6789 - Link Reply Report 6789 2
File: 6675631@300-1318594245.jpg -(17675 B, 300x240)
17675 17675 No.6927 - Link Reply Report 6927 2
File: h_1327856263662.pherociouseso_gone_for_a_ride_[sample].jpg -(745795 B, 1137x1280)
745795 745795 No.6928 - Link Reply Report 6928 2
File: h_1327856336645.marian0_de__tamanithefox_comission0001[1].jpg -(538377 B, 1693x2311)
538377 538377 No.6929 - Link Reply Report 6929 2
File: h_1327856405961.phsuke_tamaticommission_fa.jpg -(701420 B, 1200x1114)
701420 701420 No.6930 - Link Reply Report 6930 2
File: h_1327856461404.crystal-for-ever_wing-it-tamatitheninetailedfox-2cum.jpg -(988424 B, 1280x1280)
988424 988424 No.6931 - Link Reply Report 6931 2
No.6932 - Link Reply Report 6932 2

I seen that inverted sergal there before on SL and she is hot as hell. Her name is Mauricio Renfort on Second Life client chat. Gotta warn ya, she loves giving lots of friendly nom noms on ears X3.

No.6933 - Link Reply Report 6933 2

Agree dude, One of th best herm sergals around. The crystal-for-ever pic shes a herm if those are woundering cause of her body angle.

File: cIlCW.jpg -(156019 B, 900x1218)
156019 156019 No.6986 - Link Reply Report 6986 2
File: h_1330880950857.arsis_1329711072.ladysnakebite_tamatitheninetailedfox_post02.jpg -(422248 B, 850x657)
422248 422248 No.7123 - Link Reply Report 7123 2
No.7148 - Link Reply Report 7148 2


But how well does she react to people trying to chat with her?

No.7149 - Link Reply Report 7149 2

I seen her before on Second Life. Shes a cool person to talk to. Not like most other sergals who rape and vore. shes not into that odd stuff. Gotta admit, shes a real hotty.

No.7156 - Link Reply Report 7156 2


So long as you keep her interested in you. She seems to have short-attention span syndrome and new-shiney syndrome. She will talk to you if youre new and shiney (never met you before and you hit her buttons) or if you hold her interest (whatever she's into). And I'm not talking about sex stuff either, just general, "Hi how's things going" kinda stuff. Failing either you get treated like a can of beans.

No.7163 - Link Reply Report 7163 2

To keep her attention, she does love to talk about sports cause she has a passion for racing.

No.7164 - Link Reply Report 7164 2

Why bother pretending to be these peoples' friend just to typefuck them in the first place? If they're not interesting enough to talk to, or they're too stuck up to converse with you and 'lose interest', then tell em' to fuck off.

No.7185 - Link Reply Report 7185 2

Only You'll say that :P, but thats your opinion.

No.7200 - Link Reply Report 7200 2

i agree, find someone who is interesting to talk to because they're interesting, not because of their... talents, or because of their... cake

No.7201 - Link Reply Report 7201 2

>>7200 I'm not one for cake anyway.
Just talk to people who YOU think are cool. I've talked to people who lots of other people said were "cool," but I, personally, didn't like them one bit.

File: IMAG0037.jpg -(1216902 B, 1952x3264)
1216902 1216902 No.7571 - Link Reply Report 7571 2
File: candi.jpg -(173762 B, 1024x663)
173762 173762 No.8486 - Link Reply Report 8486 2

Candi Kayne - (C) PuzzleTheCheetah - Uploaded with permission.

File: h_1374699731873.neuclearduck_pandoraandcandicom.jpg -(113201 B, 1024x768)
113201 113201 No.8487 - Link Reply Report 8487 2

Candi Kayne - (C) PuzzleTheCheetah
Pandora - (c) Jezzabelleratty