Morality of bestiality (Was: End bestiality on Fchan!)

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Svansfall at 24 May 2006: 08:28


I don't agree with lack of dissent being equal to consent.  To me it is highly important that the animals actively show they enjoy it.  If they only show they tolerate something, without obvious pleasure, I don't do anything.

Animals has to enjoy things, otherwise it's wrong.  You don't use dogs for dogsledding unless the dogs enjoy it, do you?  You don't use a horse for horseback riding unless the horse enjoy it, do you?

Seriously, to anyone here who says they feel that it is wrong to give sexual stimulation to animals who show they enjoy it.

To those who feel the reason is that you don't believe the animals can communicate sufficiently, and therefor not show they agree with the action.

Can you tolerate things such as artificial insemination, breeding programs, dogsledding, horseback-riding?   Can you tolerate the usage of police dogs, police horses?   Can you justify why it is okay to separate dairy cows from their newborn calves?

Seriously, I want someone to answer this, and I want the answer to be clear and logical.

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