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Pictures featuring dickgirls/herms/shemales. (unless it's /a/, /ah/, /toon/, or /c/ material)

Hyper material is now allowed again, provided hyper and non-hyper stuff is kept to SEPERATE threads.

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[-] [+] No.8925
The FIRST pic you ever came to Flash 
File: normal__3d0f10b707452f9386e113c14eb68501_h_12071642.png.jpg -(37136 B, 600x600)
37136 37136 No.8925 8925 1

We have the last pic you came to but what was the first furry herm pic you came to, what converted you to these gloriously double blessed beauteous herms...at least the last you can remeber anyways.

For my it was hir, right here something about this pic which I found while searching for some female furry porn, something just pulled me in I couldn't stop staring and by the time I looked away I had came 3 times and was hooked.

At first I thought I might be gay but after much gay porn watching and even a explority session with a gay friend of mine I determined that didn't turn me on, only herms do it for me, there's something about a beautiful girl with glorious member that makes me want hir, need hir

In short girls are great, herms are better but guys still aren't my thing and I long for the day I can find a herm to mate with. So show me what converted you :)

File: h_1413117164346.jpg -(132837 B, 1280x886)
132837 132837 No.8926 - Link Reply Report 8926 2

At least your dream is achievable, thus pic had me fingering myself for what felt like forever, I mean to have a cock in my pussy and my ass at the same time would be such a dream come true.

No.8931 - Link Reply Report 8931 2

>>8926 You know they sell harnesses for men so they can "double up." My wife and I use one all the time.

No.8932 - Link Reply Report 8932 2

my dream is to find a girl like you.

No.8933 - Link Reply Report 8933 2


I'd be down to chat if your a girl or herm I'm not into guys sorry. (I prefer herms obviously :P)

No.8934 - Link Reply Report 8934 2

well that's too bad you don't like guys.
I could try really hard to be a herm.

No.8935 - Link Reply Report 8935 2

>>8932 finding a slut ain't hard

No.8936 - Link Reply Report 8936 2

I mean I don't really want a slut. Just want a cute girl who is as honey as me.

File: scan0001.jpg -(1412181 B, 1700x2338)
1412181 1412181 No.8937 - Link Reply Report 8937 2

Well to get things back on track.
If anyone knows the artist please let me know. I've had this picture for almost a decade.

File: 594be9dfc41a5378eb6a503db0ef393a_u18chan.jpg -(201072 B, 500x667)
201072 201072 No.8938 - Link Reply Report 8938 2

So basically what OP is saying is that she wants to get it on with a transgender. Or intersex? Sadly the latter is not so common. Transwomen tend to be easier to find, Just, err, speaking as one anyhow. Though I suppose after only six months on hormones I don't quite have the tits to be anyone's ideal fantasy...yet.

At first I thought it was kind of weird how some guys/girls are so into transtypes, to the point of fetishizing. Then... I started to be flattered. I figure, hey, it's a step-up from being completely hated and reviled. That said I can't wait until the 1.5 year and eventual 3 year of my transition when I actually have my female business going on. Oh--I guess it's fair mentioning I'll be forever non-op.

Ontopic, I wish Cherri would get back to her roots on her more transcentric stuff. I mean okay yeah, tf porn is cool, but her later stuff has been pretty out there.

No.8940 - Link Reply Report 8940 2


To clarify I (The OP) am Male the 2nd poster (the dual dick lover) is female :)

No.8941 - Link Reply Report 8941 2


Oh and I like that breathing out bit of that pic it looks cool :)

No.8942 - Link Reply Report 8942 2

Oh and thank you for sharing :)

File: Ychan_-h-_Fav_herm2.jpg -(103766 B, 827x593)
103766 103766 No.8943 - Link Reply Report 8943 2

Oh shi--alright ha. Fair enough! Man, I will -always- contend that Anon-posting is just too much trouble for me. I knew there was a reason why I didn't comment on chans that often.

But no problem on talking! I'll talk all day about shit but I'm not sure who all would listen, haha.

Unrelated, but I should just do a big dump of all my herm/trans art or whatever. I got a decent amount of it chillun on the harddrive. Just, yannoy lazy. And I'm not sure what would be duplicates already posted on here and the likes--though to be fair I downloaded them pretty much everywhere else BUT here.

But yadda yadda. Girls with dicks. Guys with tits. Herms shemales transgirls or whateva. Since OP don't mind me sharing. Used to I thought it was weird that I was attracted to transtypes and wanted to transition, but then I figured... shit, I'm attracted to cis guys and gals too. I'm just a dontgiveafucksexual who should been born a woman. So hey, while I'm born in the wrong body and taking medicine to get better--why not use the built-on strap-on I was born with? Unless science like, jumps the shark and goes full nelson and allows me to have a baby maker that can put out said babies, I'm content to keep what parts I have. I mean hell, if a cock doesn't define me as a man, why would it un-define me as a woman? That's my logic.

I guess I should just consider myself lucky I'm not body-dysphoric to the point where the thought of my penis doesn't make me depressed and sexually-cold. Just knowing I'll be able to pass as woman one day in the future makes me a whole lot happier. Also, more sexual, since before I had this constant shame/guilt complex about my gender and sex. So while some transgirls enjoy the libido-numbing effects of estro, which I admit I can feel, my mental libido has shot through the roof and I'm loving sex better than ever. Translife is weird, but also fantastic.

Not sure why I feel like sharing all this, to be honest. Probably cause my family thinks I'm crazy and mentally ill, which means I don't ever get to talk about it. Which is hard to deal with. I guess that's the only downside of all this. I know this is the right choice for me, but they think I need all kinds of different help. My only reaction is, "Well, you all are going to chose your involvement in my life to come." But as I'm currently depending on them (hopefully not for long) for a place to stay, it's disheartening to hear them talk at night about how I need "severe psychiatric help".

I'm just like, mutha-fuckas. Can y'all honestly not see that this -is- my psychiatric help? I was all happy and peppy the other day and I was asked if I was drunk or stoned. It's like, shit, I've got my ninety-day tag coming up in a week. I'm just happy cause things are finally going may way. Damn.

Alright, so I'm gonna shut the fuck up now and let ya get back to the porn. Someone mentioned herm/transtypes in real life, so here's one in-progress giving you a slight slice of life. And I'm not going to lie--it gets lonely out here in bodunk nowhere without anyone to talk to about this stuff. I'm a simple country girl. And so many of the other transgirls seem so self-centered and....cold, almost. No one seems to want to talk. Like, they don't want to hear my experience unless it's EXACTLY like theirs, or something weird. Or they're so far along in their transition they're just done talking about it in all aspects. So I guess I latch onto the few chances I do get to talk about it.

But ah---I'm gonna quit being a whiny bitch now. Here, have another oldie. I don't mean to be a fucking drag or anything. It is what it is, yanno?

File: 76f1a826a3d3e156cc4d18ec93c771cf.jpg -(93368 B, 800x635)
93368 93368 No.8944 - Link Reply Report 8944 2


Heh no worries, I liked "hearing/reading" that sometimes people don't understand...I'm lucky my parents are hyper understanding I mean they don't know I'm into furs, herms and other stuff but only because thats not exactly X-mas Dinner conversation but they do know I'm probably slightly insane in general and despite them being religious they have no issue with me being "Neutral/Undecided"

I've seen the other side of the coin since I do have friends with some pretty...well not bad just let's say have old fashioned views and don;t understand their "alternative lifestyles" (trying to be nice here lol)

As for sex I'm fairly laid back about it, my friends sometimes jokingly call me a man hor but I honestly just see it as another activity I enjoy to do with someone I love...mind you this thing happens with one person ussually since I prefer monogamous relationships although I have be in 3somes before since when not in a "relationship" I'm totally down to "play".

Note: Sex is a general term, to be honest I have more fun with so-called "foreplay" actual intercourse is just one of the tools in the arsenal that is sexual activities :)

One thing that people find odd with me Is I really stopped caring about age a LONG time ago, like in high school...ever since I started DMing for tabletop games I've made friends anywhere from 16 - 40 (I'm 28)

Note: Obviously sex wise I'd never do anything with a minor but I've been with both a 19 year old and a 36 year old I'm just saying people are people regardless of sex, creed, beliefs etc....I don't really care...just don't be a jerk (obviously I have type(s) everyone does)

SO uh yeah inshort feel free to rant, through up a relevant picture each time (since you have a collection) and i dont think it will bother people

No.8945 - Link Reply Report 8945 2

I'll go by this for now :D

No.8946 - Link Reply Report 8946 2


Oh and no worries about being wrong about my gender it's not like I announced it and hell I've pretended to be a girl online once or twice just for fun.

Actually it was an interesting experiment to how people's reactions to what I say and do (I didn't change my speaking/typing style at all) changed when they assumed I was female.

Tis one of my oddities I love to analyze things and see how things (living or man-made) react, I would never be cruel of course I just like to know things lol

Also I would never touch a person without permission either (unless i knew the person in which case I've already learned their personal limits)

File: image.jpg -(142072 B, 772x826)
142072 142072 No.8948 - Link Reply Report 8948 2

Saw this back in 2008. I had just gotten into furry art. Came across this, and instantly preferred herms/dickgirls. Also have been partial to cows and horses since this too,

While I do prefer the 'dickgirl' iuess you would call it? (Cock and balls + tits, feminine figure.) I still love this one today. And still one of my favs,

No.8949 - Link Reply Report 8949 2


Well I mean----in real life, most prefer "Transgender".
I know a few who call and refer to themselves as a "dickgirl" or a "shemale". Traditionally, though, those are derogatory terms. It's kind of like the evolution of the word 'nigga'. Some black people find it still yet offensive, some don't care about referring to themselves as such at all. Really--it's in the connotation.

No.8991 - Link Reply Report 8991 2

That's a hell of an ask given that it would have been probably 15+ years and several hard drives ago, and probably came to me on a floppy disc or viewed on a newsgroup...

I wonder if I should get out the old backup CDs and take up the challenge?

File: ab6cdd094fc4af4529b57fc852332b08.jpg -(131298 B, 444x800)
131298 131298 No.9123 - Link Reply Report 9123 2

No idea, prolly something on limewire.

However I do remember the first furry pic but I can't seem to find it! It was actually a series of pictures like a mini comic. How I remember it... There's a female in a hot-spring when a male sneaks up on her. She was either chubby or half way threw pregnancy. I don't remember any speech until the end when he cums she says "I hate you" and he responds "No you don't"... or something like that. (I seem to recall the characters were partially bioluminescent.)

Hell if someone can find it that would be amazing. However this would pic would be my 1st furry Herm.

File: Splort.jpg -(83730 B, 640x768)
83730 83730 No.9126 - Link Reply Report 9126 2


Do it, for history sake!

Speaking of history this was one of the first I saw, on KaZaa of all places.

File: fey-tas_99b071.jpg -(217535 B, 902x800)
217535 217535 No.9130 - Link Reply Report 9130 2
Source: http://fur.bz/juice/index.html

First one that got me interested was most likely something by Roy D. Pounds II or Bernard Doove, both of which are pretty old school and are DNP. Predates FurAffinity by a few years.

Instead, here's the first I can remember that is not DNP. I think it's also one of the first one of fairly high quality. Don't remember how I stumbled upon this artist's website, though this is the only herm pic on his site. Not much there, but what is there is pretty high quality. Revel in this relic of the early 2000's and the age of furry web rings.

That eventually led me to TransFur, an art site dedicated to transformation art. That eventually led me to the Naga's Den., though up to that point it had been pretty light on herms; I was a bit more mesmerized by multi-tit. Somewhere along the way I ended up at Doug Winger's VCLart page and that got me onto hyper, and from there I ended up on Macrophile, then the Hyperfurs Yahoo! group, and one other site I can't remember that doesn't exist anymore. Chessia and Dingo's websites which I believe were hosted by Jonsey Bunny were in there somewhere too, all before FurAffinity.

File: FourFloored.jpg -(111476 B, 640x768)
111476 111476 No.9148 - Link Reply Report 9148 2

This one right here. I'm a sucker for multi.

File: Billy-Jean.jpg -(64376 B, 245x713)
64376 64376 No.9934 - Link Reply Report 9934 2

Found this on VCL ages ago. My mind would wander to her enough that I went back through my browser history and this became the one of the first TGFur pics that got me started.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm bi, because I do enjoy gay/bi/tra>>8925ns furry artwork. It's mostly the really girly guys and TG/ladyboy types that seem to turn me on though. I can't imagine being in a relationship with a ...guy, guy, if you know what I mean. But then, almost sidetracking, people often joke about Terrie Smith/Michele Light art all being the same (It's true). After seeing one of those .gifs that shows the same face on males and females I often wonder if that's one part of what started me down this path anyway. Falling for those adorable faces... I wound up getting male pin-ups as well as female from her after a while in the mid 2000's. I'm a sucker for cutesy pin-up art :P

Aaaand now the only real pornography I even bother with is MtF Transgender. I still really like women, but I'm more into anal anyway, and there's nothing sexier than a perineum and a pair of balls swinging south of a supple ass.

People know I'm into furry and whatnot, but I'm closeted as shit about all this other stuff, I tend to call myself a faggot quite a bit, and harbor a lot of self hate. It's really, really weird to talk about it... even if it's on a damned furry pr0n webpage.

File: Inline.jpg -(223632 B, 1024x768)
223632 223632 No.9946 - Link Reply Report 9946 2

This one right here. I just could not get enough of that bulge.

File: tumblr_moj66msd311srmw25o1_1280.jpg -(68776 B, 640x768)
68776 68776 No.9955 - Link Reply Report 9955 2

First furry Herm/shemale pic I've ever jerked off was this one back in high school. Ever since than I've been a huge fan of furry herm/shemale pics.

But it was Veronika-zebra that made me into a furry and get a FA account just find more pics of her and jerk off to them. I would raise my tail to her any other furry dickgirl in fandom today.

File: The_best.jpg -(206959 B, 663x870)
206959 206959 No.10236 - Link Reply Report 10236 2

First herm pic I came to.
First furry pic I came to.
First non-binary anything I came to.

Oh, highschool.

File: articafap.swf -(10256794 B, 0x0)
No.10237 - Link Reply Report 10237 2

Artica, Hors3's stuff is really good and Artica is so sexy

File: articafap.swf -(10256794 B, 0x0)
No.10238 - Link Reply Report 10238 2

Hors3's Artica flash.

I saw this a while back and now am into girls with dongs and herms.

File: furry_herm_compilation___16_1514207585.jpg -(137332 B, 676x897)
137332 137332 No.10248 - Link Reply Report 10248 2