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Gay or solo male pictures. (no females or herms allowed)

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[-] [+] No.113068
Chubby Guys 
File: Fighter.png -(111553 B, 853x853)
111553 111553 No.113068 113068 1

Old thread filled up. Here's a new one.

File: m_1577737561403.grisser_gohmancommission.jpg -(235863 B, 1132x800)
235863 235863 No.113082 - Link Reply Report 113082 2
File: 101.jpg -(149157 B, 1456x1517)
149157 149157 No.113084 - Link Reply Report 113084 2
File: 84.jpg -(261661 B, 1500x1473)
261661 261661 No.113085 - Link Reply Report 113085 2
File: m_1578144069343.markwulfgar_mark-nichos-werebear2-bg.jpg -(216372 B, 996x1280)
216372 216372 No.113098 - Link Reply Report 113098 2
File: m_1578707295235.captaingerbear_cl-hellboyshower.jpg -(96643 B, 1024x768)
96643 96643 No.113117 - Link Reply Report 113117 2
File: m_1579449303642.fydbac_hysterium_sm.jpg -(134316 B, 1200x854)
134316 134316 No.113159 - Link Reply Report 113159 2
File: EQg8STwWkAEfiGg.jpg -(123496 B, 1270x1017)
123496 123496 No.113236 - Link Reply Report 113236 2

Big bellies are joy

File: D6eaBp8WwAAF1aI.jpg -(64361 B, 875x1089)
64361 64361 No.113237 - Link Reply Report 113237 2
File: m_1584189713858.minedoo_806298c0-3219-45ef-bbec-77bfc625170f_jpeg.jpg -(174459 B, 1280x1280)
174459 174459 No.113284 - Link Reply Report 113284 2
File: m_1588740318061.furry1147_kuma_booty.jpg -(29845 B, 836x956)
29845 29845 No.113514 - Link Reply Report 113514 2
File: lionel_lion_nude_with_drink.jpg -(204852 B, 1200x1700)
204852 204852 No.113520 - Link Reply Report 113520 2
File: Cheesecaker_Move_In_Commish.jpg -(445613 B, 1361x1361)
445613 445613 No.113582 - Link Reply Report 113582 2
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36506606/
File: Sisk_Upper_Body.jpg -(640446 B, 1153x1526)
640446 640446 No.113583 - Link Reply Report 113583 2
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36506512/
File: boar_in_bathrom.jpg -(620891 B, 1200x1700)
620891 620891 No.113592 - Link Reply Report 113592 2
File: C0A565BD-0440-444D-A4EA-3356211B4F1F.jpg -(342306 B, 1042x1417)
342306 342306 No.113593 - Link Reply Report 113593 2

>>113592 there is chubby, and then there is HYPER WHICH BELONGS IN ALTERNATIVE..... so dumb looking when they have actual boobs that are unrealistically huge along with a dick so big it looks more like a pumpkin...... smh.... I’ll give you a good example of hot chubby

File: red_panda_daddy_exposed.jpg -(120511 B, 1300x1514)
120511 120511 No.113595 - Link Reply Report 113595 2
File: ad3f2213147a62a892960546e2d0a8af.jpg -(392145 B, 2150x1612)
392145 392145 No.113604 - Link Reply Report 113604 2
File: 963534fdce6f545416f5c436b6b5578a.jpg -(290671 B, 2048x1448)
290671 290671 No.113605 - Link Reply Report 113605 2
File: 4B80F164-5B6C-4675-AB9A-22AC6B8F2F86.png -(382631 B, 850x854)
382631 382631 No.113612 - Link Reply Report 113612 2

Do you know what complaining gets you? Literally nothing because this is a dead board and the moderators at this point don’t exist. I mean there’s literally cub content in another thread that’s been there since 2015.
Secondly, you literally described the MAJORITY of fat/chubby content.

No.113613 - Link Reply Report 113613 2

>>113612 I have a folder of nothing but chubby daddy bear like furries with over 1500 different pics. None of them are fucking nasty hyper stupid shit that doesn’t look real whatsoever actually, so just because YOUR chubby folder contains over 50% hyper retarded shit doesn’t mean the majority of chub furry drawings are hyper. And does it look like I care if mods are here or not? I’m just sick of you stupid cucks posting pics to bump a thread that shouldn’t ever be posted because the drawing looks more mentally challenged than like an actual drawing. I’ll continue to berate fuck tards like you until this website truly dies. So you know, go eat shit and die you stupid faggot bitch

File: burly_beefy_bara_bear.jpg -(157327 B, 2048x2045)
157327 157327 No.113616 - Link Reply Report 113616 2
File: 0bf600aa5cf380506abfcb595de5d198.jpg -(226103 B, 1448x2048)
226103 226103 No.113617 - Link Reply Report 113617 2
No.113619 - Link Reply Report 113619 2

Well for starters if you’re going to complain about art, the “hyper” picture is drawn in much better quality than your picture. If we’re gonna compare it to other hyper pictures it borderline quality.
But sure display your entitled attitude that only underlies the fact that it stems from your barren dry bussy that’s only seen a toy or a hand. Clearly the only cunt that gives a fuck is you.

File: C8BF1460-0EAA-4B6A-8955-293683B145D4.jpg -(127568 B, 1280x755)
127568 127568 No.113620 - Link Reply Report 113620 2
File: 76EA92C6-B237-44D8-9D4E-F462C3367906.jpg -(101300 B, 960x1280)
101300 101300 No.113621 - Link Reply Report 113621 2
No.113624 - Link Reply Report 113624 2

>>113619 I don’t complain about quality because I’m not an artist myself. I complain about shit like having actual tits because the pecs are drawn as actual tits. I complain about fem shit. I complain when I see stupid shit that’s drawn in an unrealistic size. It’s not MY picture or MY drawing. Also because something has a different art style doesn’t make it “lesser quality” that a more hard lined image. My image had realist proportion and features. Yours had a dick the size of a tree trunk. Eat shit and die I really could care less about your sad shitty existence and you’ll probably reply to this post but it’ll be in vain because I’m assuredly not going to bother reading your unintelligent response at trying to one up me for speaking my mind about STUPID FUCKING IDIOTS WHO CANT READ SIMPLE RULES AND FOLLOW THEM THAT ARE VERY CLEAR AND STRAIGHT FORWARD. Also I literally snagged that pic from a thread below me that day so it wasnt even a pic I find attractive. I just wanted to show an example of something chubby yet not fucking stupid as shit looking and completely ruins the eroticism because the proportions are absolutely retarded

No.113625 - Link Reply Report 113625 2

>>113619 not the only one. Also you’re a little bitch

No.113626 - Link Reply Report 113626 2

>>113624 seems like he made a point there.... and seems to have got you good

No.113627 - Link Reply Report 113627 2

>>113619 someone has a little baby dick and it shows

No.113628 - Link Reply Report 113628 2

You right, I’ll reply for myself cause you’re mad and it’s hilarious and pathetic at the same time. For starters I never posted the picture. At first I was just going to share content but I decided to deliberately get a laugh out of your saltiness because you care way too much and put out way to much energy this board. You said you don’t care about the non existent moderators but, you clearly imply that it bothers you they aren’t around which to be honest, is a strong part of why you give a fuck about the rules. Do yourself the favor and go to another board. cough u18chan cough

No.113629 - Link Reply Report 113629 2

Bully for you.

No.113630 - Link Reply Report 113630 2

side note: I did realize after I posted I used the wrong “to” in the same sentence after using it. Figured I’d get to it first.

File: 1909adf0e20b4aadab20359dd95f3944.jpg -(175087 B, 1042x1280)
175087 175087 No.113632 - Link Reply Report 113632 2
File: ccf0264cd397395e5d99f164cd8019e0__1.jpg -(271913 B, 960x1280)
271913 271913 No.113634 - Link Reply Report 113634 2
File: 0BAF0DC9-A244-4B01-9586-7B42059B7827.jpg -(245616 B, 1280x986)
245616 245616 No.113635 - Link Reply Report 113635 2
No.113636 - Link Reply Report 113636 2

>>113635 would be hot if it didn’t have actual fucking boobs in it and balls the size of fucking basketballs. Literally lost brain cells and slight interest in men while looking at that retard shit

File: 14F281B0-1D96-4FE3-A99B-34EB529AA0AD.jpg -(334419 B, 1280x1810)
334419 334419 No.113637 - Link Reply Report 113637 2

Not like you had any to begin with.

No.113638 - Link Reply Report 113638 2

>>113637 mmk small dicked ass bitch. You’ll be single and alone your entire life. Sooooo yeah have fun with your small bitch dick and your pointless existence

No.113639 - Link Reply Report 113639 2

You must be retarded cause I hate to break it to you but, the small dick energy here is coming from you.
I mean why else would you be putting the energy and effort into policing a dead image board with no actual authority? Because that’s the entitlement you’ve put on display hiding behind your “opinion”, Karen. Soooooo really go find some dick irl cause at this point anything you say relating to this comment or another picture just means you’re lacking in this department.

File: 129.png -(702840 B, 1659x1956)
702840 702840 No.113642 - Link Reply Report 113642 2
File: naked_kemono_polar_bear.jpg -(361453 B, 2900x3300)
361453 361453 No.113651 - Link Reply Report 113651 2
File: 663717F3-814F-4552-B501-8418C4E501C3.png -(407718 B, 852x850)
407718 407718 No.113662 - Link Reply Report 113662 2
No.113669 - Link Reply Report 113669 2

>>113638 will both of you shut the fuck up

No.113670 - Link Reply Report 113670 2

>>113669 yeah uhm nothing has been posted in this thread for like over a week. Eat shit and choke on it you small dicked ass bitch ass ho

No.113671 - Link Reply Report 113671 2

Funny how you were complaining like a whiney, little, cuck like two weeks ago, content gets posted like >>113662 which features human styled cocks that are longer than typical human length and your bitch ass is silent. And I’m guessing your only response would be “BuT iT’s NoT aS LaRgE aS a TrEe TrUnK.”
Shut the fuck you dumb cunt and refer to >>113639