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Xenofur at 25 Jan 2006: 04:48

Ok people, i need some input.

Currently this is the message displayed when someone is banned from the imageboards:


zOMG, you have been banned.
This leaves you two options now:
1) Contact one of the mods via email or IRC (details on the <a href="http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/home.html">frontpage</a>;) and try to find out what you did wrong and what could be done to remove the ban.
2) Throw a hissy fit on /dis/ about how unfair the ban was and how totalitarian the mods are and have the ban stay where it is, permanently.
Your choice.


But we still get people asking here why they were banned, etc. I don't understand this. I totally fail to see what is mising in the mesage above that would stop them from doing that.

So i ask you, the users: What is missing in this message, what should be different, what have i overlooked?

at 25 Jan 2006: 05:22

while sarcasm is fun, sadly most people who get banned can't read, apparently (why would they get banned otherwise?), so you need to make it simpler:

zOMG, you have been banned.
You may contact one of the mods via email or IRC (details on the <a ref="http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/home.html">frontpage</a>;) and try to find out what you did wrong and what could be done to remove the ban.
DO NOT complain on /dis/ about how unfair the ban was, or the ban may stay where it is, permanently.

at 25 Jan 2006: 09:17

I have no suggestions, but I *love* that ban message.  That kind of thing is what makes me think you folks are the best bunch of admins this sorry fandom ever spawned. 

You folks rock, and thanks for putting up with our shit with such style. 

at 25 Jan 2006: 10:22

at least put a comma after "the mods are".

shii at 25 Jan 2006: 10:41

If people complain on /dis/, just ban them from here as well.

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IChaya#IGEMrmvKLI at 25 Jan 2006: 11:07

>>2 Has a point about making the message simpler, but I would go a bit further, remove all reference to /dis entirely if its not mentioned, hopefully people won't think about it.

Option #1 E-mail a modertor (details on the <a ref="http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/home.html">frontpage</a>;;) and ask about the ban

Option #2 Come to irc details on the <a ref="http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/home.html">frontpage</a>;;)

Note: Please read mod decisions (http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/faq/#1136425210)

LimeyKat#S99r0xktr. at 25 Jan 2006: 13:05

People are banned because reading or following rules was their biggest handicap. I don't think rewording the ban message is going to help the matter any.

at 25 Jan 2006: 13:17

You might word it as simply as possible (at first), like "WELCOME TO BANNISTAN, POPULATION: YOU!" in inch-tall letters.  *Then* include the "this leaves you two options" information.

Decisively grab their attention first, then inform.

Pseudonymous#etKsoAmNPI at 25 Jan 2006: 14:35

Go directly do #fchan. Do not pass /dis/. Do not collect 200$.

Pseudonymous#etKsoAmNPI at 25 Jan 2006: 14:37

Go directly to #fchan. Do not pass /dis/. Do not collect 200$.


at 25 Jan 2006: 16:19

If you actually stated the reason for the ban, then you won't be asked why.

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Raven at 25 Jan 2006: 16:55


There are many times we have stated the reasons for a ban, but said person never goes back to check the thread in question.

Also keep in mind that there are times when an offense is bad enough to warrant a post/thread deletion, in which case the bans are usually permanent, anyway.

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Sage Nadia at 25 Jan 2006: 19:08

As a general rule, they should contact me. Unless it is a minor infraction where Xeno or Raven were trying to get their attention. However there is a downside to it. I evaluate attitude as much as anything else.

Anyway, Xenofur. My opinion is that the message should not be altered. If it is, add in a link to: http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/faq/#1136425210 as well.
If they are unable to read, then I don't see what reason we have to let them back. They will only violate rules again because they have not read them before and chances are they will not read them again.

at 25 Jan 2006: 20:40

Many people I've noticed get mad once their banned, and probably don't think about what their doing. I think >>2 had the right idea. Just tell them straight up, if you whine about it on /dis/ then the ban becomes permanent.

at 26 Jan 2006: 16:45

Yes, >>2 would be a good idea and would not be very hard to code.

It would also probably help to try and be more sensitive in the banning text as people who do not obey rules often will be prone to fly off the handle in general.

Speaking of rules, it may also be an idea to update them because as it stands, there seems to be nothing saying what theme of content can be posted in /m/ or /f/ where as the other rules clearly state that /ah/ and /a/ material is disallowed.

Probably clearly stating what is /a/ and /ah/ would be useful too as I (personally) would assume cross dressing and foot-fetish would be /a/ but this is obviously not the case.

Finally how about moving the thread rather than completely deleting it when something is posted to the wrong board as will keep the poster happier then they'll be less likely to simply re-upload it again.

Well I hope that's of some help - just a suggestion of what I'd do if I were in your position.

Xenofur at 27 Jan 2006: 06:53

Many very helpful points have been brought up here, thanks for that.
You have helped me to realize that, no matter how funny the ban-message may be, the funny will never been seen by people who are in a position to appreciate it. Some revising will be done to make it easier to understand.

at 27 Jan 2006: 12:05

personally, i'd say be concise and clear, don't try and add in catch phrases or anything like "bannzorred" or "zOMG", i can think of many many furs that would go off the handle because of that...

clear, polite, civil and to the point... it's all it needs to be anyway.

at 8 Feb 2006: 09:53

I know I've helped get many IP adresses banned.  They could be browsing from trolled IP adresses.

at 9 Feb 2006: 07:06

Once I got banned for using too many IPs, turns out that the mods didn't know I had DSL, and I never told them. So once we straightened that out, I was right as rain. I want to thank the mods for not jumping to conclusions and keeping a cool head (the main requirements for being a mod I guess), something I seem to lack sometimes.

at 9 Feb 2006: 07:11

"Sorry, but you have been banned from /insert messageboard/. Contact one of the mods via email or IRC (details on the <a href="http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/home.html">frontpage</a>;;) and try to find out what you did wrong and what could be done to remove the ban."

Xenofur at 9 Feb 2006: 07:33

alright, i've rewritten it and this is what i intend to put up as the final version:


Your IP has been banned.

This means that the mods have decided to completely prohibit posting access to your IP or want to talk to you in person to clear up some apparent misunderstandings.
The possible topics of said misunderstandings are:
- repeatedly breaking one or more of the rules detailed in the <a ref="http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/home.html#rules">rules section</a>
- excessively negative and destructive posting
- repeatedly disregarding <a href="http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/faq/#1136425210">mod decisions</a>

Please contact one of the mods via one of these methods:
1. Log onto the irc using the details on the <a href="http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/home.html">frontpage</a>; and say xeno or privately message Sage_Nadia, Raven or Xenofur.
2. Send one of the mods an E-Mail. The addresses can be found on the <a href="http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/home.html">frontpage</a>; as well.

Do not use /dis/ to talk about your ban as such threads will be deleted and your ban marked as permaban.

For further information refer to http://fchan.hentaiplanet.net/faq/#1136425210


any further comments/suggestions?

at 9 Feb 2006: 14:24


at 9 Feb 2006: 19:50

put the "do not use /dis/..." sentence right after "your ip has been banned." (possibly in parenthesis).

banned people have short attention spans :)

MilesC at 14 Feb 2006: 19:35

Maybe put the part where it mentions they were banned at the bottom of the page, or even the middle so at least you know they read whats useful to them before they get upset and have to break things violently.  Maybe mention for them to fap a bit before-hand to cool off a bit and stick a pic up to help there imagination, thats why they cum here isn't it?

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