drug references not allowed?

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Sage Nadia at 3 Mar 2006: 06:13

Okay, what I write here is going to be the official decision. Also note it is the final decision and will not be up for discussion or debate.

Before I begin, I want to again point out that I tend to hold the wishes of artists above any wishes of run of the mill posters. The artists are, to me, who make fchan what it is. Posters will come and go, often posting the same things over and over. But it is truely the ones who create the new work and allow us to post it which give fchan life.

You people also need to understand a concept known as patience. Often decision making, as well as research and deliberation, takes time. You may wish your answers to be immediate. I like to be complete in my research.

Now on to business. Most artists I have spoken to have agreed that they don't wish to see their work displayed next to an image of someone shoting up, smoking a joint or doing a dime. They feel it would give them negative publicity. Sort of like you get when you have a bad section of town. People, on the whole, tend to associate anything that comes from that section as bad. Even if it isn't. Human nature. Same issue.

There is another issue at hand. Information. Or to put in easy to understand terms. Information which could be seen as educational, in a negative way. For example, something which illustrates the method by which a controlled substance is manufactured, transported, used, or really anything which could be interpreted as such is of course a potential problem. We are not teaching anyone how to accquire, make, use, or sell any form of controlled substance.

Which leads me to my decision.

Images which depict drug related will be regulated to /ah. Discussions, as well as images, must not be able to be interpreted as teaching tools, defined as images which would teach accqusition, distribution, manufacture, methods of use, or attempts at social gatherings in which drug use method sharing is the topic, may be removed by the Mod without need to explain why. This is of course a failsafe, to give us room to be able to adapt to potential situations which we may not have forseen. Which just happens to be part of our normal policies anyway, but I feel it is worth mentioning.

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