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Pictures featuring dickgirls/herms/shemales. (unless it's /a/, /ah/, /toon/, or /c/ material)

Hyper material is now allowed again, provided hyper and non-hyper stuff is kept to SEPERATE threads.

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A little background. 
File: Dark_Nek0gami__lgd.jpg -(237304 B, 792x792)
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Source: Dark Nek0gami

I found this on LGD 00 "Freya" . Living Gasm Drive Model 00 Prototype "Freya"
Project Basis: Nostic AI
Frame: Living-Machine psudeocycle Advanced Doll


Upon ordering a LGD model, you will pick it's skin colors from any imaginable array, among with a multitude of it's main functional 'devices'.

[ First Run Prototype Features: ]

using the same muscles in a normal tongue to extend and retract, the tongue on the LGD can extend to a full length shaft, fully capable of ejaculation.

Residing inside the LGD's Snakewomb, the Snakeshaft parts the vagina-like labia, grinding past it's own clit. The snake itself is only semi-sentient, it's actions dictated by the LGD itself. With more facial muscles than a real snake, the shaft can exhibit a wide range of emotions, and is perfectly suited for giving oral sex. It's tongue can retract into it's vent for ejaculation or penetration. The skeletal structure in the snake is extremely flexable, allowing for ease of entry should the snake be used for penetration. However, to ejaculate, the snake must open it's mouth, making for an interesting knot-like feeling.

[FirstThrustâ„¢ Absorbant Skin]
To counter the always frustrating no-friction feeling of too much lubrication, the LGD's inner walls have the ability to absorb it's own fluids manually- making for the perfect penetration, each time!

[Helper Tentacles]
Standard Helpers are not capable of ejaculations of any kind, but are mearly acting as another set of limbs for a WIDE variety of situations.

When push comes to shove, the Cumtail is the answer. Standardly sleek, the tail has dozens of muscles along its' shaft capable of inflating like a knot or ridges, making it a morphable sextoy for any occasion.

As no extra cost from the default, the LGD can be equiped with an array of flavored glands to produce ejaculations at any taste spectrum.

Warm, soft, and full of milk producing centers that can be a plethera of flavors (see attached form for listings)

(Vagina Penis Anus)
Located under the lemon sized balls, is a standard AlwaysTight â„¢ vagina, the Snakeshaft can retract and extend a size-variable penis, and while the function is irrelivant, an anal cavity is present as well.

When it comes to looking into the eye of your lover, the choice is endless- any eye color and shape combination is possible

The LGD's central bioprocessor has benevolance hardwired into it's instincts higher than self preservation. For those that never had a virgin before, it's hymen is rebuildable thanks to it's nanofiliment skin that can rapidly rebuild itself

No.8827 - Link Reply Report 8827 2

I didn't post this. Why is it here?

No.8828 - Link Reply Report 8828 2


Because somebody on the internet decided to post it two years ago using the same made up name that you happen to? As much as we all enjoy pointless necroposts...

No.8829 - Link Reply Report 8829 2

But how did it pop back up to the top? This was #2 on the list when I saw it.

No.8842 - Link Reply Report 8842 2

Reading the text gave me a boner

No.8866 - Link Reply Report 8866 2

Hmmm, I was hoping there would be more characters described or catalogs for 'sale'