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Gay or solo male pictures. (no females or herms allowed)

(for deletion)

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[-] [+] No.69909
Furry Fap Gauntlet Flash 
File: 8205a95a4007e28a.png -(365669 B, 918x999)
365669 365669 No.69909 - Expand Link Quick Reply Reply Report 69909 1
Source: Leverpuller

"How long can YOU last?"

Haven't seen a thread like this on /m/ in ages, which is a tragedy if you ask me. For those new to the game, here's how this goes down: Each post should contain a picture and a list of three instructions: 1) how long you fap, 2) how hard you fap, and 3) how fast you fap.

An example post should look something like this:

45 seconds.
3 strokes a second.

In order to run the gauntlet, you go down each post in succession and open the image, then fap according to the criteria the poster lists (you can either use a stopwatch or some kind of advanced clock app if you need help keeping track of time or "beats" per second). Don't skip a single post, even if it's something you might not usually fap to. Your run is over when you cum. Feel free to share how far you made it. Obviously, the gauntlet will become more challenging as the thread fills up, so get to it!

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File: m_1462066710361.aaron_clean_up_med.jpg -(742683 B, 1540x1540)
742683 742683 No.106388 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 106388 2

Here come a merciless one

5 minutes
As fast as you foking can >:3

No.106389 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 106389 2

>>106388 Actually make that 1 minute, forgot to read the rules fully before posting

File: GuffawWerelion_tumblr_nemsuzzXEr1u35rwjo1_1280.jpg -(290049 B, 1280x962)
290049 290049 No.107339 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 107339 2

45 Seconds

File: HOTBMPYUM.jpg -(654390 B, 1412x2063)
654390 654390 No.107344 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 107344 2


Alternate between fast light strokes, and slow hard squeezing.

Alternate like every 20
seconds (roughly) between fast light and hard slow.

I have "enjoyed" this piece several times...if ya know what I mean ;3 Its also one of the first furry images I had come across. So it has value for me there.

File: m_1479557355441.storm--_yhccumv1-rsz.jpg -(333532 B, 1280x1141)
333532 333532 No.108043 - Link Quick Reply Reply Report 108043 2

Made it through (barely on some, barely keeping a boner on others)

4-5 strokes/sec

It's about state of mind, the "oh no i might cum" mentality will do you in more than hard/fast strokes or a really good pic

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