Zetacreations animal dildos

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at 1 Mar 2006: 17:19

So, who here has bought one of Zetacreations' animal dildos?
( http://www.zoofur.com/animalp.html )

And who has wanted to get one, but decided not to, or postponed? What were your reasons?

I'm asking because the dildos are made from that really stinky cheap "jelly" ... or maybe they're PVC. Either way, they smell. Some people don't mind the smell, some people probably even like it. I can't stand it.

I bought one of these, and it felt good, don't get me wrong, but I had to throw it away because it even transferred its smell to whatever you stored it with.

So I've been gently asking the Zetacreations people to offer silicone dildos, because they don't smell, and they're nonporous, and you can boil them, and they hold heat better, and all the rest (silicone toys last longer too). I haven't gotten a reply about that, though. I don't know if they're considering it or not.

But let's see how much interest there is. How many people here would buy silicone animal dildos if they were available?

at 1 Mar 2006: 19:47


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at 1 Mar 2006: 23:05

>>1  There's a process for deoderizing plastic and rubber (they recommend it for safty gear, which is often made of the same sort of easily-cleanable type stuff), so you should've maybe done a search on google and saved yourself a toy. 

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at 1 Mar 2006: 23:06

Also, there's a company that already makes silicon ones, but currently only offer dog-shaped ones.  JFYI. 

at 1 Mar 2006: 23:34

I'd consider it, but jesus that's a lot of money to shove it up your ass or cooch.

at 1 Mar 2006: 23:45

Thanks for the tip, but that still wouldn't have helped that the toys are porous, and can't be boiled. That and they "ooze" this gross oily stuff over the course of a week or so, like all jelly toys do. I'm off the jelly toys for good.

Can you please tell me what that company is called? I can't find anything like that.

at 2 Mar 2006: 01:00

I wanted one but as a (poor) student I can't really justify spending 60$ more CDN on a sex toy.

at 2 Mar 2006: 13:02

>>6  I think maybe yours was defective, 'cuz I've had mine for a couple of years or so, and it's not smelly, oozing or anything else.  You got screwed in ways you didn't expect, man, I think I'd have been complaining rather than just tossing it. 

As for the silocon folks - http://www.furrystyle.com/shopfurry/product.php?productid=155

Took me two seconds on google to find it, search string: 'silicon furry toys'.  You're welcome.  :)

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at 2 Mar 2006: 14:52

Cool. I do appreciate the link. Cheaper than Zetacreations too.

Ian at 6 Mar 2006: 12:51

I have a ZC toy, and have had it for a couple years now -- very fun, and sometimes nice on those nights where I miss my boyfriend more than I care to think about.

at 6 Mar 2006: 14:14

So does your toy have a "distinctive" smell to it, and does that irritate you or even just grab your attention?

Have you ever had silicone toys, and if so which kind do you prefer?

skibum#0rRMsAeTcs at 8 Mar 2006: 23:31

  I have several ZC toys.  Do you store them in baggies with a light coating of baby powder?  If you don't you will get that "oozing" effect.  With the baby powder and airtight ziplock bag, I have had no problems whatsoever.

Yes, there is a distict smell, but it doesn't bug me or even irritate my taste buds.  Besides, unless you're practicing deep-throating, how often do you have them by your face?  ;)

Suran at 23 Nov 2008: 14:29

You can now also get them over in Europe at

So all the hassle with overseas-payment, transatlantic shipping and customs-forms can be avoided.

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Deatzh at 23 Nov 2008: 17:28

Are we just completely missing the fact that on the link given in the original post, there is a link for 'silicone toys'?  I wouldn't even call them new, I've seen them listed there for *months*.

And to answer the questions asked, no, I'm not interested in getting one.  I don't particularly like the concept of a disembodied penis, and animal penises just aren't appealing to me at all.  Disembodied animal penis?  No, no thank you.
That and the sizes on most of them are a little larger than I'd care to stick in me.

at 24 Nov 2008: 00:24

I have thought about it, but haven't yet.  The silicone toys I've used from other places are really great though. After trying silicone I can't stand rubber or PVC.  The biggest problem with silicone is the price, but that seems to have come down a bit over the last couple years.

Another place with these kinds of toys is http://www.bad-dragon.com/cart.php and they also look pretty good.

at 24 Nov 2008: 02:46


Seriously people...do any of you care what comes into contact with your body? You do realize that you can absorb stuff via the ass right? You can actually die from alcohol poisoning via the ass because it gets absorbed so quickly.

My point is...why would you want potentially dangerous chemicals up inside you or in your mouth? Zeta has some great designs and yes...they are cheap but I would NEVER EVER EVER use them as a sex toy without covering them in a condom first.

at 10 May 2009: 15:34

Bad Dragon makes some really nice ones. High-quality silicone, and they're absolutely beautiful to look at, not to mention the *ahem* reactions they'll get out of you. Go check it out.

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at 12 May 2009: 16:33

Whatever gets you guys off. Just don't rape your pets.

Animal Boners 69 at 13 May 2009: 00:19

Wait!? You're not supposed to rape your pets? Oh Shit

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at 13 May 2009: 16:39


Sadly, there are "furries" who actually have problems with this.

kroga at 27 Jul 2009: 00:31


I know it is sad

at 28 Jul 2009: 00:58


and pathetic

him at 28 Jul 2009: 09:07

its stupid

at 28 Jul 2009: 09:27

so silly

at 29 Jul 2009: 00:57

so scary. whats a dildo? a breed of dog?

at 29 Jul 2009: 14:45


I think it's a kind of bird that went extinct a long time ago.

at 29 Jul 2009: 20:25

For those who complain about how expensive these dildos are it is amazing just how expensive B&D equipment can be.  People can easily drop hundreds, even thousands of dollars into a fetish if they have the money.

Wolfie at 30 Jul 2009: 02:04

I wouldn't mind trying them tho .... but yeah if they offered silicone it would really make my decison alot better.

at 30 Jul 2009: 09:26

Just spend a few extra bucks and go with Bad Dragon.

Seems like anything sex related is insanely expensive. I can't say whether it's because the materials are really that pricey or if they are just taking advantage of the fact that they know everyone will buy the stuff regardless.

Baidn at 30 Jul 2009: 20:53

Im sorry but your image of boiling a fake penis has just completely decimated my ability to think of anything else in regards to this thread.

Wookiee at 2 Aug 2009: 10:45

>>8  I sculpted one of their horse shaped toys (The Majestic) and they sent me one of the prototyps for review.  I was surprised just how well it tured out and there is vurtually no smell at all. 

at 5 Oct 2009: 16:17

zeta started doing silicone toys a while ago, now they only do silicone

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