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[-] [+] No.6535
Flash Games Flash 
File: Nimin_Fantasy_Flash_v0.92.swf -(395404 B, 0x0)
No.6535 6535 1

Well it looks like the last one already went down. Well, lets start this one off with (almost) everyone's favorite: Nimin. Newest version too.

No.6537 - Link Reply Report 6537 2

anyone have the next about jamie and fennec girl?

No.6558 - Link Reply Report 6558 2

I hate how I can't use my save files from previous versions...

No.6560 - Link Reply Report 6560 2

I've learned how to give birth to lizard eggs
1:Go to Oviasis
2:Keep looking though town untill you found a lizard orgy (HINT:Its sudjested to have more than one vagina)
I like this new feature

No.6568 - Link Reply Report 6568 2

Oh sweet jesus new Nimin!

Must search for unnamed text adventure, you guys know, the really long one about mutations and the like that was completely text based? =D

No.6569 - Link Reply Report 6569 2

I think that goes by Corruption of Champions now. I dunno, they're hard to keep track of though.

File: coc.swf -(1201784 B, 0x0)
No.6570 - Link Reply Report 6570 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6701163

alright heres your CoC or corruption of champions. if you want to keep an eye on it as its updated its made by Fenoxo on Furaffinity

No.6572 - Link Reply Report 6572 2

Might also have been Flexible Survival. Of course, all this is in the Text Games thread in /s/, anyway.

No.6597 - Link Reply Report 6597 2

Not to sound pushy, or anything, but can we have some flash that's /not/ Nimin? I must say I like my visual stimuli. :3

No.6623 - Link Reply Report 6623 2

There once was a terrible and unfinished text flash game, when the player character fighted againsta a demon or an imp. The combat didn't work and the demon could be brought to negative digits, but there was also a "Mutate" button, which produced extra heads, earcocks, mouths, tonguecocks, arms, armcocks, legs, legcocks, tentacles, torsos, et cetera.

Does anyone remember?

No.6624 - Link Reply Report 6624 2


It is called Legends of Belial, because it was inspired by Demonman's work.

File: adventure1.3.swf -(269744 B, 0x0)
No.6635 - Link Reply Report 6635 2


Here you go.

No.6636 - Link Reply Report 6636 2

Any actual flash that isnt a text... this is lame

No.6637 - Link Reply Report 6637 2

You don't happen to know where that is from, do you ?

No.6638 - Link Reply Report 6638 2

Thanks, dude.

You are mutated beyond all recognition of your former self. Your body is covered with a fine Blonde fur.
You have 4 seperate upper torsos with each torso extended in to 5 seperate sections, each torso section has 8 arms that have mutated into sinuous cock tentacles, oozing cum.
You have 1000 gargantuan breasts on your upper torsos, each torso has 5 rows of 5 on the front and 5 rows of 5 on the back. Each breast has 5 nipple cocks.
You have 5 vaginas on each of your upper torsos, pulsating and leaking fluid on to your chests.
You have 4 cocktentacless growing out of your shoulder blades on each torso that thrash back and forth.
Your lower body has been extended with 9 additional sections. You have 80 legs with 8 per section. Your legs mutated into muscular cock tentacles, tipped with enormous purple heads.
Nestled in the groinal regions of each abdomen there are 13 enormous metre long cocks 7 huge, flared-end, horse-like cocks 12 writhing cock tentacles 8 cavernous pulsating cunts.
You also have 2 additional mouths crammed into each genital region.
You have 72 gargantuan breasts on your lower body sections, each abdomen has 4 rows of 2 breasts hanging down with 5 long thick teats on each breast.
Each lower section also has 8 arms that have mutated into sinuous cock tentacles, oozing cum.
Protruding from the end of your spine are 8 additional heads that you can move at will.
You have 32 individual heads.
You have 6 heads on each of your upper torsos 8 heads on long tails protruding from the base of your spine
Each head has 8 eyes, 4 mouths with 3 protruding cock tongues in each.
Each head also has 8 additional cocks growing from it and 2 additional vaginal openings.

You have 32 seperate heads.
You have 0 arms.
You have 0 legs.
You have 212 mouths.
You have 256 eyes.
You have 6736 cocks.
You have 244 vaginas.
You have 456 individual tentacles.

Gonna commision the shit out of this description

No.6643 - Link Reply Report 6643 2


Sorry, I don't know where it was from originally, that was just a copy I had saved off of fchan a while ago.

No.6656 - Link Reply Report 6656 2

There's also this incomplete executable game

No.6668 - Link Reply Report 6668 2

Does anyone happen to know what Mentality effects on Nimin? I've been wondering that for a while.

No.6680 - Link Reply Report 6680 2

legends_of_belial yahoo group made by demon-man.

His artwork is almost entirely composed of herms, but they're all quite odd.

No.6698 - Link Reply Report 6698 2

It means how you view yourself. I have found, that if you have a low mentality then you will masturbate in public.

No.6720 - Link Reply Report 6720 2

I must agree with you, i wants me some visual stimuli

No.6724 - Link Reply Report 6724 2

for furry flash games just go to flashchan.ru, there hundreds if not thousands

No.6726 - Link Reply Report 6726 2

Russian makes my head spin... if only because i can actually read some small amount

File: misticfox.swf -(10061380 B, 0x0)
No.6750 - Link Reply Report 6750 2
Source: h0rs3

Because this thread actually /does/ need some flash.

No.6753 - Link Reply Report 6753 2


What site is that from? I remember one similar to that, only with two male foxes...

No.6760 - Link Reply Report 6760 2


Here, he has a shitload more of such animations

No.6802 - Link Reply Report 6802 2

Just one thing about Nimen... why god why did you have to make BOTH felin and Lupan have 6 breasts? I miss lupan only having 2.

No.6803 - Link Reply Report 6803 2

Why did you make it so both Lupan and Felin have 6 breasts? I miss only having 2 as a lupan.

No.6831 - Link Reply Report 6831 2

on Nimin v0.92 how do i get the gryphon in the lizen place to talk to me?

No.6832 - Link Reply Report 6832 2

nvm i figured it out, in order to get the herm gryphon to do anything with you, you need 1x lon pendent (because its easier to get then the cats) and 1x pheramone potion. in order to get the potion take 5 lizen eggs to the old wolf at the lake he will give you the alchemy formula to make the potion, then aquire the egg edu from the shop in oviasis and use it with eggs till you get one with hearts then mix it with a red mush from the cave near the horse town and a trinket found in the sand of the beach. if this helps you good, if not then ignore it =)

No.6834 - Link Reply Report 6834 2

How do you make a cum vial?

No.6857 - Link Reply Report 6857 2

get the penis pump from the horse town shop then use it while masterbating, bigger testicals help

No.6858 - Link Reply Report 6858 2

what is this from? I love it! is there a dev blog or something?

No.6866 - Link Reply Report 6866 2

So, I discovered that if you eat enough of the "EAT ME" cakes in the old cave near Firmshaft, you can grow to ridiculous heights quickly. If you do this enough and then drink a "DRINK ME" vial, you have the chance of fucking a bunny person, which can get you the kinky carrot. My question, how do you get bunny offspring? Does anyone know?

No.6868 - Link Reply Report 6868 2

Be a female and get fucked by a bunnyguy. Same as anything else.

No.6870 - Link Reply Report 6870 2

I seen an animation woth an pink dragoness.
ist some time in the past.
can anybody post this?

No.6875 - Link Reply Report 6875 2

is this a text game? or is my old (AKA, better) browser not compatible?

No.6900 - Link Reply Report 6900 2

Where can I find/obtain the Ion pendant? I only get dry humping with the egg :(

No.6902 - Link Reply Report 6902 2


No, it's a text game.


If you go to the human town and repeatedly explore the dairy farm.
I think it helps if you swallow the free Dair-E pills you get, but when you get the scene where you see Malon milking herself, Assist her.
Keep doing this untill she stops you when you're leaving. Choose the "Moo" option and you get the Lon pendant (and you get to bang her pretty much whenever you see her if you'd like)

File: h_1330821664922.demonroyal_panda_anna_animation_loop.swf -(4660956 B, 0x0)
No.7115 - Link Reply Report 7115 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3437115/
File: h_1330821800503.demonroyal_rebecca.swf -(5119856 B, 0x0)
No.7116 - Link Reply Report 7116 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5351378/
File: h_1330822029235.demonroyal_frizzy_loves_squeek_s_gym_shorts.swf -(4414729 B, 0x0)
No.7117 - Link Reply Report 7117 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5386364/
No.7184 - Link Reply Report 7184 2

so whens the next nimin coming out?

No.7261 - Link Reply Report 7261 2

want to have sex with Lila the leaky cat girl from NIMIN? simple, when she approaches you, click on lick and sexually. just keep milking her and stuff until sex shows up

No.7270 - Link Reply Report 7270 2

Saw a flash a while ago where you start out with a gender-neutral doberman (i think) and you select cards to add male/female/herm attributes. Anyone have it?

File: CoC-0.6.0.swf -(1889156 B, 0x0)
No.7271 - Link Reply Report 7271 2

Latest Corruption of Champions (0.6.0 I think)

No.7311 - Link Reply Report 7311 2

Anyone know what to give to amily as a present ? because i have no idea

No.7312 - Link Reply Report 7312 2

Go to fenoxo.com (where the latest version always is, by the way) and check the wiki if you want spoilers.

File: xadera_nimin_fetish_fantasy_v0.94.swf -(444898 B, 0x0)
No.7314 - Link Reply Report 7314 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7870423/

Newest Nimin v0.94j is out.

No.7318 - Link Reply Report 7318 2

you can give her a purified incubi draft to tern her into a herm
most of the colord eggs for diffrent effects

No.7346 - Link Reply Report 7346 2

For the latest CoC go to http://fenoxo.com/

No.7352 - Link Reply Report 7352 2

where im on a ps3 so i might not see it

No.7367 - Link Reply Report 7367 2

Where on the site i just cant find it :*(

No.7368 - Link Reply Report 7368 2

>>7367 You kidding? Just click on play!

No.7369 - Link Reply Report 7369 2

Ps3 don't like show stuff most of the time

No.7373 - Link Reply Report 7373 2

Cant find the big play button anywhere T.T

File: Capture-1.jpg -(240703 B, 1382x784)
240703 240703 No.7375 - Link Reply Report 7375 2

>>7373 I think you need glasses, kind sir.

No.7376 - Link Reply Report 7376 2

The ps3 wont show that only Home and forum

No.7405 - Link Reply Report 7405 2


No.7422 - Link Reply Report 7422 2




File: 370198811b9c88450b4ec8cf2b01bc90.swf -(5979768 B, 0x0)
No.7587 - Link Reply Report 7587 2

Veronica most sexy herm/shemale furry ever IMO

we need more of her.

No.7658 - Link Reply Report 7658 2

how do i interact with the hyena in CoC and get him/her to be there in the first place?

No.7660 - Link Reply Report 7660 2


Haven't played this in a while, but you have to go to the Gym in Tel'Aldre and youll meet her there somehow. Either by chance or after showers, i forget.

No.7667 - Link Reply Report 7667 2

I dont mean to be a pain in the butt, but how the hell do I skip the beginning credits?

No.7668 - Link Reply Report 7668 2

this might help all of you who play CoC
to find the information you seek see left side of window under Navigation

No.7738 - Link Reply Report 7738 2

i don't have a furafinity account. is there a new nimin out yet?

File: AishaLove_sucks_hir_self_off.swf -(1131677 B, 0x0)
No.7928 - Link Reply Report 7928 2

something new for this thread. Enjoy

File: ed842fe75ba9d0f1712f95405f26fa3c.swf -(60393 B, 0x0)
No.7935 - Link Reply Report 7935 2


you mean this one??

No.7937 - Link Reply Report 7937 2

>>7935 Where did you find that?

File: cards.swf -(43752 B, 0x0)
No.7938 - Link Reply Report 7938 2

the trick version

File: _UNOPT__rainbow-dash_animated_vagina_trixie_penis_anus_balls_futa_artist-buttercupsaiyan.gif -(1189049 B, 583x500)
1189049 1189049 No.8144 - Link Reply Report 8144 2
No.8149 - Link Reply Report 8149 2

>>8148 each one is a different animation

No.8446 - Link Reply Report 8446 2

MLP = /toon/ regardless.

File: MalexShemale_by_Horse.swf -(8522730 B, 0x0)
No.8455 - Link Reply Report 8455 2

post some new stuff folks

No.8456 - Link Reply Report 8456 2

Then why did you post this?

File: Butterfly_fuck.swf -(5702205 B, 0x0)
No.8539 - Link Reply Report 8539 2

you got these two hot shemale bitches fucking.

File: SkyIcan1.swf -(9323713 B, 0x0)
No.8544 - Link Reply Report 8544 2
No.8568 - Link Reply Report 8568 2


That's shemale on male, and my freaking god is that hawt... so jealous, I wish someone would give my ass that attention...

File: Woo_Hoo_shake_it_baby.swf -(225447 B, 0x0)
No.8589 - Link Reply Report 8589 2

such a awesome flash of Purgy

No.8590 - Link Reply Report 8590 2

Source of the Purgy flash please ^.=.^

No.8619 - Link Reply Report 8619 2

This... this is fucking amazing. Do you have a source?

No.8620 - Link Reply Report 8620 2

Looks like a h0rs3 flash to me.

File: purgy.swf -(1012423 B, 0x0)
No.8902 - Link Reply Report 8902 2
Source: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/ClassX/202907/Commission-Purgaplow
No.8914 - Link Reply Report 8914 2

tou house of debauchery? i liked that game

No.8915 - Link Reply Report 8915 2
Source: fchan.us/src/m_1394496719548_sarvak_houseofdebauchery.swf

>>8914 forgot to link the game

No.9000 - Link Reply Report 9000 2

who is the animator that does these?

No.9005 - Link Reply Report 9005 2

good triple

No.9006 - Link Reply Report 9006 2



Or some combination of that with actual letters

No.9017 - Link Reply Report 9017 2

Anyone have a download like for Nimin and all these others?

No.9038 - Link Reply Report 9038 2

>>9000 Sauce is h0rs3 on FurAffinity
>>9017 Nimin Fetish Fantasy is by Xadera on FurAffinity
Corruption of Champions and Trials in Tainted Space are from fenoxo.com

No.9133 - Link Reply Report 9133 2

Anyone got the one with the fox herm getting milked in the barn?

No.9144 - Link Reply Report 9144 2

I could never understand the concept of text-based sex games. Who would want to read while they're pawing off lol?

No.9146 - Link Reply Report 9146 2


Technically we do not "see" anything. Our brain interprets electrical signals from our eyes and gives our brain "vision" (even though we don't really have a concept of what things actually look like anyway, just a vague understanding of them). Since we have an imagination, we can simulate a visual experience with words.

No.9147 - Link Reply Report 9147 2

However... I feel that TiTS has a little too much text... with CoC and Nimin, it was pretty cut-to-the-chase, while still holding some semblence of a story. I can dig that, but I'm not signing up for reading a novel. I'd have to agree with >>9144 in this instance.

File: besped_milk_me__.swf -(213649 B, 0x0)
No.9162 - Link Reply Report 9162 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4742421/

>>9133 here it is.

File: h_1449018498167.maikasuke_ych10.swf -(9540089 B, 0x0)
No.9425 - Link Reply Report 9425 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18394259/
File: h_1449042800582.maikasuke_ych10.gif -(2394858 B, 887x541)
2394858 2394858 No.9426 - Link Reply Report 9426 2
Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=979504
File: underworld-r11-public.swf -(690557 B, 0x0)
No.9448 - Link Reply Report 9448 2
Source: http://skycorp.global

A lot of the scenes in Underworld can be played as a herm. For instance, if you wear the cock ring while also wearing the dragon queen collar, you'll become an egg laying dragon herm. It can make some things more difficult though. Warning that the whole game isn't free, but the public builds are (with a new one due out soon).

File: h_1460612968000.jasonafex_i_don_t_think_it_fits.swf -(6682834 B, 0x0)
No.10001 - Link Reply Report 10001 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19676007/

• Mouse: Masturbate
• Left Click/Space: Thrust
• Sidebar: Additional controls

No.10207 - Link Reply Report 10207 2


oh how I love mitsu a lot

File: mittsies_-_kishi.swf -(327427 B, 0x0)
No.10208 - Link Reply Report 10208 2

there was this

No.10209 - Link Reply Report 10209 2

You mean Shemale and Femboy xD Ones a boy you hack, check the artists page!

File: d163e5acf19fef98905b5c59f8d9adb5__1.swf -(609867 B, 0x0)
No.10570 - Link Reply Report 10570 2
File: night-in-the-woods-video-game-art-furry-fandom-shemale-fuck-young-boy-1bc95644efde35449f23ff6c74fa28d8.png -(276913 B, 680x1208)
276913 276913 No.10616 - Link Reply Report 10616 2