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Gay or solo male pictures. (no females or herms allowed)

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[-] [+] No.99585
"Straight" guys in gay situations! 
File: m_1404962475621.crocdragon89_ych_justin_bacent_small.png -(683941 B, 1025x682)
683941 683941 No.99585 99585 1

Help me out guys, I am looking for one picture, but the topic is

> Guys 'straight' in gay situations, perhaps in denial of their sexuality, or, truly straight and got a bit tipsy! Or bashful about it?

The picture I am looking for is of two furs after a party on the sofa, one between the other's legs where he passed out, I believe a lamp shade on the other, them realizing the morning after they may have done oral. Help me out please~! <3

No.99586 - Link Reply Report 99586 2
Source: crocdragon89

Correction all, I am not crocdragon89 to be clear, the source is crocdragon89. If that could be edited, that'd be great!

File: mccoygayrednecks.png -(3555538 B, 2260x2260)
3555538 3555538 No.99617 - Link Reply Report 99617 2
Source: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/655406/gay-redneck-animals
No.99618 - Link Reply Report 99618 2

not what you're looking for specifically but maybe getting the ball rolling will get more attention and someone out there will have it!

File: tumblr_m5yxnfIgCZ1qhkdqmo1_1280.jpg -(625799 B, 1100x850)
625799 625799 No.99623 - Link Reply Report 99623 2


No.99625 - Link Reply Report 99625 2

>>99623 Yes! Thank you so much! Now lets keep this thread going :p

File: 8364737f04c36a233d1434ae72489948.jpg -(39608 B, 800x800)
39608 39608 No.99629 - Link Reply Report 99629 2
File: m_1405022308055.naskatan_1404965192.thrasian_gangbang1_upload.png -(1184926 B, 1212x875)
1184926 1184926 No.99631 - Link Reply Report 99631 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/naskatan/

This is new...and awesome~ ;p

File: m_1405022458617.naskatan_1404965535.thrasian_morning_after_upload.png -(868663 B, 1256x872)
868663 868663 No.99633 - Link Reply Report 99633 2

The Aftermath~

File: m_1405098603543.jip_too_many_cocktails..png -(685184 B, 864x1100)
685184 685184 No.99640 - Link Reply Report 99640 2

Jip's character (the bird) is ostensibly straight, but pretty much every picture of him has him drunk and sucking a cock.

No.99666 - Link Reply Report 99666 2

Those Jeans
Dat shirt
The Demeanor...
I'm not feeling the straight...

No.99921 - Link Reply Report 99921 2

What's he trying to say? Roofies?

File: m_1407175332357.pulsar_notgay.jpg -(864803 B, 1024x1280)
864803 864803 No.100124 - Link Reply Report 100124 2
File: m_1407175383375.noben_buddiescoloursfinal.jpg -(66353 B, 875x675)
66353 66353 No.100125 - Link Reply Report 100125 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4071311/

Source explains why I'm putting this here.

File: 5f03ad7a4970eaa36f5d2f447cb7d09c.jpg -(273245 B, 990x986)
273245 273245 No.100192 - Link Reply Report 100192 2
File: big_p1_118973543.jpg -(292933 B, 1200x900)
292933 292933 No.100199 - Link Reply Report 100199 2
File: m_1407595949787.nexus_self-sempledone2.jpg -(755288 B, 839x1250)
755288 755288 No.100206 - Link Reply Report 100206 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12232864/
File: m_1407596017173.nexus_sentaquelavemahistoria-color2.jpg -(931907 B, 845x1250)
931907 931907 No.100207 - Link Reply Report 100207 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12239795/
File: m_1407596063339.nexus_bebumfa.jpg -(183507 B, 1280x932)
183507 183507 No.100208 - Link Reply Report 100208 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12253190/
File: m_1407596090728.nexus_after-party.jpg -(744454 B, 844x1250)
744454 744454 No.100209 - Link Reply Report 100209 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12273269/
File: m_1408981157624.garekmaxwell_2014_p1.jpg -(457277 B, 1275x1650)
457277 457277 No.100391 - Link Reply Report 100391 2
File: m_1408981183854.garekmaxwell_2014_p2.jpg -(475487 B, 1275x1650)
475487 475487 No.100392 - Link Reply Report 100392 2
File: m_1408981211812.garekmaxwell_2014_p3.jpg -(467695 B, 1275x1650)
467695 467695 No.100393 - Link Reply Report 100393 2
File: m_1408981244870.garekmaxwell_2014_p4.jpg -(462081 B, 1275x1650)
462081 462081 No.100394 - Link Reply Report 100394 2
File: He_just_says_that....jpg -(125893 B, 800x600)
125893 125893 No.100415 - Link Reply Report 100415 2
No.100482 - Link Reply Report 100482 2

Hey, some fanfics about this would be niice. ;3

File: a135c87b191b5c042d5413bba738980f.jpg -(114437 B, 1280x912)
114437 114437 No.100599 - Link Reply Report 100599 2

Surprised no one's posted this one yet

No.100602 - Link Reply Report 100602 2

>>100599 1. Who's the artist?
2. I wouldn't say no to a fluffy tail-job whether it was male or female.

No.100608 - Link Reply Report 100608 2


The artist is apparently zorusky, but I can't see it in their FA gallery...

No.100738 - Link Reply Report 100738 2

>>100124 Any more "not gay" blowjob pics?
(On paper, I'm straight, but I want to know what it feels like to suck a dick.)

No.100740 - Link Reply Report 100740 2


>On paper, I'm straight

Is that so?

No.100742 - Link Reply Report 100742 2

>>100740 I only desire relationships with women. And with one exception (Chris Evans), all the men I find attractive are fictional.

No.100747 - Link Reply Report 100747 2

>>100742 Let me rephrase that: Chris Evans is the only non-fictional man I can name who I find attractive.
(And I find him less hot when he's not being Captain America)

No.100750 - Link Reply Report 100750 2


the more you're trying to explain yourself, the less straight you appear.

No.100752 - Link Reply Report 100752 2

>>100751 Sometimes I think "bicurious" might actually be the best word to describe me.

File: 06396cdb77b7fda9784276490c1c1f1e.png -(703766 B, 817x1000)
703766 703766 No.101512 - Link Reply Report 101512 2
File: cloudy2.jpg -(99937 B, 622x765)
99937 99937 No.101815 - Link Reply Report 101815 2
No.101831 - Link Reply Report 101831 2

Don't be an ass. If you're an LGBT+ person, you know how fucking hard this shit can be to figure out. Lets not pick on the people that still are. If you're not LGBT, and never thought you might be, shut the fuck up.

No.101914 - Link Reply Report 101914 2

>>101831 woooooooh nobody gives a shit~

File: m_1421007375321.bigmaster_image.jpg -(129450 B, 1180x1280)
129450 129450 No.101944 - Link Reply Report 101944 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9976579/

>>101914 Do not presume to speak for everyone. That said, though in the real world it's a very personal and not always black and white issue for people, that doesn't make these pictures any less fun.

So, back on track...

Artist's caption:

> After lots of drinking and gaming one night, two friends decided to look up some straight porn just for the hell of it. Dingo got pretty worked up since he hasn't gotten laid in months. Big Rottweiler notices and decides to help his drunk friend out and tells him he can give it to Rottie if he wants to. Dingo was hesitant but Rottie promises him that he won't tell anyone. The big Rottie guides him and lets him go at his own pace. Dingo gets real into it and accidentally knots his friends while he climaxes. Big Rottie's too busy enjoying the pleasure he's receiving to even notice. Looks like he's sleeping over.
File: m_1421007664249.bigmaster_thisisgay_png.jpg -(127596 B, 1280x1054)
127596 127596 No.101945 - Link Reply Report 101945 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10459221/

Bigmaster's caption (sorry if too much text, and I mistakenly said it was the artist's caption last time):

> After their little incident, The dingo's roommate getting more comfortable with him. Those two haven't had any action in a long time before that. So the Rottie thought they could help each other out every now and then. Of course they'd keep it between themselves for the dingo's sake. Don't want anyone else to think he's actually into this. Hey, atleast it gets him off.
> So the day after the accident, Dingo decided to relax and watch some tv in nothing but his briefs. Rottie came home from doing some errands all afternoon and was tired. As he was about to walk into the living room where the dingo was, he noticed him almost naked and slowly backed out without getting noticed. Rottie grins and heads to his room to drop his clothes off.
> He heads back at the living room doorway and peeks to see if dingo hasn't moved from his spot. He hasn't. Still there. Thinking about what happened last night, he quietly sneaks up on the dingo and barks, startling him. "Whoa dude, don't do tha- wait why are..." He's interrupted by the rottie pulling at his briefs. "Hey! What the hell,man?!" He slides the briefs down the dingo's legs and throws them at the corner of the room. Getting on all four and spreading the dingo's legs, Rottie starts nuzzling those huge balls. Taking in some dingo musk. This going on for a good while. I wonder why Dingo isn't stopping him. Maybe he likes the worship.
> He doesn't look too happy about it but who knows, maybe he's getting used to all this. Friends with benefits, eh?
File: ZzcCtHO9ppbkeNvl0LbeSg291904.jpg -(291904 B, 487x749)
291904 291904 No.101946 - Link Reply Report 101946 2

I can't find the source so I can't be sure, but I think this applies. I may have even found this image on here at some point.

No.101969 - Link Reply Report 101969 2

I searched again and found it, Meesh:
furaffinity net view 1703479 (Direct link wasn't allowed.)
Original file name:

No.101972 - Link Reply Report 101972 2

Normally I wouldn't give a fuck either, but every time this thread appers, it devolves into this garbage.

File: m_1421554799160.devin_2fzzjj1.png -(488672 B, 995x850)
488672 488672 No.102018 - Link Reply Report 102018 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14720137/
File: m_1421555090798.aestas_markxdan.jpg -(226618 B, 1280x800)
226618 226618 No.102019 - Link Reply Report 102019 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14007673/
File: m_1421555113515.aestas_danxmark2.jpg -(3782093 B, 4724x2952)
3782093 3782093 No.102020 - Link Reply Report 102020 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14281513/
File: m_1422157417671.j-a-l-m-u_alexander_and_the_rotti_resized.png -(651977 B, 824x773)
651977 651977 No.102074 - Link Reply Report 102074 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14403045/
No.102310 - Link Reply Report 102310 2

>>99629 does anyone have the colored version of this

File: LUCKYELLIAS.jpg -(1799576 B, 1600x1706)
1799576 1799576 No.102384 - Link Reply Report 102384 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15790702/
File: m_1424653291568.reign-2004_bro,_seriously.png -(1266824 B, 2400x1423)
1266824 1266824 No.102396 - Link Reply Report 102396 2
File: 1328185103jasonwerefox_1328140229.png -(388105 B, 777x734)
388105 388105 No.103185 - Link Reply Report 103185 2
File: 1237569135].png -(412254 B, 1000x1000)
412254 412254 No.103253 - Link Reply Report 103253 2
File: nero_butt_stuff.png -(1055342 B, 960x1280)
1055342 1055342 No.104339 - Link Reply Report 104339 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17495067/
File: 617d9ea76881e8ae40df19d2623cfdf6.png -(636320 B, 902x1200)
636320 636320 No.104359 - Link Reply Report 104359 2
File: 1140345b3071b31c16451da32167240f.jpg -(195519 B, 1280x960)
195519 195519 No.104688 - Link Reply Report 104688 2
File: m_1445407539995.just-a-little-mixed-up_1409387307.j-a-l-m-u_alexander_and_the_rotti_resized.png -(651977 B, 824x773)
651977 651977 No.104910 - Link Reply Report 104910 2
File: a20fd9f30639f76cc3563dc9b26bb918.png -(1121800 B, 1076x1100)
1121800 1121800 No.105442 - Link Reply Report 105442 2
File: m_1461090841004.dragondrawer_andrewfoxjump2.png -(428157 B, 1500x921)
428157 428157 No.106287 - Link Reply Report 106287 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19710800/
File: m_1461091066426.dragondrawer_andrewjumpfoxcon.png -(352374 B, 1500x936)
352374 352374 No.106288 - Link Reply Report 106288 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19713309/

I thought this topic was lost for a moment. This subject matter of bicurious guys is both hot and adorable!

File: oroch1.jpg -(99937 B, 622x765)
99937 99937 No.106307 - Link Reply Report 106307 2
File: sample_3c38e3cb42c24eb318f919c360577e3d9d20261f.jpg -(402562 B, 850x1429)
402562 402562 No.106308 - Link Reply Report 106308 2

does this count? straight guys have wives, right?

No.106320 - Link Reply Report 106320 2

So do a lot of closeted gay guys, though in this comic it's pretty clear they're both bi, but the older guy is the one who is aggressively starting it.

No.106321 - Link Reply Report 106321 2


I kinda like this comic! However, /m/ is supposed to be only images of males with no females, so this picture shouldn't be here. Maybe in a female domination thread in /s/ or /a/?

File: m_1461606702697.snoopjay2_jamalsurprise.png -(1927568 B, 2051x1628)
1927568 1927568 No.106323 - Link Reply Report 106323 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19771882/

Finished version of >>106306

No.107002 - Link Reply Report 107002 2

Love this one!!

No.107006 - Link Reply Report 107006 2

The character is bi.

File: zaush_novembers-bribe-promo-web.jpg -(306485 B, 1500x843)
306485 306485 No.107225 - Link Reply Report 107225 2
No.108401 - Link Reply Report 108401 2

love this

No.108829 - Link Reply Report 108829 2

hoping to see more of this